New Galactic Ops Part 1 - The Great Quantum Transition

New Galactic Ops Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

​New Galactic Ops Part 1. By Lev.

This post is about the Galactic Committee (Galacom) Earth Operations in January and February 2021.

The main events now continue in near-Earth space. Divided into several groups, space fleets of Pleiadians, Arcturians, Siriusians, and other friendly cosmic races retransmit and redistribute on and around the surface of our planet powerful quantum’s radiations from the Source. They come through the center of the Milky Way.

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Galacom has built a huge infrastructure of platforms, Portals, stations, routers to control quantum flows on the Subtle Plane and near-Earth space. Spaceships also participate in it.

Each quantum wave in this stream carries a specific program, differing from others by light frequencies and code names.

What are these waves? What are their programs? What does the infrastructure look like in general?

Closer to Earth are three platforms and nine Portals.

Quantum Energy Flows

New Galactic Ops

The first platform, relaying quantum energy codenamed GRISPO, blue-azure in color, cleanses and changes space dimensions.

The second transmits programs to increase plant plasma and assess human intelligence. Another program consists of quantum energy ERMIGO, brown with a yellow tint, which recycles negative emissions from Earth.

The third platform broadcasts programs to change the concentration of plant plasma and rearrange the human DNA. The purification from the negativity of the near-Earth space and the formation of a new environment is performed by the violet energy of GRASIMO.

From the same platform FARMS energy, bright blue, loads it into the collective consciousness of humanity the new programs of intellectual and spiritual development. FAMIGO, dark gray energy, affects magnetic fields and forms the selection of earthlings by the level of consciousness.

Galacom created a huge network of quantum beams in near-Earth space, containing programs for the transformation of the planet and Man.

By the red energy, a new information field is formed with a single center of communication through control points – citadels.

DNit Telegram Channel

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - Red Life-Giving Energy
Red Life-Giving Energy

New Galactic Ops

SFARGO, lemon-colored energy, cleanses the planet of outdated intelligence and helps people adapt to the new high-frequency environment.

GLEGES, dark lilac-colored energy, cleans the near-Earth space of toxic and harmful impurities.

BLISCORE, white-blue energy, enhances people’s mental abilities.

The System includes also nine Portals. Passing through them, quantum streams are separated into light waves and rays of different frequencies, colors, and shades. All of them are also loaded with specific programs.

First Portal:

FERMO, the scarlet energy, forms the Matrices of the 4D/5D/6D information fields and the new collective consciousness.

FIRSCO, the energy of the blue spectrum, purifies, stabilizes, and directs people’s mental energy and development.


GRASIMO, purple energy, synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes false and obsolete knowledge.

BLAKE, light brown (light beige) energy, transforms particles of Earth’s vapors to red life-giving energy.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - FIRSCO Energy

New Galactic Ops

Second Portal:

ERKADO, orange-golden energy, forms temporary transient programs.

GLEMAR, a synthesis of light violet with dark lilac energy, creates new structures and cleanses energy-information flows.


GLASSO, brown energy, collects the remnants of knowledge from previous stages of civilization.

GRICADO, dark blue energy, forms new life support structures for the planet.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - GLASSO Energy

New Galactic Ops

​Third Portal:

CHERGO, a light brown (or beige) energy, accumulates the evaporation of Earth particles.

GRISPO, blue-azure energy, cleanses and changes the space dimensions.


SFAS, yellow energy helps adapt to new quantum waves.

BLICADO, blue energy with a violet tint, filtrates intelligence energy.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - SFAS Energy
SFAS Energy

New Galactic Ops

Fourth Portal:

ARTREM, dark green energy, contains programs of sound processing of space. By affecting matter with sound vibrations, this energy causes it to emit freqs that form into clots of people’s distortions of temporal space and their negative radiations. The clots are then destroyed.

ERGINO, bright green energy, stimulates the awakening and development of the life forces of matter. It accelerates the oscillatory movements of magnetic fields, aligns the energy of the Earth, and shapes the climate and the operation of the Matrix Hologram.


GLAMO, dark brown planetary energy emitted by the natural worlds.

BARO, burgundy-colored energy, forms new types of plasma formations in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Fifth Portal:

SFAS and BLICADO energies (see Third Portal above).


MIRO, crimson and golden energy. Headed into the upper atmosphere to collect, purify, and sort plasma. Disrupts energy barriers of Archons, opens Portals to parallel worlds. In small doses beneficial to plant growth, stimulates natural selection in the animal world.

BLISCO, blue with a silvery shade of energy, programs the development of humanity’s intellect.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - MIRO Energy
MIRO Energy

New Galactic Ops

Six Portal:

KAROS, dark purple energy, compacts particles and clears space for new formations

GRICADO, dark blue energy, forms new life support systems for the planet.


ERLAGO, red-pink energy, creates a new Earth information field.

GLASIR, light lilac energy, accumulates free l-gamma intelligent particles throughout the planet.

Seventh Portal:

GLASSO, brown energy, collects knowledge from previous civilizations.

GLAS, the lilac-brown energy, synthesizes the knowledge of the past Earth’s civilizations.


SFAS (see Third Portal).

FERMAGO, yellow-pink (light orange) energy, cleanses the hologram of the planet, saturates it with new DNA codes for the development of intelligence, Love, and the desire to create. Manages reincarnations on Earth.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - GLAS Energy
GLAS Energy

New Galactic Ops

Eighth Portal:

BARO, Bordeaux-colored energy, manifests new kinds of plasma formations in the atmosphere.

GRICADO, dark blue energy, forms Earth’s life support structures.


GASIG, dark brown energy, destroys the Archons’ energy structures and prepares the platform for new ones created by the Light Forces.

BLICGOR, gray-blue energy, controls the magnetic interaction of the air layers.

Ninth Portal:

GLASSO, brown energy, collects the remnants of the knowledge of previous civilizations.

FUARO, dark yellow and brown energy, promotes the birth of new matter.


GRASIS, purple and cream energy, removes the remnants of the Archons’ programs and transmits new ones for the development of the Earth and human consciousness.

MYROSSA, the cherry or dark red energy, processes and cleanses the upper atmosphere.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - GRASIS Energy

New Galactic Ops

This is a list of just some of the quantum energies that Galacom and its fleets from various constellations are now saturating Earth and humanity with.

An important piece of infrastructure is the transducer-repeater installed on the Moon.

It receives quantum flows, stabilizes, and changes their spectra according to the programs of the new Earth’s Matrix and the hologram.

With this transducer, 3D energies are centrally altered to 5D. At moments of spectrum change, there are bursts of radiation affecting matter.

On the Subtle Plane, our 4-dimensional space is divided into four layers. A stream of plasma energy of mixed colors is directed to each of them, which are coming then to the accumulation bowls, and create a pulsation of matter.

Layers saturated with green, crimson, red, and pink energies regulate the cyclic opening of Portals.

Layers filled with dark blue, dark green, dark azure, and azure energy transform people’s Subtle and physical bodies.

Galacom loads a large number of 5D and 6D programs into the transient Four-dimensional reality. From January, and in February, synchronization and alignment of the single information field of all three dimensions are carried out.

To better understand the work of Galacom and the friendly cosmic races, it is important to explain its principle.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - 4D Layers
4D Layers

New Galactic Ops

All work is aimed at rebuilding and raising the vibrations of humanity, by removing low vibes energies from Earth, rewriting development programs by the Plans of the Source, and both Absolutes of our Local Universe.

We must realize that our consciousness is also changing, forming “from below,” from the surface of the Earth, a new perception and a new reality on the planet (revolutions are always initially made in the mind). But first Galacom changes its quantum basis, and only then it will fully manifest in our world.

So waiting for aliens to come and save us is sheer nonsense. Where is the work of our Soul? How will our consciousness change? Does Source need immature Souls? By solving problems, making free choices, and gaining life experiences, our Souls are evolving, and to continue it into 5D and beyond.

Help from the Subtle Plane always comes. The Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs are carefully monitoring the situation.

Taking into account the most urgent Gaia’s needs, Galacom makes adjustments to the event sequence in the planet’s hologram as it progresses. Destructive distortions created in it by the Archons are corrected after each energetic cleaning of the Earth’s field.

Space ships of friendly races regularly collect and remove low-frequency energy plasma from the planet. Purification is carried out through the opened ozone layer.

Unfortunately, humanity has accumulated negativity in enormous amounts and is constantly replenishing it. If not for this, we would have moved to another level of development long ago.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - Human Negative Energy
Human Negative Energy

New Galactic Ops

Light Forces constantly reminds us, “Don’t give the energy of your emotions and thoughts to feed the low-vibrational entities in human bodies. They have nowhere else to take it. Don’t be a coward. Stop living in dejection, whining, disbelief, and ignorance. You are free on your planet, and free will is sacred. It is how the Source created you. Believe in your strength, and feel at last the power of your Spirit.”

Waves of quantum energy coming from the Helios Galaxy are changing not only our bodies but also our minds. We are called to accept all changes with an open mind. We will no longer live as we did before, as the Source programs have already been loaded in the planet’s hologram, which means that their execution date has been set.

The entire Earth’s energy system is being purified and energetically rebooted. A new 5D space is being prepared for us, which humanity will move into through the 4D transit phase.

Yes, we are being completely rebuilt, literally every quantum of our body. We are changing without even noticing it. On the energy level, we are already different, but our consciousness hasn’t rebuilt.

Friendly space fleets in near-Earth orbit are actively involved in this work. Their observers work closely with the Light Forces ground teams.

One of their main wishes to us is not to stop working on ourselves. Raise our vibration in every way we can. Realize that we have a lot to change and experience in this very difficult time.

What symptoms do quantum energy waves cause in our body by reshaping it? These are:

– A feeling of falling out of reality;

– Nausea;

– Abdominal distension even after a small meal;

– Dizziness;

– Tachycardia;

– Tremor;

– Cramps of the limbs;

– Ice feet;

– Itchy palms especially after water procedures;

– Stomach discomfort;

– Sleepiness or, conversely, insomnia.

– Dreams become very realistic, and the line between them and reality is blurred;

– Feeling of lightness of movement or, on the contrary – heavy legs;

– Increased appetite or complete absence of it;

– Tearfulness attacks, sobbing… we’re welcome to cry, it’s normal.

– In dreams we are shown our sticking points and attachments, things that need to be broken up with;

– Exacerbation of allergies, itching in different areas of the skin;

– Unobtrusively our skin becomes lighter;

– Dreams show our new possibilities and abilities;

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - Line Between Dreams And Reality Is Blurred
Line Between Dreams And Reality Is Blurred

New Galactic Ops

– The sensation of pleasant waves in the lumbar and tailbone area;

– Tension in the larynx;

– Constant noise and ringing in the ears;

– Attacks of gratuitous neurosis – they come on suddenly and go away quickly;

– Sweating during sleep;

– Numbness of limbs.

It is how the general cleansing of our body and energy takes place. Our task is simply to relax and surrender to the process. Rest more, let the energies pass, and adapt the body to them. Everything is under the control and guidance of the Co-Creators. We are in safe hands.

Once again, it was demonstrated by the successful elimination of the software failure of the Earth Logos Causal Matrix on January 20, 2021.

What did it mean?

Systemic (software) failure of the planetary Logos Causal Matrix is a critical mass of accumulated internal software conflicts, mutually exclusive, colliding energies, information blocks, programs, etc. In other words, this is when the processes of transformation and Quantum Transition come to a standstill.

It is similar to a computer freeze. But rebooting alone will not do. In critical cases, which took place in the evening of January 20, it was needed a software rollback to some previous state of the system.

From a technical point of view, there is nothing complicated about it. Programmers of the Galactic Committee on the system level perform a program rollback of the Causal Matrix for the required time back. That is, they remove from the present reality all changes, introduced programs, energies, etc.

At the same time, they can reload some necessary and non-conflicting energies and programs into the Causal Matrix in the manual mode. This is what happened in this case.

What were the main reasons that led to the failure of the Earth’s Transfiguration Program? There are many of them, and they are very diverse.

These include the karmic legacy of the old Matrix, the 3D, and its inertia (to this topic DNI has recently published a series of materials). Or occasional oversaturation of the 3D Earth field with the energy of quantum fluxes and rays described above. In our circumstances, they are not always perfectly combined and interact with each other due to their physical characteristics.

But the main reasons were two. This is the detection and activation of the latent stealth virus in the Causal Matrix of planetary water (about it – in the following posts) and the installation into the Earth’s Causal Matrix the Reference State Crystal on January 7, 2021.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - Earth's Casual Matrix

Earth’s Casual Matrix

New Galactic Ops

The Crystal represents what our planet should turn into as a result of all transformations, i.e. the ideal future state. It is not only an image to which the Earth will aspire but also a set of all energies and information codes that it consists of.

These are, for example, the Matrix of new obligatory elements of planetary matter (new Periodic System of Chemical Elements), new universal planetary constants, orbital data, etc.

Also, the Reference State Crystal is a functioning program, like a tutorial on what to do and when to do it. Such Etalon Causal File Images are created for all Logos of the Gaia’s Absoluteverse from 3D to 13D.

Thus, the image of Earth 4D and 5D already exists. The installation of their Etalon State programs has already been done, as well as a series of technical reboots of all planetary Logos of the Gaia’s Absoluteverse.

A copy of the Crystal in backup mode is also loaded into the unified multidimensional body of the incarnated Lightwarriors on Earth. The head of the LFs’ ground team received his copy on one of the sacred mountains, in the Absolute Temple’s Power Place.

The incompatibility between the Reference State Crystal and the actual state of the Earth that occurred on January 20 caused a system failure of the planet’s Causal Matrix.

The program rollback was carried out for half a year’s timeline back. But with a reset of some intermediate (i.e. brought in the last six months) non-conflict changes and linked quantum energies.

New Galactic Ops Part 1 - Earth Transformation

Earth Transformation

New Galactic Ops

The positive outcome of what has happened is that there will be more consistency in the transformation of the Earth and humans in the future.

The only basis for these or other changes will be the Matrix of the Reference State of the planet.

Before that, all changes were simply modeled by Higher Civilizations, and their real effect here, on Earth, was tested by trial and error.

This is how it has always been and will always be in the Local Universe. That’s how it works.


(To be continued)

More by Lev

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Planet Energy Structures – New Galactic Ops Part 7 – March 2021

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Light Cities – New Galactic Ops Part 5 – Feb 2021

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops Part 5 – Feb 2021

There was a pause in the operation concerning reptiloids (see – DNI, New Galactic Ops, February 2021, Part 4, 23 February 2021). The Galactic Committee and the ground crew used it to complete another superimposed op. It’s about building Light Cities in the Earth 3D/4D/5D common eon. To date, the team has built several such Cities.

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New Galactic Ops February 2021 – Part 4

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The New Vibrational Currents – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 6

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New Galactic Operations Part 3 – February 2021

New Galactic Operations Part 3 – February 2021

First, important information on February 11, 2021, about the assignment the Galactic Committee gave to the Light Forces’ ground crew on the Egypt operation. The main task of the group is to reset all the Egyptian pyramids to the new quantum energies now coming to Earth.

New Galactic Ops Part 2 – February 2021

New Galactic Ops Part 2 – February 2021

As of February 11, 2021, the Hierarchy of the Absolute, the four Local Universe Co-Creators, the Galactic Committee, and the Council of Civilizations have decided to accelerate the transformation of 3D Earth. They and the Light Forces ground crews are pushing hard toward that goal non-stopping. On February 10, at 4:16 p.m., aspects of Melchizedek and Guan Yin assimilated with the collective Logos of one of the ground teams.

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