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Mother-Father God (I AM) - Neioh - Pleiadian Collective

Mother-Father God (I AM)

March 2024

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Pleiadian Collective – By Family Of Taygeta.



Family Of Taygeta - One of Many, Many of One - Pleiadian Collective

Messages from Family of Taygeta (IKAI, AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, AKATU, KABAMUR), Pleiadian Collective, Galactic Federation of Light +++

I will try to clarify some of what I am speaking about, for those who might be unfamiliar with me.

  • When speaking of Satanism I do not mean a literal biblical interpretation. However the basic concept of good + evil remains true.
  • Satan was the alias of a certain negative ET, as other figures in ‘mythology’. Luciferianism refers to the same dark groups.
  • Other practices like Thelema or even Scientology are all in service to the same dark forces. All deception against humanity + One True God.
  • These dark forces have twisted true spiritual knowledge, like the original teachings of the Soul incarnation known as Jesus – Sananda.
  • Many benevolent beings such as this have incarnated here to teach humanity Higher Truths of Love, Compassion + Unity of all life.
  • All of these understandings have been corrupted and misused by organizations which claimed to support these teachers.
  • There have been positive + negative ET visitors throughout Earth’s history who have either pretended to be gods or were just seen that way.
  • The Cabal, Illuminati, Shadow Gvt all use false light to conceal actions which are controlled by non-physical entities, some call demonic.
  • These parasites are Archons, cause for most wars, false flags, human suffering. This has been happening for many thousands of years.
  • Rituals, war + all forms of trauma are multi-dimensional acts which transfer energy from a human victim to another being.
  • They inhabit many control structures within our society. These beings are both non-physical + also incarnated into human bodies.
  • We are all Souls having a temporary physical experience. The body is a vehicle. We are all extensions of God-Source experiencing Creation.
  • Many things happening in the world were foreseen long ago. These are not the end times, only a transition. Apocalypse means ‘to unveil’.
  • Those who are interested in the esoteric aspects of what I am talking about should research for themselves.
  • For those who are religious, I do not discount your beliefs at all. There is just more to it than we’ve been allowed to know.
  • Truth remains that the only thing real is LOVE. GOD, however you choose to define this, is only Love. All else is temporary + illusion.
  • This Universe is larger than most can comprehend, and it is FULL of life. We are soon to become a galactic civilization + we must be ready.
  • Understand the limitations of the human senses. And that not all things exist on the thin layer we know as 3D. Life is everywhere.
  • Many of these Beings are here now, and there is much activity happening that people cannot see – on many planes of existence.
  • Open Contact with positive races is not far off. Not already because of issues of free will and much manipulation by the negative groups.
  • We are all one human race and we must see the true enemy are those who try to divide us. We must Unite if we are to be free.
  • We must CHOOSE the future we want. We create our reality with every thought and every action. Right now we are choosing. What will it be?


Everything I share is possible because of my mom’s ongoing contact with our Pleiadian Guides. Our Family of Taygeta (IKAI) represents Pleiades to Earth White Hats, and are now helping prep Earth for 5D. Our soul plans were to wake up to this to help prepare for post-Shift OPEN CONTACT.

Kabamur Pleiadian Collective

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Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Speak About Spirit Continually And The Power Of A Frequency That Carries The Galaxies And Aligns The Stars In Such Beauty.

We Tell You About The Collective Consciousness And The Absolute Creative Ability Of Light To Sustain You In All Waking Dreams.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

The Light Of Being Has Awareness And Intention As It Moves And Lives In All Waves And Particles Of Existence, Each Atom Dances In Response To The Sound Of One Calling.

This Force Is God.

You Are An Expression Of God In Form Within The Universal Mind.

All Life Is An Expression Of Spirit With Consciousness.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

The Absolute Source Of All Life Is Presenting With Two Aspects Of Being.

This Is The Foundation Of Beginning For Male And Females In Form.

This Love And Power Is Known To Pleiadians As Mother~Father God.

Without God Knowing Itself As Everything, Genders Would Not Be Realized.

There Would Be No Reproductive Cycles, No Hormones That Allow Differences In Genders, No Egg And Sperm Uniting.

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Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

There Would Be No Pregnancies And Birth Among The Species.

Life Would Not Be Full Of Joy With Growing Families.

Indeed, The Purpose Of Life Would Be Nonexistent Without Mother~Father God.

In The Pleiades, We Call This Sacred Essence, ‘EE AH’, Which Represents The Sound And Frequency Of Mother~Father God.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

We Speak Of The Light Of All Creation As, ‘ELAKO’.

We Commune Daily With The Presence Of ELAKO.

We Feel The Force Of Love, Pulsating Through Our Crystal Hearts.

We Become One With All Creation With The Understanding That We Are Infinite Souls Of Light!

We Honor Infants With Ceremonies As They Are Seen As New Arrivals Of Spirit.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

All Babies Are Held And Given So Much Love As They Are Gifted As Souls To Be Born By Mother~Father God.

The Aspect Of Spirit That Will Allow Male And Female, Arrives In A New Body Of Expression As We Speak, ‘SHADA VA WAOLA’ Or Blessings Of Light.

On Earth, There Has Become A Distortion Of Sacred Expression.

Each Soul Arrives As Male Or Female And This Choice Is Absolute And By Divine Appointment.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

The Changing Of One’s Gender Is Against All That Is Ordered And Planned By The Soul.

There Can Be No Harmony With A Human That Destroys Their Own Soul’s Plan.

The Door Will Be Opened To Allow Darkness Within The Mind, Body And Being.

We Are Not Saying That The Human That Changed Genders Is Evil.

We Are Saying That The Choice Made To Rebel Against The Sacred Plan Made, Will Allow Further Destruction Of All That Was Planned For That Soul In Form.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

There Are Laws Of Nature That Are Placed There For Your Protection.

There Are Reasons For Nature Itself And The Harmony That It Brings Without Alteration.

A Male Is A Powerful And Beautiful Creation By God Source.

Surgery Does Not Change The Intention Of The Soul.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

A Male Cannot Change The Inner Workings Of The Body.

There Can Never Be A Uterus Or Experience Of ChildBirth.

For Those Continuing To Tamper With The Most Sacred Gift Of Gender, Only Darkness Will Follow.

Hormones And Makeup Only Allow Males To Look Distorted And Clown-like In Many Opinions.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

Women Are Created With Different Body Forms. They Have Breasts To Nurse Infants And Menstrual Cycles Are Guiding Their Bodies Toward A Number Of Years Allowing Childbirth.

Hormones Change Over Many Years, But A Transition To Become A Male, Is Only Causing Discord.

The Plan Was Made To Be A Female Long Before The Arrival In Form.

A Female Cannot Become A Male With The Perspective Of Spirit.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

Mother~Father God Is Not A Force That Takes Sides Or Divides Any Life-form.

But For Those That Choose To Alter Sacred Plans, Know In Truth That Being Out Of Alignment With Spirit And Light Will Be Full Of Pain And Confusion.

The Personality Will Remain Out Of Alignment As The Soul Knows Only Truth.

You Arrived As Male Or Female.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

In Wisdom And Love With Absolute Knowing, This Is The True Path Of Light.

Earth Is A Place Of Learning As You Expand In Consciousness.

You Carry Energy From Choices That Will Continue To Join With Matching Frequencies As You Move Through The Story You Are Creating.

Blockages Can Cause Illness And Depression. These Conditions Can Grow As Mindless Decisions Are Made.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

Changing Your Gender Is Lacking Wisdom And Opening The Path Of Destruction.

The Law Of Dynamics Tells You That Each Force Is Met With An Opposite And Matching Force.

You Do Not Want To Reap The Boomerang Of Energy That Will Hit Your Life With Changing Genders.

Spirit Is Pure And Infinite. Honor Life As A Gift.

Never Consider Changing What Is Sacred. Trees Have Seedlings, Fruit Bears Trees And Plants Of The Same Kind.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

Animals Breed In Their Own Species.

You Are Here With A Sacred Design Of Gender By An Infinite Force Of Spirit That Knows Itself As, ‘EE AH’.

The Great ‘I AM’ Is Mother~Father God.

This Powerful Spirit Has Created Each Life With Intention.

Before Ever Becoming Part Of A Political Agenda That Distorts All That Was Planned In Light, Consider Infinity.

Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh
Mother-Father God (I AM) – Neioh

All That Is Unseen Or Misunderstood In This Brief Moment That You Perceive As Your Life Will Be Known In Great Clarity As The Earth Shifts.

You Are More Magnificent Than You Know In This Last Waking Dream.

Make It Count With Great Purpose As We Rise As One In The Blink Of An Eye!

Mother~Father God Will Be Known And Remembered As A Force Of Love That Has Guided You Through All Of Your Moments Of Existence.

I Love You So!

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