Major Cosmic Energy Update! - Dr. Schavi

Major Cosmic Energy Update!

(“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius…”)

From the song by the “Fifth Dimension”

Major Cosmic Energy Update! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Sun of our galaxy has received strong cosmic energetics in the form of neutrons (particles of cosmic radiation also called “Cosmic Rays” and “Cosmic Waves”) surging from “outside” of our solar system during the early morning hours of Thursday, April 15, 2021 which the observatory in Oulu, Finland has rated at “storm” level.

Neutron counts are monitored daily and are registered as being either “quiet”, “unsettled” or “storm” relative to their effects on Earth/Gaia’s geomagnetic field.

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This recent neutron situation has resulted in the release of mild “B-Class” solar flares, but the build-up of flares to medium-strength “C-Class” levels is expected due to three new large sunspots having been detected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on the southern area of the Sun, and they are facing Earth/Gaia.

Our planet (and all other planetary orbs) is a “conscious” being and is reacting to all of this with “opening out” “Her” inner core with hundreds of earthquakes between 1.0 and 4.0 levels, but Indonesia has experienced today a rather potent 5.4 quake.

“She” is also “purging” hot lava, from volcanoes, and remember, that several days ago, a volcano in Iceland erupted that has not done so for 800 years!

Major Cosmic Energy Update - Aurora February 2020 Oulu Finland

Aurora February 2020 Oulu Finland

Major Cosmic Energy Update!

Geldingadalir Volcano Iceland – 30-3-2021

Major Cosmic Energy Update!

DNit Telegram Channel

Powerful solar winds which will drive forth the flares are expected to arrive by April 17th.

People around the planet are reporting loud ringing in their ears; painful and sore backs, necks, and hips; heart palpitations; stomach cramps; light-headedness; and almost overwhelming exhaustion as these cosmic energetics occur.

As strange as it may seem, and as has been discussed in previous communications, with the uncomfortable “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) also comes DNA upgrades.

Even events outside of our solar system are playing a part in the transformational process of creation throughout the galaxy. It is all a part of what is continually referred to as the “Divine Symphony”.

As the “recess” period of “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”)— announced by the planets Jupiter and Saturn coming into exact degree alignment in December of 2020— continues, more will be coming from both inside and outside of our solar system which will activate Earth/Gaia’s “Light Activation Symptoms” expressed as the quakes and volcanic eruptions just mentioned (and they will increase in number and intensity) but also as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods as the year of 2021 further unfolds.

We are early in the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. This is when major cosmic build-ups seem to be prolific.


Major Cosmic Energy Update - Pillars Of Light

Pillars Of Light

Major Cosmic Energy Update!

Many are having symptoms in their sympathetic nervous system (where “fight or flight” response occurs due to an overload of cortisol from the adrenal glands).

Explore what needs to be released in order for you to heal from any stress and feel a sense of peace.

I recommend to avoid watching on television or listening on the radio to dramatic, fear-mongering news.

Also, avoid debates with others whose views do not match your own.

Further, eat plenty of magnesium-rich foods (see below) which calm all parts of the nervous system.

Please express what you are experiencing in the section entitled “YOUR JOURNAL” on this website.

The “recess” period before moving into the next “Yuga” (“Age”) is very active. Nothing is still. We are soaring through the air on “cosmic swings”, climbing “cosmic monkey bars”, and playing “cosmic kick ball”.

However, the “School Bell” will soon ring, and we will be back in the classroom. Even during the “recess”, though, there is much to study.

Your Journal

Join in so that we can establish a network of supportive collective consciousness.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

Bran: brown rice, bulgar wheat, oats
Dried Herbs: coriander, chives, spearmint, dill, basil, savory
Seeds: squash, pumpkin, watermelon, flax, sesame
Nuts: brazil, almonds, cashews, walnuts
Powder: cocoa (dark chocolate)
Dried Fruit: dates, raisins
Beans: lentils, kidney, pinto
Greens: spirulina, kale, collards, spinach (eat raw only to avoid the oxalic acid which can inhibit magnesium absorption)
Fish: halibut, salmon (lots of good “Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids” here)
Dairy: low-fat yogurt

Those who are vegan and thus do not eat any flesh or dairy, be sure to obtain necessary “Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids” which everyone needs for a healthy cardio-vascular system.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

More by Dr. Schavi

Solar Intensity With Approaching New Moon – Dr Schavi

Solar Intensity With Approaching New Moon – Dr Schavi

The “Power” of Earth/Gaia is registered into the hundreds! As expected, with all of the cosmic energetics of May of 2021 occurring, our planetary home is having “Her” own ‘MOTHER’S DAY” which is manifesting as tremendously strong surges in “Her” geomagnetic fields.

Constant Surges Of Energy – Dr. Schavi

Constant Surges Of Energy – Dr. Schavi

We are being anchored and grounded into our planetary home for the reception and transmission of LIGHT and SOUND frequencies of information. Our psychic capabilities are coming on-line, and we can “feel” the cosmos as it lifts off in electromagnetic force.

Power Of The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow – Dr. Schavi

Power Of The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow – Dr. Schavi

As was discussed in a recent article, the “pre-shadow” of a Mercury Retrograde is the time when events tend to arise which will be the focus of the retrograde itself. The “pre-shadow” begins when Mercury enters the sign in which it will retrograde, and in this case, it is the sign of Gemini which it entered on Wednesday, May 5th ( and on May 4th in certain parts of the world according to time zones).

Higher And Higher Vibes! A Reminder Of The “Now”! Dr. Schavi

Higher And Higher Vibes! A Reminder Of The “Now”! Dr. Schavi

As we move into the “pre-shadow” on May 5th of the next Mercury Retrograde, this is an opportune time to reflect upon earlier information received via books, essays, videos, one-on-one conversations, etc. because soon Mercury will do its backwards dance (May 26th to June 22nd), and the energetics of the entire cosmos will coerce us to cease and desist from so much going and going, doing and doing, and being and being.

Mysteries Of May Part 2 – Solar And Uranian Quickening!

Mysteries Of May Part 2 – Solar And Uranian Quickening!

On Friday, April 30, 2021, Uranus, the planet of high-powered electromagnetic frequencies and sudden amazing occurrences conjuncts the Sun in Taurus. PHOTONIC LIGHT (from the “Photon Belt”) will be unusually intense, bright, and potent.

Make Way For The Mysteries Of May! – Dr Schavi

Make Way For The Mysteries Of May! – Dr Schavi

May of 2021 is filled with cosmic sparkling luminary energy. On May 26th at 7:14 AM (EST), there will be a “Total Lunar Eclipse” in the sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical/Western Zodiac which is projected to last for a period of 14 and 1/2 minutes as the Moon moves within the shadow of Earth/Gaia.

The Light In This “Now” – Dr. Schavi

The Light In This “Now” – Dr. Schavi

When any entity (which includes earthly humans) attempts to say how old the cosmos truly is with all of its planets, galaxies, and universes, only speculation is possible for the age of the space/time continuum is a mystery relegated only to SOURCE who is timeless, eternal, and therefore, immortal.

The Solar Surge – Prepare For Lift-Off – Dr. Schavi

The Solar Surge – Prepare For Lift-Off – Dr. Schavi

A “CME” is a release of sub-atomic charged Plasma Particles of radiation from the Sun which, whether or not they are directly aimed at our planet, still affect it such as causing technological black-outs as well as the familiar “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS). However, when a CME definitely does indeed directly surge to the planet, its effects are even more profound. Its ionization strength or radiation intensely flows into the geomagnetic field.

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