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The Great Quantum Transition - New Matrix Part 5-1 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

New Matrix Part 5-1

From 3D To 4D And 5D

New Matrix Part 5-1 – By Lev


According Ashayna Deane there is only 144 elements… and not 288. So two options i see: your info is right and Ashyana Deane works for fallen, or you are fallen and Ashyana is right…Why we should take 288 elements and 144 Archons?

Jan Mazuch

26/01/2023 at 15:08, New Matrix Part 5-1

I think that a broad description of all 288 elements is a further tool for understanding the Transition and the reality of the “new world” that awaits us. I understand the editorial needs of DNI … therefore I suggest inserting this insight into the “download” section of the site, together with any others on little-known aspects: energies, etc. Those who are interested read them and/or download them to study them and those who are not interested ignore them.


28/01/2023 at 18:30, New Matrix Part 5-1

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 😊

Dissemination and bringing knowledge to people of a wide spectrum is complicated, I know. I appreciate your effort Lev for making it possible. And I also know that you could give overwhelming data, because you know the quantum change that is taking place, nothing written will stay in place.

It is an aspect of the dream to be disturbed by new data that does not leave the previous thoughts in place. The previous data has no place, nor the beliefs, and that brings out blisters.

But one must be attentive to where one collapses, and that is waking up too. As it is also possible to read and search for even what we do not understand if they have told you about it before, and they have digested it. I am grateful for this disclosure. A huge hug to those who make it possible at all levels.


27/01/2023 at 10:23, New Matrix Part 5-1


The upgraded 3D Earth’s Causal Matrix (OS, soft, codes), Logos (downloading tool), and new planetary Matrix (net) will dramatically activate and enhance ALL energies’ programs, downloaded into EVERY elements that form our physical and Subtle worlds. The soft was set in Noosphere at its creation (see Disclosure News, 9 January 2023).

Official science considers all elements, particles and their properties known to it ONLY within the limits of official physical and chemical theories that Darks permit. They forbid or ignore the truth, under the pretext of anti-science. Therefore, modern science DOES NOT KNOW what programs each element and all their combinations have and perform ON THE SUBTLE PLANE – of man, Planets, Stars, Constellations, Galaxies in our Local Universe. About 600 elements were used in the construction of its Matrix, of Earth – 270, according to more accurate data.

But some of the elements of one dimension were duplicated in another, so their total number is 300. Why was this done? So their initial program became more complicated. In order for some elements to transform in the next Earth’s dimension, it was necessary to double the power of their software, for which two planes of development were created, positively and negatively charged.

The fundamental energy of our Local Universe is ERMAGO energy. Receiving a sound pulse of space, it turns into a clot, which forms the first quantum. Quantum is a particle of dense energy, capable of carrying and activating the software, codes and data, embedded in it. This is the starting point, the beginning of the beginning.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - ERMAGO Energy


New Matrix Part 5-1

DNit Telegram Channel


In the course of materialization, the quantum, receiving a sound pulse, starts to vibrate and attract particles, freely flowing in the Greater Cosmos. Quantum, having nine l-gamma particles (Intelligence carriers), formed the primordial quasitron (transformer) of space. Quasitron is a mechanism, without which matter, the fields that it generates, and systems that continue to develop, cannot exist. This was how the Earth’s one-dimensional Matrix was created, the basis for the formation of matter in subsequent densities.

In each, this process was gradual, in strict limits, lasted for billions and millions of years, and only after the complete formation of one density, kicked off the next one. All elements did not manifest at once and simultaneously. They turned on one after another, like light bulbs in a series circuit.

In each phase, was unlocked the soft of ones’ elements that UNFOLDED, as new ones, on the next step, from 1D up to 7D, in a new quality and with new functions. NOT THE ENTIRE ELEMENT WAS TRANSFORMED, BUT ONLY PART OF IT (ON AVERAGE 25%). And moreover, ALL 3D ELEMENTS WERE MANIFESTED, FIRST, IN 4D, and ALL ELEMENTS OF 5D – IN THE SIXTH DIMENSION (THE MAIN MATRIX), AND ONLY AFTER THAT THEY WERE PLACED IN THEIR DENSITY.

How many elements were used to build the Matrices? What are they? And how soft, embedded in them, work on the Subtle Plane? In listing the first 127, for convenience, Periodic Table Of Elements was used.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

New Matrix Part 5-1

First Density

1. Hydrogen (H). Darks permitted to place in Periodic Table not Ether (why – is a separate topic that DNI analyzed in Operation Stellar Network, Parts 1-6), but Hydrogen. Like Ether, it accumulates energy, forming a Subtle matter, and set off the chain reaction of software activation in other elements.

Stable isotopes of Hydrogen carry out their programs. Protium (1H) collects energy to produce plasma and prepares it to be sent to the key points of space (planets, Stars, Galaxies, etc.). Deuterium (2H) accumulates power for its exchange between Earth and Greater Cosmos, participating in the formation of the latter’s energies. Tritium (3H) materializes stored energy and produces radiant matter, which, through a communication center consisting of 144,000 pyramids, maintains the Matrix. An important function of the Hydrogen software is the generation and condensing of new plasma.

2. Helium (He). It serves as a binding medium for plasma, which can mutate into different forms; helps information energy to form protective fields; generates ultrasonic waves.

3. Lithium (Li), through green ERGINO energy’s emitter on the Subtle Plane, supports the ray system of vital power.

4. Beryllium (Be) transmits the magnetic energy of space and matter.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Beryllium


New Matrix Part 5-1

5. Borum (B) accumulates information energy, creates cycles of Time and matter’s transforming.

6. Carboneum (C) produces energy-matter from finished plasma, which created the Earth’s material body, an atmosphere with magnetic layers, and life on the planet.

7. Nitrogenium (N) forms Intelligence plasma, and later, puts it in various evolving energies and biological systems.

8. Oxygenium (Oxygen, O) creates field for bio-matter’s development, regulates amount of Intelligence plasma.

9. Fluorum (F) impacts on the movement of finished plasma and energy fields that activate the work of the transmitting power centers on Earth. Ones of them are geopathogenic zones, where Fluorum plays one of the main roles.

10. Neon (Ne) binds the Subtle power of other elements. Its software runs accumulation of energy in the Earth’s core that forms the info-field, the cycles of plasma and matter splitting, the state and work of energy channels.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Neon Discharge Tube

Neon Discharge Tube

New Matrix Part 5-1

11. Natrium (Sodium, Na) forms and accumulates plasma and red Life Energy, backs the connections of matter with different densities.

12. Magnesium (Mg) forms ready-made plasma to change dimension and timeline, transforms the core’s structure of cells, planets, Stars.

Thus, a one-dimensional world was born on Earth. In it, the programs of the development of matter, contained in the primary elements and their Matrices, were activated. Further, they participated, as independent and transformed agents, in all processes of matter and Intelligence’s evolution. The finished matter, in turn, began to develop new info-field for communication with the Source. Its pink-red with blue sparks GREMO energy launched the formation of second density and its elements.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - GREMO Energy

GREMO Energy

New Matrix Part 5-1

Second Density

All the 1D elements (as plasma) automatically moved into the two-dimensional world to become a new matter. Its development in second density went on other programs. A stratification of power planes started, where plasma existed until a certain period, while the necessary tension of space for energy storing was formed. So, step by step, plasma acquired ability to become a building material for the new world and its life forms. First, in 2D from Magnesium emerged Aluminum, starting the chain unfolding of other elements.

13. Aluminum (Al) accumulates energy in the mineral, plant and animal worlds, creates their protective field.

14. Silicium (Si) adapts Earth to Stars and Galaxies’ radiation, under the influence of which minerals were formed.

15. Phosphorus (P) creates sound frequencies in the energy ring layer along the equator, 30 degrees wide on either side of it, and up to the ozone layer. This belt divides our planet into the northern and southern hemispheres with different polarities, and also transforms the plasma, generated by the Earth’s core.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Energy Ring Layer

Energy Ring Layer

New Matrix Part 5-1

16. Sulphur(S) builds a space that enhances the potential of the brain, accelerates the development of civilization and the mental field of the planet. After Earth’s motion in its orbit formed a force field, which became a giant and powerful parabolic antenna for taking quantum flows, Sulphur transformed into Chlorum.

17. Chlorum (Cl) is a regulatory element that ensures the work of the Mediterranean energy center; transforms the sound impulses of matter and stimulates its development. After the channels and energy storage system on the planet were built, Chlorum transformed into Argon.

18. Argon (Ar) changes force fields, transforms matter, and creates energy conduits for it in space. After the birth of bio-plasma, Argon morphed into Kalium.

19. Kalium (K) moves plasma, participates in splitting atoms into components.

20. Calcium (Ca) creates biological matter. This is its main function. After the orbital field was condensed and stabilized at all levels, Calcium transformed into Scandium.

21. Scandium (Sc) condenses plasma into thought forms, supports the consciousness of the planet and turns information into energy, and then, into matter. After the unification of all Earth’s fields, Scandium transformed into Titanium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Scandium


New Matrix Part 5-1

22. Titanium (Ti) cyclically creates the beginning of life, which originates from info-energy, brought in as ultraviolet radiation from outside and from the core of the planet. When volume of Intelligence plasma reached certain level Titanium transformed into Vanadium.

23. Vanadium (V) ensures and keeps tension in the Earth’s solenoid accumulators. Solenoid is a force field that imparts translational rotational motion to energy. Its strength and speed are determined by the magnetic flux, generated by the planet’s core. This energy via the wave guides of meridians and latitudes creates a power pattern, corresponding to the new programs of matter development. After accumulating energies were converted into spheres and started ionizing the upper layers of the atmosphere, Vanadium transformed into Chromium.

24. Chromium (Cr) with the help of the finished plasma helps transition to another timeline, and controls energy flows. After the complete formation of solenoids, it transformed into a Manganum (Manganese).

25. Manganum (Mn) regulates the energy saturation of the mineral, plant and animal worlds, creates an ionosphere, and radiates the green ERGINO Life Energy. Manganese transformed into Ferrum. It coincided with the birth of the first civilizations on the planet.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - ERGINO Energy


New Matrix Part 5-1

26. Ferrum (Fe) accelerated the formation of power protection and the ozone layer, which, in turn, created the necessary conditions for the living environment. Ferrum morphed into Cobaltum.

27. Cobaltum (Co) impacts on environment state, and images transmitted by Hologram; backs the streams of thought energy and rudiments structures, without which matter cannot evolve. 2D came close to the formation of upgraded Intelligence and substances that can evolve its level. After activation of the connecting pyramids-reflectors on the Subtle Plane (mountains on the surface also were involved), Cobaltum transformed into Niccolum.

28. Niccolum (Ni) regulates the transformation of mineral substances that are part of molecules, planets and stars through an energetic effect on the process. It forms structures of several elements, and each performs its own functions. When more complex software is turned on, they form the next element. After launching the basic life programs and the Hologram’s full activation, Niccolum transformed into Cuprum.

29. Cuprum (Cu) transforms, regulates and retransmits new vital energies. They change their qualities and tasks when the previous ones cease. Cuprum transmuted into Zincum.

30. Zincum (Zn) forms force fields with sound frequencies that create new life forms for the development of Galactic-level Intelligence. Zincum turned into Gallium.

31. Gallium (Ga) is an element that forms a sound converter during plasma splitting, which creates acceleration into the depths of Space to the flow of energy rejected by already formed matter.

Zinc and Gallium work in tandem: the first develops Intelligence (ultrasound), and the second – infrasound. There is a LOS-ARO layer in the atmosphere, a double sound space (see Sifting, Disclosure News, 28 October 2022). ARO accumulates energy in force fields and timelines, LOS radiates temporary programs in the form of split plasma to the mineral, plant and animal worlds. When in upper atmosphere was formed a permanent radiation source, Gallium transformed into Germanium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Plant's Plasma

Plant’s Plasma

New Matrix Part 5-1

32. Germanium (Ge) generates and amplifies the radiation of the planet, unites energy blocks into a single structure, including an analyzer and a transformation controller. After the formation of the Intelligence energy AETRON beam system, Germanium transformed into Arsenicum.

33. Arsenicum (As) compacts plasma and strengths life support systems, which accumulates energy flows to change the cortical shell. After the latter’s stabilization by an ultrasonic transducer, Arsenicum morphed into Selenium.

34. Selenium (Se) ignites the start of life, creates transition channels in the interstellar space of Subtle energies coming out of the energy belt at the equator, and relays info-energy. After the planet’s consciousness birth Selenium transformed into Bromum.

35. Bromum (Br) forms orbs that actively remove Subtle waste, unnecessary info-energy and particles of radiant energy that are released during the decay of matter molecules. The spheres are also accumulators of Intelligence energy, but it is still in a semi-chaotic state in them. On the peak of these processes, Bromum transformed into Krypton.

36. Krypton (Kr) backs the Intelligence’s evolving to the next stage; strengthens protection of 2D against its own radiations, forcing them to balance each other. Krypton completes the formation of 2D and its matter. But they will not develop further until new software and a new powerful impact of accumulated energy, which initiates 3D, is activated. It coincided with the transformation of Krypton into Rubidium.


Third Density

37. Rubidium (Rb) ignites a new Galactic upgrading of Earth and its initial ray system with the possibility of transition to other dimensions and new evolutionary processes. After the formation of additional structure, connecting all energy fields, Rubidium transformed into Strontium.

38. Strontium (Sr), by its radiation, morphed the already existing matter, as well as the upper layers of the atmosphere, retuned the Hologram and the Earth’s Matrix soft. After matter accumulated enough energy Strontium turned into Yttrium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Hologram


New Matrix Part 5-1

39. Yttrium (Y) transforms biological bodies. This occurs on a Subtle platform that collects energy and concentrates it on the cortical layer of the planet. The element forces the Hologram to transfer its power to the soil, where the primordial bio-matter will manifest itself. After the stabilization of the process Yttrium morphed into Zirconium.

40. Zirconium (Zr) forms a new consciousness, and moves the nascent life in the Time’s spin. The original life forms are not yet aware of it because only start their development. Zirconium creates a chrono-substance and its program, according to which all kinds of matter carrying Intelligence will evolve. After the accumulation of energy that generates and changes the plant world Zirconium changed into Niobium.

41. Niobium (Nb) causes matter’s turn into Intelligence, and in the future will run its radiation (AETRON) in the subcortical environment. Launched the work of subconscious and the accumulation of initial information Niobium transformed into Molybdaenum (Mo).

42. Molybdaenum (Mo) accumulates and regulates the amount of energy contained in the modified plasma, and controls the rhythm of the Earth’s core. After accumulating vital substance Molybdaenum transformed into Technetium.

43. Technetium (Tc) forms waste matter as a clot of life energy, and moves it in the Time spin; lays the foundation of 4D, where the spent third density substance in bulk of cold plasma goes. This occurs through Solaris, which regulates the energy exchange between dimensions, which also affects the processes of reincarnation and the evolution of Intelligence. After re-arranging chrono-streams Technetium converted into Ruthenium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Solaris


New Matrix Part 5-1

44. Ruthenium (Ru) runs thought work and helps to select individuals with the highest degree of development. After the accumulation of energies that correct the Hologram perception by consciousness, this element was transformed into Rhodium.

45. Rhodium (Rh) collects atoms in space, produces an outflow of particles that create the Earth’s orbital field, which keeps the planet on a certain trajectory. After the emergence of global energy’s channels and storage Rhodium turned to Palladium.

46. Palladium (Pd) makes it easier for the cells to absorb Subtle energies, unlocks the deep memory of plasma, translates thoughts into Earth’s space, ensures mental connection between matter and the consciousness of the planet. After accumulating power for the formation of plasmoid formations in near-Earth space Palladium transformed into Argentum.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Plasmoids


New Matrix Part 5-1

47. Argentum (Ag) redirects internal energy flows to the outside, enhances the vital forces and Intelligence’s upgrading. After saturation with the energies of the nodal points of timelines intersection, Argentum morphed into Cadmium.

48. Cadmium (Cd) runs the state of force fields and level of their compression, changes atmospheric planes and gravity. Having reached a certain condensation, Cadmium transformed into Indium.

49. Indium (In) also regulates the force fields’ compression, and in addition, strengths the energy protection of the planet. After the formation of the power system, which saturates the upper layers of the atmosphere, Indium emerged as Stannum.

50. Stannum (Sn) gives translational motion to energies and removes unnecessary ones from organisms into the adjacent outer space. After the Earth’s ray system began to produce matter, Stannum transformed into Stibium.

51. Stibium (Sb) corrects distortions in the planet’s fields, acts as a kind of energy doctor. After the opening the channels to interspatial info systems in other dimensions, Stibium transformed into Tellurium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Interspatial Info System

Interspatial Info System

New Matrix Part 5-1

52. Tellurium (Te) controls the tilt of the planet’s axis, the movement of energy fields and their return to the starting position. When the gravitators’ in inner Earth were built, Tellurium converted into Iodum.

53. Iodum (I) regulates the state of the atmosphere, changes the frequencies of magnetic fields, runs by the formation and movement of thought forms in the mental space of the planet. After the gravitators’ activated, Iodum transformed into Xenon.

54. Xenon (Xe) provides ionization of the upper layers of the atmosphere, opens channels to other dimensions for plasma, which matter releases under the impact of sound frequencies. After the accumulated energy shifted the radiation to the cortical layer Xenon emerged as Caesium.

55. Caesium (Cs) regulates the ozone layer and the flow of red energy ERMA, using a vibrating pulses generator. After the latter reached full capacity, Caesium morphed into Barium.

56. Barium (Ba) opens and maintains channels to other dimensions, primarily 4D, activates energy exchange in Solaris and with interstellar space. After the complete formation of the planet’s info-field, Barium turned to Lanthanum.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Energies' exchange in Solaris

Energies’ Exchange In Solaris

New Matrix Part 5-1

57. Lanthanum (La) generates fourth-density matter, develops Intelligence for the transition to 4D. When they reached needed level, Lanthanum transformed into Cerium.

58. Cerium (Ce) initiates a new life from the finished bio-plasma and forms Intelligence in the born individuals. When bio-plasma accumulated in required volumes and concentrations, Cerium converted into Praseodymium.

59. Praseodymium (Pr), by its vibes, scans and controls the human environment. After the formation of the ray system, regulating the timeline, this element was became Neodymium.

60. Neodymium (Nd) moves energies to other dimensions and timelines. After achieving the stability of these flows, it was transformed into Promethium.

61. Promethium (Pm) runs men’s perception and understanding of the environment and is a regulator of the consciousness of humanity as a whole, and of Earth. With the help of this element, information is loaded into the subconscious in the volumes necessary for assimilation. When the main info- channel in the Mediterranean started to work in full swing, Promethium converted into Samarium.

62. Samarium (Sm) corrects the software of the Hologram, which in turn rebuilds the code of the genes, expands and deepens the range of perception. After they improved, Samarium transformed into Europium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Gene's Code

Gene’s Code

New Matrix Part 5-1

63. Europium (Eu) also readjusts the Hologram and accelerates the development of civilization with its help. An important role in this is played by the equator’s energy belt (see above), which converts the plasma, coming out of the Earth’s core, into matter, and on its basis, upgraded Intelligence for settlement on the planet and in the Greater Cosmos. At a certain stage of this process, Europium turned into Gadolinium.

64. Gadolinium (Gd) produces energy from the Stars’ plasma, coming to Earth, regulates these flows and connects them to the Hologram. When their speed, intensity and accumulated volume increased to needed level, Gadolinium transformed into Terbium.

65. Terbium (Tb) synchronizes the fields of Earth, Moon and the Sun, gives impetus to the birth of new species and affects DNA programs. After the creation of a ray system that provides conditions for the next civilization, Terbium converted into Dysprosium.

66. Dysprosium (Dy) runs sound frequencies for the development of the molecular basis of matter, including molecules’ coded lock, necessary at a certain stage of their development. After its completion, the lock is removed, and the molecules receive a new program of evolution. At the peak of the process, Dysprosium transformed into Holmium.

67. Holmium (Ho) regulates by its frequencies many programs for the development of matter, the concentration and volume of accumulated energy, upgrading Intelligence and others. Upon completion of the life support system, Holmium changed into Erbium.

68. Erbium (Er) stimulates the development of the human brain, increasing its potential. When scattering l-gamma particles concentrate in Earth’s space, the new matter not only acquires advanced chemical and physical properties, and strong protection, but also forms an Intelligence development program with the help of Erbium. At this stage, the element transformed into Thulium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - I-gamma Particles

I-gamma Particles

New Matrix Part 5-1

69. Thulium (Tm) regulates the life support system, ultraviolet energy emissions from the depths of Space, and environmental changes. After filling the Earth’s field with new info-energy, Thulium morphed into Ytterbium.

70. Ytterbium (Yb) supports the transition of the Earth’s core energies into interstellar space, the removal of chirons (particles of Evil) and other negativity, generated by humans, aggressive animals and parasitic plants. And at the same time, creates prerequisites for the development of Higher Intelligence on the planet. Having started the process, Ytterbium transformed into Lutetium.

71. Lutetium (Lu) cleanses the Earth’s space of excess and waste energy; supports the pyramids’ controlling unit of the planet, and converts cells’ radiation into neutrino clots. Strengthened these processes Lutetium converted in Hafnium.

72. Hafnium (Hf) takes the energies of the Absolute and the Source, through the pyramids’ system, connects them with the purified radiations of the planet in cone converters on the Subtle Plane, working like pumps in non-stop mode. When they reached the highest capacity Hafnium transformed into Tantalum.

73. Tantalum (Ta) brings the planet, all its elements, as well as the mineral, plant, animal and human worlds to the next Galactic stage of development. Upon completion of the transition, Tantalum changed into Wolframium.

74. Wolframium (W) enhances the accumulation of energy currents, supports and changes communication channels to other spaces and dimensions, accelerates evolution on Earth. After another stage was over, Wolframium transformed into Rhenium.

75. Rhenium (Re) upgrades biological matter, amplifies the radiation of the planet, tunes crystal lattices, and supports the synch of all energy structures. When they reached the maximum parameters Rhenium turned into Osmium.

76. Osmium (Os) gives birth to new consciousness, materializes plasma by blue energy, serves as a catalyst for the latter. At this stage, the element transformed into Iridium.

77. Iridium (Ir) is the carrier of the Time golden energy, and, by the spin of the latter, controls and regulates the development of Intelligence. When the accumulation of this energy on the planet reached a certain threshold Iridium transformed into Platinum.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Golden Energy

Golden Energy

New Matrix Part 5-1

78. Platinum (Pt) activates molecular processes, extraction of new energies from elementary particles and their accumulation in planetary structures, creates spaces with a different polarity charge. At the height of condensing transformed into Aurum (Gold).

79. Aurum (Au) directs energy flows from the outside into the internal organs of organisms and the core of the planet; activates programs of the mineral, plant and animal worlds. Under certain conditions, it accelerates the destruction of biological bodies and distorts the work of thought. At the maximum of the power planes’ radiation, Gold was transformed into Hydrargyrum (Mercury).

80. Hydrargyrum (Hg) impacts on Intelligence energy AETRON and the creation of thought forms. At the retention time of the principal peak of l-gamma particles in Earth’s space, Mercury converted into Thallium.

81. Thallium (Tl) absorbs, accumulates and condenses info-energy, forms it into a spiral that transfers matter to a new, higher level. After executing this program, it changed into Plumbum (Plumb, Lead).

82. Plumbum (Pb) runs the frequencies and splits energy into its constituent Subtle parts, creates cells from them, theirs’ and the Erath’s orbital field protection. Plumb morphed into Bismuthum.

83. Bismuthum (Bi) purifies plasma, strengthens the energy shield of the planet, and controls the channels of its mental field, access to 4D and other dimensions. After activating these programs, it turned into Polonium.

84. Polonium (Po) compresses the force fields of matter, supports its kinetic energy and other physical properties; places the ready-made Intelligence plasma on the Subtle Plane in the Earth’s orbit. When element’s soft fully activated, Polonium transformed into Astatium.

85. Astatium (At) runs self-purification of the planet by color and sound impacts and compression of its fields in near-Earth space. At the peak of waste plasma removal, changed into Radon.

86. Radon (Rn) syncs and combines Solar and cosmic radiation at the junction of the color spectra, and all Earth’s power structures. After the execution of the energy storage program, morphed into Francium.

87. Francium (Fr) runs the energy flows, radiated through the poles by the Earth’s axial channel. When the energy flows of the Sun, Stars, and planet are combined, aurora occurs in the atmosphere. After the formation of the ray system, transformed into Radium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Francium Atoms In Magneto-Optical Trap

Francium Atoms In Magneto-Optical Trap

New Matrix Part 5-1

88. Radium (Ra) sets energy fields in motion, formats them as platforms, and removes unnecessary information from them. It turned into Actinium.

89. Actinium (Ac) creates accumulators of energies and channels of their perception. At the highest peak of activity, became Thorium.

90. Thorium (Th) ionizes the upper layers of the atmosphere with the help of ultraviolet radiation, which accumulate and retransmit natural crystals and pyramids; trigs evolution of matter. After accumulating the necessary energy, converted into Protactinium.

91. Protactinium (Pa) forms the ozone layer; opens Time Portals with the help of crystals’ energies; controls the quantum flows to the planet and their concentration in its bowels. Morphed into Uranium.

92. Uranium (U) transforms and regulates the mineral, plant and biological worlds; forms the Intelligence energy’s radiation system; supports the interchange between 3D and 4D in Solaris. At the peak of the processes transformed into Neptunium.

93. Neptunium (Np) regulates the development of Intelligence, its strength and scope; enhances the planet’s Subtle energies, controls the decomposition of molecules into components. Upon completing this program converted into Plutonium.

94. Plutonium (Pu) controls the rhythm of the Earth’s core, accelerates evolution, and selects plasma Intelligence in the inner worlds, where (as in the atmosphere) its storage units are located. These energies have different frequencies and are concentrated in different Subtle Plane’s layers, at different distances from the planet’s core. At the end of the next cycle, Plutonium activates the selection of the best matter and energy. At one of these stages, it transformed into Americium.

95. Americium (Am) produces highly developed plasma formations in the energy belt along the equator; controls the population of the planet. Changed into Curium.

96. Curium (Cm) accumulates and amplifies the energies, coming out of the Earth’s core, in the area of the equatorial belt, and directs them to the outer, protective shell of the planet. Transformed into Berkelium.

97. Berkelium (Bk) also strengthens this shell by maintaining its constant tension. In parallel, it affects living matter, consciousness, affects the perception of information by the brain. Morphed into Californium.

98. Californium (Cf) controls and corrects the state of the Hologram; transmutes the radiation of protein bodies; forms external reflectors of spent and unnecessary energy; influences incarnation processes. Turned in Einsteinium.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Einsteinium


New Matrix Part 5-1

99. Einsteinium (Es) bundles plasma that changes cell structures; creates conditions for accelerated development of civilization. Transfigured into Fermium.

100. Fermium (Fm) gives birth to new energy that affects the metabolism in organisms and in the inner worlds of the planet. Converted into Mendelevium.

101. Mendelevium (Md) sorts and accumulates Intelligence plasma; forms energy matrices for the birth of new individuals; moves structured fields that allow the development of living matter. Changed into Nobelium.

102. Nobelium (No) stabilizes the orbit of the planet and supports the field, created by Earth’s movement; preserves the energies of the animal world; upgrades man’s Subtle Bodies. Transformed into Lawrencium.

103. Lawrencium (Lr) selects highly intelligent individuals, changes the conservation programs of human Subtle energies, helps the birth of the new, Sixth Race. Turned into Rutherfordium.

104. Rutherfordium (Rf) creates a new development vector for finished plasma; cleanses the Earth’s space from energy waste and slags. Morphed into Dubnium.

105. Dubnium (Db) helps to remove from the planet energy plasma that does not correspond to Time and lagging in the Intelligence development. Reframed into Seaborgium.

106. Seaborgium (Sg), by the radiation of the planet’s core, restores deep memory of past incarnations, prepares a person for the transition to a new cycle of evolving. Transformed into Bohrium.

107. Bohrium (Bh), on the one hand, enhances vital force, and on the other hand, aggravates regression, spiritual decomposition of society, subjugation of man by the energies of desires, temptations, submission and obedience. This is how Bohrium affects the human Spirit. Converted into Hassium.

108. Hassium (Hs) compresses energy fields into funnels that affect the territorial settlement of individuals. Such phenomena are observed in geopathogenic zones and Power Places. One of the most active are the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea, which together form a single power system, a Quasitrone. Hassium transformed into Meitnerium.


109. Meitnerium (Mt) forms upgraded aerosphere of the planet.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Aerosphere


New Matrix Part 5-1

110. Darmstadtium (Ds) creates new molecular formations in the atmosphere.

111. Roentgenium (Rg) regulates the energy layers and the dissection of planes, carrying 3D programs.

112. Copernicium (Cn, formerly Ununbium, Uub) changes the positions of energy layers in the atmosphere.

113. Nihonium (Nh) supports on the Subtle Plane the Solaris’ frame, in which energy is exchanged between several dimensions.

114. Flerovium (Fl) helps the release of energies into the five-dimensional space.

115. Moscovium (Mc) performs energy weighing of atmospheric planes, controls plasma contents.

116. Livermorium (Lv) forms the substances of the atmosphere planes.

117. Tennessine (Ts) changes molecular composition of air.

118. Oganesson (Og) morphes the chemical composition of the atmosphere. Transformed into Ununenium.

119. Ununenium (Uue) forms a point of interaction between two magnetic medium backgrounds, positively and negatively charged.

120. Unbinilium (Ubn) creates a Time spin.

New Matrix Part 5-1 - Time Spin

Time Spin

New Matrix Part 5-1

121. Unbiunium (Ubu) changes the climate and produces planetary alterations.

122. Unbibium (Ubb) controls the negative interaction of planetary magnets.

123. Unbitrium (Ubt) controls the positive interaction of planetary magnets.

124. Unbiquadium (Ubq) regulates magnetic fields’ programs.

125. Unbipentium (Ubp) runs software of magnetic interacting planes.

126. Unbihexium (Ubh) regulates the frequencies of magnetic fields.

127. Unbiseptium (Ubs) determines and forms the movement of planetary and magnetic axes.



(To be continued)

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Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Ops Critical Mass Part 3 – Lev

NAA repeatedly scalped our unfortunate planet, and from its bodies cut off giant, kilometer-thick pieces of “skin”, leaving thousands of scares, abandoned quarries and deserts on the surface.

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February Scanning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Brainstorming – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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Ops Critical Mass Part 2 – Lev

Ops Critical Mass Part 2 – Lev

On 12 January 2024 at 03:40 UT, came the new particulars about Lightwarriors’ operations to restore the Earth’s mass deficit, caused by the factors that Disclosure News described earlier. The ops were carried out step-by-step in various ways.

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