New Galactic Year - Q&A with Lev

New Galactic Year

Q&A with Lev


Time Keepers ability to “To interrupt and change out-of-control evolution, as well as organize the interaction of different time-lines”gives Them the right of intervention, influencing reality, at their disposal, so this whole illusion of what’s real or not and programming of humanity by DF can be so easily swept away and corrected, like a collective warm heart/eye-opening, couldn’t it? Of course not, it’s not that simple to graduate for us humans, there need to be steps and choices we make of our own on this path to Light, I know…


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After We and Humanity Ascend into 5D, it’s just another prison but a much larger. I don’t know, my discernment these few days was slacking off…


I wanted to ask… Will the Quantum Transition be able to stop all this? Many who have no idea about spirituality are losing hope, even suicides increasing. I understand lower realities have to fall off, but each day it becomes more draconian, some other countries too I presume. Do you have any insights on this?…


Can you please tell us what the New Galactic Year on December 22nd, 2020 is supposed to mean for the Earth in a broader sense? Is this the final date? Or is it possible that it will be postponed once again?…


The Great Quantum Transition is to be some one-time action something like an event/solar flash, or is it a gradual operation that includes various energy portals during a calendar year? And will something change in the external perceived reality?…

Black Raven


All the mentioned topics are banded fast to several processes. First, to the New Galactic Year beginning and the Earth’s moving to the new vibrations orbit in 5D from the current in 3D.

The New Galactic Year means the launch of new evolution programs. They are timed to the Earth’s complete a full circle around the center of circulation and sync it with others.

In the Super Universes (there are seven of them) all planets, Local Systems, Constellations, Local Universes, Small Sectors, Large Sectors, as well as our Super Universe itself revolve around their centers (see details in the DNI comments section, The Global Crystals Operation – Part 2, October 1st, 2020).

There were several reasons for moving the New Galactic Year from summer to December 2020. The selection of the best time to synchronize the rotations at all levels – from the Earth’s to the Local Universe’s. The planet and earthlings were ill-prepared for the new programs. In December 2020, the Earth and the Solar system will enter a more open space in the direct line of the Source’s sight and its stronger radiation.

New Galactic Year - Meditations and Prays Impact

Meditations and Prays Impact

New Galactic Year

In summer 2020, the earthlings were not energetically ready for this. That is partly why the number of participants in mass meditations fluctuated so much. For the same reason, the ships of the Galactic Confederation continue to irradiate the Earth with strong vibrations to adapt earthlings to the new, higher energy of the Source. DNI publishes these reports daily.

The next reason in the list was the Earth’s vibratory orbit changing.

A short prequel…

Before the Archon invaded our Local Sector (619 planets), the Earth was in 5D and on another vibratory orbit.

The space war that broke out between the Archons and the Light civilizations, which lasted hundreds of thousands of years, was fierce and bloody.

Black fleets have destroyed many planets along with their civilizations. The explosions that accompanied space battles, thrown 389 (of 619) planets in our Local System, including Earth, from their previous vibratory orbits in 5D to 3D.

The third dimension is not only a more toxic reality. It is also a completely different time continuum. For earthlings who lived in 5D, the new time has become slower and denser. The body began to wear out quicker, and death came much sooner.

In 5D earthmen had crystalline-based bodies and high-frequency energy. In 3D, the Archons transferred human cells to an organic carbonic base.

People felt relatively comfortable only in low vibrations. They emitted the same ones that served as food and energy source for the parasitic Black entities that captured the Earth and turned mankind into their slaves.

The beginning of the Great Quantum Transition put an end to all this.

Every day Disclosure News brings a lot detailed info about the Light Forces’ victories. Positive changes are taking place in all dimensions and spaces of our Local Universe, Solar System, and Earth.

It also applies to the Time mechanism.

New Galactic Year - The Time Keepers New True Time Ray to Earth

The Time Keepers – New True Time Ray to Earth

New Galactic Year

The coming Cosmic Day, the Earth’s and the Local Universe exit into the Source’s direct radiation zone – all that allowed Time Keepers and the Light Forces’ ground team to replace the current Time mechanism with a new of 5D, that was on our planet in the past (see The Light Forces Ops In England And Scotland – Part 1, September 5, 2020 and Q&A, October 3, 2020).

The Earth and the Solar System are gradually dragged by the Higher Light Hierarchy in 5D, to a new vibratory orbit around the Milky Way’s Central Sun. The time-lines are changing and the energy flows are accelerating in them. Many earthlings have already felt the reduction (contraction) of minutes in an hour and hours in a day.

The Higher Light Hierarchy is now restoring many planetary systems. The ascent of the Earth and the other 388 planets to a new – previous – vibratory orbits changes vertical and horizontal energy flows. The old 3D Matrix codes changed for new 4D and 5D.

New Galactic Year - The Earth New Vibratory Orbit

The Earth New Vibratory Orbit

New Galactic Year

The 3D Matrix and low vibration parasitic civilizations in the Local Universe and on Earth find themselves on hard soldering. They lost the free mental-spiritual energy at the expense of which they have always existed.

They cannot withstand the new cosmic wind that occurs when the Solar System shift in 5D and higher and when high vibration energy flows fill the space. It explains their agony on Earth in all spheres – political, economic, and social.

It is also difficult for many people who still live with their consciousness, feelings, and emotions in 3D.

Until recently, the transition of people into the 4D dimension has been gradual. It did not have much effect on earthlings. But from May 2016 to September 2, 2020, there were eight powerful high vibrating waves. They occurred at an interval of 4-4.5 months and each lasted 12 days.

Three more energy waves of average capacity for the transition to 4D are expected. They will arrive at Earth on the following dates: October 18, 19, 20, November 25, 26, 27, and December 24, 25, 26 2020.

How will the resulting vibratory stratification and division of spaces and people occur?

From October to December 2020 inclusive, the program for zeroing of the 3D Matrix programs will continue.

By New Year 2021, the stabilization of matrix 4D will reach 15%. It is just the beginning of the fixation of the 4D high-vibration space. The properties of hydrogen, air, water, soil, and Sun activity change.

High Sun radiation will become the norm for humanity in 4D. In the fourth dimension, the material and Thin Plane will merge into a single tangible reality.

Until the end of 2020, changes will continue in the Gaia Matrix and on the surface. Every day there will be new zeroing and renewal of the Matrix space.

It will continue to be accompanied by the activity of volcanoes and natural disasters associated with fire, water, and winds. Cataclysms will be in every region of the planet.

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This activity is triggered by the change of the Gaia Matrix magnetic frequencies, which clean it from old 3D programs.

Before 2021, the new program will be loaded in the Gaia Matrix for the space stratification and people separation by 3D and 4D vibrations.

These events will go on up to January 31, 2021.

In the entire Gaia Matrix the etheric fields are being activated.

As a result of the planet’s ascent to a new vibratory orbit, a powerful saturation of etheric fields begins, as well as the strengthening of their energy flows from the Local Universe’s Central Sun to Earth.

New Galactic Year - Etheric Fields

Etheric Fields

New Galactic Year

It looks like the sunrise. Its first rays have already begun to heat and saturate our Subtle bio-fields with high-vibration ether.

Today, the ether energy flow is at the level of 12%. By the New Year 2021, it will reach 15%, by 2022 – 60%, and by December 2023 -100%.

What will happen to people?

Etheric energy flow by high-vibration waves will fill and influence the changes in the inner and external space of a person.

Many began to see bright dreams with pictures of water, streams, sea, rain… It is the etheric ocean of high vibratory energy fields coming to the planet. They now wash each person in waves.

As in any ocean, there are etheric storms, high and low tides. Therefore, many sensitive people feel the slightest fluctuations physically in the form of migraines, outbreaks of apathy, and depression.

Many people have an incomprehensible cough. The symptoms are similar to COVID-19.

But it’s not COVID-19, but ether waves. It is how people’s respiratory system is rebuilding in the new energy environment.

The etheric fields of the new Matrix that fill our space transform the matrix codes of the air. This causes an unreasonable cough. It can start unexpectedly and stop until the entire human respiratory system is fully stabilized in 4D.

Now any headache occurs due to the activity of the seventh and sixth chakras. And it is not a reason to consult a doctor.

A highly vibrating etheric stream penetrates a person through the seventh chakra. It is what causes migraines. Such headaches are sacred.

They happen due to the enhanced input in the crown and its expansion from the reception of high-vibration power flow, or because the crown rejects it. If it occurs, we only have to endure it patiently. Lie down or sleep, not muffle with pills.

Positive thinking and feeling people, who generate, accumulate, and emit high vibrations, will be able to swim peacefully in the new etheric ocean. Interact with its fields at the cellular level and on the Subtle Plane. It would be easy and without problems to pass the incoming 4D-5D energy inside.

People with mixed emotional character will find themselves on the verge. They will barely be able to stay on the border of high and low energy fields of the etheric ocean. Such people will be able to pass through the celestial energy flow only partially. The reason: the cell membranes in their organism are adapted only for the average intensity flow.

People who always think, feel, and behave negatively, will find themselves in an almost lethal environment. Shrouded in high-frequency etheric energy fields, they will not be able to accept their vibrations.

New Galactic Year - From 3D to 4D and 5D

From 3D to 4D and 5D

New Galactic Year

The membranes of their cells will automatically switch on the protection mechanisms against new types of energy in the form of viral diseases, activation of chronic diseases. It will lead to the closure of their life activity Matrix programs. For that, COVID-19 viruses are designed.

There will be no group transition to 4D. The spiritual development of each is a strictly individual process. It is deep and hard work on our soul.

It is necessary to realize clearly that if we are not satisfied with something… if we are often upset and irritated… if fill offended by friends and relatives… if criticize the shortcomings of others… if jealous of someone else’s success… if we are angry, grumbling, blaming others for their failures… if we are afraid and outraged – all that are the signs of the need to raise our inner vibes.

An irritated or aggressive state with the release of low vibration emotions will only kill us. And we use these bricks to build a scaffold and a prison for us with our own hands. In the 5D, it is simply impossible.

These and many other destructive emotions must be replaced with a new positive feelings and thoughts. It is the only way we can zero out, process the low-vibration old 3D Matrix Codes and fill up with new 4D Matrix Codes. They are the ones that give us the ability to create, love, and create.

Each of us at every moment of our earthly life gives birth to thoughts and emotions that directly affect the surrounding Matrix space.

The spiritual person in the meditation or prayer directs the positive vibrations to his/her soul. They saturate the Subtle Bodies of the soul with high-frequency energy.

Then, the energy fields of a person, his “I Am”, thoughts and emotions change. And they, in their turn, inevitably change the reality around him, including Gaia Matrix.

Absorbed ether is life energy, which is accumulated between material and astral planes.

It destroys energy fields with negative charges. It washes away all the energy mud and its deposits in the space on its way – with storms, hurricanes, heavy rains and floods.

New Galactic Year - Dimensions and Space Stratification

Dimensions and Space Stratification

New Galactic Year

Etheric fields transform the space around us into the new through the cleaning of the Matrix programs from destructive energy fields accrete as a result of human activity. Thus, the ether transforms the world we are used to into the new 4D-5D Matrix.

From 2021 onwards, in 2022, 2023, and 2024, there will be an inevitable division between 3D people and 4D and 5D earthlings.

In each dimension, there will be a stratification of spaces by the vibrations level.

But all this will only accelerate the basis formation of the new, unified civilization.

More by Lev

Planet Energy Structures – New Galactic Ops Part 7 – March 2021

Planet Energy Structures – New Galactic Ops Part 7 – March 2021

The new war in space and near-Earth (see Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation, New Galactic Ops, Part 6, March 5, 2021) has not stopped other Galactic Committee and Co-Creators operations on the planet. In March 2021, at the quantum level, they continue to actively saturate the Earth with dozens of high-vibration Source energies. With their help, Galacom removes the remnants of the 3D Matrix of the Archons on all levels. At the same time, the Co-Creators purify and expand all Earth space to the sixth-dimensional level.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation – New Galactic Ops Part 6

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation – New Galactic Ops Part 6

Far, the Co-Creators made Merkaba up of two parts. One consisted of a planetary cluster that included Earth, Venus, and Mars. All three then had 3D life. The other was formed on the Stars in three Constellations – Orion-Sirius, Leo, and Ursa Major. On Earth, Venus, Mars identical pyramidal complexes were built and linked with each other by a unified network. Similar complexes were erected on certain Stars of the above-mentioned Constellations.

Out Of The 3D Matrix – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 7

Out Of The 3D Matrix – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 7

These and many other comments and questions keep us coming back to the most important topic today. Namely, what is still preventing us from getting out of the Wheel of Samsara (3D Matrix), and what awaits those who manage to escape?

Light City – New Galactic Ops. Part 5-2

Light City – New Galactic Ops. Part 5-2

In addition to the Light Cities created by the joint operations of the Galactic Committee and the LFs ground teams, there are other such Cities above and below the Earth’s surface in 4D and 5D. They were built thousands of years ago by the civilizations that inhabited our planet.

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops Part 5 – Feb 2021

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops Part 5 – Feb 2021

There was a pause in the operation concerning reptiloids (see – DNI, New Galactic Ops, February 2021, Part 4, 23 February 2021). The Galactic Committee and the ground crew used it to complete another superimposed op. It’s about building Light Cities in the Earth 3D/4D/5D common eon. To date, the team has built several such Cities.

New Galactic Ops February 2021 – Part 4

New Galactic Ops February 2021 – Part 4

This post is about how the Galactic Committee’s operations on the Subtle and physical planes for changing the 3D Earth and man. There are many ops scenarios. Some are carried out in stages, others simultaneously at all levels, from the Galactic to the cellular and molecular.

The New Vibrational Currents – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 6

The New Vibrational Currents – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 6

In February, the separation of the etheric mental fields in a partially updated 3D Matrix and a new temporal 4D Matrix as transit in 5D continued in the Earth’s vibrational space. Following this division, further events are formed for each 3D and 4D person within the planet’s Great Quantum Transition into 5D. Many of us are aware of and feel the new vibrational currents, trying to capture and interact with them. But the specifics of the awakening in 3D and the vibes asset of our Subtle Bodies, as well as the level of consciousness and the spiritual experience allow us only to lift our heads above the observed picture of the world.

New Galactic Operations Part 3 – February 2021

New Galactic Operations Part 3 – February 2021

First, important information on February 11, 2021, about the assignment the Galactic Committee gave to the Light Forces’ ground crew on the Egypt operation. The main task of the group is to reset all the Egyptian pyramids to the new quantum energies now coming to Earth.

New Galactic Ops Part 2 – February 2021

New Galactic Ops Part 2 – February 2021

As of February 11, 2021, the Hierarchy of the Absolute, the four Local Universe Co-Creators, the Galactic Committee, and the Council of Civilizations have decided to accelerate the transformation of 3D Earth. They and the Light Forces ground crews are pushing hard toward that goal non-stopping. On February 10, at 4:16 p.m., aspects of Melchizedek and Guan Yin assimilated with the collective Logos of one of the ground teams.

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