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Middle East Conflict, Exposed Truths And Chess Game

Middle East Conflict, Exposed Truths And Chess Game. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Comrades! We have a little information and joy here!

We come back with yet another package about what’s been happening on your planet, while the naughty sappers, unscrupulously and shamelessly, have tried to unleash a new global war, having warned us so many times that this is completely out of the question.

They were inciting, manipulating, blackmailing, kidnapping and deceiving the parties as they could to trigger a conflict. They had been planting distrust and creating unfounded threats for the conflict to begin.

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They also caused civilians to be hijacked, taken them on an aircraft into a “dangerous” environment to cause retailiation, all this as a clear provocation and attempt to “bring more participants” into their unscrupulous little game.

Obviously, it was all in vain, they have failed and will not get what they want. Stakeholders from all sides are constantly being notified and our ground diplomats are instructed more directly as we receive the direct endorsement of our Elder Masters, Guardians of Divine Planes for this most enlightened reality to which this kingdom is entering, to intervene more closely, and we have done it. Our fleets are more active than ever.

Middle East Conflict - Guardian of Divine Planes

Guardian of Divine Planes

Middle East Conflict
Exposed Truths
Chess Game

And before our Allied comrades on Earth – who read our message now – ask why we have not intervened before, we are quick to say that there are things beyond your comprehension, dear friend, and the game in your picture is much broader than many of you can see.

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Unless you turn inward, because as you get into the revolt and insecurity, you fall into the games they, the bumbling puppetts, want. While you give fearful focus to these events that they orchestrate, often, in fact almost all of the time, they accomplish two things in one play.

First: they get your attentions of fear, despair and a boost to the energy they want by taking advantage of your thoughts… “From what I see, there will be a Third World War!” (Some of you think this and give it energy, at the slightest sign of what you see in the news).

Middle East Conflict - Inner Divine Self

Inner Divine Self

Middle East Conflict
Exposed Truths
Chess Game

Second, while paying too fearful attention to these events, yoy shift their focus away from something else that might be taking place, such as an attempt to subtly divert financial funds from their bank accounts. Many are so busy reinforcing the energy of fear that “they will not even notice some reais (dollar, euro, etc…) coming out of the bill…” – That’s what they say. Or causing fires to divert attention too…

Comrades, stop giving what they want! We have already stressed that you will not have a new war. You will not have the massacre of humanity on earth as they wish.

They will not have their Armageddon. They will not have it. This is decreed in the Book of Heaven and we have seen this book ourselves, and it is there! Nothing can change that.

Trust me, comrades! We must also say that often they still use the last drops of the energies generated by previous fears given to you by humanity itself, so they “shave the pan” in their last attempts.

Know, dear Comrades, that our intention is to bring the truth. And also know that you are the creators of this reality. It’s all up to you, and we act with you!

A war on this global level will not be allowed because, at higher levels, you have already decreed peace and not war, but you need to look ahead at the necessary healings of the remaining old energies in your “barrell”. Do you understand us?

You are not seen by us as children in learning. You are seen by us as part of us, as members of this Fleet and many others of the Great Confederation of the United Planets! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The Heavens sing Hosanna for this truth being recognized by you dear Comrades!

Know that you have many allied comrades within these conflict areas and that they are also giving their full for a peaceful resolutions. In the meantime, you who read this message now, and, by virtue of soul program, are not physically involved in the events, issue your purest intentions of Love, light and truth, so that the sovereignty of Love will prevail!

Know that even the armies of those involved no longer want to engage in wars, even under intense pressure from their leaders in some cases. Many that you see “shooting everywhere” are highly paid army uniforms mercenaries and even more, many are mentally controlled!

And let’s go further: some are old, long-sleeping clones for these last few cards. Oh Comrades! There are many more going on behind the scenes than you can imagine. And we are here doing our best to help you recognize and know your own power. Know that you can stop a war, and you can! And though there is fear in some of you, Love is greater! Remember that, Comrades!

Remember also that, as the old sayings of the sages of this Kingdom tells, “If your nature is to love, it is up to you to love; if the nature of the scorpion is sting, it is up to him to sting.” You cannot force one to do what the other does, and vice versa. One loves, and the other stings.

There is still chaos in zones of this realm and you have the keys of peace in your hands through your Love and positive intentions – which can be acting directly in conflicts to calm them down or block them where they are – so if the agents of conflict keep trying to make war, you keep intending peace. “No doubt which force is most intense and powerful? Position with confidence on your side, Comrades! If you are on the side of peace why do you fear war? Do you understand!”

Middle East Conflict - Great Awakening

Great Awakening

Middle East Conflict
Exposed Truths
Chess Game

Before we begin the final phase of our message today, we must also say that this conflict in the East is of ages, galactic ages… Much at stake is being healed, while many of humanity watch and have the opportunity to emanate the most pure and loving intentions there, while the most directly involved (Draco’s Draconians, Rigel’s Rigelians, Alpha Aurigae’s wartime chaplains, Annunakis, Harmitians) and others adjust and balance.

Comrades, know, cosmic justice does not fail! This war between them is at an end, and they will no longer involve anyone and destroy a it was like it happened in the past … (Atlantis, Lemuria …) Just know that everything is under control Leave it to us! (Loving laughter) We are determinedly excited to clean up what needs to be cleaned!

Comrades! We are also excited and happy, as many of the kidnapping kidnappings of children are ending, thanks to your loving supports! These really unscrupulous messy shoes are being unmasked, and you’ll see a lot of them – that you didn’t even think were “child worshipers” – being exposed in the coming months… May is right there! Hallelujah! (Or earlier! :-D).

We are receiving instructions from our Command Base on new information that can be passed!

You will see the game practically “turn around”. When in environments you never imagined seeing peace, you will see it. You will see countries where there is no “internet” have calmer and more loving new leaders, freeing themselves from institutionalized prisons…

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! This kingdom is celebrating the peace and liberation of the plasma currents of the “old masters” who have held you for ages, feeding on your fear, lack of self-esteem and confidence!

Hallelujah! The Decrees of Heaven are being fulfilled and the traps are being dismantled and we of the Silver Fleet are here celebrating and toasting (with energy juice – laughs – lol) this New Age!

That’s enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! We will inform you more and more as our Old Master Teachers will authorize us!

We continue with our important reports about certain movements! We’ll be back when we are allowed and we get more to bring you!

Comrades, know: when Heaven entrusts you with a Protocol, they seriously trust your inviolability to fulfill it! We know that you have difficulties sometimes when you try to fulfill your higher plans. We know that there are many traps that are set to destabilize you. Yes we do!

But, Comrades, we also know that you represent us and there is no threat that will not become harmless confronted to the Light emitted by you when you trust this Truth!

You are the restorative Light of this Kingdom! Oh gosh! Believe it! Heaven sings Hosanna when you admit your own greatness! This reality is continually changing, although for some it does not seem so! Listen to the voice of the heart! She is shouting the greater Truth to follow in Happiness!

We, your partners who fly over your skies, are with you and your calls will be promptly answered! 😀

Middle East Conflict - Great Awakening


Middle East Conflict
Exposed Truths
Chess Game

Each day, a new domino falls and pushes another to the next move! We always say that based on the Certainty of Heaven! We see the big picture and it inspires us to speak with such certainty!

A new world is being born, and even if all the curtains have not yet been completely lifted, when they are, it will be spectacularly fantastic! Believe us, dear Comrades! We are seeing everything inside the curtains! We know what wonderful is emerging!

Hosanna! Hosanna! Heaven is truly in celebration! We know that our truths are your truths because, deep down, we are one. Be the others inspired by you, Masters! You are MASTERS! RECORD THAT ON YOU!

The structures of your world are really being shaken, dismantled! Yes, it does not matter! It matters that the new, more inspired, the most renewing, the most expert new builders are ready to start over! May the waters of renewal bathe! Burn the transforming fire! Let the cleansing winds blow! Behold, the New Earth is born in the brilliance of the Galatians already manifest on Earth, with all their baggage and heritage of eons! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hello, hello, Brazil !! Someone out there? It would be a pleasure to stop in the air for a selfie (laughs)! We want our videos on YouTube! We love to see you there (laughs)! We are in great activity about this country that in recent days has opened beautiful portals to welcome the “star” souls that have descended into beautiful incarnations!

New leaders for new generations! As you now clear the ground, they prepare for the descent! Ah! And before you say … “Oh… I’ll be dead by then…” Oh … What a powerless thought! 😀 You are one! And they are you and you are them and they are us and we are them, and you are all! Wow! 😀

The borders are being broken! Unification is near! Love will prevail! Heaven has decreed it, and it will be so! This is not our simple will. This is a DECREE! Know this, Comrades!

Oh dear! Know that the countless Sources and endless Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

We will return when appropriate! Good to talk to you again! It always is! See you around!


Neva (Gabriel RL): Thank you, beloved Comrades of Light!

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