Matrix Of The Absolute - New Galactic Ops Part 9-1

Matrix Of The Absolute

New Galactic Ops Part 9-1

The Great Quantum Transition

Matrix Of The Absolute – New Galactic Ops Part 9-1 – March 2021 – By Lev

Galactic Committee, together with friendly space races, continues operations on every Earth’s level. They don’t stop for a minute.

Their main field today is quantum space, through which a powerful flow of radiation from the Source is coming.

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Matrix Of The Absolute - Radiation From The Source

Radiation From The Source

Matrix Of The Absolute

With the help of a gigantic cosmic infrastructure, Galacom focuses it on our planet, actively changing Earth on the Subtle and physical planes.

Into three-dimensional space, the Source has laid the program of dualism, the knowledge of the Good and Evil for the development of the spiritual plasma of man. Plasma is the Subtle energy radiated by all bodies, from minerals and plants to animals, humans, and the planet itself.

In many millions of years of civilization, this program has not changed, and will not change any more.

In addition to the three-dimensional world, which is based on one-dimensional and two-dimensional density, the Co-Creators form a transitive 4D. Together with 3D, 2D, and 1D, they form a common space – Solaris.

Co-Creators use Solaris to compact energy into matter and vice versa to decompress matter into energy.

Source’s energies that Galacom now redirects to Earth, and that emitted by the planet itself, differ in vibration, strength, and wave patterns (colors).

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Matrix Of The Absolute - Different Energies Waves

Different Energies Waves

Matrix Of The Absolute

Solaris is a quasi-closed system, which has inputs and outputs. These are channels of inter-dimensional communication.

Every system has a communication center. It connects all of its inner parts to the external worlds, ensuring that all parts of the system have access to the necessary energy.

It’s just like our body. Internal organs are functioning as if independent of each other but in a single organism.

Matrix connects the energy to the material structures. Knowing how Co-Creators modify the Matrix, we can understand how and why they transform matter and humanity.

Now the Higher Light Hierarchy is passing people’s souls through quantum filters in 4D to cleanse them of negativity and bring them out into the channel of consciousness expansion.

After quantum color-sound processing of the planet, its filtered plasma with the introduced knowledge, by a wave shift, rebuilds our gene structures.

By purified plasma Co-Creators saturate inter-dimensional currents, which enter the receiving blocks of the Earth. With them, they cleanse the energy stores of the planet, and through crust direct to its core.

Simultaneously the energies channeled through the pyramids infuse the protein bodies and load plant plasma with a new consciousness. These flows actively interact with each other.

Higher Light Hierarchs actively rule the ERMA red energy radiated by the Earth. It is the basis of everything – energy fields, the Matrix, and matter.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Erma Energy

Erma Energy

Matrix Of The Absolute

There is a special space in the upper atmosphere where Galacom is completing a new 5D Earth hologram, new time-spin programs, and thought-forms of new matter.

It is impossible to remove the old 3D life from the planet overnight – humanity would die. That’s why Galacom cleans, rebuilds, reforms the old one into 5D gradually, cautiously speeding up the pace.

This is done by regulating the energy pressure on the outer shell of the planet using spaceships and infrastructure in near-Earth orbits on the Subtle Plane.

By controlling the sound and energy waves of the quantum base of matter, the Co-Creators saturate the plasma with new knowledge from the higher dimensions of the planet’s information field and restore the human 12-helix DNA.

The position of the planet is changing. At the moment it is not yet so obvious in its axial rotation but already noticeable by the Earth’s magnetic pole shift.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Magnetic Pole Shift

Magnetic Pole Shift

Matrix Of The Absolute

Planet’s energy complex is also changing. It explains the increasing frequency of magnetic storms, tornadoes, floods, fires. And of quakes up to 80-120 every day.

Quantum fluxes with which Co-Creators irradiate the inner layers of the crust and beneath it create thermal radiations that change the soil and climate for 5D conditions.

Using the 5D hologram and purified plasma in the upper atmosphere, Co-Creators regulate the natality on 3D Earth.

On the one hand, it manifests itself in a shrinking population and a falling birth rate, in the reluctance of the younger generation to have a family, in the born children sick in every sense.

On the other hand, there are an increasing number of especially gifted Indigo and Crystalline kids. They can see the Subtle Plane, and have clairvoyance and telepathy’s anlage. This is the basis of 5D humanity.

Pleiadians treat the ultrasonic plane of the planet by sound vibrations. It is the layer that receives all the radiation of the pyramids, and through it, Galacom controls all the energy processes on Earth.

Quantum world without sound is dead. Light is not born without sound.

During a thunderstorm, the lightning discharge is always preceded by a moment of silence, when animals and birds, sensing the wave of ultrasound, freeze, or hide.

Only then lightning follows and then comes the thunder – the discharge of infrasound. Such infrasound is within our auditory range, so we can hear it.

Co-Creators stimulate the flow of radiant Intelligence energy emitted by the Gaia’s core.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Lighting Discharge

Lighting Discharge

Matrix Of The Absolute

It is primarily perceived by plants, and with them, it is transmitted further – to animals and humans.

Minerals, too, are charged with additional data to preserve and reveal to people soon.

In the times of previous civilizations, a colossal amount of info was telepathically downloaded into the stones at sacred sites, which will also be available to man in the 5D.

Changes are accumulating in the humans’ cells. Not all changes are yet understood by medicine. That’s why there are so many cases when doctors can’t give a correct diagnosis to a patient.

This is because man, like all of nature, is now transforming completely, and medical knowledge is lagging.

New thermal processes that the Co-Creators ignite in the depths of the planet cause emissions of protuberances, the radiations of the Earth’s core. They warm up the planet, change the frequencies of its energy, and sound pulses.

With these protuberances, Pleiadians dismantle the structural lattice of Archons’ 3D hologram, change the gene structure of the cellular plasma, and purify it.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Earth Hologram

Earth Hologram

Matrix Of The Absolute

By sound waves they balance the atmosphere and space, and using the generated sonorific frequency they form a new consciousness.

This is how the Higher Light Hierarchy lays the foundation for the 5D space on Earth.

With the help of PURZH purple energy, Galacom conducts a global cleansing and sorting of energy and information at the junction point of people’s consciousness and subconsciousness.

It helps us distinguish true information from false, right concepts from wrong ones, to love and truly believe. It is a very slow process so far. But it will speed up.

By pulsation of the Earth’s energy shield, the Co-Creators transform the planet’s plasma into streams of scattered particles that morph the molecular structure of the energy stores in the plant world.

Through processed plant plasma we receive new knowledge via the channel of consciousness expansion.

This plasma, bringing in new knowledge, adapts us to more complex living conditions, to changes in our bodies.

Temperature swings on the planet cause molecular reactions in literally everything.

Conditions of human habitat are becoming more and more difficult. There are problems with water and food, air, weather, climate, which is very sensitive for plants and humans.

With flows of PURZH energy that purify spaces, Co-Creators rearrange the entire nucleic chains. It stimulates rapid growth and eases the transition to the 5D and new Time programs.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Purzh Energy

Purzh Energy

Matrix Of The Absolute

A certain environment is created that changes the chemical molecules. Pleiadians reconfigured the planet’s receptor blocks which transform the plasma of plants that end their cycle of development in the former form.

Transformed plant plasma potential, after clearing space and bio-plasma formations, changes its gravitational fields.

Galacom accelerates the transition from old, obsolete knowledge to new insight, restructuring the life support system of the planet. They compact the plasma of highly evolved formations with altered DNA and cell structure.

When the planet is purified by the PURZH purple energy, brought in by the Co-Creators, rapid growth processes take place in the Earth’s inner world.

Minerals change, layers of soil rise and fall. This process is almost invisible to humans.

The Time flow is accelerating. Even though scientists tell us that it has speeded up by fractions of a second, we notice that Time is catastrophically short.

Time itself is not any kind of space, although it would not be wrong to call it that way. A planet has its Time, as well as a plant, an insect, an animal, and so on. Everything has a lifespan and its programs. There are many examples.

Some plants are already at the end of their development cycle. They are changing their qualities and their composition. Those who are gardeners or horticulturists notice it well.

In many regions, plants do not set fruit, and if they did, the fruit was bumpy and unpalatable.

Plants that change their gravitational fields do not lose the gravitational attraction of the Earth.

Gravity Is Consciousness, And Not The Force As A Result Of The Earth’s Rotation.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Gravity Is Consciousness

Gravity Is Consciousness

Matrix Of The Absolute

It means that the renewed plants will carry in their cells new info, new knowledge. Everything is alive and intelligent on the planet, just like Gaia herself. As the composition and quality of information change, so does everything around us.

Temporal programs of Intelligence plasma materialization are formed by sound vibrations of force fields, on the inner layers of the Earth’s crust, passing into energy-changing fields, transforming the matter of plants. Brain potentials are increased, and biological bodies are transformed by radiation signals.

What are temporary programs? For man it is destiny, and no matter how much he seeks to change it, the program will still come to its place.

Many people call it karma, and this is no mistake. The word karma translates cosmically as “the accumulation of ready Intelligence plasma for further development.”

If the programs of previous incarnations are not fulfilled, they come upon us in the next incarnation. Karma exists even in plants.

Once, when we moved from one place to another, we took with us a pear shoot. The old tree produced beautiful fruits, but here was the trouble. Every spring the neighbors burned the old grass, and every year the old pear tree burned badly, but somehow miraculously recovered.

Young shoot, planted in a new place, grew beautifully. But here, too, the karma of the mother tree caught up with it.

New neighbors kept burning trash not far from our pear tree until the pear tree died completely. Then the neighbors stopped burning their garbage fires, too.

This is how I became convinced of the existence of plant karma. Not a single tree died, except the one we took from so suffering a mother’s base.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Pear Tree Died

Pear Tree Died

Matrix Of The Absolute

Sound impulses build the quantum basis of matter. Light does not arise without sound. For particles to start moving, they need a push. The impulse of the sound wave provides them with this impetus.

The planet’s buzzer has been changing for 20 years. This is a normal time, and the process is not over yet.

Earth’s crust reacts, changes its state, just as our large body reacts to a pill of the right medicine. And the potential of the human brain changes under the influence of sound impulses.

There is an old belief that one can’t build a house on the site of fire. In our village five years ago there was a fire, a house burned down. Thank God, the tenants survived.

We all warned them that they couldn’t restore the house in its former location, and it’s necessary to change the spot to avoid karma. But the neighbors didn’t listen. The house was rebuilt in its former place, with a huge amount of effort.

It didn’t take long before the house burned down again.

Now they were completely homeless because everything and even the neighbor’s outbuildings had burned down.

Fires are raging in many countries in numerous regions.

And those who build on the site of the fire are in trouble again.

We must not neglect the experience of our ancestors, or otherwise, we will have to experience it ourselves.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Burning House In California

Burning House In California

Matrix Of The Absolute

Continuing the topic of Time…

Its spin is a new turn or the next cycle of development of our planet’s matter-carrying Intelligence. Co-Creators correct this process with a hologram, as all activity of Earth’s Matrix.

Intelligence plasma, which is concentrated in the atmospheric layers and formed to bring into the matter, or the birth of new matter, passes through the Earth’s central axial channel, where new programs for the expansion of consciousness are switched on by the planet’s core.

Spherical rings of energy created by Pleiadians are still blocking new 5D life forms because the environment has not yet changed completely. Bringing new life forms into it now means destroying them. Galacom controls this process, in part via Sun.

Newly born 5D life species begin to go through a 4D transformation process at altered magnetic field frequencies, new Time-spin programs, and sonic pulses.

With the help of the planet’s receiver units, Pleiadians convert incoming information into protuberant emissions when energy is emitted in anomalous zones, where the finished Intelligence plasma goes to the highest stages of development.

By the new hologram’s energy, Pleiadians open up a new space and create the conditions for a quieter period of life.

Using plasmoids’ drawing into five-dimensional space, Galacom moves plasma altering planetary field structures.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Plasmoids


Matrix Of The Absolute

Pleiadians load new codes into the cells, change the position of the atmosphere’s layers, contribute to the intensified development of the Earth’s inner world. They reconfigure the planet’s core to a new energy model.

Not only magnetic, but all other energy fields of matter are changing in which new species of life are being born. Therefore, today we observe a large number of dying birds, plants, fish, and animals.

High-vibration quantum currents directed to Earth by Galacom are incompatible with the low vibrations of many people. Therefore, the death rate from COVID-19 is so high. It also increases tensions in social, political, interracial, and international relations.

On March 27, 2021, the Unified Hierarchical Channel began to receive new information about the Absolute and its plans. It partially repeats the data transmitted earlier.

What are they about?

Our Absolute has completed her development and training at the Initial, First Hierarchical Level of the Absolutes’ World.

After its initial phase, her first Universe was rolled up. Worlds at this level are only allowed to be created as 100% virtual, 100% holograms. That is, without actually filling them with the energies and matter of the Absolutes. Their purpose is only to teach.

Newborn Absolutes are aware of themselves as such, studying themselves, learning, and gaining experience.

Then They should have a few more virtual Worlds. Thus, They will gain experience, pass appropriate normative exams, and be transferred to the Second Hierarchical Level.

At this level, our Absolute had created two Worlds. The first was no longer a virtual pattern, but a hybrid, a combination of a hologram and real substance.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Hologram Of The Universe

Hologram Of The Universe

Matrix Of The Absolute

Absolute put into it a part of Her Energy. But there was not even a particle of Her Soul in it. This creation ended in complete failure, a catastrophe. The time will come when we will be told more about it…

The second attempt is our Local Universe, its current Matrix. That is now smoothly passing away and is being replaced by the New Universe.

Any Universe is a Matrix. It is nothing but a prison, a cage, a labyrinth into which all Intelligence forms born in it are placed for its Creators to get the experience and knowledge They need.

The current Universe, our Absolute, to not bother much, like other Hierarchical Second Level Absolutes, built using a special template program.

She had no experience or knowledge to develop her concept of the manifested Universe. And, therefore, the creation possibility was severely limited.

In this template program, everything is simple. It was sufficient to load in the necessary fields the desired values, the world constants, some other parameters – and the system framework, the program foundation of the future Universe are created.

System immediately outputs, calculates the Uniform World Equation or the Absolute Equation – the main parameter of any Universe.

The rest is a matter of technique, perfected to the smallest detail. This is what the Absolutes’ conveyor belt for stamping new Creations looks like.

In our Local Universe, its System Matrix and Equation, two existential vectors were built-in: the strife of Light and Darkness.

The maximum distortion coefficient (entropy, a measure of chaos) was set at its highest level: 66.6% (Beast Number).

Matrix Of The Absolute - Number Of The Beast

Number Of The Beast

Matrix Of The Absolute

It is the threshold of acceptable distortion. To load 67% is possible. The program will not allow it, because such a Universe simply can’t exist and will quickly disintegrate by itself.

Formatting of dimensions in our Local Universe, in its Matrix Equation, was from 5D (the bottom of dimensionality) to 13D (Pleroma, the dimensions’ ceiling).

Where are the 3D and the 4D? That’s a good question. More on this see below…

On the second level, stamping out 100% virtual hologram Matrices without actually filling them with Absolute’s Existential Substance and Her Soul, becomes counterproductive. The system cannot evolve.

Therefore, the next step was a hybrid Universe in which it is partly manifested by the hologram and partly filled with the substantive energies of the Absolute.

This is the Local Universe we have been living in until recently. All dimensions, from 3D to 12D, with different hologram coefficients, were encapsulated to some degree in the fetters of the Matrix.

So from this point of view, we are all in the same Matrix, be it 3D or 12D. Just on its different levels, with different possibilities, range of free actions (free will and freedom of choice), and the possibility of the Absolute Truth cognition.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Multidimensional Matrix

Multidimensional Matrix

Matrix Of The Absolute

There are only some things that the Absolute has left OUTSIDE OF THE MATRIX, out of this System’s control. These are our Souls and the Pleroma Core (including born in Pleroma). Everything else is the Matrix.

Also external to it is Love as the state in which Absolute itself exists. Therefore, the way to the Truth, to Realness from the illusory world of the Matrix is only through ACHIEVING THE STATE OF TRUTH AND LOVE, THE STATE OF ABSOLUTE.

Absolute has given us all possibilities of exiting the Matrix. This exit lies through the cognition of the TRUTH and attainment of the state of TRUE LOVE.

That is, through attaining the level of the Absolute, that state in which She resides.

How Absolute allocated Herself, Her Substance, into the Matrix She created, as a new means of self-discovery and the accumulation of the creation experience?

Through the Primordial Foundations: the Feminine and the Masculine, which are the essence of the Absolute Soul’s Manifestation. And also through Light, which is the Manifestation of Substance that makes up the Absolute’s Body. And through Love, which is the Manifestation of the Absolute’s Heart.

Our Absolute is the Feminine Being, in terms of our thinking pattern. Therefore, it is natural that the Feminine Foundation will be dominant in our Universe.

It was through Feminine that the Male Foundation was manifested. It was the only opportunity to bring the real Existential Substance of the Absolute into our Universe.

When we say that our Absolute is female, it means that the Feminine Foundation of the Source prevails in Her.

Matrix Of The Absolute - Feminine Foundation Of The Universe

Feminine Foundation Of The Universe

Matrix Of The Absolute

It also means that the Masculine Foundation of the Source in our or any other Feminine Absolute is also present, but it is not dominant.

Many Higher Intelligence Forms in our Local Universe, including Logos and human Monads, are created on a similar principle.

Our Absolute has manifested in our Universe in the Fundamentals’ Proportion that She carries inside Her.

These fundamental features are carefully considered by the Galactic Committee in all its operations on Earth.

New information continues to come through a Single Hierarchical Channel…


(To be continued)

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Argorians Update 9-16 October 2021 – Lev

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Galacom Update 14 October 2021 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

At present, Galactic Committee and Higher Light Hierarchy increased bombarding Earth with waves of high-frequency energies, including the powerful vibrations of the Galactic Central Spiritual Sun (about it – see Operation Helios, DNI, October 13, 2021). The frequencies’ intensity is at maximum level and continues to rise. It is very hard for all of us to bear. We all feel a huge malaise. But there is no other way for very compelling reasons.

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Operation Helios – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On October 5, 2021, at 05:00 PM CET, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Galacom, and their ground team conducted Operation Helios. Getting it straight, that op did not involve arrests of 500,000, executions by firing squads, or necktie parties. It was the Helios Coronation. An event of great significance took place, not only for our section of the Galaxy but first and foremost for Earth, humanity, and each of us.

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Argorians Update 05-07 October 2021 – Lev

Argorians Update 05-07 October 2021 – Lev

Transporting Earth to a new vibrational orbit 5D in the space of the Star Oryx, 25D Argorians, at the same time, continue to actively transform our planet. Both processes are closely interrelated. Like for other Light Forces and friendly space races, the Galactic Committee entrusted Argorians with a separate and very large area of responsibility, where they do not stop their operations for a minute.

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Argorians Update 03 October 2021 – Lev

Argorians Update 03 October 2021 – Lev

On October 3rd, 2021, at 9:03 AM CET, the ships, transporting the Earth to the 5D vibration orbit, conveyed the new info: We have entered the zone of shifting energy platforms. Loads are increasing. Incoming rays have a strong effect on the entire planetary complex.”

Argorians Update 30 September 2021 – Lev

Argorians Update 30 September 2021 – Lev

On September 30th, 2021, at 2:08 PM CET, Siriusians’ Lunar Monitoring Base at 23D, which works closely with 25D Argorians’ fleet, transmitted the following summary: “The change in Earth’s surrounding space is so great that ERMA red energy field is undergoing an accelerated transformation. (Argorians placed the planet in a protective cocoon of this energy during transportation to a new vibrational orbit 5D.- LEV)

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