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The Great Quantum Transition - New Matrix Part 4 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

New Matrix Part 4

From 3D To 4D And 5D

New Matrix Part 4 – By Lev

What will be the operating system (OS) of the new planetary Matrix (see Parts 1-3)? Activation of upgraded Causal Matrix (OS’s carrier) and Earth’s Logos, as downloading tool, accelerated all events. The situation is constantly and unpredictably changing, so Co-Creators are in no hurry to disclose many details.

Very sparingly and casually, they reported that the next version of Earth’s Matrix will be written in a completely different programming language. And they hinted that, at the Sub-System Level, in an intermediate server for deciphering data, instead of the previous decimal code (see Part 3), CAN BE USED DECIMAL RUNIC CODE (!). After this, was total silence, no comments or explanations.

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New Matrix Part 4 - Some Runes

Some Runes

New Matrix Part 4

If indeed, it will occur, that would be a REAL SCOOP, A REVOLUTION. As DNI narrated earlier, from the beginning, 3D Earth’s Matrix worked on a binary algorithmic sequence, a chain of binary code, extending decimal interchange data. Then, by a special device, re-decoded info was translated on Earth into a multimedia format, a non-stop movie. It was AND STILL IS as very primitive, simplified and limited animated image. 3D Logos, our three-dimensional planet and its infrastructure couldn’t do anything else.

Decimal runic code will change dramatically this miserable, shabby situation, fully deprograming our reality. This code can process and unpack truly cosmic amounts of information, so necessary for Earth and us to enter5D. In the Third and Fourth Races, at some stages, earthlings used it very widely. How?

Runes are the living language of the Universe. Those, who communicate on it, can see the Subtle Plane and energy threads, created by the high-frequency vibrations of thousands of quantum streams that permeate all dimensions. In free movement, intersecting and weaving into different patterns, they build myriad patterns with a huge range of properties of cosmic energies.

New Matrix Part 4 - Cosmic Energies

Cosmic Energies

New Matrix Part 4

DNit Telegram Channel


These patterns are the basis of runes. Today, on Earth, this is a pathetic two-dimensional image of some incomprehensible ancient alphabet, which was allegedly used by herds of savages who inhabited the planet. Darks have spent a lot of time, resources and efforts to make us sincerely and deeply believe in this. And what was in truth?

Runes are not a primitive drawing of short lines on a plane, but a multidimensional hologram with very powerful energy properties, sound and color’s freqs. They are an exact copy of their quantum flows and the mechanism of the entire Universe. It is all permeated and saturated with vibrations, the endless formation of trillions and quadrillions of subtle flexible connections.

The intersection of vortex flows forms a sophisticated Matrix system. The vortex funnel forms primary matter at the first stage of its oscillations. On the next stage, – the secondary, etc. Then, these types of matter form different substances depending on their mixing. As a result, a cellular structure resembling a web is formed. The threads that connect the main axes and meridians have greater vibrations and fluctuations than the original rays. Our Local Universe is filled with a combination of their vibrations, lengths and strength.

The ancients knew and could create Time, space and matter from these threads. The magic of their runes was that they concentrated not only quantum energies, but also force of human thought. Weaving these threads, runes built independent power conduits, which, in turn, formed a complex multidimensional system. The thought, emotion, sound (word), directed and focused into it, acquired cosmic strength.

First came the singing of runes, and, then, – music. The harmonious sound formed songs that were spells. But only the one who felt the runes and supplemented them with his energy could unlock the cosmic energies embedded in them. Musical and runic letters are very similar and are directly related to the structure of the Universe and the processes in it. The English language has preserved this connection. The meaning of the word “string”, for example, is a slightly distorted “standing rune”, or a rune fixed in a certain position.

New Matrix Part 4 - Musical Letters

Musical Letters

New Matrix Part 4

Runes are the chords of the Universe, the vibrations of which create a resonance of the corresponding quantum energies. The rune system is the octave of the Universe. Each octave has its primary color, and the runes in it differ in shades. Rune mode (a set of harmoniously connected rune-chords) is the music of the Universe, with the help of which its vibrations are run.

Runes are also directly related to color. We know about the seven primary colors of the rainbow, and that mixing them gives five shades. We know about the seven main notes and their five semitones. The rune order also consists of seven “even” and five “odd” runes. And the 7:5 ratios was laid in foundation of our Local Universe, which is based on seven primary elements that form seven main worlds, and mixing, – five main sub-worlds.

But runes are not only copying the color and sound of their quantum flows, but also harmonious ratios, Golden Proportions. Their most common formation consisted of 12 (7+5) runes, coinciding to twelve dimensions; and structure could be expanded to 14 (7+5+ white+black, on latter see below) runes, or to 14D (the Absolute).

Knowledge of one rune wasn’t enough to steer the processes, and apply the Universe’s quantum flows and their energies. One had to know the order, or at least one minimum block of six runes. The six elements epitomized Knowledge. Six runes could be combined into a hexagon that symbolized stability and balance. Without gaining even this little knowledge, any use of runes was dangerous and unpredictable.

Knowing the runes of one system eased the work with a system of energy corridors – a small cosmic Matrix. Inside it, actor could strengthen or weaken threads, overlap and rebuild the entire frame. Mastery of all runes’ order allowed run entire system.

New Matrix Part 4 - Some Runes Binding

Some Runes Binding

New Matrix Part 4

The number of runes, in which the Knowledge of the Universe is concentrated, was 168 (12 runes multiplied by 14 orders). It was the first circle that not everyone could use. The largest number of runes in it was 196 (14 multiplied by 14).

In the second circle, there were 336 runes thanks to derivants from the main runes of the order. In the third circle, there were 672 runes, in the fourth – 1344. The higher the circle, the more simplified versions of the runes it included. It was convenient to use them. The more a person’s cosmic consciousness and vision were developed, the more complex compositions of runes he applied.

These compositions were grouped by colors, reflecting the high frequencies of the quantum energies that they consisted of. Their palette is still actively used by the Argorians in terrestrial and space operations, which Disclosure News regularly narrates. What actions were performed by runes grouped by primary colors (freqs)?

New Matrix Part 4 - Runes' Color Difference

Runes’ Color Difference

New Matrix Part 4


The key word was Fire. These were the most powerful runes. They were divided into cold and hot fire. The former was for light, the latter – for ignition. Their use required high concentration of Spirit and determination. These runes flamed, scorched, warmed up, illuminated, and clarified.


The keyword was Measure. These runes gauged, measured, counted, and accumulated. They served as units of measurement, changes in quantity and number, as well as accuracy. From them comes the image of the golden section.


The keyword was Transforming. These runes steered along the right direction, modified, created, strengthened, multiplied, and increased. They were used for rallying, changing links, reconnecting contacts to the energy channels of the Universe, and inspiration. When movement or evolution stopped, these runes resumed them.


The key word was Rest. These runes united the accumulated forces, completed the next stage of development, and concentrated the accumulated knowledge that should be analyzed and mastered. They helped to take a break in upgrading, distract, think, meditate, relax, and relieve fatigue.


The key word was Healing. These runes were applied in healing practice to strengthen the health of the body and Soul. The main thing in their use was good intentions and a pure heart, otherwise great harm was done to the user.


The keyword was Disclosure. These runes activated movement, aspiration, expansion, discovery, and grace, consolidation of the decision, determination, and efforts. With the help of green runes, an ideal space was created for launching many processes: to heal, to build new worlds in different dimensions, to visit distant planets and Galaxies in different dimensions, and cultivate wisdom.

New Matrix Part 4 - To Visit Distant Galaxies

To Visit Distant Galaxies

New Matrix Part 4


The key word was Life. These runes controlled the vital activity of organisms, and also changed the structure of liquids and solids.


The keyword was Stream. These runes enhanced energy flows, their fusion, separation, mixing, direction, focusing and concentration. They restored strength, cleansed the physical and Subtle Bodies, and strengthened a gentle and kind mood, and Spirituality.


The key word was Concentration. If the green runes disclosed, then the blue ones, on the contrary, closed, strengthened isolation, concealment, eliminated everything secondary inside and outside. With the help of blue runes, it was possible to restrain, accumulate, concentrate, collect, deepen, conceal (for example, to protect the planet against invasion, dangerous radiation or meteorites). For concentration and meditation, after the yellow runes, blue ones were used to consolidate the results.

New Matrix Part 4 - To Protect Against Meteorites

To Protect Against Meteorites

New Matrix Part 4


The keyword was Ordering. These runes helped sort, organize, and act on a large and small scale – to move planets and stars, to change the structure of molecules and atoms, to create new elements and worlds.


The key word was Art. These runes were charged with the strongest energies with the highest vibrations. With their help, the mood of not only people, but also all the elementals and elements could be changed, to build any constructions on the physical and Subtle Planes.


The key word was Beauty. These were runes of a harmonious combination of vibrations, complex patterns, and stable forms. They were applied to restore balance, stability, convergence, attraction, consistency, the best connection of processes, and to work with different forms and build any structures.


The keyword was Cancel. The runes of the black order could destroy and kill. However, the Light Forces used them in Star and planetary wars to return space, Time or process to re-start and give new impetus to evolution that Darks violated, perverted or stopped, imposing their own after invasion.

New Matrix Part 4 - Invader


New Matrix Part 4


The key word was Purity. These runes improved the impact of all other runes. Correct application increased their efficiency, and unsuccessful attempts – slowed down and blocked. In using white runes, a full confidence in the correctness and mastering other runes was required.

Training in the use of white and black runes took place at the very end of prep, after all the necessary skills were perfected. White runes restored and maintained the harmony and proportion of all compositions. The clarity, brightness, and radiance of the white runes showed that everything was ideal. If there was disharmony, the white runes didn’t enhance its effect, but partially weakened control, absorbed, transferred to other spaces and dimensions. White runes were also used as a defense mechanism against inept actions, but this required a full understanding of all the results.

This brief helps refresh our blocked memory of what runes really were and still are. But today, even the boldest fantasy is powerless to imagine how the Earth’s Matrix and reality, created by Darks, will change when runic codes will be used in their original form. And what our Intelligence, consciousness, knowledge and, most importantly, RESPONSIBILITY should be for this. And a low, most humble and grateful bow to Co-Creators, who are trying their best to raise us to their level, where we can be entrusted with these codes, technology and know-how, and won’t kill ourselves and the entire Local Universe.


(To be continued)

More by Lev

Lessons Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Lessons Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Today, millions continue to enter 5D through 4D. They do not need Events, Flashes or Sheens. Much more useful and important are the lessons of those who, in recent years, have been walking and already passed into fifth dimension, despite Darks and their 3D System.

Lessons Part 1-2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Lessons Part 1-2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

In the Great Cosmos, ALL civilizations undergo a mandatory tests and lessons in a low-vibrational negative reality. Without this, their further evolution is IMPOSSIBLE. And that’s what we all came here for.

Lessons Part 1-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Lessons Part 1-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On July 6 came new info about brainstorming in Galacom concerning the alien presence on Earth’s physical and Subtle Planes. Fundamental changes in the Local Universe, Galaxy and on our planet are pushing for an accelerated and radical solution to this problem, too.

Journey – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Journey – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Yes, it is a journey. But it is not only ours, but also of our 3D planet together with entire 14D Local Universe, which are now moving to higher dimensions. The former – in 5D, the latter – closer to the new gravity center, possibly in 16D-18D, since our Absolute has risen to the next, third level in the middle of the Hierarchical Pyramid.

Pace Lap – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Pace Lap – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Each of us has only our own, strictly individual and unique scenario of transition to 5D. But some aspects are surprisingly similar. An example is the following excerpts from the first-hand account, sort of pace lap, a warm up the cars before starting into a new dimension. Maybe extracts from personal diary will help someone in a certain period of growth, when perhaps they need this particular experience for the final step…

Punchers – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Punchers – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Schumann Resonance data’s black-out on Sunday, 18 June 2023 in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Lithuania and other countries was caused by confusion (if not panic) due to unprecedented jump of RS up to 190 Hz, which lasted an unusually long time. In addition, there were new harmonics on the chart that have gone beyond the existing scale. On RS monitors, the resonance lines made figures similar to DNA strands.

Waiting – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Waiting – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

We are tired to death of unfulfilled hopes and expectations that are not justified here and now. In recent weeks, the swing of the general mood has been particularly noticeable. Enthusiasm about the events on the Subtle Plane which Disclosure News partially narrated in the series Operation 4th Universe, Duel, New Matrix and other posts, quickly gave way to apathy and discontent.

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