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Neptune's 29th Degree - Cosmic Frequency News - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Neptune’s 29th Degree

Cosmic Frequency News

Neptune’s 29th Degree – Cosmic Frequency News – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The planet Neptune takes approximately 165 years to transit each sign of the zodiac, and it remains in each of the twelve signs for about 14 or 15 years.

It is now at its 29th critical degree of water element Pisces, and will move into fiery Aries on March 31st of 2025 where it will visit until the year 2039.

The last time that Neptune was in Pisces was during the mid-1800s and was at its critical degree during the Civil War of the USA in the mid 1860s. (Is war looming to happen directly on the shores of the USA? Some people think so).

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Neptune's 29th Degree - Neptune


Neptune’s 29th Degree

However, Pisces governs all situations regarding water, can be very dreamy and illusionary, but can also be very highly spiritual, and it has amazing spiritual healing potential.

When a planet is at its 29th critical degree, whatever it governs reaches a height, and whatever sign that it is in is magnified in its energetics.

In terms of water situations, for example, the nation of Dubai is being inundated with flooding, and the United Kingdom has supposedly had the wettest season on record with rains pouring down daily for many months.

Storms are also pummeling up the eastern seaboard of the USA.

Many nations around the world have been dealing with serious water conditions.

This 29th Neptunian degree in Pisces can also bring plumbing issues to homes and businesses.

Neptune is considered an “Outer Planet”, but it can pack a punch on Earth.

Neptune's 29th Degree - Pisces


Neptune’s 29th Degree

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Our planet is also filled with people feeling very sensitive on both sides of world issues: the war between Israel and Hamas, giving further monetary aid to Ukraine as it wars with Russia, whether women should be able to have an abortion at will, which world leaders are righteous and which are not, whether “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) has any merits, whether the “vaxx” for Covid has caused horrible side effects, whether certain new reports are fake or not, etc.

All of this is Neptunian as people are confused and in delusion about many events.

Mental confusion will continue and build as Neptune moves through its 29th degree all of the remainder of this year and into early next year.

Issues with water will escalate around the world.

However, there is also potential for powerful healing from a spiritual and natural perspective.

There will be more discussions, for instance, about healing herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, organic foods, and metaphysical processes such as Reiki, meditation, and prayer.

There will be more news reports regarding healing from these perspectives — although they may be only a mere few minutes in length because humanity is still highly “programmed” on the side of conventional medical procedures, and thus, most still are in favor of the primary therapeutic conventions being chemical drugs, chemical injections, x-rays, and surgeries.

However, those persons who are in favor of spiritual and natural modalities will be happy that at least some others are finally willing to explore HIGHER HEALING.

When Neptune moves into Aries next year, the planet Mars will play a part because it is the governing planet of Aries.

Watery Neptune and fiery Mars will come together as hot steam, and more mountainous volcanoes located beneath the seas can erupt sending hot lava throughout the planet and further warming the waters of Earth.

Neptune's 29th Degree - Aries


Neptune’s 29th Degree

Solar flares and coronal mass ejections will mingle with Earth’s changes and perhaps assist in the creation of continental shifts and thus, the appearance of water where there was none and the appearance of land where there was none.

Therefore, the “Shift of the Ages” is both in human collective consciousness as well as in literal planetary appearance.

The inner core of Earth with its tectonic plates, magnetite particles, and more, and its environmental atmosphere will all be altered as the years elapse.

It will be like participating in a movie that does not have a specific script with specific written parts. Rather, it is extemporaneous.

Parts will be played as shifting events on the Earth and above it occur.

The only thing that can be counted on exactly is that SOURCE has given characteristics to planets and constellations, and they all have energy, and energy changes form.

So, too, is humanity changing as we watch our planet flow with its cosmic neighbors.

Neptune's 29th Degree - CFN Update  Simultaneous Blasts!

CFN Update

Simultaneous Blasts!

There have been over one dozen “M-Class” solar flares thus far this week, and it is only Wednesday, April 24th.

On Tuesday, four CMEs took off from our Sun with one being a rope-like filament that tends to slam back and forth on the Sun before finally blasting off.

The three CMES exploded at the same time from different parts of the solar disk, and the filament charged off a few moments later.

The Sun – Last 48 Hours

Neptune’s 29th Degree

All of these were not Earth-directed, but their collective vibration has still affected Earth’s energy fields. Our Sun has the propensity for further “M-Class” flares.

The global “SR” (Schumann Resonance) is not extremely huge — only rated at the level of “18”; however, cosmic events may change this level to higher ratings if more strong flares and CMEs occur that may later be Earth-directed.

Our planet is also still reverberating from the Total Solar Eclipse of April 8th and will do so throughout the rest of this year, and yesterday’s Full Moon is also adding to the cosmic show as well as Mercury going direct tomorrow, and thus, being magnified in its energetics.

In other words, whatever a certain planet signifies makes a last effort to push its characteristics during the last part of its retrograde — like a planet being at its 29th critical degree before moving to a new sign.

With Mercury governing communication on all levels, major glitches in technology, in written paperwork, and in conversations can occur today that you may have thought were already settled.

Remember too, the post-shadow of this retrograde will last until May14th.

Do not dismay. You can gradually begin to move forward on new projects and plans after tomorrow.

Just do so slowly. This is a lesson in patience.

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