Message of The Galactic Confederation to Earth

Message of The Galactic Confederation to Earth. By Arbre Solaire.


This is a short transmission from the Ruling Council of the local Galactic Government which you refer to as Galactic Confederation.

Operations to remove the on and off world forces hostile to you have now reached a critical point.

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Our fleets have successfully engaged each of these factions in massive and overwhelming force reducing their space capabilities to nothing.

However they still constitute a threat to your populations and we must perceive cautiously.

Operations to remove the remaining hostile forces below the surface of your planet will continue as our ships are now heading towards your lower atmosphere.

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Your near-earth orbit is now freed from the etherical and physical interference, their remaining Secret Space Programs factions have accepted the terms of the Galactic Codex and are prepared to contribute to the advancement of your people by releasing their hidden technology for civilian use in due time.

In accordance with the terms of the Galactic Codex section 4 relative to the law of intervention we now declare the near Earth or the Confederation space and this planet Confederation domain.

Various contact protocols at both individual and collective levels are now being initiated.

Thank you for your attention.

The Galactic Codex


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