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Magnetic Junction

Magnetic Junction

Magnetic Junction. Melk Sales.

Magnetic junction is very often cited in the notes of Pleiades 1. There are several movements involving this force on the Terran surface.

Lately it was quoted more often and an energetic boost was requested to the PVSE and similar. Many people have no idea what this force is, what it is made of and what it represents.

The Magnetic Junction is a Magnetic Node formed by the junction of two twin flames on the Terran surface.

This Magnetic Junction creates a powerful vortex that simply envelops any negativity and transmutes it immediately.

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Movements of the Magnetic Junction reach and bring to the terran plan the energies of the 13th dimension.

When this force is expressed in its fullness on the Terran surface, it will bring the energies of the 19th dimension.

No energy contrary to Love can stay in this vortex being created by the Magnetic Junction.

A true island of loving magnetism is being made around this vortex and all negative are being completely dismantled where this vortex has its base.

Fiamme Gemelle e Ascensione

Twin Flame and Ascension


The Magnetic Junction is, in addition to a great energy vortex, a portal for other “We” (Twin Soul encounters) to unite here in the Terran plane and to move the same energies.

All those under the irradiation of the Magnetic Junction Vortex have the movements for enlightenment / transmutation of the old energies, still present in their fields, accelerated drastically and with the open opportunity to encounter with their twin flame.

There is a Magnetic Crystal being formed on the Magnetic Island.

This crystal is formed layer by layer by the harmonic movements of the Magnetic Junction.

In the energetic movements made by the Magnetic Junction, light blue colored plasmatic masses are generated and deposited in the Crystal, thus constructing a part of the layer of this Magnetic Crystal.

Just as the Pleiadians said in one of their notes, when this Crystal is finished, it will radiate so much energy that hardly any negative forces will be able to stay active for long, being “swallowed” by the vortex generated by the Magnetic Crystal.

One of the Magnetic Junction functions is to rewrite the Crystalline Grid of the Planet, adding to it the information that Love is the alchemical force behind everything in creation.

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The most brutish Being can become a subtler Being by truly expressing the Love within. It will make clear to all beings that spiritual alchemy is possible, thus opening up hope for those who have already lost it in time.

With this potential of manifestation that the Magnetic Junction brought, many Masters opposed to Love try to stop the development of this Junction on the Terran surface. Therefore, this force suffers so many “attacks”.

However, there is a grandiose team in the higher spheres and some on the terrano plane who are direct supporters of that force.

The existence of this movement is one of the enablers for the New Energy that we hope so much for.

Spirituality does not give way without a knot.

Melk Sales

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