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TY Montana Geology for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

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The Great Quantum Transition - Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Live Portals

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D – By Lev

Apart from channelers, about whom Disclosure News narrated earlier (see – Channeling, DNI, February 15, 2024), the same work do, aware of it or not, many of us who incarnated Earth like Starseeds, Wanderers, Indigo, Crystalline, Radiant and other entities to help the planet enter 5D. We’re as numerous as are varied, and our importance is greatly depends on the personality, position and immediate surroundings. What is our difference from other people? The latter has one basic program – personal upgrading. In addition to it, we carry out two more important missions – to deliver on Earth new information and energies according to the Absolutes’ plan.

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D -Radiant Kid

Radiant Kid

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

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Which of these two programs is a priority? It’s the vertical one, of Man-Space. In it, we are not only a live conduits, but also integral parts of space and cosmic energies’ source. We are live Portals that service the apps, which were downloaded and activated in us. We can’t get out of them, since are interfaces to the Universe’s info-energy field. Co-Creators will still use us in active or passive mode with or without our knowledge. How exactly?

They’ll constantly push people towards us for commune and interaction, and through our senses and perception, influence society from the inside, transform its consciousness and subconscious. This second, horizontal program is also important. Not only for our upgrading as individuals, but also for the formation of a new layer of Souls, the united Sixth and Seventh Races, which are already settling Earth.

Willy-nilly or not, we are part of the cosmic Teacher System. Each of us participates in the education of Souls, sharing information, knowledge, skills and experience, helps them adapting and evolving in different situations, and tracks online everything that happens between people on the physical and Subtle Plane. The area that we cover goes far beyond our personal space.

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D -Beyond Personal Space

Beyond Personal Space

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Previously, our role was limited to channeling, primitive transmission of info. Now, Co-Creators use us as tools in preparing people, with which we commune, for setting in them 5D soft and codes. This is another reason for our constant ill-health, especially during Solar storms, when new batches are delivered to Earth along with plasma. Is it possible to weaken this monstrous pressure we often asking selves. And answer: but if, for example, to ease the pressure at a medical or engineering university, what kind of pros will graduates be?

Even harder we endure the pressure of mundanity and prosiness of everyday life, and surroundings. It’s good when family members, friends or colleagues are reliable supports who back us with their love, faith and energy. But are there many of these in today’s society, which for thousands of years has broken, ground and subordinated billions of people? Yes, the awakening and resistance to it has never stopped, and in recent years and months, has become more widespread, thanks to the dismantling of the 3D System and its foundations on a Subtle Plane. But on the physical plane, the process is only at the very beginning, which makes our work very difficult.

In the past, when needed, we always got the Higher Light Forces’ help. Today, they orient us to support from the people around us, who are changing with our assistance. For this purpose, Co-Creators quarterly load into the new, 5D Matrix three-month events’ scenarios that necessarily include problems and situations in which action is required. And we, as interfaces, transmit to man the option of choice, reaction to the info, sent through us, to accept or reject it, to act or not, to change or remain the same, without violating his free will and choice freedom.

Sometimes, simply staying in a place or in a crowd of people, we transform them by our presence, sensing connection with everyone, and internally keep them at a higher level. Among us, there are wandering Portals that activate selves on certain days, hours or cycles. A man approached a seemingly ordinary spot, stood for a moment, and suddenly everything changed on a Subtle Plane, because he turned on the own Portal by his vibration. Each place has its unique energy, and live Portals work where their presence is needed, and in individual mode, without interfering with neighboring spaces.

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This is similar to the way stained-glass windows work in some churches. When Sunlight hits them at a certain angle, and the pattern of vitrailed panels is reflected on the floor (which also often has a sacred designs on it), the reflection is a Portal to a certain place in this or other dimensions. But all these Portals have protection and access codes, so they are not open to public. This is how they differ from their live counterparts, whose energy can be freely used by everyone.

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D -Sacred Designs

Sacred Designs

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

All words, feelings, thoughts, best intentions and inspirations are nothing if they aren’t translated into actions. The work of the live Portal is routine and three-dimensional, but does the main thing – EXPANDS CONSCIOUSNESS. It appears at the right time, switches all the attention of others to self, takes over thoughts and reformats them in a new way. People don’t even realize it. They can be friends with such person, or read his blog on some site. But he is not just an author, but an interface with which, if necessary, could be a personal meeting and activation of 5D codes and software already uploaded into readers.

On the Subtle Plane, we, as intermediaries, are part of an infinite multidimensional network of luminous dots-entities that maintain the voltage and currents of information throughout the Greater Cosmos. We “magnetize” other people and connect them to a common fractal. In addition to the live Portals – of data, energy, Love, Light, etc. – this system has its power sources (charging units), storages, inter-dimensional channels, different levels and divisions that are run by their Hierarchies.

It has been working for a very long time. The new activation of live Portals started in 2008 and became widespread since 2012. But they are forced to conduct very careful, precise and covert activity among earthlings, who themselves choose the content and rhythm of their transforming. Live Portals aren’t kindergarten teachers and not authorized to lead people around by the hand, don’t guarantee success in enlightenment and don’t give instructions. They solely open the door to a new world. To enter or not, everyone decides for himself.

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D -Dots-Entities


Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

It’s easiest to work with awakened consciousness. With those who have voluntary abandoned inflated Ego and hypertrophied sense of self-importance. That’s why so many harsh cleansings are carried out on the planet right now. People have to realize that it’s time to stop being a cancer of both Earth and society. Let go of self-conceit and everything petty, and consciously become creators, not destroyers. How can we help in this case?

Basically, the live Portals work through the heart chakra, which is supported by dozens of other energy centers (see – Chakras And The Ark Of Covenant, DNI, 3 July 2021), but seven are most important. They must also work in sync and harmoniously as a single system. Ideally, the recipient should not have diseases, bind to society, desire to run everyone and everything, otherwise the energy flows are blocked or so distorted that a person can’t withstand them.

The direct personal contact with live Portal is the only natural way to channel from one dimension to another the energy that is needed, point-by-point, without building artificial conduits and Gateways, as Arcturians, Andromedans and other civilizations do. The activated 5D Matrix and the new crystal lattice of Earth allow doing it without technogeek’s tools. In this artery, only its purity, breadth and access boundaries are matter.

The live Portal works on the counter energy flows of the source and the recipient. The updraft reaches the level where the zone of everyday men’s tang and zest is focused. The second chakra steers consumeritis, sex, aggression, gourmandism in all forms, and itch for money. The third helps to survive and protect personal space, backs will and social activity. The fourth supports emotions, sensitivity, kindness, love, etc. Which energy center is more intense, it outlines the sphere of interests and the fate of a person, and his ability to take descending quantum flows.

The streams may not touch that causes inner imbalances, chaotic thoughts, and existence without purpose and meaning. The ascending energies of the first and second chakras support only biological life. Awareness, insights, Spirituality, and the Soul’s connection with the Source are absent, since other energy centers don’t work and can’ take the descending flux. Recall what disables them.

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D - First 22 Chakras

First 22 Chakras

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The first chakra runs the vital force. Blocked by fear (of life, earthly feelings and passions) that usually starts accumulating in previous incarnations. A person experienced pain there and his Soul is accustomed to “it’s scary to live”, and born here, reproduces this perception. To get rid of it, don’t put your fears aside, but look them “in the face” and sort them out before deleting each.

The second chakra affects creative realization and satisfaction of wants. Blocked by guilt, embarrassment, shame over own body, sexual problems, abortions, miscarriages, low family and social status, etc. This is a devastating feeling. Everyone who experienced it felt like buried in a sticky cocoon of hopelessness. The block is removable in the same way as in the work with the first chakra. Take inventory on how these factors have played a role in your past. Look at them from the other side. Recall everything that you sense guilty of, and forgive self and everyone, who offended you in all incarnations, times and spaces, in order to fuse your past and present energies and all parts of the multidimensional Soul, here and now.

The third chakra regulates the power of personal intention. Blocked by butting in, poking nose into others’ life under pretexts like “I know best what he should do”, “it’ll be better for her”, “let them”, “aren’t you ashamed?” etc. Many such hindrances are rooted in childhood due to unwise parents, bullying in schools from classmates and teachers…Unblocking is similar to the above mentioned techniques.

The fourth chakra involves in all human life processes. Blocked by grief, resentment, unwillingness to love (because it’s painful) and feel others’ pain. This is also a very destructive state. It’s more difficult to remove because apathy and depression prevent a sober look at the problem. A lot of willpower is needed to sort out the situation, and look at everything from a different angle.

The fifth chakra controls metabolism, commune and creativity. Often disabled in childhood, when a kid is forced to keep quiet, not express feelings and resentments, but silently endure, constantly scolded and criticized. The little one cannot resist and takes everything on faith, and for his survival, the block is turned on.

Another cause is lying to self and others. It’s hard to avoid this, since many constantly lie, and suspect deception, even if are not being deceived. Unfortunately, lies are extremely contagious, and their virus spreads instantly to entire countries and globally. Developing immunity against it is very difficult, but possible. Don’t respond to the deceiver in the same way, and be honest with yourself.

The sixth chakra tunes the body to subconscious and spiritual will. Blocked by hubris, arrogance, inflated self-esteem, illusions, blindness and deafness to everything, greed and envy. Accept realistically what you have, and not compete with neighbors or Rothschilds. Don’t try to become superior to your fellowmen. We are the placebo, making our mind matter.

The seventh chakra connects with cosmic energies. Blocked by disbelief in Higher Guardians, in own path and mission, total attachment to money, power, work, surroundings, everything prestigious, etc. It’s not easy to let go the whole shebang, and restore connection with the Source, but necessary for being live Portal.

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Main Chakras Basics

Main Chakras Basics

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

In addition to energy centers unblocking, interaction with live Portals depends on a person’s awareness, which can be of different types. Which ones?

VICTIMS. Reaction to problems: find the culprit and rip to shreds. That is why the comments on many sites, for example, have turned into toxic garbage, emanating intolerance, hate, hype and aggression, becoming a favorite food for negative egregores.

BRAWLERS. Reaction to problems: spot whom to blame and smash a fist in face to prove own case. They are especially tasty for energy parasites.

SEEKERS. Reaction to problems: the search for answers, the desire to understand the causes. They are less susceptible to diseases, try to find ways to solve the issue and improve the situation. Often provoked by dark egregores, and if given in, sink to the level of Victims or Brawlers.

PLAYERS. Reaction to problems: quick decision-making to correct the errors without energy waste, getting down to brass nails. They are healthy, successful, optimistic, and know how to protect self against egregores. May also be targets for provocations and fall into the category of Victims, Brawlers, or Seekers, but usually not for long.

CREATORS. Reaction to problems: wow, great, cool! I’ll keep watch for a while and sort it out, or maybe it straightens out itself. Beamish and sound, sometimes switch to other leagues if inventively provoked, but more often in quest of adventure, a desire to test selves.

SOURCES. As a rule, these are unconscious or unlocked live Portals. They have no problems. In full harmony with everyone and everything, and are the first who open up and become active interfaces and assistants to Co-Creators. How does this happen?

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Emerge As Live Portal

Emerge As Live Portal

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Usually, the process begins in early childhood, when a kid sees a Subtle Plan and his Guardian before falling asleep (often as a glowing hologram of dad or mom), retains vague memories of past lives and with whom communed then. Regretfully, family and environment quickly suppress this ability. But it begins to manifest in other ways: as dreams of other worlds and dimensions, a subconscious feeling of being somehow different, a misunderstanding of what is expected of him and why, an indifference towards the age-mates’ interests, thoughts of a feat in the name of something higher than own self.

Later, arises desire to constantly take care of and protect someone, an interest in classical, sci-fi, esoteric, and astrological literature, languages, computer science, the Internet, and everything that serves commune. Over time, very broad but superficial knowledge accumulates, a kind of universal dilettante. The interface doesn’t need specialization. It’s enough to translate well so that everyone understands.

Permanent feeling that someone is looking after and guiding never goes away. Life is often hit-or-miss. Fear of getting stuck in one place and take root. Continuous movement along invisible compass to unknown targets until full awakening and understanding of own mission. Come to the fore responsiveness, flexibility, attentiveness, the ability to accept, forgive, cherish, love, appreciate, thank and many other qualities. It is noteworthy that from this moment, spontaneously or as a result of Spiritual practices and inner work, the future live Portal can see his energies on the Subtle Plane.

First, they appear as flat black-and-white scheme. When focusing on it, the image comes to life, is filled with vibrations, acquires volume and begins to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. The fire turns into a ball, inside which numerous golden-colored lightning bolts radiate from the center in all directions far into space and continue to pulsate independently. Brightly glowing crystals appear in the orb…

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Into A Ball

Into A Ball

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Or watch how own body connects via spaceships with the maternal Monad by energy channels, in the nodes of which the experience of all incarnations is highlighted. Then, linger for a few minutes in the power (consciousness) of genitrix and feel its absolute love and goodness, and physical body, bubbling like a boiling cauldron…

Or trace the collapse of the timeline, where one of the personal aspects led a criminal lifestyle, how this experience stings again before set into the Soul’s crystal cell, and how by concentration of energy and love this negativity is annihilated, healing old injuries and tying-ins…

Or view vibrational patterns, which become more complicated, and the colors continuously change – from white and gold to magenta, purple and saturated green. Then, turn into a powerful energy flow that cleanses the entire space around…

Or spot a subtle structure in the form of rapidly rotating Light spheres, interpenetrating each other, pulsating and shimmering with all hues of spectrum. Inside each, beating forms flower patterns, and every ball shines with golden radiation, becomes wispy, increases in size, expanding far into space…

Or monitor how luminous strands of own wave DNA transform into a Light pillar, made of small mosaic elements of a white, transparent substance, then it becomes multicolored and multifaceted, and forms a bizarre design that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility…

There are not so many people on 3D Earth today who are ready to give all of selves to serve the common good. A lot of consciousness are gangrenous and rotting away. They don’t have own thoughts, and are controlled and steered by others’ ones. But more and more men want to become live Portals and, like them, rise to the cosmic level, and forge the future. Our thought is magnetic. It attracts opportunities from space for transforming and commune with worlds, where what wasn’t yet achieved on Earth has already been accomplished. Thus, the horizon of vision expands, and a person begins to understand the specific tasks of his evolution: to change self and the planet on which he lives, and together move into a new dimension.

Live Portals - From 3D To 4D And 5D - No Force Will Stop Us

No Force Will Stop Us

Live Portals – From 3D To 4D And 5D

5D is open to people who learn how to unite. The whole and the part are coessential. Their union also has its own law: two auras reinforce each other 7 times, if people are like-minded, their frequency wave is the same and directed at the common goal. Three people are 7 times squared, that is 49 times. If there are four people, they strengthen each other 7 times to the 3rd power, i.e. 343 times… By uniting, these live Portals have a great might that helps us returning to the Light. And no force on Earth will stop it.

More By Lev

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