Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies!

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

In traditional scientific terms, a comet is an icy space rock whose long tail is comprised of carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane gas, and other chemicals.

When the comet gets close to the Sun, it begins to melt, and it eventually crashes directly into the Sun, but its tail spews the chemicals throughout space.

A comet is usually clearly visible only in certain areas and only lasts for a brief period before its decline in brightness and visibility.

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Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies - Comet New Knowledge

Comet Neowise, New Knowledge

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies 

However, “Comet Neowise” is behaving in a relatively strange manner. It is the brightest comet to be visible in a long while, and it is streaming across the skies to be seen in all areas of Earth/Gaia.

It refuses to diminish in its excellent brightness and is not moving into the Sun to be diminished. In fact, it has become even brighter, and it has also grown a second tail. Both tails are very long and expansive.

The very name of the comet is intriguing–“Neowise”.
The phoneme “Neo” is a word for “New”, and the phoneme “Wise”, of course, relates to “Knowledge”.

Therefore, in essence, the comet’s name is “Comet New Knowledge”! 

Thus, in the domain of Spiritual Science, “Comet “Neowise” is offering us profound increases in SACRED LIGHT for the benefit of further transformation of DNA and consequently elevation of individual and collective consciousness.

Along with the “Galactic Activation Portal” which manifests from July 13th to July 22nd (with after effects for several months), intense energy currents are filling the entire galaxy.

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They can be experienced as

  1. the usual physical, mental, and emotional “activations”, but also as very vivid dreams (sometimes intertwining of past, present, and future events)
  2. increased synchronicities (such as continually seeing double and triple numbers, seeing or hearing from people by phone that you have just at the moment been thinking about, or needing a specific item and when you walk into a shop, it is directly in front of you, and it may be the last one so you must purchase it [this will most often occur with spiritual tools such as crystals and gemstones or certain books of Higher Consciousness])
  3. enhanced creative capability (writing, singing, painting, beginning new projects for the benefit of the collective, etc.)
  4. an increase in the “clairs” (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc.)
  5. a desire to understand the Higher Laws of SOURCE due to a realization that human-created religious dogma is indoctrination, and thus, not true Divine revelation
  6. more desire to spend time in meditation to tune-in to the Higher Self, the Soul–SOURCE within all creation.

“Comet Neowise” symbolizes, therefore, or is a visible metaphor for greater knowledge and wisdom that is pouring forth into the “library” of the “Cosmic University”.

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies -Icy Space Rock

Library of the Cosmic University

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies

It is a reminder that there is yet much to be known regardless of the fact that “Earthlings” and other beings in other galaxies have been allowed to know and to perform amazing things.

Also at this time, Earth/Gaia will move up and down in vibrational frequency and amplitude. As the frequency slows, the amplitude will deepen and be stronger.

This is because “Mama Earth/Gaia” is anchoring extraordinary information, and many of us are receiving it and transmitting it into our external activities.

As cosmic events continue to occur–many of which will astound traditional scientists and cause them to scratch their heads and look wide-eyed in wonder– those persons who are attuned to the “Divine Symphony” and who are also registered in the “Cosmic University” as advanced students, will be the ones who will encourage even the traditionalists to release their often know-it-all egos and to realize that they indeed do not know everything about space after all.

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies - Stonehenge

Neowise above Stonehenge

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies

Spiritual Science may become a college subject of major importance in times to come as it was in the ancient temples of many civilizations whose accomplishments were/and are astounding! One of the verses in one of the world’s holy texts states: “Study to show thyself approved.”

Tehuti (Thoth) of Kemet taught: “God works thru Nature”.

In modern times, Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan said: “Nature is the greatest holy book.”. Throughout the annals of the space/time continuum, numerous “Mystics” (known by many titles) have received Divine revelation which has been validated by particular events in the heavens and their manifestations on Earth/Gaia.

In Sanskrit, the name “Brahma” translates as “The Expander”–the first of the “original” trinity which includes “Narayana” (“The Sustainer”), and “Shiva” (“The Transformer”).

Yet, all of these were birthed from “Maha Devi”– “Great Shining One”–The Divine Mother. Let us bow at “Her” sweet lotus feet! “She” is ever bringing us “New Knowledge”. “She” is ever-expanding.

It has been proven even by traditional science that when we study and process new information, we literally grow new brain cells.

Cells have consciousness which is their energy currents that are constantly vibrating throughout our physical vessels– our body temples. This assists in the elongation of the telomeres which are at the ends of our chromosomes.

As people age in the 3d earthly sense, these telomeres shorten, and the aging process of the entire physical vessel begins. However, as stated earlier, when we level-up in knowledge which is actually a leveling-up in consciousness, we become more youthful.

Our molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, cells, etc. regenerate, revitalize, and renew. We achieve greater LIFE and LIGHT.

“AUM SRI MATRE NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Holy Mother”)!

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies - From Space

Aum Sri Matre Namaha

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies

More By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Countdown To Eclipse And Light Blasts! – Dr Schavi

Countdown To Eclipse And Light Blasts! – Dr Schavi

In just a few hours, our Moon will be eclipse-embraced in totality. Any Full Moon increases emotional responses, but a Total Lunar Eclipse multiplies feelings many times whether the feelings are blissful, anxiety-filled, frustrations, etc. Extreme tiredness, also called profound exhaustion, is a “normal” physical response to Full Moons, and as stated, even moreso for this eclipse.

Magnification Of Intensity! – Cosmic Energy Update 13 May – Dr Schavi

Magnification Of Intensity! – Cosmic Energy Update 13 May – Dr Schavi

With our Sun loudly blasting its hot, fiery “songs”, and our Moon heading towards its total eclipsing, and with all of the energetics of the entire “Eclipse Season” (Solar Eclipse [April 30th] to Lunar Eclipse [May 15th and 16th]), most people are likely to experience elevated symptoms on all levels.

A Day And Weekend Of Powerful Frequencies! – Dr Schavi

A Day And Weekend Of Powerful Frequencies! – Dr Schavi

These constantly pulsating solar events all around Earth/Gaia are “Energy Fluxes”. All of this is expected to continue to elevate today, Friday, and throughout the weekend as we move into the “Total Lunar Eclipse” on Sunday, the 15th or 16th based upon time zones. “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS), also called “Ascension Symptoms”, are being reported around the globe at heightened levels.

Cosmic Update 11 May 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 11 May 2022 – Dr Schavi

Sunspot numbered “AR3006” by NASA has a beta gamma delta magnetic field for “X-Class” solar flares. Solar winds have elevated from being below normal yesterday (below 300 km/s) to being in the normal range today traveling currently at 319.3 km/s. The magnetosphere of our planet is a mixture of slow to medium-strength wind pulsations, and particle density is heavy with pressure surrounding EarTh/Gaia on all sides. All of the foregoing is likely to shift to elevated levels as we further approach Sunday’s Full Moon Total Eclipse in Tropical Scorpio (Transformation) and Sidereal Libra (Balance).

Cosmic Update 10 May 2022 – X-Class Blast! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 10 May 2022 – X-Class Blast! – Dr Schavi

At 13:55 Universal Time (UT) or 8:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), on Tuesday, May 10th, an “X.1-Class” solar flare blasted off from our Sun. Sunspots are also detected for other strong flares of the “M-Class” level. This explosion happened very shortly after Mercury officially went into retrograde this morning at 7:47 AM (EDT).

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