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Message from The Kani - Kanuuu The Voice of The Silver Army

Message from The Kani

Kanuuu The Voice of The Silver Army

Message from The Kani – Kanuuu The Voice of The Silver Army . We are Kani! Kanuuu si speaking. You’ve heard of us recently.

Our army is fully anchored it your solar system, and beyond.

Our strength will be noticeable on your planet very soon. We have now our base in the etheric plane and it reverberates to the coordinates Lat. 29 ° 17 ‘54.70″ N Lon. 43 ° 39 ‘34.19″ E.

Message from The Kani - Base in Saudi Arabia

Kani Base

Message from The Kani

Like I said, you’ve heard of us recently, and you know what is our role. Do not be frightened by us, nor from our vibration.

We come in Peace

Our army has an immense number of soldiers, incalculable using the earth’s numbering. We did not come with space ships. We arrived because we arrived and how we arrived.

We were previously announced by others, and by other means, and now we finally arrived to end the conludibile and inconcludible.

Our arrival like an army similar to the ones on your planet will cause some visible change, both during day and night. Silver clouds and inner freshness feeling in your body they will be signs of our activities of the very moment.

You can feel like a sensation of freshness that moves within you, but do not worry, there is nothing to fear. It is our energy that causes it, especially in biological bodies.

You can also feel as if you were moving from place to place quickly, but in reality you are conscious of not doing any physical movement.

Your Earth leaders already know about our presence, we will not leave Earth until we will have concluded the concludibile and the inconcludible.

There is no way for the Dark Forces to escape, to flee from our presence, we have a kind of magnetism that draws them to us, automatically, and so we will capture them.

Again, do not worry, there will be no violence of any kind. We come from a realm where a force called Love is the source of food and light.

We come from a place that, in your language, can be called Vitrol-X, The Third Superimposed Universe.

We ask the cooperation in enlightening the inilluminabile. We are here to bring in the Christic Consciousness, from space beyond the Kuiper Belt.

We are strong, but with you, we will be even more. We appreciate your strength, Earth people, and everything you have done to preserve love on your planet. You have sacrificed yourself and you were able to ask for help in Local Universe.



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