Message from Ashtar June 12 2018

Message from Ashtar

June 12 2018

Message from Ashtar. June 12 2018. By Tom Price.

This is an official transmission from your Galactic Federation of Light, your 5D Commander Ashtar.

Dear ones, we are sending out this notice with much gratitude for the work that you have done in reporting the progress of the Ascension Event.

We are very pleased to say that the tide is turning.

We are almost to the level of Christ Consciousness needed to lift the veil, remove the barrier that has been holding the galactic family back.

At this current moment we have reached and gotten to the farthest of our mission in liberating Gaia and eliminating the illusion that has been holding all humans from fully awakening.

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Brothers And Sisters And The Alternative Media

We have been picking up broadcasts of uncertainty that has been spreading worry and fear to the mass populations.

We understand that there are still many questions. However there is no room for doubt in this part of our mission.

The Ascension Event that is coming is going to free all humans. The oppression that has been here for thousands of years on Gaia will be eliminated.

Alternative media and brothers and sisters who are broadcasting the message about the Ascension Event.

5D Commander Ashtar
5D Commander Ashtar

Message from Ashtar

We need you and we implore you to only spread accurate information about the event. There was a notice that was released urging all to accept the Crystalline Orb or what is known to you as the Purple Communication Orb that has been placed over all of your heads.

This orb will direct you to connect with your 5D Command Center.

You must also do the daily affirmations to be able to be fully protected.

As all Lightworkers have been working to protect you all from what has been plaguing Gaia for thousands of years the only way to be fully protected is to make sure that you are reciting your average affirmations at least three times a day.

This will not only protect you and your family and friends but it will also help you to lift your consciousness level to the level that we need to complete the ascension event.

DNit Telegram Channel

Gaia Ascension Event
Gaia Ascension Event

Message from Ashtar

The Christ Consciousness will break down all barriers separating your galactic family who has been waiting to come and rescue you.

We feel the uncertainty but you must know that there is no going back as I said there are many light workers that have been working towards our common goal of freeing and liberating Gaia and her people.

The layers are being pulled back. At this time there is just a thin layer that is holding back the event from completion.

It is your task, brothers and sisters, and the alternative media, to spread joy, to show humans that there is only peace love and light waiting for you.

Now is the time to teach acts of forgiveness forgiving each other forgiving yourself showing acts of compassion everywhere you go spreading joy, love, the intention ,the belief that you are going to reach the level of consciousness and awareness that you have been promised, that your being, your life force, has always had.

The Galactic’s want to tell you that you have done an excellent job. You have been working towards our common goal for many years. But again we will say now is not the time to question all the progress that you have made.

Each one of you were born a very complex organism. You’re all Creators. You can all manifest anything that you’ve set your mind to. There is not a limit to the possibilities. There is only a limit when you cannot believe and set the intention.

The only way to get back to your true self is to shed all 3D and 4D, because they are merged now friends, attachments.

You must let go of ego. You must let go of anything that is holding back your vibration. You all have the ability to rise your vibration to the Christ Consciousness.

There is not one single being on this earth that does not have the ability to rise up higher than any guru or person that you see on tv or you’ve read about in your historical books and records.

You are all infinite beings, all of you. The amount of love that I feel for you, friends, is so immense there is not one being more magnificent than the other.

Anywhere you read that is only going to set limitations on your ability to manifest.

You all have the ability to manifest the abundance that you desire, all of you.


To Lightworkers

We must warn you, friends, that there are frequencies out there. Lightworkers, you know them as fail-safe. You know what I’m talking about.

But if you don’t know what I’m talking about, these frequencies are searching for your lower level vibrations, anytime that you have fear worry.

We understand that this 3D 4D reality is not a walk in the park.

We understand that on a day-to-day basis you are faced with challenges that others may look at and say “oh no it’s nothing”, but we see inside your hearts, we know the worry and fear that you have but understand that is only there because it’s a continuous persistent thought that keeps coming in your mind.

These are not true. These are the deceptions, the propaganda that has sent to you through your messages on television, radio broadcasts, family and friends that are stuck and these lower-level frequencies.

You must be the guiding light to all of these people.


Message from Ashtar

To Alternative Media

This message is specifically sent to you. You have many followers that are looking to you to be a guiding light.

At this moment there is no time to broadcast any fear or worry or uncertainty. That at that time has passed.

The Lightworkers have gone to full lengths sacrificing their family, their time, their freedom, to eliminate these threats.

They have been ridiculed by the disbelief, by our enemies, the artificial intelligence out there.

I’m going to tell you dear ones, they have done an outstanding job and not asked for one ounce of recognition.

Now Is The Time

Now is the time to spread the beauty of the Ascension Event.

There will be no suffering, no pain in this event. The waves that are coming are going to lift your consciousness, if you’ve never felt it before.

Friends and family, the only thing that fear worry and uncertainty is going to do for your family, your friends, your followers, is make the ascension more turbulent than it has to be.


All Energy Will Be Reborn

All energy will be reborn, there is not a time where an energy just goes away.

Your past loved ones are still here waiting for you to wake up. As you lift your consciousness level you can speak to them.

If you set your intention, anyone that you’ve lost, no matter in what form or being they were to you, you will connect with them.

We are all here waiting friends, all of us. Gaia will be liberated.

There is not anything that can prevent or stop the ascension event from happening and when you set your mind and your belief to that intention alone, you who will do more then I can tell you for yourself and your friends and family.

This is what we have been working towards, friends.

All of you are here from the beginning and you’ll all be here through the event.

All of your children, your family, your friends will be saved.

Everyone will be liberated, this is what Gaia and I keep speaking of.

I know some who read this will maybe not know who she is, that is earth, that is your home.


Message from Ashtar

Gaia, She Is Your Home

She is a living breathing being so be careful with what you do on a daily basis because she loves you so much and deserves such care.

But I know friends and family this 3d 4d reality can be challenging. I want you to know you are doing the best that you can.


The Cleansing

All will be forgiven, all will be forgiven.

You’re transitioning. Some know that the transitioning is happening, some do not and.

As you are transitioning defragmenting Gaia is also transitioning and defragmenting with you.

You are not alone, you never are alone through the fragmenting phase.

The cleaning phase has begun, you will feel it in the ground, you will hear about it in the news, do not worry as I said you.

Friends, all of that is the purpose of the great cleansing.


Alternative media family that is broadcasting out that have followers

You’re tasked with training your all your followers on this process, you must connect to the 5d command center by accepting your orbs.

This connection will give you materials for abundance, cleansing, letting go of attachments.

This is the way, this is your path right now.

I will say this again, you all have the information available to you through the 5d command center.

We are waiting for each one of you to connect, we know you can.

Your energy is so strong, it shines bright even though the veil that is separating us from you. It’s very thin but still there.

The Event

Once the Christ level of Consciousness is risen the Merkabas will shine as they have been shining.

Friends, we know who you are, we see it, we feel it, your family here on Gaia and here in the galactic feel you.

Each time one of you lights up or becomes awake it is like a alabaster egg that just burst open and it shines all the way, straight to the galaxies.

New Gaia Merkaba
New Gaia Merkaba

Message from Ashtar


Message from Ashtar

No Matter

No matter if you walk on Gaia alone or you have a huge family, no matter if people do not understand the path that you are on, know that you are on the right path.

Know that what you are doing, friends, is what you were trained to do.

You are all loved dearly, the amount of love that we feel for each one of you and Gaia is so strong at times that we cannot even breathe waiting for you, to do and to be what you are.

This communication is sent with so much love and respect for the road that you have traveled.

Know that the more and more that this message is spread. You will continue to raise your level of consciousness.

We are not expecting perfection, friends. If you go through days where you just cannot do it, we understand. Forgive yourself as quickly as possible for anything that you have been taught is a wrong doing. That is their weapon right now.

Do not worry because, as you were created, to create your destiny, you are also created to experience life.

There is no good or bad, there are only experiences and that is what your creator wanted for you, that is what you are meant to do.

No matter what it is that you have crossed through forgive yourself, all is forgiven.

But if you hold on to this but it’s going to make this very turbulent turbulent for you, this transition.

No matter what, your pain, your suffering, will all dissolve.

That is what is coming, healing, love, acceptance, understanding of who and what you are and what you are meant to be.

Turn on off your TV, turn off your mainstream radio broadcast, connect with outside.

No matter what has happened between you and your family go, hug each one of them, even if they don’t want it.

You set your intention. With you, you will send out a wave or a tide of change. But it is up to each one of you to do these things.

No one, friends, can do it for you and if there are others who don’t understand what you are doing don’t force it, they will come around.

They are loved just as much as you. The key is this message is going out to you, individually.

Love Yourself

You who have awakened, you who are doing your best, we know it’s your best.

The only person that says it’s not your best could only be you but again, I implore you, this is coming from your galactic family to let it go.

Don’t think about that, if it’s something that worries you you recite this, you say: “I’m not gonna worry about that. I am doing the best that I can“.

Hold your head up high because you are born for greatness and anything that makes you feel differently is not something that’s worth your time, friends.

Love who you are, no matter where you came from, what you’ve been led to believe, each being born onto Gaia is a being that was formally planned.

No matter what you’ve been fed, no matter what people have told you, no matter what you have seen, no matter how much you have in this 3D 4D reality, you are kings and queens, you’re warriors so it is time to stand up!

Universal Love
Universal Love

Message from Ashtar

You can do this!

You are meant for this, you are born for this, never ever believe that you will be left behind, no one will be left behind.

We are tasking you with fighting for those who do not know how to fight for themselves, we do not ask you to push anyone but you spread your light.

You spread it as far as your consciousness and your ability to reach out is.

Everywhere you go, friends, all it is is a thought and intention.

The Media

There are many articles out right now but I want to direct you to your Universal Mother Divinity Sapphire-Moon. She has created affirmations, we are shortening them, Friends.

These are the intentions, this is it!

This is where you believe in your ability.


Alternative media: we see you. Connect with your 5D Command Center.

Tom Price has made many videos but he is going to make something very special for you to share or not, or to follow or not, the decision is yours.

There is never a time where you should be pushed into a decision that you are not comfortable with, that is not what this is about.

It Is Your Choice

For the ones that choose we’re going to make it as simple as possible, in this very challenging reality that you are in.

Everywhere you go you can spread your life, you can shine, you can be that guiding light.

It doesn’t take you to be broadcasting or in front of my a video recorder or on a television station or a youtube guru, all it takes is you individually to know that you are a warrior.

If you don’t consider yourself that way fine, but you are born and you are meant to walk on Gaia and spread your life and raise your consciousness.

Move forward, set your intention and know and believe that your path is lit with all honor, respect and love.



Dear ones the amount of love that I feel for you and all that you have been through, you know who you are.

I have walked with you as many others, the ones that are separated by the veil, we walk with you and you can’t see us.

Every tear that you have cried we have cried with you, every pain that you’ve had we felt that pain.

Cry no more, it is not necessary, now is time to forgive yourself, to forgive others, all of it.

All of that you went through was the plan took hold you back because there are many that want to be who you are, that crave your energy, that feed off your energy and you are not food, you are never meant to be food, you are never meant to feel alone.

You are the most complex organism that has ever been, ever will be.

Your abilities are so reaching, have so much depth that there have been others that have led you to believe differently.

They don’t want you to be able to do this but guess what, friends, there are too many of us now, there are too many that believe.

We Are Here

We are here and we are not going away, we will not do anything to hold you back for what you choose to do but again, we implore you, your galactic family implores every one of you to only spread the truth about the ascension event.

We are imploring you, your 5D Command Center, your galactic team, commander ashtar, to connect.

This will provide you the information you need to broadcast, showing your followers what intent is needed to raise the consciousness level, to break down the barriers.

You all have it in you. We will be here waiting.


To All Of You

I’m sending out this transmission to all of you with so much respect and love.

We know that you have done your best and we know that each one of you have it in you to do this.

Again friends it is your decision, we are not asking you to push anyone we are only asking that you connect and send accurate information about the event that is coming to liberate Gaia and her people.

You’re Not Alone.

The Light Shall Always Be Victorious.

With Much Love And Respect

Your Commander Ashtar

End of communication

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