Mars Eris And The Moon - The Meet-Up!

Mars Eris And The Moon

The Meet-Up!

Mars Eris And The Moon – The Meet-Up! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

The planet Mars retrograded in the sign of Aries in the Tropical Zodiac on September 9, 2020 and will move direct on November 14, 2020.

Mars governs aggressive actions and warfare, but also leadership which can be either excellent leadership with compassion for others and establishing regulations for the common good, or it can be bad leadership where an individual or a group is only self-oriented.

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Mars Eris And The Moon - Aries


Mars Eris And The Moon

Why was this planet named after Eris? Possibly because between its initial discovery in 2003 and its confirmation in 2005, the horrible earthquake and tsunami which destroyed over 100,000 people in Asia (which occurred in 2004) and which left their friends and relatives there and around the world in emotional devastation was a major sign.

It occurred when solar flares, solar winds, and coronal mass ejections were powerfully raging on an almost daily basis, and they affected the magnetic and geomagnetic fields of Earth/Gaia.

The sign of Aries can be quick to engage in argumentation and can be impulsive and erratic.

It is conjuncting the dwarf planet Eris which was first sighted in October of 2003 from the Palomar Observatory in California in the USA and later confirmed in January of 2005.

It is three times further out than Pluto and is the second largest known dwarf planet. It is considered as being the “planet of discord” and was named after the Greek Goddess Eris, who in the mythology, governed over chaos and confusion.

Mars Eris And The Moon - Mars


Mars Eris And The Moon

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Thus, symbolically, Eris perhaps heralded the message that a massive cleansing was going to occur. Before the naming of Eris, the astronomers who named “her” argued vehemently over whether it was indeed a dwarf planet or not–another aspect of Eris discord.

Mars Eris And The Moon - Eris and Golden Apple of Discord

Eris and Golden Apple of Discord

Mars Eris And The Moon

The next Full Moon (October 1, 2020) will occur in Aries, and it will thus greet Mars and Eris which are already in that sign.

As many people realize, a Full Moon heightens emotional responses, and in Aries, lots of impulsivity, chaos, and confusion can arise.

So, until the Moon moves into Taurus on October 3rd or 4th (according to where people reside on the planet and the varying time zones), its “meet-up” with Mars and Eris can bring disruptive vibrations, and the portal of this Full Moon has already opened as of September 28th and will not close until October 3rd or 4th.

As a reminder, the portal of either a Full Moon or a New Moon is three days before, the exact day of its arrival, and for three days afterwards. Local, national, and global conditions can reach a peak of energy, and in a sign like Aries, caution is advised in conversations and actions.

Mars Eris And The Moon - Aries Constellation

Aries Constellation

Mars Eris And The Moon

To create calmness in case of heightened political and sociological occurrences, pray to SOURCE and meditate for peace according to your path, call upon the angels, be less involved with others’ trauma dramas (especially those who generally vibrate at a low consciousness level), take walks in Nature, and prepare a healing and protective pouch of crystals and gemstones to carry or wear which you resonate with after having done previous experimentation with them in the past.

Drink lots of spring water to keep properly hydrated and oxygenated as well as to flush out toxicity from your cells. Place lemon or lime in it for alkalization. Also, take two drops of “Rescue Remedy” by Bach flowers under your tongue four times each day for relief from and prevention of stress.

If you are having sleeping issues, before bed either

1.) eat grapes, cherries, or almonds which contain natural melatonin, or

2.) have a warm cup of a combination of almond milk, tumeric, and honey (this is known as “Golden Milk”), or

3.) take two drops under your tongue of “White Chestnut” by Bach Flowers as you get into bed.

In all cases, consider placing either a Celestite, Lepidolite, or Kunzite gemstone beneath your pillow. These assist with obtaining a good night’s sleep. An added bonus is that the two gemstones Lepidolite and Kunzite contain lithium which is used in the medical world for healing of depression.

Instead of taking a chemical drug, employ the natural remedies of SOURCE.

Celestite has a natural connection to the angelic realm, so use it as your “spiritual cell phone”.

Before you use your preferred stone, cleanse it in warm soapy water, and dry it in cool water. Then hold it between the palms of your hands and pray to SOURCE to send into it the healing and protective energy that you need and to allow you to obtain relaxation during the day and restorative sleep at night.

You can also anoint your stone with a bit of either Amber, Frankincense, Rose, or Sandalwood oil–or a combination of all three.

Focus on peace so that the frequency of your consciousness will attract peace. Envision the planet emblazoned in brightly glowing SOURCE LIGHT.

As has been discussed in previous articles, the cosmic events for the remainder of 2020 will escalate as humanity struggles to elevate.

Therefore, cleansings but also illuminations will happen.

Mars, Eris, and the Moon may show-up with loud banging instruments, but collective consciousness can demand gentle, calming, musical renditions of cosmic music.

Planetary alignments are messages and verses in the COSMIC HOLY BOOK of potential experiences when certain thoughts, feelings, and actions call them into reality.

Mars Eris And The Moon - Pink Kunzite

Pink Kunzite

Mars Eris And The Moon

There is a biblical verse which states: “Be ye renewed by the renewing of your mind.”

Stay in the LIGHT OF SOURCE! Doing so assures elevation to the super-consciousness of your Higher Self which is your Soul, and this gives you profound strength on all levels at all times.

More by Dr. Schavi Ali

Wealth Of Wellness In Chromotherapy

Wealth Of Wellness In Chromotherapy

The term CHROMOTHERAPY refers to the healing power of color which is also known as COLOR THERAPY. The process of incorporating specific colors into our energy fields or vibrational auras acts upon our DNA, relates to our endocrine centers, increases our mineral content, and heals us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our Personal Solar Winds – Balancing The Third Chakra

Our Personal Solar Winds – Balancing The Third Chakra

As many people know, solar winds come from the Sun of our galaxy, and their normal speed is between 300 and 400 km/s (kilometers per second). This amounts to several million miles per hour. Periodically, solar winds travel above 400 km/s and have been as high as between 500 and 600 km/s in recent months.

The Spiritual Significance Of Auroras

The Spiritual Significance Of Auroras

Auroras are colorful splashes of color. In the case of cosmic auroras, we are dealing with the colors emitted by what is known as “Aurora Borealis” and the “Aurora Australis”. These beautiful pallets of cosmic paint occur when fast-moving electron particles collide with gases at between 60 and 180 miles Above Earth/Gaia’s Surface. Each color or combination of colors carries a particular chemical.

The “Wave Form” Of The Rose

The “Wave Form” Of The Rose

A lovely comment was sent by a reader about the recent article on the “Wave Form” of Earth/Gaia. The person mentioned a special resonance they had with a beautiful Rose in their garden and inquired about the vibrational frequency of flowers. From scientific research which has been conducted over many centuries regarding thousands of flowers and plants, it has become known that the ROSE and its essential oil has the highest vibration —a “Wave Form” of 320 Megahertz!

The Sacred Wave Form Of  Planet Earth/Gaia

The Sacred Wave Form Of Planet Earth/Gaia

Many people are familiar with the healing 528 Hertz frequency and have purchased tuning forks and bowls which resound with this vibration, and this is excellent because this tone is known to calm the nervous system, to reduce stress, to balance hormones, and to create a loving energy within an individual and in his or her external world. However, there is a tone which most do not realize is yet another frequency that we can utilize, and it is the actual normal sacred tone of Earth/Gaia known since ancient times.

Vaak And Sankalpa: Declaring The “Light”!

Vaak And Sankalpa: Declaring The “Light”!

In Spiritual Science, however, such as in the ancient practice of “Ayurveda” (“Science of Life”), our statements regarding our desires must be spoken in the form of what has already been achieved, and thus, our consciousness is merely aligning with the perfection of our needs or desires. Thus, samples are: “I am grateful for having released the need to smoke” or “I no longer eat foods that are unhealthy” or “I have let go of unnecessary weight” or “I continually receive higher knowledge”.

The Helio-Spheric Current Sheet

The Helio-Spheric Current Sheet

Earth/Gaia is moving through what is known as a “Helio-Spheric Current Sheet” which is an area in the cosmos where there are opposing magnetic currents. This “sheet” is like a ballerina’s tutu as the dancer swirls and leaps across a stage. The tutu flips up and down as the ballerina dances as if a whirl of wind has lifted her from the floor.

The Mystical Message Of Energy Wave “1200”!

The Mystical Message Of Energy Wave “1200”!

On Monday, January 4, 2021, the “Energy Wave Frequency” or “Power” of Earth/Gaia registered an awesome “1200”! This is the highest LIGHT pulsation thus far that has soared into Earth/Gaia’s geomagnetic field in recent times.

“Power” Intensification Surges! The Physical And The Spiritual In Unison!

“Power” Intensification Surges! The Physical And The Spiritual In Unison!

In the final few days of the month of December of “2020”, the “Power” of Earth/Gaia registered as being in the very high hundreds in the Cumiana, Italy chart, and now at the beginning of “2021”, it is again registering high and is “450” as of January 2nd. The Tomsk, Russia readings, however, are registering far lower numbers and have been either in the single digits or the lower double digits for some time.

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