Massive Downloads of Source Energy

Massive Downloads of Source Energy

Will Transform Humanity Forever

Massive Downloads of Source Energy Will Transform Humanity Forever. By Georgi Alexandrov Stankov.

December 23, 2020

Yesterday began a 10-day cycle of massive downloads of source energy which will lead to the manifestation of the Shift and the total transformation of mankind and this reality. The downloads started yesterday around noon but I waited to see how they will unfold during the night before reporting on them.

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These downloads exceed in intensity and high vibrations anything that I have experienced in my 25-year carrier as the captain of the Planetary Ascension Team and the open human nexus to the Source.

I reckon with visible manifestations of the Shift between Christmas and New Year, or eventually early January. Of course, the transformations will continue after that but the big push visible for all the people will happen in the next 3 weeks. This includes personal transfigurations and individual ascensions.

Massive Downloads of Source Energy

Source Energy

Massive Downloads of Source Energy

Since yesterday afternoon and throughout the whole night, my physical body has transformed into a high-voltage burning, maximally oscillating energetic field and there is nothing human in this sensation anymore. The high-pitched tone is deafening.

The actual stargate portal on December 21st presented itself as rather calm, with harmonious energies that were soothing and elevating, carrying promises for the near future, beginning next year.

The Arcturians: If You Can Feel the Solstice Energies Propelling You, Catapulting You Forward on Your Journey to the Fifth Dimension, Then You Deserve to Be in a Leadership Role.

Before that, there were two major shifts that actually propelled these ascending timelines and Gaia to the next level of energetic evolution of humanity:

This is the moment in time when our true mission as ascended masters will begin.

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