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Morphic Field and Lines Leap

Morphic Field and Lines Leap – SaLuSa

Morphic Field and Lines Leap – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

The Light Forces have considerably advanced from top to bottom and from bottom to top, cornering on the surface all the forces that have been trying to prevent your Ascension.

One of the great moves that have taken place is the final cleaning of the Dracos bases.

Although we can say that almost 100% of them are completely evacuated and dysfunctional, a few maintain their vibrations and we are working to completely neutralize their effects.

They are no longer a threat, but it is vital that none of them have any trace of the old order.

Just as many of these bases still have the energetic fields of everything that has been going on there in past ages, your planet has accumulated many heavy burdens of stories of pain and suffering that were recorded on the grid.

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Healing the Morphic Field

Healing the Morphic Field

Morphic Field and Lines Leap – SaLuSa

For example, in an environment where a battle has occurred in which physical lives have been brutally annihilated, there remains what is called the “Morphic Field“.

When you feel these variations of energies, usually in places where you know that there has been suffering and you feel tired just because you are there, know: you are called to be able, in your Light, to neutralize the present morphic effects.

There is no longer any force on Earth that can have control over you, and you are fully prepared to advance ever to the next stage of your evolution.

By visiting these places accompanied by people of the same tune as yours and arranging meditations and anchorages, you will certainly be counteracting the dense effects of the place.

Campo Morfico e Morfogenesi

Morphic Field and Morphogenesis

Morphic Field and Lines Leap – SaLuSa

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You will be surprised when you see an environment where the soil was infertile becoming completely productive after a few anchorages and meditations.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. Your Earth is completely fertile and is willing to serve you in whatever is best for you.

Healing Morphic Fields

Healing Morphic Fields

Morphic Field and Lines Leap – SaLuSa

Indigo and Starseed

Indigo and Starseed

Morphic Field and Lines Leap – SaLuSa

It is up to you, for who you have been and incarnated hare, to definitely recognize your potential and execute your missions.

Earth’s astral fields are being cleansed from these frequencies of pain and suffering.

This is why you are having constant dreams and astral journeys where you come across scenarios of rescue and cleaning of these environments.

Many angelic beings have descended from the High Spheres of Light to work with you in neutralizing these fields and accelerating the ascension process of your Planet.

Do not forget to call them whenever you wish.

They love to be invited to work with you, and certainly you will attract into your presence the one that you consider the most ideal to help you in what you consider your specialty.

You will be surprised, very soon, when you look at your skies and see your “Clouds with wings“. At that time, you will remember this message.

Another point I would like to address with you is the fact that, as the old fields are dissolved in the Light, more and more souls are coming into higher harmonics, and for many other souls who were accustomed to stay in a certain frequency, they are at least confused, and the subject of questioning.

For example, a soul once behaved in a way, than dramatically its behavior was changed into a form that no longer fits with the old fields.

You must understand that the intense frequencies of Light that have come to the Planet have caused these changes and transformations.

Another point is that you are jumping quickly from time lines, always to those most compatible with your vibration, increasingly accelerated.

Therefore, beloved, if anyone has drastically gone out of your field, you must understand and analyze in yourselves whether it is “he has gone” or “you that left“.

Ascension Cycle

Second Harmonics of the Universe

Timelines Leap

Timelines Leap

Morphic Field and Lines Leap – SaLuSa

There are no causes without effects and/or effects without causes.

All movements have taken place in your lives so that you can always be more in-depth in yourself.

Souls come in and out of your lives, as they follow their own destinies and evolutions.

Seriously consider that you are time travelers and jumping from one timeline to another is nothing compared to what you could do.

Recognizing and accepting this is your insurance that you step out of the timelines of pain, drama, and suffering toward the one that most easily brings you joy and contentment.

Beloved, none of you have come to Earth to suffer and the signs are constantly being given to you, the angels, whom we cite to be open to help you, have “open wings” waiting for your sign. For them, it is no problem to help you jump to lines more in line with your purest state of being, just ask for a “push”, and this will be given.

Look at what you desire most for yourselves, tune in there and drastically you will be dragged into the timeline compatible with that higher feeling.

Morphic Fields charged with negativity will be dissolved in this “Leap of Lines“, and although for some of you it may seem pure utopia, you may enter into an environment in which a line is extremely dense, but in yours is a sanctuary of the highest vibrations.

Being aware of this, it guarantees that you send, through “Tunnels of Time“, signs of your Positive Morphic Field, and they will arrive “on the other side“, in order to illuminate the timelines of those who still remain clinging to the old frequencies.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and soon, leaping timelines to you will be like playing in an amusement park, where you will always be going to the most enlightened environment and you will of course discard any scenario where you can not be who you really are.

The pain, the fear, the hopelessness and any feelings that you dislike will no longer be optional timelines, you will already be so immersed in the highest levels of vibrations that the old energies will be completely engulfed in your leaps.

You will look back and you will see only your own cheerful and confident smiles.

Beloved ones, what would you think if I tell you that this message is sent to you, at this moment, by yourself from an enlightened line of the future?

You have heard that many times, dear ones.

You are the ones you have been waiting for…

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

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