Message from the Great Spirit

Message from the Great Spirit – Update October 4th

Message from the Great Spirit. In classic rough English by Interstellar.

What follows is just a small set of thoughts that require sharing.

For an incredible series of synchronicities I found myself in the duty of burying a Cintamani Stone in Italy.

Not having a place near home and after long thinking I found the place. But I was not entirely sure of the energy of where I had decided to plant it.

I kept the feeling tha this was just “a place“, I believed, and even a bit sad, that I was only mechanically obeying these synchronicities without putting any energy into this gesture, without loading the Stone with the Light, mine, the same that each of us has innate.

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

The Great Spirit Came to Me for Help!

This is another synchronicity that is worthy of note, which could go unnoticed if one is unable to come into contact with Nature, with Mother Earth, through his own Self.

In one of the recent post we published, I decided to insert a picture of the Native American Great Spirit, it was a Wolf, an animal with which I have a strong bond, along with the Shark, an image inserted with the Heart.

Traslucent Cintamani Stone

Traslucent Cintamani Stone

Message from the Great Spirit

In this area, where I decided to plant the stone, I hear that there are some Eagles, it is an area I know well, that I’ve been through for a lifetime, but I have never seen an Eagle, even if I’ve been looking un and down the mountains.



Message from the Great Spirit

The Eagle as a totem is an inspirational messenger, it is said that when an Eagle enters in your life it is time to look carefully inside oneself, allowing the Heart to guide you.

The Native Americans associated the Eagle with wisdom, vision and strength.

But the Eagle also represents salvation and hope.

Well, today, precisely above the point where I decided to plant the Cintamani, an Eagle was orbiting, bothered by two crows, and continued to turn in majestic careless of the two annoying, for a long time, perhaps waiting that the message of the Great Spirit firmly anchored in my Heart.


Once the anchoring was achieved, leaving me with a strong emotion and aware of the presence of Mother Earth, the Eagle has finally decided to return placid to the mountains where, at this point with certainty, it houses.

Tomorrow I will plant the Cintamani Stone , a stone of 4 grams, and that will be the place, I have no more doubt, and I thank the Great Spirit for the majestic signal that fills me Heart with Joy.

Thanks to Jeanne, the Eagle is also for you.

Update on the Cintamani Plantation

Below you will find some images on the Cintamani Stone Plantation. We decided to plant it at the “Ora Meridiana” the time at which the Sun reaches the maximu altidude, proven by the Sundial you see in one of the images, since the appearance of the Eagle the previous day was around that hour. We are sorry not to have been able to photograph the Eagle, obviously it shouldn’t be photographed.

Prepping the Hole

Prepping the Hole

Message from the Great Spirit

We did the extraction of the plate trying not to offend the plants that grow on it, or at least keep them as intact as possible.

Waiting for the right time, we have prepared the 30 cm deep hole.

The Cintamani's Hole

The Cintamani’s Hole

Message from the Great Spirit

Armillary Ball and Energetic Point nearby

Armillary Ball and Energetic Point nearby

Message from the Great Spirit

In conclusion, I would like to bring some notes on the place where this stone is buried, which we hope to be able to transform into the center of the Seed of Life with the help of someone.

The place is in a town situated at the convergence of 3 rivers, notoriously, from the time of Atlantis and later on Avalon, a point of contact between the physical plane and the etheric plane, especially if certain sacred plants grow at the convergence. I must also point out that the mere place of convergence has been massacred by hydraulic engineering works of lower-level quackademics, resulting in incredible hydrogeological breakdowns.

I assume that I’ve been guided in the purpose of healing this heavily energetic site that has been under attack for too many years.

I hope, but I am as well sure, that Mother Earth appreciates the energy addition.

In this image (left) we can see the energetic point I built decades ago, before my awakening. The armillary sphere was built by me and my father, the same as for the the Sundial in the picture below.

I can only believe that this series of synchronicities have a meaning, the stones catalysts of energy, the sundial and the appearance of Eagle at the Hour of the Sun of the previous day, I still do not have a clear meaning for all this, I hope to find it out later on as I have now discovered why I decided to put the three stones in that place.

Hour of The Sun

Hour of The Sun

Message from the Great Spirit

Message from The Great Spirit – Inspirational Music for the Cintamani Plantation

Update 11:11 2017

Finally, today, with the last syncronicity of this first Flower of Life, 11:11 (unfortunately I could not reach the point at 11:11… only at 13:11 sic), I managed to bury the last of the 19th Cintamani Stones.

Now Galactic Energy will be anchored in Central Italy significantly more.

Last Cintamani - Solar

Last Cintamani – Solar

Message from the Great Spirit

Last Cintamani 11:11

Last Cintamani 11:11

Message from the Great Spirit

The return journey was very exciting, a great positivity in the heart knowing that I had helped in the Loberation of Planet Earth and perhaps accomplished one of the tasks that I probably had to do. There have been dark folds on this plantation, they have slowed down the process, but today, 11:11, I think instead that everything has gone according to the divine plans.

Now I will dedicate myself to the second flower, we’ll post some update soon, stay tuned.


Victory of The Light!

Last Cintamani - To the Plantation

Last Cintamani – To the Plantation

Message from the Great Spirit

Cobra has suggested me not to disclose the site so I won’t do it, we will publish, one of these days, an image with Flower in Central Italy, a small Italy and a big flower …

The hikeing of 2km to reach the place was beautiful, in an autumn forest that has gently released part of its positive energy. I did a short meditation after planting the last Cintamani hoping it can help to anchor the positivity on this flower.

Last Cintamani Fairies' Winter Garden

Last Cintamani Fairies’ Winter Garden

Message from the Great Spirit

Last Cintamani Activation of The Flower of Life

Last Cintamani Activation of The Flower of Life

Message from the Great Spirit

Update October 29th 2017

We have almost completed the Plantation of the First Flower of Life in Central Italy, there was only one point that for logistical problems we could not finish, I will personally end it asap.

Unfortunately for staff shortage in the site management this has not been updated for a few days so before embarking on the Second Flower Plantation I would like to publish the information came out these days starting right away.

Meanwhile, I can anticipate the incredible number of messages I personally received from the Great Spirit during this Plantation, and the number of synchronicities I hope to post soon.

For now I can show you the Guradian of the Flower of Life, a mighty beech in front of which I was led. This too will be the subject of a post, in the meantime enjoy the picture, where you can see the face of the Guardian.

The Guardian of The Flower Of Life

The Guardian of The Flower Of Life

Message from the Great Spirit

Update October 26th 2017

Time has come, after a few small glitches we are finally ready for the Cintamani Plantation in Central Italy.

Today we have contributed to the healing of one of the more obscure hotspots in Southern Etruria, we must thank again all those who provided the financial energy support. At this stage we can not disclose the location. We planted 3 Cintamanis, one on 5.3 grams and two 3.5 grams to form a Triangle in this crucial place. It is said that this is the place where resides one of the many esoteric apparatus used to disconnect the soul from the body.

We will give you further information later on.

In the next few days we will proceed to the Plantation of the First Flower of Life in Central Italy, we will allocate the first set of 19 Cintamani Stones. Due to the somewhat impervious area it will take a few days to complete it. We will not be in a position to keep the rhythm of DNI publications … but we probably will be able to publish some images.

This will then be followed by the second Flower of Life, but we’ll talk about it in a few days, we would not want to attract unnecessary attacks before time.

Update October 4th 2017

We have completed the budget for the second Flower of Life and soon we will plant these 38 Cintamani in Italy, thank you all in the name of the Light with a strong hug to all those who gave us this great financial support and also to all those who bought from us the Cintamani Stone, which perhaps were not the cheapest on the market but allowed us to dedicate ourselves to this website and to the reverberation of Light in Italy and to achieve this incredible result of the 2 Flowers of Life. If we had to count only on our resources this would have never happened. We also thank all those who made donations and those who wanted to, but were unable to do so.

It is clear that this is a divine project that is involving all the people who felt guided to make it happen! We would never have expected the way this was, and is, done.

  • Flower of Life Central Italy – Supported by Jeanne, Severin + Marion 100% 100%
  • Flower of Life in Etruria – Supported by Andy, Manuela, Esther, Severino,Marion 100% 100%

Update October 3rd 2017

In the Light of the great support we are receiving from European Lightworkers and having exceeded the budget required for the first Flower of Life in Central Italy it is becoming evident that one of our tasks we are guided to, is to continue.

Second Flower of Life in Etruria

The second Seed or possibly Flower of Life that we will plant will be in the ancient Etruscan area. Etruria, which expands mainly in the north of Lazio up to Tuscany, the land of our breakaway civilization. There are many Energetic vortexes or places to be healed because the Etruscans were strongly linked to the Goddess and Nature.

We have not yet decided on the fulcrum of the Seed / Flower but we count on receiving a signal shortly since we already have some places in mind, as well as contacting site that has provided us with insights and suggestions, on that site you can find an interpretation, beyond the quackademic, of the Etruscan Civilization.

Meditation Flower of Life

We are also finalizing the procedure to bury the stones; once buried one, which can be the first or last of the set of 19, we will rebuild with the rest a mini Flower or Seed on the ground around the one already planted and we will proceed with a brief meditation. We will also use a Kyanite Crystal and the purpose of this is to connect the Galactic Center’s energy to this stone, visualizing a Pillar of Light that starts from the Central Galactic Sun and crossing the Solar System and reaches the Stone (to locate the stone geographically you can just visualize Central Italy in the Tuscany Umbria Marche area) and continue towards the Center of the Earth. The second Pillar of Light will come from the Center of the Earth, reaches the Cintamani Stone planted and through the Flower of Life expands all over the Italian territory.

Mass Meditation Flower of Life

We would like to propose a mass meditations, at the exact moment, after planting every Cintamani Stone. We will try to plan well the times in which we will plant each stone so that we can anchor the Energy of Light of us all on each stone and keep the Energetic connection with the Galactic at high levels during the 2 or 3 days needed to plant all 19 stones. It will be 2 or 3 days when we will meditate 6 or 7 times a day, every one of few minutes, using the phone’s alarm or any other way to remember it, they are possible wherever you are.

Timetables and other information will be published on this page as we approach the Plantation.

The Liberation of the Planet is made of these “little” things, it is our task as Lightworkers, there will be no saviors who will do a DNA reset while we wait on the couch, they will help us, very much, but the work we have to do it ourselves!

Interstellar Note: Someone pointed out, confirming my perception, that the Eagle is a great sign, very powerful, I must say it is undeniable…

Update October 2nd 2017

Thanks to the financial energy contribution of some European Lightworkers the project is expanding, we will no longer plant 7 Cintamani Stones but 19, to complete the whole Flower of Life in Central Italy. We have received contributions of 350 euros and we have the availability of another 250 that we count on receiving soon, this brings us to almost the complete coverage of the cost of stones, including our financial support. Other contributions are well accepted for logistical costs and energy. For now we have to thank our European Light Brothers who continue to help us. It would be nice if some Italians could do the same, even in a symbolic way, to anchor into the Flower of Life some energy by some Local Allies.

The project will be put into practice as soon as possible, we count to do it in the second half of October, we will keep you updated on this page with the images of the Plantation. Clearly we will not be able to disclose the geographic coordinates of the places, we will find a way to give a graphical sense to this grid component that adds up to Rome and Venice (for what we know) and that, for the signs from Mother Earth, is quite important.

Update October 1st 2017

To continue and realize the Seed of Life in this place costs 250 euros, if anyone wants to contribute to the purchase of 6 missing stones can make a donation specifying that it is for the Seed of Life in Central Italy. If someone will eventually do it, we will update the bar below.

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