Message From The Pleiadians October 11 2018

Message From The Pleiadians October 11 2018

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Message From The Pleiadians October 11 2018. By Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians report that a major movement is taking place behind the scenes to deal directly with the feeding of the Earth’s population, aiming to increase the capacity of bodies to assimilate the new waves of energies that are constantly bathing the Earth.

Certain allies have visited the great responsible for feeding the human beings of the Planet. Companies that do not abide to the new protocols being delivered and, in some way, neglect the need to respect human life and the well-being of the Planet, will have diminished their ability to act and stop all food supplies.

This also holds true for the pharmaceutical industry. For example, Monsanto did not have new initiative nor support from the population.

The Pleiadians suggest that, as far as possible, they should have their own gardens and, if possible, be community-based. The people of Earth must again cultivate the value of cooperation.

The Pleiadians also say there are “no excuses” for not growing your vegetables at least because there are plenty of ways to do this, even if in not very favorable environments. They say that when you somehow eat what you cultivate yourself, there is a considerable increase in the ability of all your organs to regenerate.

They also inform that, due to great agitations in the country of the Earth called Brazil, the eyes of several Stellar Commands are attentive and sending all the best energies so that movements of hatred and fury are calmed.

Allied beings incarnated in this country are currently being contacted by the High Commands to relay messages of Light and Love, appeasing the mental and physical violence that is taking place in this area of ​​the Planet.

Monsanto and USA Agricolture

Death for the Planet

Global Awakening - Stop Monsanto

Global Awakening – Stop Monsanto

Message From The Pleiadians October 11 2018

The Pleiadians request that as many as possible that are reading this message to relay the signs of Light sent by the High Commands so that the Brazilian karmic line associated with the Roman Empire is illuminated, and a harmony can begin. They say that souls of Rome are in Brazil today for great redemptions and illuminations.

They ask that all who read this message pass it on to as many as they can. They ask to create a movement and share it in your social networks, making this movement viral.

They ask for a white, blue or pink seven-day candle to be lit and when you light it say: “There Is Peace In My Country, And My Country Is Peace In The World.

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Message From The Pleiadians October 11 2018

They say that the more people who join this movement, the more intense is the pulse of Light that will be felt, and more importantly key resolutions will have a happy and harmonious ending.

In particular, they request that all Phalanges of the PVSE and the like follow the movement, sharing in their social networks photographs and the movement’s master phrase making this movement viral.

They also report that a significant decrease in child abduction worldwide is occurring and it is hoped that this movement will be halted as soon as possible.

The Pleiadians say that many allies infiltrated these abductions rings and managed to dismantle the networks in some countries.

It is a great movement, the dismantling of the actions of the old energies and the sooner this is being finalized the better. They also say that not all children who disappeared have been abducted, some of them, finishing their experience on Earth, are still rescued in physical body and taken aboard the ships of the command.

PVSE Portale Vortice Semi delle Stelle

PVSE Starseeds Portal Vortex

Message From The Pleiadians October 11 2018

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Another point they would like to report is that nature is preparing for major changes in all areas and do not become frightened by these movements.

Of course, not only the physical environment of the Earth, but the stars are also changing in relation to Earth. The Sun will appear closer, as well as the Moon, regardless of the phase. This is also due to the rupture of the plasma barrier built thousands of years ago by inverted magnetic beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. With the removal of their primary supportive entity, the SKY vision will be clearer.

Lastly, they also report that Earth’s humanity must be prepared for radio, TV and internet signs, when they themselves and the Ashtar Command, at appropriate time, “take the lead” to send direct messages to the humanity of the Earth’s surface.

Another point about food is that, especially agronomists, should be aware of other signs, the Pleiadians will begin to deliver, either by dreams, telepathically or even leaving clear messages on their plantations that a new form of cultivation and release is arising. And the great Pleiadian agronomists are encouraged by this possibility of interaction.

At the moment, that’s what they ask me to pass on.

Love and Blessings, Gabriel RL.



Message From The Pleiadians October 11 2018

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