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May Sorting - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

May Sorting

The Great Quantum Transition

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition – By Lev

Following the previous months, the energies of May, by their powerful vibes, will continue to sort people for different dimensions. We have remember that the planets, Sun, Stars, Constellations and their stelliums are not only emitters of own freqs, but act as repeaters and “colorers” of thousands and millions of the Greater Cosmos’ radiations unknown to us. All of them come to Earth, and our scientists, armed with a dozen primitive tools and indicators, try to understand at least something about these flows. But from their academic heights don’t tire of repeating that the climate change caused by the exhaust gases of cars, cows and evil Chinese, and not by the Earth’s core jets, heated by quantum flows, producing all cataclysms on the surface.

May Sorting - May


May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

In May, stelliums will go on to “tint” incoming energies by major and minor aspects, impacting on different characters and Souls that is more familiar to us. Next month, the main configurations will be Venus square Pluto, Mars sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Saturn, New Moon, Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury square Pluto, Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct Jupiter, Sun sextile Neptune, Sun trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune, Full Moon, Jupiter sextile Neptune, Venus trine Pluto, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Uranus.

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Venus Square Pluto

May 01, Venus in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius is a tense aspect. It exacerbates spontaneous relationship difficulties, karmic pains and psychological traumas of the past. In our inner work, this stellium’s help to free from the accumulated burden of humiliation and suffering for rising to a new high, and learn a light and kind feeling for selves, giving up the habit of meekly bearing everything. Angel wings grow in places rubbed by the cross of fate.

But in negative personalities, the radiations of the day raise the lowest manifestations from the Soul’s bottom. They get bored when everything is good and easy in relationships with people. They constantly provoke quarrels and strife, inflamed by an unsatisfied need for acute experiences, and can bring anyone to a nervous breakdown. Experiencing an insatiable need for recognition and fame, they are ready to walk over corpses to it, agrees to any deal with conscience, crime, and intrigue against others. Such men enjoy the lowest instincts of the public and willingly participate in scandalous talk shows, staged brawls and demonstrations, tease and provoke everyone with obscene behavior and insults.

The karmic purpose of this day is to bring purity and order to our inner world and subconscious, to purge toxic instincts and drives. If we don’t realize this, then will often encounter heavy casualties and blows that will haunt us for so long and to the extent that we cause them instinctively or consciously, intentionally or unintentionally, for the best or worst motives.

May Sorting - Biosphere In May

Biosphere In May

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

Mars Sextile Pluto

May 03, Mars in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius carries a powerful mix of energies that work for both good and evil. With its high-frequency vibrations, stellium highlights the sides of our character, which can lead us to success, and the areas of their application, as well as test our Spirituality and loyalty to Supreme Ideals. Tuned to the energies of the day, harmonious, strong-willed and purposeful people positively influence others, reach any heights, and fight injustice and the System. Feeling connected to the vibrations of Mars (power and directness) and Pluto (transformation, intensity and willpower), we successfully overcome obstacles in our way, emerge unscathed from any troubles, and some of us even become opinion leaders and gain recognized authority.

In negative men, low freqs of stellium increase bitterness, aggression, stubbornness and intransigence, the desire for manipulation and the thirst for power over others. Rejecting any constructive activity, a person feels that his energy doesn’t find a positive outlet, stagnates, rots and plunges him into deep depression, a sense of own inferiority and, as a result, malicious hysteria. Stellium’s radiation gives a chance to increase the frequencies of own energy, transform it and direct in a harmonious way. Then purification occurs by itself, as a side result of internal efforts aimed at correcting the character that helps to actively burn karmic nodes. If a person won’t do this voluntarily, the cleaning will be forced and very harsh.

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Sun Sextile Saturn

May 07, Sun in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces acts as a strong positive catalyst. In high frequencies of this stellium, the Sun (the source of vital energy) and Saturn (vibes of order, prudence, and pragmatism) guide to conquer the peaks and achieve supreme aims, make us reasonable, responsible, persistent and diligent. They make the path to success not easy, but if to schedule activities correctly and gradually move towards the goal, then, our plans will come true. Perseverance, extraordinary hard work, patience and the ability to stand up in an unfavorable period are rewarded with good results, rich experience and excellent professional skills.

For negative individualsr, stellium’s energy is a challenge, encouraging transforming and realizing their mission on Earth, testing their willpower, ability to overcome obstacles and establish cooperation. If a person doesn’t want to accept this challenge and constantly evades it, fate starts working against him. He degrades and falls into hard karmic millstones, in which his choice is minimal or absent.

May Sorting - Minimal Or Absent

Minimal Or Absent

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

At the supreme level, this is an aspect of Spiritual Teachers who are well versed in the ratio of the highest and lowest in our character, helping its upgrading. At the moment of the sextile’s activation, we can feel some freezing, external and internal inhibition. This is an invitation to take a closer look at self and draw the necessary conclusions.

New Moon

May 07, New Moon at Taurus occurs in parallel with retrograde Pluto, Venus in the earthly abode and during divergent conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, which is the main aspect of the year. This stellium’s radiation shows the true results of our aspirations, help kick off the most daring projects, while feeling grounded and safe. The new Lunar cycle starting in the earth sign strengthens our resistance to external influences, the ability to control thoughts and behavior, gives more vital energy. Difficulties at this time arise due to a subconscious sense of defenselessness or low self-esteem.

It’s important being attentive to everything at such moments so that self-doubt doesn’t affect the situation. Possible discomfort is a sign of inner development and helps us realize what our problems are. There is no need to have all the answers at once. Sometimes a small hint here is enough to get rid of anxiety and anxiety. This is a good day to rethink the path we’ve already taken, become aware of what we’ve been doing wrong, and what to focus on in the coming weeks.

On this day, it’s useful to analyze carefully all past mistakes before starting something new. We may also feel a little tired, but must not worry – the energy will recover quickly. A little respite will help to continue important things with fresh forces. If we don’t take a break, then risk facing emotional burnout. The energies of Taurus are not impulsive. Therefore, before saying or doing something, better to assess the consequences, not act rashly, especially when communicating with people, and always remain friendly, tolerant and avoid conflicts.

Sun Conjunct Uranus

May 13, Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus shakes up a cocktail of tense and antagonistic energies. The vibrations of the Sun affect a person’s self-expression, his ability to be in the center of attention and maintain generally accepted principles. On the contrary, the radiation of Uranus pushes towards rebellion against violence, independence, freedom, the expression of the most unusual ideas and the creation of an outstanding image. In harmonious people, this aspect manifests as strong intuition, talent and originality, determination and revolutionary spirit, a heightened sense of justice and willingness to sacrifice their lives for others, contempt for the mundane, dullness and routine, the desire to awaken and shake others out of sleep, a passionate wish for the new, striving to change and evolve.

In low-frequency persons, stellium’s energies enhance eccentricity and impulsivity, toxic character and irritability, an aggravated tendency to extremes and radicalism, loss of meaning in life and thoughts of suicide, hasty decisions and susceptibility to accidents. The reckless schemes and scandals, paranoia and breakup of relationships only aggravate the situation. This day provides an opportunity to change self and pay attention to the signs of karma. This way, the toxic man will not only save self (and others) from many troubles, but also can gain a different vision of the world, his place and purpose on Earth.

Venus Sextile Saturn

May 13, Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces, by its vibrations, indicates the area of potential success where we must make efforts and can receive help from above. Giftedness and intellectual abilities don’t bring results automatically, especially during a sextile that unites such energetically different planets as these two. Even when tuning into the high freqs of the aspect that backs our will power, emotional control and creative activity, it’s hard to break the bonds of internal complexes and external constraints, which block the path to success. The habit of living only according to strict regulations, subordinating relationships to rigid rules is fraught with loss of connection with reality and, as a result, with own Soul.

The sextile Venus-Saturn provides good opportunities to become open, flexible and positive, to approach any job and relationship wisely and creatively, remaining serious, disciplined and reliable. Do not make promises that cannot be fulfilled, and before offer friendship and partnership, better to think in advance and weigh all the prospects. Ready to give all own time and strength, our frequent problem is the inability to comply with the measure: we try to share more than get, or are afraid of being misunderstood, preferring to remain in the shadows.

May Sorting - Give More Than Take

Give More Than Take

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

In inharmonious characters, stellium’s rays suppress emotions and their manifestation, which prevents communication with others. The tendency to pessimism increases, fixating on own shortcomings and problems instead of seeing the good sides of life. Intolerance, criticality and severity to others are aggravated that kills relations. Staying at a low frequency level, a person focused solely on self and avoids any activity, required efforts (even when opportunities are banging on his door), which he will later bitterly regret, or finally become stale in lonely selfishness. Sextile helps to feel the inner desire to expand and improve own socialization. Karma always activates aspects that need to be worked out, and if a person ignores them, it turns into especially harsh blows of fate.

Mercury Square Pluto

May 17, Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius is a difficult and stressful aspect. It’s opposing energies of intelligence and cognition (Mercury) and transformations (Pluto) act differently depending on our frequencies. In negative people, excitability, the spirit of contradiction, nervousness, irritability, waywardness, rash statements and actions, a tendency to deceit and fraud increase. Obsessions, eating own heart, malicious criticism and condemnation of others come over. A person rudely and often uses profanity, is driven by the craving to manipulate, and risks becoming a victim of manipulation. The tendency to get into crisis situations and self-destruction, Inquisitorial mind and thirst for power (at least mental) over others, secrecy, pronounced hubris and willingness to any meanness complement aggressive and treacherous traits.

If we are harmonious, then the high vibrations of the square Mercury-Pluto supports the sharpness of our mind and contact, intuition and psychologism, bold decisions, a sense of justice and resistance to toxic men and inhumane regime. In this stellium, we get deep insight and intensity of thinking, good analytical ability, which is important in many areas, power of speech, hypnosis and NLP abilities, which are very demanded in healing. Thanks to our upgraded intelligence, we can dig to the bottom of problems, find deep relationships and hidden causes of what is happening, and make revolutionary discoveries.

It’s important to remember that karma is a causal relationship. Everything in our life is given for a reason. Through difficulties and obstacles, we repay karmic debts, become cleaner and stronger, gain the necessary experience and opportunities to grow. Therefore, karma is always an assistant on a new path and in improving fate.

Venus Conjunct Uranus

May 18, Venus in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus forms one of the strongest and dynamic aspects that also affects positive and negative people in different ways. If we are harmonious, the energies of Venus in the earth sign help us feel confident in this world, in the good attitude of others, and believe in the future. The aspect brings the feeling that the Higher Powers love us, will not abandon and give the most necessary things, approval, and help. That life is good, and it is good to live, that all troubles will pass by, and we should not strain self too much against negativity. If we are fixated on the low vibrations of Venus, we are vulnerable to toxic influences, weak in protection, and the more we encounter the world, the less we trust it.

May Sorting - Push In Disaster

Push In Disaster

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

Uranus acts in a similar way. In the energies of the earth sign, the planet’s vibes bring something that has not yet developed, has not yet been realized, and we need to anticipate what to do. If we are positive, then the radiation of Uranus unlocks our intuition and foresight, the ability to predict and understand situations. But if we are negative, the low vibrations of the planet will push us into a disastrous situation that will disrupt all our plans and efforts. That’s how this stellium works. The high-frequency Venus sets for the good and the low vibes of Uranus take it away. Therefore, a person, depending on his energy, gets either what he wants, or another stress caused by uncertainty and misunderstanding.

The conjunct Venus-Uranus teaches to think strategically, plan soberly, act boldly and decisively, take reasonable risks and experiment, and try new things. Otherwise, there is a high probability of big mistakes due to fussiness, overestimation of own strengths, capacities and prospects. The habit of acting impulsively and thoughtlessly, getting involved in risky affairs brings serious problems, loss of reputation and breakup of relationships. Stellium reminds to keep emotional balance and stay productive, carefully plan and find non-standard solutions, be creative and open to change.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

May 18, Sun in Taurus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus is a very strong aspect. Its high-frequency energies in the earth sign are filled with vibrations of cheerfulness, optimism, the ability to attract success and the desire to generously share it with others, whether it’s material help or Spiritual (in the form of advice, knowledge, enlightenment, kind parting words, etc.). In harmonious persons, stellium’s radiations enhance kindness, nobility, love of life and a tendency to see in everything only good things. People admire the honesty, sincerity, humanity and high level of Soul of such men. Staying with them, everyone feels especially warm, fun and joyful, and wish to think about the highest and the most beautiful, discuss progressive ideas and upgrade Spiritually. They are tolerant and respectful of other cultures and faiths, even when have conflicting feelings about them.

In low-frequency man, the conjunct Sun-Jupiter inflates self-esteem. A person sincerely believes that all his words and actions are extremely important and significant, that he is great, and everyone should help him and selflessly serve. Solar vibes highlight all the lower manifestations of his character and affect it through rigid imperatives, suppressing creativity and forcing to manifest in very narrow limits. A negative person can’t fit into them that resulting in excessive inner tension and explosion. Moreover, the Absolute in this case manifests both in the moment and nature of the blast, the form of destruction of a toxic personality and the trajectories of debris. This is how we are taught from above to perceive opportunities not as gratis, as if it can’t be otherwise, for greedy and insatiable consumption, but to realize our responsibility for any gifts as collective, and not purely personal values.

Sun Sextile Neptune

May 19, Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces is another powerful positive stellium. In the earth and water signs, its high-frequency radiation gives a harmonious personality good intuition, rich creative potential and talent to realize it for the benefit of others, high sensitivity, abilities for telepathy, diagnosis and healing. Stellium helps to be humanists and idealists in the best sense of the word, remain merciful and uplifted, psychological and sensitive to the pain of others, and support those in need, organizing charitable foundations and volunteer groups, orphanages and nursing homes, and other social aid. Many turn to such an assistant for advice and help, to share worries and concerns. Thanks to open heart, responsiveness, the gift of forecast and keeping other people’s secrets, this person always has many friends, well-wishers and admirers.

May Sorting - Neptune's Impact

Neptune’s Impact

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

In a completely different way stellium’s energy affects negative people. The powerful vibrations of the Sun challenge a person, checking whether he has the will, the ability to overcome obstacles and establish socially significant and promising cooperation with others. At the same time, the low frequencies of Neptune distort his external and internal taking, plunge into chaos and confusion. Thus, the sextile forces man to free from illusions, caused by lies and self-deception, and turn to high Spirituality. In that case, Neptune’s radiation constantly provokes to abandon changes, impelling to develop constancy, inner honesty in evaluating own actions and make more efforts to get rid of karmic debts for moving in a right direction.

Sun Trine Pluto

May 22, Sun in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius by its high frequencies positively impact on harmonious people. Solar rays strengthen vital power, and Pluto’s vibrations unlock internal sources of energy. Together they contribute to our transformation and Spiritual growth for taking another step up the evolutionary ladder.

The high influence of the aspect on character, behavior and views of people is manifested as strong will, quick reaction, bravery, courage and endurance. They aren’t shy about their desires, loudly declare their goals to the world and successfully overcome all obstacles on the way. They don’t like to wait and not hesitate in making decisions. They achieve positive results in their inner work because are always active and capture any opportunity that opens up before them. They are bold and like risk, but always calculated and justified, that allows them to achieve success. This stellium’s energies help to understand the psychology of each person, recognize his deep feelings and influence the course of thought in the best way, inspire and ignite good deeds and effectively assist Co-Creators.

In negative person, the low frequencies of the trine Sun-Pluto exacerbate cockiness and jaded attitude, the habit of predatory vampirism and exploitation of others. In practice, this most often backed by one or another parasitic egregore. The stellium’s energies help to get rid of it under conditions that efforts won’t stop, and the trine’s support ends instantly when the volitional action weakens. And if man quickly realizes this and changes, then he will not have to make any losses and sacrifices, because purification transforms not only him, but also his environment.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

May 23, Venus in Taurus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus in high frequencies has a beneficial effect on positive men. The energies of relationships (the Morning Star) and the expansion of knowledge and compliance with the higher Cosmic Laws (the Small Sun), combining, raise everyone, attuned to them, to a new level. They fill the Soul with optimism and inspiration, friendliness and sociability, generosity and willingness to help. The aspect strengthens the moral and Spiritual values of character and in relationships, brings confidence, mutual assistance and friendship into personal life. In this octave, the vibrations of both planets help us creatively realize ourselves, see the beauty all around, expand our intellectual abilities and imagination, make own talents multifaceted and in demand in society.

May Sorting - Beauty All Around

Beauty All Around

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

Stellium has an opposite effect on toxic people. Its low vibrations aggravate ego and pride, idleness and capriciousness, love of luxury and a parasitic lifestyle, greed and callousness. They completely block Spirituality, the pursuit of harmony and justice, reducing horizons and opportunity to develop. The aspect immerses the personality even deeper into living and thinking “like everyone else”, and never going beyond the social clichés and rules of the System. Run by it, a man wants more all the time – money, things, attention, prestige, adoration and recognition, and can never get enough of them, because they turn out to be not so good. This is how stellium teaches us: simultaneously increasing and devaluing everything that we greedily strive for. It hints that only through hard inner work and with a pure Soul, each can access to Divine energies and Spiritual channels, and offer them to others in order to survive in the new, high-freqs environment.

Venus Sextile Neptune

May 23, Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces on a high octave brings people inner harmony and peace in relationships, strength and constancy in love, inspiration in everyday things and the opportunity to realize Spiritual potential. Stellium radiations help to enjoy every moment of life, be tolerant, understand and forgive others, gain sacred knowledge and solve problems of any complexity.

In negative personalities sextile’s vibes increase chaos and confusion in emotions that completely subjugate the Soul and will. The perception of the world is distorted, resentment and vulnerability are aggravated, and minor troubles are taken as heavy and irreparable losses. Carriers of low freqs are constantly tormented by feelings of guilt, which they try to drown out with alcohol and drugs, and only sink deeper into depression, apathy and hopelessness. Conscious and active actions help to get out of this state, and that day gives everything for it. Stellium’s energies show which character traits are to be changed in order to improve own life.

Full Moon

May 23, Full Moon (or Flower Moon as the Indians call it) at Sagittarius has an important Spiritual impact. The Lunar radiations in the fire sign provide a good opportunity to reassess and confirm our long-term goals, plans and personal beliefs. On this day, the Universe forms events around us that will allow to better sync with our Higher Self. Harmonious people will experience strong optimism, willingness to take risks and overcome any obstacles. At this time, intuition and abstract thinking prevail over logic and linear conclusions, helping to review past experience with its mistakes, failures and disappointment.

The tension and excitement, caused by the strong high-frequency energies of the stellium, promote personal and collective Spiritual growth. The Full Moon is the perfect time to ask self how best to use our talents, communication skills and social relationships? What projects should be developed to achieve the set goals? What and who should we support or promote? Our life path depends on the chosen priorities.

May Sorting - Flower Moon

Flower Moon

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

In the lower range, the Flower Moon’s vibes bring only troubles to toxic people. They lose self-control and completely break away from reality, quarrel with loved and distant ones, reckless in words and deeds. Their blood clotting worsens, the ability of tissues to regenerate decreases, and chronic diseases aggravate. The tendency to use intoxicating drinks and drugs increases, they smoke more and move less, easily succumb to any temptations, the consequences of which will affect their future. For such people, the Full Moon is an ideal chance to realize personal problems and address their shortcomings.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune

May 23, Jupiter in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces is generally a harmonious aspect, but like others, it acts differently on positive and negative people. To the formers, the energies of growth and expansion (Jupiter) and intuition, imagination and Spirituality (Neptune) bring inspiration, creativity and vision of a large multidimensional picture. It increases optimism, self-confidence and the ability to see opportunities even in the most difficult situations. Internal constraints break down and new perspectives open up, making it easier to achieve goals and strive for more. Psychic abilities and understanding of the deeper aspects of life are enhanced. Stellium’s high energies offer prospects on credit, and we should pay NOT on the principle of “I give to you and you give to me”, BUT on a basis “you give to me, and I give to others”, which a harmonious person perceives as something natural and right.

Toxic individual have a worse time under the impact of low sextile’s vibes. In this register, a person is obsessed with megalomania, seeks to immediately gobble up all advances without giving anything in return, for which has to pay the heavy price. Promising opportunities are suddenly and forever closed, and he feels unfairly bypassed by fate and plunges into confusion and depression. Attempts to reverse the situation by force and shady affairs end in a complete fiasco and new losses. Stellium’s energies tell the man: you received many signs and warnings. If you can understand – understand, because there won’t be any more chances.

Venus Trine Pluto

May 25, Venus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius is a favorable aspect, in which the planets’ vibes act in the same direction in similar air signs. But energetically, the Morning Star and Pluto are antagonistic that creates contradictions and difficulties. If we are positive, then the stellium’s high frequencies help to grow Spiritually, unlock the inner potential to serve others and fulfill our mission on Earth. This aspect radiations strengthen the will, the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve high results, provides a unique intellectual and emotional power for which nothing is impossible. Trine reveals our best qualities to subvene.

May Sorting - Subvene


May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

In a low-frequency person, stellium energies enhance laziness and parasitism, often in the form of total ingratitude to people and life for everything they do for him, which others perceive as a heavy blow. The trine Venus-Pluto brings many troubles to such man, forcing him to change, and through self, cleanse closest to him. Usually, the toxic ego torments them for the blows of fate and losses. But the stellium’s energies will quickly force him to make all the sacrifices he has avoided, and even to a much greater extent The karmic task of this day is to change, otherwise a person will forever remain a hostage of own evil character.

Mercury Sextile Saturn

May 28, Mercury in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces in high register is very favorable for positive people. It enhances mental abilities and memory, helps to be accurate, logical and focused, deep, clear and methodical. We can best demonstrate our efficiency, practicality and stress tolerance, good organizational skills, business qualities and constructive interaction.

The sextile’s freqs work differently on low vibrational people, squeezing out of them the worst manifestations – deceit and cunning, avarice and commercialism, callousness, coldness and arrogance, distrust and cowardice. The Mercury’s energies run ability to perceive information, react quickly and transmit it to others. Saturn’s vibes maintain discipline, responsibility and structure. When both planets form a sextile, a negative person feels an acute shortage of vital energy and plunges into bad mood, inner chaos, difficulties in commune and understanding. As a result, aggravates the disunity with people, lack of confidence and chronic low self-esteem. The stellium’s radiation helps to comprehend these shortcomings and address them.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

May 31, Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus has positive and negative impact. Its radiation works best on high-frequency personalities. In this range, the stellium’s vibrations open access to the Universe’s info field, and we can use it in our creativity and innovative projects that stimulate and inspire others. The aspect’s energies help to look at former, present and future values in a different way, and be prepared for unexpected events and changes in life. The tuning to conjunction Mercury-Uranus rewards with special mind and perception, observation and attention, versatile development and foresight, love to learn and gain new knowledge.

May Sorting - Gain New Knowledge

Gain New Knowledge

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition

For negative people, this stellium is a serious challenge. Isolation from reality, chaos in thoughts, radicalism in views and unpredictable behavior, old and unresolved problems prevent such men from developing and moving forward. Their mentality is deeply rooted in widespread flat ideas and patterns of the public consciousness and subconscious, which completely subordinate the mind, schematizing and profaning it.

A person feels this, but all attempts to get rid of its deadening influence are doomed, because the mind and Soul are rude, not flexible, and can’t accept and adapt to the rapidly changing situation on Earth. Here, the changing is especially difficult, since it requires shifting the mindset, abandoning social clichés, imposed by the System. If he won’t do this, then couldn’t stay in a high-freqs environment for long.

Such will be the energies of the basic stelliums and their major aspects in May, making this month dual for different people. The second half is more favorable than the first decade. But we should not relax. In June, sorting by our vibes will go on in more intense mode, especially after a powerful space storm, expected in the middle of the month, and others important events, which DNI will continue disclosing.

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