Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1 Gabriel Raio Lunar

Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1

Gabriel Raio Lunar

Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1 Gabriel Raio Lunar.

Dearest Ones we salute you,

There’s a lot of energy in motion on the Planet and you are very important in this process, you always have to be in harmony with these powerful moving energies.

Everything we do directly on the Earth happens with your energetic support on the planet surface.

No progress would be possible without you, as well as from them who have the messengers and keepers role in this transformation toward the Light.

More souls are joining together in a common focus, what you’ve seen recently will happen most frequently: the release of the energetic vortex previously in the hands of negative beings.

Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1 Portal of Light

Portal of Light

Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1

We are increasingly happy to see you taking you role. Everyone near you feels the energetic wave that you’re radiating.

This is the time we had expected!

The signs are clear all around the Planet, there will be  no movement contrary to your progression as free race, able to handle your own life without tricks from who got the power. Now we call you to enclose yourself in the most purity of Lightness of your merciful hearts.

We want you to know that to whom has been working, for so long, against you have now the divine possibility to review his actions.

We asked them to leave the Planet, not for us, but for you, and this increased expansion and  radiation of Light, it has become intolerable for them, now they are aware of it!

Therefore, let the beings near you benefit from your Light, and look at them as the mirror of your awakening.

Your brightest expressions will ensure more souls will awake to their magnificence, gaining consciousness, and through you, they’ll become coauthors of Light, able to cooperate to important operations taking place in a drastic and final change of the paradigm.

Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1 Breakthrough


Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1

Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1 Consciousness Love and Light

Consciousness Love and Light

Message to The Lightworkers Pleiades 1

We want to let you know, Dearest Ones, that all these energetic flows are very important to you while you leave old paradigm, and those which yet endure inside you, will finally fall down.

You’ve  already seen your wings in motion!

You’ve seen there’s no problem with the altitude and you are ready to fly.

You decided to wait a little longer to see the cocoon opening near you, and fly together.

You’ve learnt a lot from us and from the other Ascended Masters who walked along with you in this process, during thousands of years.

You went beyond this path, now you are in pole position.

You know how it is.

Now, you need to know you are able to do it.

Formation 7

Exibition in Formation 7


The Strain in The Veil

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