Meditation January 31 Personal Experience

Meditation January 31 Personal Experience

Meditation January 31 Personal Experience. By Interstellar.

A different meditation, beautiful, which I would like to report without any presumption…

I had to find a place to stay a while in isolation and it was not very comfortable. It did not take place according to the guidelines and that is why it struck me.

The hue of this visualizing meditation was purple, as it often recently happens to me, the Central Sun and the Energetic Wave were purple, purple the Earth and all the energy that circulated in the Astral.

I have never managed to stay on the Planet, I have always been in the interstellar space between the Central Galactic Sun and the Planet.

The energetic wave from the Central Sun passed through my astral being and reached the Earth.

The closest, I think, I came to the surface seemed to be, now analyzing the image of meditation, to have been about 20 or maybe 30 km altitude.

I was able to see some very strong points of light on the surface, it seemed that they were in northern Europe, maybe the north-eastern side, but I could not make an energetic contact. I can say that they seemed to emanate a very powerful purple energy field around them.

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Interstellar Travel

Interstellar Travel

Meditation January 31 Personal Experience

I could see strong waves of purple energy crossing Europe, I am almost certain that for the time over Europe I was located above northern Morocco, looking towards Spain and then the rest of the European continent.

The attempt to get closer to the Planet was vain, I found myself again in the interstellar space, some point of Light from time to time and the vision of the Central Sun connected to the Earth by a pillar of purple Light. No stars, only the black of the deep space.

Many clouds of purple energy scattered here and there, but I was at the mercy of the vision, my few attempts to draw closer to the planet most of the time have been unsuccessful.

I repeat without presumption and with much speculation, but I think the veil is weakening a lot, if my meditation is relevant, it was an emotional journey beyond the veil.

Maybe my place is there 🙂 and if so I will try to bring as many people as possible!

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