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March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - From 3D To 4D And 5D - By Lev

March Frequencies

The Great Quantum Transition

From 3D To 4D And 5D

March Frequencies – By Lev


We all gave individual paths and create our paths based on what we believe. There is not only going to be one timeline through this Ascension process. There is no right or wrong ways this process that is happening. We each experience our ascension to how we believe it. I do not resonate with 99% of what others are saying in their channels. I follow my heart and listen to my own intuition and feel less confused. That’s what is most important is to follow our own hearts and what we each feel will happen. I fully believe the Solar Flash will occur and this will separate the non-ascending at this time and those ascending. I don’t really care if others believe this or not. This is what I believe therefore it’s what I will experience on my timeline along with others who believe this.


01/03/2023 at 23:17, March Frequencies

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“I fully believe the Solar Flash will occur and this will separate the non-ascending at this time and those ascending. I don’t really care if others believe this or not. This is what I believe therefore it’s what I will experience on my timeline along with others who believe this.” Jon, this is not just a belief, this is a message for you and those who also know it/ feel it. I do not resonate with 99% of what others are saying in their channels-, neither do I and I follow my heart and listen to my own intuition and feel less confused, like you. Peace Love Light Harmony to Everyone. Every step I take is the step to my better Life.


02/03/2023 at 13:51, March Frequencies

I started my awakening around 2011 and from 2012 onwards the cleansing process began in my being. And until today (and I can say that they are every day and there is no day off) that I go through intense cleanings. I say that my process is still not light or smooth like many people. But I always feel inside me when they talk about this unique solar flash, I feel a great uneasiness in my heart. I don’t know if people would handle a single charge at once. At least that’s what I think.

Another thing I’d like to ask you if you can answer this question. Many times in the entrances of energy I feel as if my physical body were going to explode or completely disintegrate because I feel a great force entering inside and I am kind of panicked because the feeling is that I am going to disintegrate. Could you talk about or give any tips about this symptom that is very uncomfortable?


02/03/2023 at 21:11, March Frequencies


Many of us feel an instinctive uneasiness of talk about a momentary Solar Flare. This is due to the fact that it is advertised and sold as a miracle that will immediately solve all our problems and make us all happy. Magical Solar Flash is a part of the System’s narrative of the Wait And Do Nothing. This is simply another Big Lie. Solar Flashes are ALREADY occurring almost daily, becoming more frequent and more powerful SINCE DECEMBER 2020, and they are ALREADY separating those who remain in 3D and those who move to 4D/5D.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Solar Flash

Solar Flash

March Frequencies

DNit Telegram Channel


Those, who for many years are promoting so hard a one-time high-frequency Solar Flash, carefully conceal that this scenario WAS CANCELED in December 2012. It meant MURDER, PHYSICAL DEATH, THE SPLITTING INTO ELEMENTARY PARTICLES of the overwhelming majority of 3D earthlings, the so-called harvesting of a tiny handful of people capable of emitting high freqs, and the seeding of a COMPLETELY EMPTY planet by a new civilization.

In fact, the Transition has been going on for a long time. For many, it is difficult, painful, frightening due to the received energies. But this is a healing and helping process, and by our INNER WORK we have to endure it.

It was to SAVE BILLIONS OF LIVES on 3D Earth that the annihilating Solar Flash was canceled ten years ago. Moreover, since then, THOUSANDS OF OPERATIONS have been carried out and are still continuing on the physical and Subtle Plane of the Local Universe and Earth to remove EVERYTHING that hinders our Transition. DNI narrates it for the last three years, but this is only the smallest, visible part, in which a lot of Lightwarriors were killed or died, sacrificing their lives, what many contemptuously call fiction.

On 1 March 2023 at 09:05 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet reported on new operation that its ships conducted from near-Earth orbit. It concerned a giant quantum wave from the Galactic Center, which struck the planet on February 24 and is forecasted until March 7 inclusive.

A chain reaction of events on the Sun caused filament eruptions, Solar Flashes, radio outages and CME strikes on Earth, causing strong magnetic storms. Quantum waves accelerated Sun’s protons almost to the speed of light, with energy of more than 10 MeV. The magnetic shield, which has sunk almost to the surface, directs these particles to the Poles, where they are absorbed by the polar caps.

The force of the bombardment was increased by the radiation of planetary stelliums in the first days of March. This was warned by Frank Hoogerbeets, a Dutch researcher and seismologis from the Institute of Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), who previously predicted devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. In the first decade of the month, as he noted, large seismic activity with a magnitude of up to 8.5 and higher is possible in the Russian Kuril Islands, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Greece, Portugal and parts of North America.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Frank Hoogerbeets

Frank Hoogerbeets

March Frequencies

To reduce the energy impact on Earth and earthlings, the Argorians’ fleet did the following. Grouped in a circle over the North Pole, their ships began to relay powerful streams of GREMO energy onto the planet. Descending clockwise to the South Pole, the waves with a dense red-pink layer with blue sparks, like a cocoon, began to cover the entire surface, saturating everything in their path.

Immediately, 13% of earthlings responded and joined the operation. From them, came new circular Light waves of awakened consciousness and powerful thought forms. The planet sparkled and shone like a Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve.

Layers of violet-green color began to open up on Earth, exposing an intensively working Quasitron that unites the power fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea.

On the Subtle Plane, the pulsations of the North Pole intensified. Through it and the equator, streams of Light from space rushed to the places from which Dark energy was jetted. Mixing with the incoming quantum waves, everything began to boil. From the South Pole, the recycled cocktail was removed from Earth by continuous explosions, and, in orbit, was collected by Argorians’ modules for later use.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - North Pole Pulsations

North Pole Pulsations

March Frequencies

The operation helped to overcome the most critical point of recent days, but in March many new ones are possible. In addition to transforming quantum fluxes and Solar Flashes, they will be created by radiation from Stars and planetary stelliums. Which ones, and how can they help us?

The most important are the following: the growing Moon and the Sun in a harmonious sextile with Uranus; the conjunction of Venus with Jupiter and Chiron, as well as Mercury with Saturn; Harvest Moon; the transition of Saturn to Pisces and Pluto to Aquarius; the conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Neptune; The Vernal Equinox and New Moon in Aries; the transition of Mars to Cancer and its quadrature with Neptune and the Sun; the conjunction of Mercury with Jupiter and Venus with the Lunar Node and Uranus.

1. The Moon And The Sun

The vibrations of the growing Moon and Sun in a harmonious sextile with Uranus (the exact aspect on March 6 at 13:42 UTC) will help open up new opportunities and prospects if we consistently, orderly and responsibly move towards our goals. The higher our personal activity, energy, and determination will be, the more open we will be to new things and not be afraid to take risks and experiment, the greater success we could achieve in our transformation.

2. The Conjunction Of Venus, Jupiter And Chiron

The triple conjunction of Venus with Jupiter and Chiron in the 13th degree of Aries, which occurred on March 2 at 05:36 UTC and on March 3 at 17:48 UTC, will be active until March 7. This is a good time to start an important relationship and new personal goals of inner work. A positive addition to this stellium is its trine to the Moon in a powerful Lion.

At the same time, these aspects can provoke inflated expectations, desire to get too much and immediately, here and now. Lack of patience, excessive uncompromising, intransigence, arrogance, and snobbery will provoke conflicts, clashes of ambitions or generate irrational wishes that cannot be satisfied.

3. The Conjunction Of Mercury With Saturn

Their energies merged on March 2 at 14:34 UTC at 30 degrees Aquarius, after which Mercury moved into Pisces at 22:52 UTC. The vibrations of this stellium help to solve the most difficult tasks and achieve the challenging goals.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Saturn


March Frequencies

Everything will depend on our ability to combine well-coordinated teamwork of like-minded people, a systematic approach, new creative ideas and concepts supported by intuition, knowledge, inner vision, and imagination. With insufficient concentration, discipline and responsibility, the opposite results are possible – blockages, difficulties, up to accidents, injuries, and RTA.

After the transition to Pisces, Mercury began moving to the upper junction with the Sun. Their vibrations will attract the necessary information and new knowledge to us if we are ready for them.

4. Harvest Moon

On March 7, the most important Full Moon of 2023 will occur. It will coincide with the transition of Saturn to Pisces (in detail – below), and will show how successfully we solve our tasks, what karma and obstacles we will have to deal with in the coming 2.5 years. What to rely on and what to draw inspiration from.

The Full Moon radiation will X-ray our goals, strengthen internal shifts, and help fulfill long-term plans and strategies. Depending on our maturity and honesty to ourselves, we will clearly see how our intentions, goals, plans and dreams correspond to reality. Could we to achieve their realization, or will face insurmountable obstacles. The Harvest Moon will reach its vibes’ peak on March 6-8 and will have several important aspects. Which ones?

On March 6 at 03:18 UTC, the vibrations of the Moon in Leo will enter into confrontation with Saturn’s freqs, at the exit of the latter from Aquarius in the last, 29°49′ 54″ degree. These are the energies of selfless service and the expansion of the boundaries of consciousness. It will focus us on the unresolved problem, limiting attitudes and fears that prevent us from experiencing joy, happiness, love, and understanding our vocation and Mission.

Depending on the states and scenarios in which we enter this Full Moon, we will see which blocking programs impact on us and require working out during Saturn’s transit in Pisces. Immediately after the confrontation with Saturn, the Moon turns into Virgo on March 6 at 03:38 UTC, and the key phase of the Harvest Moon will kick off.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

March Frequencies

On March 7 at 12:40 UTC, the exact aspect of the Full Moon will occur at 17 degrees of the Virgo-Pisces axis, and Saturn will turn into Pisces at 13:35 UTC. The energies of the Moon in a calm Virgo will collide with the active Sun’s vibes in Pisces and will exacerbate the conflict between our 3D everyday life with its habitual logic, cozy nests, petty worries and the need to change for the Transition to 4D/5D.

Depending on how these spheres are balanced in our life, all the days of the influence of the Harvest Moon, we will either successfully translate our ideas and dreams into reality, or suffer hard from unwillingness to do it, experience intense longing, hopeless despair and helplessness. This state will be enhanced by the negative vibrations of Neptune and Mars, with which both luminaries form a tense tau-square.

On March 8 at 04:39 UTC, the Moon will be in exact confrontation with Neptune and can be very difficult from a psycho-emotional point of view, exacerbating disappointments, regrets, guilt, and resentments.

But the energies of March 6-8 can be harmonious if we do not stop inner work, sincerely believe in goodness and truth, selflessly serve people and build warm, trusting relationships without manipulation and lies. On a Full Moon, these energies will intensify. We will feel the flow of inspiration, creative uplift, and intuitive confirmation of the correctness of the chosen path, responsibility, awareness and generosity.

The conflict of the luminaries with Neptune will be neutralized by the harmonious aspects with Uranus, therefore, the solution of the tasks set, as well as the way out of difficult situations, will be opened through a new, extraordinary, experimental, updating-zeroing, and risky experience common to the Aquarius.

At Harvest Moon, our subconscious mind will be active. Through dreams, psycho-technics and practices, we could get insights and inspiration, answers to questions and find unexpected solving of complex issues. The harmonious aspects of Venus with Mars and Mercury with Uranus (the exact aspects of March 11) will reconcile the polarities and ease our psycho-emotional state by friendly communication, new information through books and the Internet, meditation and other Spiritual practices.

5. Saturn’s Transition To Pisces

On March 7 at 13:35, Saturn will move into Pisces, the last 12th sign, in which all the wisdom and karma of the zodiac is accumulated. It will stay here until May 2025, completing his 30-year circle, summing up the results of this path, and also demanding in the most stringent way from everyone to close karmic debts, moral and material.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Zodiac


March Frequencies

Staying in Pisces, Saturn will give our accumulated experience a final form, clear goals, ideas and plans from everything alluvial, unreal, and illusory; test our faith and stability, and help to realize what has been maturing in us for a long time.

In this sign, the energies of Saturn will help us to feel an inner readiness to act differently – on a more subtle, creative, and Spiritual level, if we have purposefully and consistently moved along our personal, professional, creative path in recent years.

6. Pluto’s Transition To Aquarius

The ingression of Pluto into Aquarius will take place on March 23 at 12:23 UTC and will coincide with the astrological New Year – the Spring Equinox, as well as the New Moon in 1 degree of Aries. All three events will be concentrated in the period of March 20-23, which may become a key turning point in 2023 and change global events in an unexpected and dramatic way.

The great transformer Pluto, which supports the with its vibrations Higher Laws of the Universe and removes old, non-viable structures, clearing the way for everything valuable for evolution, will come out of the rigid, limiting field of Capricorn and enter the positive energies of Aquarius.

It will stay here for three months, from March to June 2023, and then, return to Capricorn. But even a brief stay in Aquarius can trigger a large-scale, cascading transformation of all processes that will lead to profound shifts around the world: in politics, economics, society, public consciousness and worldview backed by freedom, independence and self-government.

7. The Conjunction Of Mercury, The Sun And Neptune

The events listed above will occur during the period of the so-called upper conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, which indicates now the situation matured. Our intentions and three-month plans, formed during the lower conjunction of Mercury and the Sun on January 7, 2023 in Capricorn, will come to the peak of development.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Neptune


March Frequencies

Then, it coincided with the completion of retrograde Mars, which was preparing for direct movement. This means that our goals and plans of that time have to be fulfilled in a new way, according to the work done on mistakes during the retro loop of the Red Planet.

If we have not changed our usual approaches, then, in mid-March, we will face extremely difficult situations when the previous tools and approaches will be unsuitable for achieving the objectives, and will lead us to a dead end. Our plans will fall apart; we will lose assistants, friends, feel disoriented, deceived and helpless.

If we started acting differently, we could meet our goals. Important information will come to us, unusual creative personalities will be attracted that will help to execute our plans and get everything needed for this.

The main difficulty of the upper conjunction of Mercury and the Sun is that it will occur on Neptune and in quadrature with Mars. This will increase the energy of where we direct our efforts – to self-destruction and conflicts, or to creativity and cooperation. These vibrations will reach their greatest strength and influence on March 10-20 with a peak on March 14-18.

Here are the exact aspects: March 14 at 23:39 UTC, Mars in quadrature with Neptune; March 15 at 23:39 UTC, the Sun in conjunction with Neptune in 26 degrees Pisces; March 16 at 17:13 UTC, Mercury in conjunction with Neptune in 26 degrees Pisces; March 16 at 18:10 UTC, the Sun in quadrature with Mars; March 17 at 04:49 UTC, Mercury in quadrature with Mars; March 17 at 10:45 UTC, the Sun in conjunction with Mercury at 27 degrees Pisces.

The listed influences will also be further enhanced by the quadrature of Venus and Pluto (the exact aspect on March 16), which will be accompanied by a large release of powerful energy. If we do not know how to manage it and direct to creativity, achievements, breakthroughs, it can take destructive forms and lead to acute conflicts and tough confrontations with other people, violence, criminal showdowns, injuries and troubles.

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Mercury And The Sun

Mercury And The Sun

March Frequencies

The number and scale of man-made catastrophes and road accidents, the risks of breakdowns of transport, equipment, gadgets can increase many times. The crisis is likely to worsen in trade relations, and in the financial and banking spheres.

If we have learned to cope with strong energy, then, it will become our important help in actively and purposefully helping others, charity, mastering new things in science, psychology, philosophy, esotericism, creativity, sports, Spiritual practices, and contacts with the Higher Self. Harmonious aspects of Venus with Saturn (on March 17) and Mercury with Pluto (on March 19) will also permit to keep the balance and personal situation under control.

8. Spring Equinox And New Moon In Aries

On March 20 at 21:25 UTC, the Sun will cross the celestial equator, move from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern (and in the Northern Hemisphere, on the contrary, to the Southern), and astronomical Spring will come. This event will coincide with the ingression of the Sun into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which opens the astronomical and astrological New Year.

This is the moment of the Earth’s awakening from hibernation, the appearance of the first sprouts of those plans that we sowed on the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2022. Now, these plans will develop and reach their peak on the Summer Solstice on June 21, then, bear the first fruits on the day of the Autumn Equinox on September 23, and will end with the overall result on the Winter Solstice on December 22, 2023.

The vernal equinox this year will be enhanced by the New Moon in the 1st cardinal degree of Aries (on March 21 at 17:24 UTC), and the most important and grandiose event of the century – the transition of Pluto to Aquarius (on March 23 at 12:23 UTC), where it has not been for almost 250 years. Thus, March 20-23 is a turning point not only of this year and a great historical epoch, but also of the quantum Transition to 4D and 5D in general.

Moreover, the New Moon will have two more important aspects: a sextile with Pluto transitioning into Aquarius (on March 20 at 20:12 UTC), and a quadrature with Mars, which also changes sign and goes into cardinal Cancer (on March 25 at 11:45 UTC).

March Frequencies - The Great Quantum Transition - Pluto


March Frequencies

The combination of the powerful energies of this stellium will cause a qualitative shift on the Subtle Plane, big changes in 3D and its usual order of things accelerate a deep transformation at the global and personal levels. We will feel a surge of strength, confidence, and a strong impulse to take decisive action.

For the entire first decade after the New Moon, the aspects of the Sun with Mars and Pluto will give the whole thing a punchy force, strong-willed pressure, offensive dynamics. It will make our resolutely part with everything unnecessary and outdated; leave unnecessary connections, relationships and things in the past to free up more space and opportunities for development.

The days of the vernal equinox on March 20, as well as the entire first week after the New Moon, are great for new projects and directions, the opening of enterprises, and the resumption of activity in previously started affairs.

From the New Moon in Aries on March 21 at 17:24 UTC, important fateful processes and changes will start on the way to the next one, on April 20, which will coincide with a Solar eclipse. It will bring a change of energies, occurring in Aries, and will combine two types of eclipse (total and annular), as the shadow of the Moon will move across the surface of Earth.

9. The Transition Of Mars To Cancer And Its Quadrature With Neptune And The Sun

Another important ingression of the month will be the transition of Mars, the planet of goals and energy, to Cancer on March 25. After a six-month stay in Gemini, where the retro loop of the Red Planet took place, it will again push our activity in inner work.

Before that, its vibrations will charge the first two decades of the month with powerful dynamics. All this time, Mars will be in a tense quadrature with Neptune and the Sun, helping with its energy to solve our complex and confusing problems. At the same time, with the wrong approach, the quadrature of Mars and Neptune will significantly complicate the achievement of goals, will lead in the wrong direction, and provoke major mistakes and conflicts in relationships. The risks of poisoning, infections and viral diseases are also high.

The quadrature of Mars with Neptune will become exact on March 14 and coincides with the quadrature of the Sun with Mars on March 16. Negative vibrations of this stellium can impede the issues’ solving and getting the expected results in scientific, creative, psychological, educational and humanitarian activities.

On March 25 at 11:45 UTC, Mars will turn into Cancer, and with its energy will help the reset our programs, goals and ways to achieve them in the third decade of the month.

10. The Conjunction Of Mercury With Jupiter And Venus With The Lunar Node And Uranus

In the last decade of March, two important processes will also start: on March 28, Mercury will connect with Jupiter in Aries, and Venus, first, will be coupled to evolutionary Ascending Lunar Node on March 21, and then, on March 30, – to Uranus in its Taurus sign.

March Frequencies - Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes

March Frequencies

It will give our plans a strategic focus and purposefulness, and will help us to successfully complete the tasks set. However, all this will be possible if we act boldly and decisively, are not afraid to take risks and experiment, try new things. Otherwise, we risk facing big losses, being involved in projects that will not be implemented, and losing established relationships.

The harmonious trine of Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces (the exact aspect of March 30, the influence of March 20-April 10) will ease stabilizing the explosive energy of this period if we follow intuition, listen to the inner voice, keep emotional calm, and rely on knowledge and Spiritual practices. This will bring deep inner peace and maintain trust in the Universe and Co-Creators and to withstand ups and downs of cosmic frequencies that will arrive in the coming weeks.

More by Lev

Ops In Maldives Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Ops In Maldives Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The cleansing from karma of Earth’s natural 3D elements and the annihilation of their Dark Curator (see Part 1) allowed Lightwarriors to proceed to the next operation in the Maldives – the purification and Absolutization of the sea water elemental. On the day of the op, they agreed with a local motorist who, for $ 30, took them to the northern part of atoll Addu, to the edge of its farthest Hithadhoo Island.

The Tips – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The Tips – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Sooner or later, many of us who stand on the path of awakening and knowledge are faced with the feeling that he is dying… It’s as if we are not dying with our body, but with our personality. This state can manifest itself as apathy, hopelessness, surfacing negativity, internal blocks, and meaninglessness of existence in general.

Argorians Update 19 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 19 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On June 19th, 2022, at 9:42 AM CET, the new Argorians’ message synopsis came on Earth’s monitoring data. Fan bursts of blue and gold ERMO energy radiate along the perimeter of the Giza Pyramids plateau. They form the environment by loading 5D matter development software into it.

The War Part 4 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The War Part 4 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

As Disclosure News explained (on 05/06/2022 at 10:23), these are different processes and perceptions, although intertwined. The Transition of people from 3D to 4D, 5D and higher has been going on for a long time. This is a purely individual process and does not depend on changing the 3D Matrix to 5D. If a person is ready, he calmly moves into another dimension.

The Heat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The Heat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Before our eyes, slowly but surely, as if with a sharpened fiery sword, the old, 3D world is being cut off. The vibrations of Earth’s space are off the scale. Everything seems to be the same as always, but it’s not like that anymore. The ultraviolet index of the Sun has been continuously increasing over the past weeks and days. Many people get seriously ill without understanding what is happening.

The War Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The War Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

As Disclosure News described, on the Earth’s surface, the current WWIII is only a weak reflection of a large-scale and fierce space battle on the Subtle Plane. Earthlings are involved in it through egregores, and it’s egregores that are fighting there – Light and Dark, as well as Dark and Gray among themselves.

Argorians Update 11 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 11 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On June 10th, 2022, at 10:55 AM CET, Argorians’ space fleet transmitted another message about its work on the Earth’s Subtle Plane. Against the general background of the white ASTEMO radiation, that forms the Intelligence plasma in Earthly space from the 5D info-energy, combines the entire spectrum and runs the work of the entire system, the sphere of green-brown energy FEARZIK is working.

Galacom Update 8 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom Update 8 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On June 08, 2022, at 04:17 PM CET, the Galactic Committee delivered the previously promised important message, about which Disclosure News mentioned earlier (see – The War. Part 1, DNI, 4 June, 2022). It’s related to karma’s rollback. Starting from 06:06 on the 06th of the 06th of the month of 2022, Karmic Board activates the wartime karma program for 3D Earth’s humanity.

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Martin Luther King

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