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Meditation for Italy 22 September 2017 Time 20:02 UTC

Meditation for Italy 22 September 2017 Time 20:02 UTC

Saint Germain’s Violet Flame upon Rome

Meditation for Italy 22 September 2017 Time 20:02 UTC. Saint Germain’s Violet Flame upon Rome

As Italians we would like to promote a healing meditation in favor of the country in which we decided to reincarnate in this lifetime, we need your help to reach the greater possible number of people.

We can do it! We can work for our beautiful Italy to direct Galactic Central Sun’s energies to Rome!

In this period of huge transmutation of energies, it’s time for healing negative energies in Italy. We need help from everyone, Italians or not.

By focusing our healing energies upon Rome, headquarters of Roman Empire and Kingdom of Catholic Church, we’ll try to heal and move towards the Light the greater possible number of entities.

We’ll try to crystallize negative energies stagnant in the Vatican’s undergrounds and under San Giovanni in Laterano Cathedral.

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price
San Giovanni in Laterano

San Giovanni in Laterano – Roma

Meditation for Italy 22 September 2017 Time 20:02 UTC

We are very close to a real drastic change, we have to make a special effort to enhance more and better, awakening the greater possible number of people. The Equinox Time, September 22nd at 22 h 02 m (Italian time, corresponding at 20:02 UTC), it’s the perfect time to bring us, this fall, to make a first little visible step to Planetary Liberation.

You can check the time in you place here.

Surely, there will be other synchronized meditations in that day at that time, anyway, our Italian meditation do resonate within the Global Mass Meditation, so it has the same purpose, as we are focusing on the one and only goal of the Planet Healing.

As many say, it’s not important what we visualize, the music or the location of the meditation, it’s more important to try to expand our connection with the Source and the I AM Presence.

Saint Germain Merkaba e Fiamma Viola

Saint Germain Merkaba and Violet Fame

Meditation for Italy 22 September 2017 Time 20:02 UTC

We do know our Galactic Brothers need our help to complete this opening stage of our Ascensional Cycle in 5D, and be sure they benevolently agree with our initiative, our task is to spread this meditation everywhere by any means we have, and make it viraL.

Equinox Time, day 22 time 22, represent for us, Italians, a real esoteric signal to unify and reach our goal.

Let’s explain the esoteric meaning of 2222, it’s quite substantial.

Number 2222

This is the master double number including the energy of number 8.

Actually, it means that our motivations and wishes are very close to reveal themselves, or they are already created in physical form.

It also means we need self-control and we have to work very hard to manifest what we want.

So, it’s time to work, everything is ready for us.

Meditation for Italy 22 22

Meditation for Italy 22 22

Meditation for Italy 22 September 2017 Time 20:02 UTC

Meditation for Italy 22 September 2017 Time 20:02 UTC VIDEO

2222 Feminine Energy

The power of 2222 comes to us, asking for our comprehension, showing us to be kind.

It’s also a very strategic number with a lot of diplomacy.

Number 2222 is the most feminine number, a peace-maker.

If you carefully look at the shape of number 2, you can see a symbolic representation of a resilient force and an amazing survivor.

Other symbolisms of 2222 are Partnership, Balance, but it can be also understood as opposition and conflict between opinions.

When the numbers 2222 show up, it’s good for you to meditate about any problem you’re facing. That awareness will be your eureka moment.

In the end, when you see 2222, you’re been asked to take in consideration Duality inside each of us: Light & Dark,  Positive & Negative, Ying & Yang, Black & White, Day & Night.

The idea about reunify as a higher vibration, means all kinds of Partnership, this is what 2222 is trying to show you.

We’re working, as usual, on a video/audio Meditation for Italy, coming soon.


If you have a Cintamani Stone, let’s keep it close to you during Meditation.


Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness. State your intent to heal Italy and Italian people.


Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from Galactic Central Sun, through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the Sun and the Moon and then through your body, to the center of the Earth.


Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky to all beings of Light in our Solar System and our Galaxy.


You are now sitting in two pillars of Light. Light’s flowing both upwards and downwards, simultaneously.


Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.


Visualize the six points Star, the Merkaba, in your Crown Chakra, 30 cm. over your head.


Visualize the six points Star Merkaba shining Saint Germain’s Violet Flame energy.


Visualize the six points Star Merkaba shining the Violet Flame upon Rome, visualize the Flame descending over Vatican City, focusing in Saint Peter, surrounding all around it. Keep this vision active for a few minutes.


Keep Violet Flame active expanding around Rome for a few minutes.


Visualize Violet Flame expanding over entire Italy healing those still anchored to negative energies.
Visualize Violet Flame unifying all Italian Lightworkers, producing a powerful healing violet grid.
Visualize a Healing Violet Flame created by all Lightworkers focusing again on Rome.


Visualize Violet Flame become more intense, expanding in Europe, healing all needy persons in the grip of the Dark Forces.


Visualize Violet Flame enfolding the Whole Planet.

Victory of The Light!

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