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Luna Base 23T Pleiades 1

Lunar Base 23T

Pleiades 1

Lunar Base 23T Pleiades 1. Lunar Base of Zeta Reticuli type a (negative). The base includes nine departments or sectors.

The Light Forces are conquering the basis located on the dark side of the Moon.

In February 2017 4/9 of the whole base has been cleared by the Light Forces. The first two were taken some time ago and are under control of the Light. The deactivation of these bases has been done with caution and harmoniously.

The purpose of these Base is to develop a technology using genetic experiments.

There have been several abductions of animal on Earth surface, mainly animals but humans as well, to try and combine the DNA. We heard of cases of cows disappearing, that were brought over in this Base.

A special sector in this base is studying special weapons and apparatus capable to do the souls transfers between human bodies (probably similar to the cloning process).

Lunar Base 23T Pleiades 1

The Dark Side of The Moon

Luna Base 23T Pleiades 1

Some alien race are already in possession of this kind of technology but this negative beings on the Moon they have not full control yet.

Apparently there could be approximately 1500 to 1700 negative beings still on the Base. Some of them having a very violent attitude while others have a very powerful hypnotic capacity.

The base is located on a large crater on the hidden side of the Moon. NASA had identified the Base long time ago using images from spacecrafts but, of course, they are hiding this information to the public.

Lunar Base 23T Pleiades 1 Tower Image NASA

Tower on the dark Side – NASA

Lunar Base 23T Pleiades 1

Luna Base 23T Pleiades 1 Torre sul Lato Oscuro

Tower on the dark Side – ZOND-3 Russia 1965

Lunar Base 23T Pleiades 1

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