Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going

The School Bell Rings!

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going –The School Bell Rings! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

As many know, most traditional scientific institutes do not give, whom they consider to be novices, a complete message regarding the energetics at work in the cosmic realm because either

1.) they feel that most people will not be interested or understand the details, or

2.) they do not want to alarm humanity relative to the challenges that certain cosmic forces emit, or

3.) they do not know themselves about the Higher Spiritual Laws that are unfolding as Earth/Gaia approaches a “New Golden Age”.

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However, those persons who are elevating to the necessary heightened levels of super-consciousness and who are thus communing with their Higher Selves, i.e., their Souls, are receiving vital knowledge relative to the cycles of space/time which affect Earth/Gaia and all of creation upon “Her”.

There are ways in which to “read” the COSMIC HOLY BOOK which has been done for many thousands of years by the “Rishis” (“Sages”) who realized, long before so-called modern times began, that particular cosmic occurrences foretold of both future and past events.

In ancient Kemet (Egypt), this was known as “Hapetseba”(“The Story of the Soul in the Heavens”), and in Bharata (India), it was known as “Jyotish” (Yes, “Jy”, not “Jo”–no misspelling) which translates as “Godly Light”.

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going - Communing With Their Higher Selves

Communing With Their Higher Selves

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going

Each planetary geometrical angle, each constellation, each lunar or solar eclipse, each planetary retrograde, etc.–all were verses and chapters of the COSMIC HOLY BOOK.

For example, wherever a solar eclipse was visible, and thus whatever nations the solar eclipse hovered over, these places experienced for a period of time very prosperous circumstances and opportunities for advancement in various aspects of their civilization.

The time period was based upon how long the eclipse lasted. For a solar eclipse, each minute was a year. For a lunar eclipse, each minute was a month.

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Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going - Eclipses and Sacred Geometry

Eclipses and Sacred Geometry

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going

Thus, if, for instance, a solar eclipse was visible for six minutes, then the opportunities for abundance lasted for six years.

If during a lunar eclipse, for example, the visibility was for nine minutes, then challenges were possible for nine months.

In current times, the same is true regarding eclipse timing and future circumstances: politically, sociologically, philosophically, artistically, scientifically, religiously, educationally, etc.–in all ways that constitute a civilization and its cultural patterns.

It should be able to be gleaned, therefore, how life circumstances can overlap with every aspect of the heavenly text as its “pages” are turned.

Here is yet another example: When there are powerful earthquakes occurring or volcanic eruptions or hurricanes or tornadoes or strong thunder storms or profound floods, etc., what has created them are coronal mass ejections or plasma waves of radiation that have soared into the magnetics and geomagnetics of Earth/Gaia having thus activated the inner and outer energetic oscillations –the tectonic plates– the crystal vibrations of “Her” being.

Hundreds of earthquakes occur daily at low levels such as 1.0 to 4.0. These are not usually felt, except by Empaths who feel each toss and turn of “Mama Earth/Gaia’s” movements.

Higher quakes in the 5.0s or 6.0s and higher are usually very destructive to buildings and also to people who cannot find safety from their tumultuous upheavals.

So, without having to consult a scientific website, if people understand the verses and chapters of the COSMIC HOLY BOOK, when situations happen, they know what has produced them.

Even with such knowledge, it must be remembered that collective human consciousness has sent forth Vibrational Frequencies into the cosmos which have become the “pens” or the “plumes” of “script”, and thus, it is the human mind set, feelings, and actions which have added to the text of the heavens.

The free will that humanity has been gifted with by SOURCE is not just for earthly experiences. It is also for the activation of the cosmic realm, and accordingly, a continual communication is occurring between “Mama Earth/Gaia” and the multiverse.

The same is true for every other planet, galaxy, and universe.

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going - Ancient Egypt - Kemet

Ancient Egypt – Kemet

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going

The events in every place of life comprise the sacred text that we write daily, for there are billions of places of life.

Because human individual and collective consciousness is non-local (not housed in the brain which is a storehouse of images), we can traverse the stars of whose dust we are made of anyway!

As I mention many times, we are “Citizens of the Cosmos”.

Earth/Gaia is in reception of daily blasts of SOURCE LIGHT that are correcting and adding knowledge to the verses and chapters that are being written by “Her” inhabitants.

This LIGHT is far beyond the analysis of typical traditional modern-day scientific understanding which is often void of spiritual principles and thus sacred wisdom.

It is felt, however, as the sometimes uncomfortable symptoms (which are activations) that have been discussed in previous documentations.

The LIGHT is potent and direct. It is transforming, as has also been previously discussed, every atom and subatomic particle, of our cellular records, our DNA.

The COSMIC HOLY BOOK is opening soon to a tremendously intense section: several planets going retrograde at one time.

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going - Saturn

Saturn (discipline, organizational structure, major lessons, governmental situations, military activity, emotional depression) retrograded on the very day of my penning this document –Monday, May 11th, at 12:09 AM (Eastern Standard Time [EST]).

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going - Venus

Venus (beauty, relationships, monetary issues, romance, social doings, women) retrogrades May 13th at 2:45 AM (EST);

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going - Jupiter

Jupiter (expansion, Higher Knowledge, long-distance travel, intuition, philosophy, educational structures, beneficence) retrogrades on May 14th at 10:32 AM (EST);

Major Cosmic Blasts On-Going - Chiron the Healer

Chiron (the Healer) retrogrades on July 11th at 5:09 PM (EST); Mercury (communication, brain function, business ventures, meetings) reaches its pre-shadow on May 29th, and the post-shadow is from July 13th to August 6th.

Whenever several planets are retrograde at the same time, there is an opportunity for self-reflection, release of circumstances that are not advisable for further consciousness expansion, re-establishing of future goals (but not acting upon them just yet), for getting profoundly organized, for increased spiritual practice such as meditation, and for study.

These “verses” and “chapters” also come with other “verses” and “chapters” — Solar and Lunar Eclipses!

We will have a Lunar Eclipse on Friday, June 5th, at 15 degrees of the constellation of Sagittarius, and on Sunday, June 21st, there will be a Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees of the constellation of Cancer.

We all have great studying to do as we continue to work towards our diplomas in ILLUMINATION.

The blasts of SOURCE LIGHT are the “Professors of Transformation” giving us our assignments. The LIGHT is both an independent and a collective “homework”.

Let us take copious notes!

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