Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - By Lev

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 – By Lev



And where is this planet Antichthon? It sounds like the name of a pharaoh). Please give me a link to where did you write about this planet?


06/07/2021 at 8:29 am

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I read the post about Gore. And I get the question about why an anabiosis chamber is required to go to Gore, if it is so close to the Earth?, Within our solar system…

And please, could you elaborate on the planet Gore orbit graphic?


05/07/2021 at 9:11 pm

I am puzzled about the eventual move to Gore/Antichthon. I thought 5D humanity would remain with the Earth at its higher level (Gaia)? Or is the relocation to Gore only temporary until Gaia is properly situated in time/space at her new coordinates?

Desert Flower

05/07/2021 at 6:18 pm

I wonder… If planet Gore is in 5D why do women and men live so few years and have diseases?

Maria Faria

07/07/2021 at 6: 08 pm

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The described reality (see: Meet planet Gore, DNI, March 13th, 2021) refers to the physical plane of the planet Gore (or Antichthon, Vulcan, Gloria) as part of a combined 4D/5D/6D eon. Like the other planets, its Subtle Plane is inhabited by Light beings from 5D to 10D.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Earth And Gore

Earth And Gore

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

At this level, it is an exceptionally Spiritual planet that has played and continues to play an important role in the fate of the Earth and earthlings, as one of the curators of the Solar System.

The inhabitants of this Spiritual Planet were among of 16 cosmic races who introduced into our multidimensional genome the genes of the 32 Primordial Cosmic Genera of the Local Universe to form the physical body of earthlings.

Other donors were the civilizations of the constellations of Herdsman, Libra, Aquarius, Cassiopeia, Tau Ceti, Andromeda, Ophiuchus, Cygnus, Alpha Centauri, Pisces, Pleiades, Sagittarius, Orion, Hound Dogs, and Arcturus.

The genes of 64 races of the Local Universe were transferred into our genome to develop the Subtle Bodies. They also helped earthlings to create and populate the Earth in the eighth and ninth dimensions.

On the Subtle Plane, Gore is a country that is 250 million years ahead of 3D Earth in its development.

It consists of thirty-three Light districts. The highest Light Sphere of 8.85D is central.

Here, after the completion of the Earthly path, are teleported the Souls of those whose karmic knots are untied, who have completed their lives, preserving pure consciousness, righteousness, high intellect, and talent for creation.

These qualities allow continuing evolution in higher dimensions.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Gore And Earth Orbiting

Gore And Earth Orbiting

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

According to Earth time, this Sphere was created 100 thousand years ago under the guidance of Sanat Kumara and other Higher Light Hierarchs. On our planet, it was the era of Atlantis, the Fourth Race.

Co-Creators saw that after the Archons invaded Earth, the society of Late (Third) Atlantis was rapidly dividing into allies of Darkness and Light, led by Black and White Priesthood.

To save pure Souls, on 5D Gore was created the Light Sphere. At its initial stage, it was a kind of Atlantis and a copy of Earth during the Golden Age. Here the best of the best were sent to rest, restore and complete Earth tasks without breaking ties with our planet.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Atlantis


Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

What do the 5D Gore and its inhabitants look like on the Subtle Plane?

The planet is four times the size of Earth. Gravitational forces are present but in a less pronounced form.

The landscape is almost the same. There are rivers and mountains, forests and valleys, flowers and grass. The vegetation is bright, with purple and blue hues.

The sky is a rich green color. The sun is not visible. The source of light is high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

Animals and birds are few but affectionate and docile. It is always summer and very warm at 5D Gore. There is no snow or rain, the air is filled with the freshness of ozone and the scents of plant life.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Landscape Is Almost The Same

Landscape Is Almost The Same

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

On the 5D Gore, the memory of Earth life is preserved. The Souls of earthlings acquire a new body. It has a different atomic structure, consists of dense astral matter, and remains young and perfect throughout life. There is no death here.

All women and men are young and beautiful, between the ages of 18 and 35. Sexual contact persists but not the same as on Earth. It is more sensual fusion, spiritual communion, and tenderness. Procreation as a process is absent.

The population of 5D Gore is approximately 300 million and is replenished by a constant influx of entities from different dimensions of the Local Universe.

The concentration point for much of it is megalopolises, very similar to the Light Cities detailed in the DNI. The architecture is majestic, with smooth geometric lines and no sharp angles.

Buildings are constructed of white, blue, and red plastic-like material. Spacious cities have theaters and concert halls, museums, and libraries.

Each stayer gets home to his or her liking, creative work, and limitless opportunities to learn new things and continue to develop.

Techno-sphere, heavy and other industries in the earthly sense do not exist. Everything necessary is created by thought forms.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - 5D Gore

5D Gore

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

There is no hostility, no violence, and no crime. And most importantly, there are no prerequisites for war, or conflict.

Life is very rich and diverse. Many civilizations have come to the planet from different worlds of ours and other Galaxies.

Forms of life manifestation are also manifold and have different levels of consciousness.

In addition to humanoids, there are Centauro-like beings of Light; representatives of the reptiloid race; beings of Nature, such as dwarves, fairies, elves, undines, mermaids, and others; natives of Venus in Light Bodies; the feline, dolphin, and whale races from Sirius.

Here one can also see multidimensional Light beings in the form of scarabs, mandalas, crystalloids, plasmoids, and other life forms not yet familiar to earthlings.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Scarab


Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

This diversity allows the inhabitants of 5D Gore to actively cooperate with the multidimensional world of these civilizations throughout the Galaxy, to explore their lives, and to create with the new and unexplored things.

5D Gore knows no statehood familiar to earthlings. It is one vast country governed from the capital by the Council of Four Lords. They are the Supreme Light Hierarchs, spiritual guides, and teachers of the planet’s inhabitants.

How exactly does the relocation of earthlings on the Thin-Material 5D Gore take place?

To access here, the Soul must already be emitting vibrations at the 5D level and be ready to raise them further, as the central Light Sphere of the planet has a freqs background of 8.85D.

Arriving Souls are greeted by special staff members. The check-in station looks like an airport. There are green boards on the walls with the names of the newcomers.

Every day, the inhabitants of 5D Gore meet their relatives who have left Earth. The teleportation capsules open and the Souls emerge from them. Some are fully conscious, others in a state of mild shock.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Teleportation Capsules

Teleportation Capsules

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

At first, confusion is very common, despite help in adjusting. Many are homesick for their physical bodies and the Earth. But then the newcomer begins to realize that he or she is in a much better place in a beautiful world.

Many stay here temporarily and later go back to Earth for incarnation. For example, Indigo and Crystalline kids, wise and gifted, unusual and strange children come from 5D Gore, having made such decisions quite consciously.

Having obtained high knowledge, these Souls are eager to help earthlings, as well as to perform certain tasks which they are given in the Council of Four Lords. Having concluded the contract, the Soul goes to the next birth on our planet.

A new life may be necessary to work out some earthly qualities and difficult aspects of the character to the end.

Before incarnation on Earth, the Soul’s Light copy is recorded on the causal Matrix which is installed in the child’s body when he/she reaches the age of three. The new life is entirely devoted to Spiritual service to people.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Causal Matrix

Causal Matrix

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

Souls who come to Earth from other planetary systems must, sooner or later, after gaining earthly experience, leave again for their Star home.

Souls from the constellations of the Pleiades, Cygnus, Taurus, Altair, Virgo, Eagle, Alpha Centauri, and Tau Ceti often come to our planet. Before that, they first arrive on the 5D Gore, learning its civilization as well as the laws of the physical world of Earth.

Left 5D Gore, they may incarnate several times on Earth but then the space wanderers return to their home planets.

The full entry into life on the 5D Gore for earthlings is divided into several stages.

After the initial adaptation, they undergo a kind of lustration for a more accurate assessment of their Spiritual level.

Higher Light Hierarchs inquire about the circumstances under which bad or good deeds on Earth were committed, the attitude towards other people, whether they cared about their relatives and friends, helped the weak and the sick.

Questions are asked about what the person would like to change in life. If the Soul, for whatever reason, has not completed its earthly mission, it may be sent back to Earth to its body. If it is in a state of clinical death, it is revived.

In exceptional cases, the Soul may occupy another’s body. Then amnesia sets in, and information about oneself is restored gradually. This is already a completely different person in whom everything changes radically.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - New Incarnation

New Incarnation

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

A separate stage is the Calibration Plane test.

All those who have died on Earth from illness undergo this procedure. It is very important during illness, especially cancer, to fast, to meditate or pray for the salvation of the Soul, to forgive oneself and all, to love and believe in the Light of Good, and to avoid thoughts of non-existence after death.

The causal Matrix of the Soul should be transformed during life into a Light Body with a radiant bio-field. At the moment of death, it is important not to lose the mental and astral bodies. When all the Subtle Bodies are preserved, the transition and adaptation are much easier.

On the 5D Gore, there are special chambers in which the Soul receives a new body. It is similar to the previous, earthly but consists of a compacted astral substance.

If a person has lived a bright and dignified life, he is embodied young and beautiful. If the blind or deaf come here, they gain excellent hearing and vision. Cripples are restored damaged or lost organs and limbs. Soldiers who defended their homeland are heroes here and are treated with great respect.

Those who have left Earth at an advanced age, on the 5D Gore find their youth. They are surrounded by care, and are given full rest and repose. After about six months of Earth time, they choose an age for them. Some want to be in their twenties, and some wish to be closer to forty years old.

It is not desirable for relatives and friends left on Earth to go to the cemetery too often, to mourn and miss the deceased. It makes the incarnate on 5D Gore extremely uncomfortable.

The body should not be burned in a crematorium on the third day. The Soul remembers the shock of the terrifying fire of the furnace. The body can be cremated when the informational phantom has already made the transition and unnecessary shells remain on Earth.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - To See Any Place


Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

Completed all stages of adaptation, the incarnated on the 5D Gore becomes a full member of this civilization of Light.

Many continue their studies. There are a large number of educational institutions on the planet, where the Laws of the Universe and the knowledge of Higher Civilizations are introduced. Just like on Earth, there are seminars, lectures, and discussions.

Others choose creativity or physical labor that does not bring fatigue. One type of activity is organizing individual channels of communication with earthlings to transfer scientific and technical knowledge.

Through special installations, it is possible to see any place on Earth. If the connection is made through a medium, the resident of 5D Gore is linked to the consciousness of the conductor and can thus transmit information about their new life to their loved ones and relatives.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - To See Any Place

To See Any Place

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

Certain prohibitions apply when contacting earthlings. It is forbidden to describe in detail the society of 5D Gore or to transmit Spiritual practices to unprepared people. It is not recommended to divulge information about planet control to avoid the influx of negative and destructive thought-forms.

One can’t give advice on enrichment, call numbers on winning lotteries, or talk about the future of the Earth.

If such contacts are of interest to the intelligence services and other government agencies, such communication is immediately terminated.

5D Gore works closely with the Galactic Committee and other cosmic alliances. Their space fleets conduct many joint operations.

In early July 2021, one of these ops was the mass evacuation of hundreds of children from Earth, poisoned by some kind of chemical reagent. The children vomited green foam. They were dying before their eyes.

Meet The Planet Gore Part 2 - Evacuation


Meet The Planet Gore Part 2

Modules were immediately sent from Earth orbit to save them, and medical teams were mobilized on the base ships.

Children were taken into orbit, where medics picked them up and placed them in resuscitation units. Those who recovered were transported by the same ships to physical 5D Gore for further rehabilitation.

The perpetrators of the poisoning are now being actively identified. The details are held in confidence.

More by Lev

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Operation Life Matrix – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Whatever is going on in human society right now, the Galactic Committee, its ground crews, and friendly space races continue to rebuild Earth in its entirety. In continuation of the operation that DNI narrated on January 21, 2022, they conducted a new one, also in a mountainous region of Europe.

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The hype and hysteria in the media are through the roof. From all the TV, zappers, fridges, and irons we are bombarded with a powerful stream of horrors from the world of politics, finance, weather reports, etc. The world trembles, it is rocked to its maximum destructive amplitudes intensely and purposefully. Incredible efforts are spent to fill the entire Earth space with scare, hatred, and despair.

Our Body Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Body Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

This post continues a topic touched on earlier in DNI (see – Our Body, Disclosure News, January 12, 2022). Participants in the third wave of Transition to 4D after December 21, 2021, continue to discuss their experience.

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Galacom Update 15-21 January 2022 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom and its ground teams continue to transform 3D Earth, considering this as the most important task today. On January 15-21, 2022, they conducted some new operations. The first of them took place in a mountainous area of one of the European countries (the name is not disclosed for security reasons).

Our Vibes Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Vibes Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On January 16, 2022, new statistics were received on the Transition of Souls to the 4D that took place during the December Solstice. Recall: 50% of Souls from the total number of their carriers on Earth, or about 1.943 billion people, have been transferred to 4D. The same amount is left in the 3D. Such equilibrium is necessary to maintain the balance of the planet’s energy fields.

Our Vibes Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Vibes Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

2022 will complete the transformation begun in the last century on the Subtle Plane. Many of us will fill and some will see the meaning of change and our role in the new world. They will realize at last that this is now a different planet, and there will be no going back to the past.

Operation Dark Goddess – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Dark Goddess – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The battle is going on. Dark Forces are still very strong, sleek, and shifty in using the Light for their survival. Especially, when they entered and gobbled men as possessors. Operation Dark Goddess, which was conducted by the Light Forces’ ground team, gives additional info about it.

Our Body – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Body – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Earth has reached a new level of change. There is a sense of radical transforming in the air. On the Subtle Plane, new energies demolish all Earthly ossified structures. The frameworks in which we lived, and which we had been building for a comfortable existence, seemed to us to reliably ensure stability, daily routine, relationships of a certain type with certain roles, lifestyle, habits, traditions, and rituals come apart.

Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

January 2022 is an ideal time for a deep revision and a thorough reset of our fundamental values, concepts, and mental attitudes. Of everything, we used to rely on when making decisions about our long-term goals and personal life.

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