Lighting Of The Galactic Line

Lighting Of The Galactic Line

Lighting Of The Galactic Line. By Gabriel RL.

Many thousands of years ago, as we all know, there were many wars in various parts of the Galaxy. Many beings of diverse systems had serious internal problems due to these wars.

Some beings had their physical and astral bodies destroyed in these battles and their fragments spread throughout the Universe. Many of these souls involved in these conflicts have incarnated in various Star Systems after these wars, and one purpose of this was the elevation of these warlike energies.

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Centaurian Wars Interstellar Neighborhood

Centaurian Wars – Interstellar Neighborhood

Lighting Of The Galactic Line

Beings with old quarrels among themselves would return and, in environments of duality, they could meet again, to rescue and illuminate their past.

Even before these incarnations, the polarization in these Galactic Wars was evident. One side wanted to stop the wars and seek diplomacy; the other side did not want it.

The wars continued anyway, because, no matter how one side wanted diplomacy, they found the increasingly intense and ferocious attacks by the other group unacceptable.

Thus, this final battle was played in physicality, especially here on Earth, where it was transferred for the final resolution, as well as other sectors of the Solar System, but especially the Earth was the main target of all this.

Among the diplomats being part of one factions, many decided that they would incarnate and one of their main tasks would be to try to unify and illuminate this old Galactic Line.

These were warned that they would suffer the consequences of these noble actions, as those of old would come with everything, still inspired by the warlike energy of conflicts, disharmony and domination.

Here we can see clearly in the Terran Plane situations where the two sides can be clearly seen: those who desire Peace, Harmony, Love, Diplomacy, Justice, Seriousness and the other side that tries to fight everything and anyone who tries to bring it to the surface.

This is a ransom from the old Galactic Line. It is Galactic History manifested in physicality, for its finalization.

A great opportunity for this healing is now, at the end of duality on this Planet. It is a unique opportunity for healing and for the energetic liberation from the past. Within Groups of Workers and Warriors of Light there are beings who were in these wars and you can clearly see this when there are attacks against each other.

When you observe Lightworkers and Lightwarriors attacking each other, keep in mind that this is part of what the Galactic War was, because one of the reasons for certain galactic wars to happen was due to the lack of diplomacy, understanding, and respect for each other’s way of being.

Groups began to polarize about 700 million years ago, groups that were working as allied. These polarizations began when a party wanted to follow a path but the other a contrary way. And the discussions started.

Former allied groups that had the same focus were now in open conflict and polarizing all serious work. Allies became enemies, partners became rivals and polarization began to spread, especially in this group with various races, Sirius, Orion, Alpha Centauri, Pleiades, Virgo, Arcturus, Aldebaran, Capella… These are some of the races whom members were involved in this conflict.

(Some beings belonging to these races were in this conflict that polarized this special group of Lightworkers. The approximate number of beings involved in this conflict is about 17 billion and many are now incarnated and acting as Lightworkers, again…)

This important call for reunification is happening now, when the Earth needs Union and Diplomacy. A call for non-polarization is urgent. The old conflicts will no longer hold.



Lighting Of The Galactic Line

The High Commands of the Light asked that this more direct information be given in an attempt to raise awareness of this matter. Lightworkers, Warriors of Light, not all have been involved in this conflict for millions of years, but those who have been, will feel a “thing” in their hearts the moment they read this post.

They will feel the truth of these words, feel a little squeeze, and at the same time, the need to fully integrate into Love and Light.

The call is for collaboration among all. Stop attacking, stop accusing, judge and punish. Stop creating more conflicts and/or feed more of this old energy. Do not repeat the past, which was so painful, and which has spread through various systems and peoples.

Give up using your hands. If you do not agree with the way your brother and sister work, have the least affection and respect for the Divine Spark and whatever your fellow Lightworker is doing, he is doing it from the heart and giving the best he can, and you, dear Lightworker, are here to empower his Light intent, not the shadows.

Beloved Masters, this is the moment where your souls begin a journey to a much more subtle consciousness, where cycles of imbalances and internal and external conflicts no longer make sense to you. Throughout your journey on this Planet, you yourself have been creating a bridge, in order to go into the heart space, and that is your inevitable destiny.



Lighting Of The Galactic Line

No matter how the old programming still invites you to be immersed in the domain games! This dynamic has already taken its place. However, this is the point of time you’ve waited for so long, creating the bridge to a heart-based conscience. It is already possible to see this beautiful pulsating place of Light.

You can already feel its luminous emanation, the energy of the Home and all that you have always sought through the numerous wars that you participated! Now, continue! Follow to the Heart! Put, definitely, your feet in this territory and like a mature soul, create the Planet that your heart desires!

Come on, masters! Together we are always stronger! Let your heart light up with the Christic Light, and never go back again!

I leave my Blessings, Love, Tenderness and Light and I say that any Worker of Light who wants to unite in heart, I will be open. We can create a Special Movement where all of us, all the Workers and Warriors of Light are aware. And this movement would be extremely important to dispel and prevent certain actions from the remaining darkness of the Planet.

Make a video of 5 to 10 seconds, with the following sentence: “I AM A WORKER OF THE LIGHT AND I AM CONSCIOUS” . I will be creating a super video with everyone who sends their micro-videos and I will be divulging in all my pages. The intention is to create a worldwide movement. Send the video to: [email protected]

In addition to sending the email with your video, also share IT in your social networks along with the image that illustrates this publication. If you wish, also use the hashtag #constructiveblackhigher, would be wonderful! WE ARE NOT SEEKING COMPETITION, WE CAME TO RESTORE AND UNIFY.

Love and Blessings, Gabriel RL

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Summary Of Galctic History

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Summary Of Galctic History


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Recent Developments

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