Lion's Gate Reminder - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Lion’s Gate Reminder

Lion’s Gate Reminder – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The “Lion”s Gate” occurs each year, and its portal tends to open on July 25th (or about this date), and the 25th is “The Day Out of Time”.

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Lion's Gate Reminder - Orion's Belt over Giza
Orion’s Belt Over Giza

Lion’s Gate Reminder

The star system “Sirius” (“Sepdet” in ancient times) rises over the pyramids on the Giza Plateau.

Some say it begins when our Sun moves into the sign of Leo a few days earlier than the 25th.

The date of “August 8th” is used by many people who follow Pythagorean Numerology because of August being the eighth month and, of course, the eighth day occurs.

So, it is often also referred to as the “8/8 Portal”.

Metaphysically, on its side, the number “8” is the symbol for “Infinity” and also for the Master Number”11″ with a number”1″ being placed in each of the circles.

In ancient times, the rising of “Sirius” signaled the opportunity for spiritual and material abundance, and the “Nile” River (known originally as “Hapi”) overflowed.

Water has always represented a spiritual message and the teaching that “The Spirit Moves on the Face of the Waters”.

>From the time that our Sun enters Leo to the time that it enters VIrgo is technically the “Lion’s Gate” (Tropical Zodiac) —an entire month of special sacred attunements.

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Lion's Gate Reminder 8-8 Portal
8/8 Portal

Lion’s Gate Reminder

With cosmic energetics and worldly happenings being so intense this August, it is wise to declare “High Retreat” during the portal—a time for self-reflection, review, and spiritual rituals more often than usual.

Please review the articles on the autumn occurrences and on the solar eclipse in October for details on the intensity of the “Now” as well as the article on being prepared in a practical manner for any eventuality).

We are four days away from “August 8th” when many people will declare the official “Lion’s Gate”, and collective consciousness can manifest what it focuses upon.

Thus, there will be numerous celebrations on that day.

Most “Indigenous People” and those who honor July 25th as the ancient Kemetic New Year’s Day of “Tybi” had grand celebrations the date of July 25th.

However, it is a strange phenomenon that as August 8th approaches within three to four days each year, cosmic events escalate. Solar winds flow powerfully; solar flares often elevate to “M-Class”; the “Schumann Resonance” (our planet’s vibrational frequency and amplitude) is stirred; the “KP Index” is higher; and other cosmic happenings surge in potency.

Cleansing and illumination of this realm are seemingly stepped-up to match the higher rising of the human collective that is attempting to truly understand SOURCE FREQUENCY and “ITS” SOUND AND LIGHT TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

So, on whatever date (or dates of more than just the one day) that people choose to honor the “Lion’s Gate”, it is a wonderful sacred point in the space/time continuum.

Lion's Gate Reminder - Egyptian Astronomy
Egyptian Astronomy

Lion’s Gate Reminder

​More LIGHT comes into DNA and blesses us with HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

If you did not take the day off of work on July 25th, consider doing so for August 8th.

Honor the Divine Forces!

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Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing

Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing

By now, everyone who reads this website understands that “ECC” refers to “Energy of Collective Consciousness”, and therefore, also realizes that human thoughts, words, feelings, and actions have material atomic frequencies and sub-atomic particles which are sent into the ethereal realms where they become spiritual atomic frequencies and sub-atomic particles which manifest as human experiences–either harmonious or disharmonious.

Elevate To A Higher Frequency

Elevate To A Higher Frequency

As Earth/Gaia continues to receive influxes of LIGHT and to move further into the Photon Belt along with the entire galaxy that “She” is a part of, we too, as humanity, can elevate to a Higher Vibrational Frequency or oscillation of energy.

Earth Is Being Nurtured And So Are We!

Earth Is Being Nurtured And So Are We!

Earth/Gaia is heating-up (climate change), sweating (floods), tossing and turning (tornadoes, hurricanes, thunder storms, etc.), fatigued (constantly affected by chaotic and confused collective consciousness), vibrating faster (commonly known as the “Schumann Resonance”) and in soreness and pain (earthquakes, typhoons, etc.).

ECC Frequency Amplitude Quality

ECC Frequency Amplitude Quality

The “Energy of Consciousness Currents” (ECC) has essentially three components in terms of deeper research having been conducted. Exploring this, “Frequency” is “cycles per second” as something turns on a specific axis; “Amplitude” is “extent” or “range” or “dimension” of something; “Quality” is “characteristic attribute” or “value” or “type” of an experience or thing.

Human Star Dust – A Further Discussion

Human Star Dust – A Further Discussion

The cosmos and humanity are comprised of approximately 97 percent of the same atoms of, for example, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, etc. All of this is often referred to as “Star Dust”.

Energy Of Collective Consciousness – February 25

Energy Of Collective Consciousness – February 25

There are essentially two types of light which we should consider as we study the profound changes occurring on planet Earth/Gaia and in the entire Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. First, there is the scientific aspect of light: electromagnetic radiation which can be perceived with human eyesight which is considered to have particular wavelengths or distances between sounds. It is this light which allows us to see the sky, a tree, a vehicle, an animal, another person, etc. Thus, it is of the material plane.

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