Light Forces Vs Pandemics - The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Vs Pandemics – By Lev

On the Subtle and physical plane, Light Forces continue to closely monitor the pandemic dynamics.

In January 2020, it looked like a petty hooligan and thief who steals change from passersby’s pockets. Or a small, barking, not much biting dog.

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Now it is a monster, a Rottweiler trained on people, a homicidal maniac.

A similar situation is with its egregore. Today it is an aggressive substance of a completely new type. Unlike its predecessors, it has no localization point at all.

This egregore is situational everywhere. It is multiple, constantly on move. It is everywhere, siphoning life energy from the sick, but MOST IMPORTANTLY from the universal fear of the pandemic.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Pandemic Egregore

Pandemic Egregore

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

Recently, the leader of one of the Light Forces ground teams had direct contact with this egregore. By decision of the Higher Self and the Absolute’s Hierarchy, they were confronted on the Subtle Plane.

Before that, Lightwarrior was vaccinated on the Subtle Plane. However, he was sick physically. For two days he lay flat with all the signs of illness.

He had to drink a lot of water, take a lot of vitamins, vegetables, fruits, onions, garlic. This, plus the sun, air, and water worked wonders. Everything went away without a trace.

Then, with field immunity, he made direct contact with the pandemic egregore. It attacked Lightwarrior like a vicious dog. There were panic attacks, a compulsive fear that his lungs were almost completely collapsed and he had to go to the hospital.

But Lightwarrior knew that these thoughts and fears were being compelled from outside him. He resisted by the power of the Spirit, holding himself in check.

The egregore, realizing that Lightwarrior was too much for him to handle, that the life force it could get from him would be less than what would be spent to get it, retreated.

This healing mindset is a good practical lesson for all of us on how to confront the pandemic.

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When the pandemic first started, the Higher Light Hierarchy had plans to quickly take control of it and use it to correct humanity’s genetics, strengthen its immunity and adapt to the 5D.

At first, everything was going well. Then things started to get out of hand.


For many on the Subtle Plane, the pandemic has become vital. They are Archons and Dark Forces on the astral and etheric layers from where Galactic Committee is now actively removing them.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Pandemic Has Become Vital

Pandemic Has Become Vital

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

It is they who are behind the spread of the pandemic on Earth where their packs have a personal interest in it.

It includes huge profits for Big Pharma, an increase in geopolitical influence, the expansion of presence in the world by promoting vaccines, restrictive measures, lockdowns, and much more.

On the Subtle Plane, clinging to the planet and their existence on it, the Darkies have turned the pandemic egregore into a new parasitic system to steal the vital energy of humans.

Delta Plus version, a much more contagious one, appeared with the direct help of the Archons on the Subtle Plane. And it is not the last one. Even more contaminating strains are being developed there.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Not The Last One

Not The Last One

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs decided within a few months to eliminate the danger coming from the pandemic and its egregore. The task will be accomplished quickly and decisively.

On their behalf, on June 29, 2021, El Moria addressed the following message through one of the Lightworkers’ ground teams:

“Dear Friends, Lightworkers!

The summer of 2021 brought unexpected waves of disharmony to many, like a hurricane born by a pandemic.

This disharmony is not caused by the virus itself but by the people who support, magnify and spread these waves around the world.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - El Moria

El Moria

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

Officials, referring to the growing number of cases, are rushing to use all administrative resources to accelerate the vaccination of mankind, claiming that it will help nurture collective immunity.

But you, Lightworkers, are well aware that collective immunity from viruses do not appear with vaccines and jabs but only through the harmonization of human society, the normalization of interstate, interethnic, interreligious relations.

A virus, like a mirror, reflects the level of moral, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health of people.

The vast majority of humanity refuses to accept that it is they, not some impersonal Nature who are responsible for the pandemic.

To acknowledge responsibility for the pandemic is to recognize that at present the way of humanity is far from harmony, from the ideals of Love, altruism, mutual assistance, far from the true values of life.

To accept responsibility for the pandemic is to reconsider the world’s values, to abandon the present way of life, the form of economy that is thought to be the only one possible, although it is far from being the case.

You see that the authorities are not ready for this. Neither are many of the people who are pinning their hopes on vaccines, inoculations, on drugs.

Instead of pinning one’s hopes on moral purity, on raising the personal vital vibrations, on the power of natural healing based on the development of Spirituality, a healthy way of life.

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Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Raising The Vibes

Raising The Vibes

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

But there are a growing number of those who realize that vaccines cannot defeat a pandemic. Although there are also a lot of who are tired of the imposed restrictions and sincerely believe that widespread vaccination will lead to collective immunity.


A virus will mutate, evolve, creating new opportunities to penetrate men, their physical and Subtle Bodies. And cause new forms of diseases.

There is a growing conflict and confrontation in society between people who believe in vaccination and those who are sure that it’s a great danger to humanity.

Dark Forces are actively pouring oil on the fire, spreading misinformation and distorting the truth.

They deliberately exaggerate both the vaccine’s ability to completely rid people of the disease and its potential harm.

These Forces stir the confrontation between people so that the fear energy that they feed on increases.

Struggle and fear weaken Love and Spirituality in the world. People become more controllable.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Fear Energy

Fear Energy

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

Those who are interested in the degradation of humanity feel satisfaction and pleasure, not even realizing that such a turn of events will ultimately cause great harm to them.

We are talking about members of the human race who are on the side of the Dark Forces and those who are not human.

In the face of growing opposition in society, the Family of Light appeals to all Lightworkers, to all people walking the path of spiritual development:

Do not get involved in the confrontation under any circumstances! Do not be afraid of what is happening! It won’t be long before you see the situation gradually improve.

Many will change their minds. Some will have their eyes opened. Others will see the Light in their Souls. And even prominent leaders and world leaders will utter words they are not yet ready to pronounce.

Your task now is to live in inner harmony and carry as much harmony as possible to the outside, to pour Light, Love, and faith into the world that this situation will eventually bring good to humanity, will help to open eyes to many things and start searching for new ways of evolution.

Do not get involved in confrontation! Remain islands of calm, harmony, and confidence in a favorable outcome of events.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Love


Light Forces Vs Pandemics

Vaccines will not change the genetic code of mankind. The family of light will never allow this to happen.

Vaccines have no power to change the light structure of man.

The future of mankind is not vaccines and inoculations but the development of true health, based on moral, Spiritual purity, high thoughts, and beautiful feelings.

“What exactly is it for me? – one may ask. – I am being forced to be jabbed. I am menaced to be fired from my job. I am threatened that I couldn’t move freely around the country and the world, to travel, to vacation, to meet with friends and relatives.

The answer is simple. Everything depends on your level of harmony and life vibration, on your inner Love.

The farther you are from confrontation, struggle, negative thoughts, and feelings, the nearer you are to a healthy, harmonious way of life.

You’ve already noticed how differently people handle the pandemic. For some, it has become a serious illness; for others, it is near-zero.

There are also many for whom an encounter with the pandemic was not a disease but an interaction with it.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - But An Interaction With It

But An Interaction With It

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

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It is necessary to love all things. Love with all your heart. Love not in words but deeds. To love truly. And then pandemics will help in the development of the Subtle bodies, structures, and not be a pest.

Is the truth too complicated? Is it that knotty? Don’t you remember the words, “Come to us in peace… And whoever comes with a sword shall perish by the sword…”

Isn’t it hard to understand: greet everyone in peace! And if you meet with a sword and a shield, what do you get? War! Who will win it? Nobody!

Yes, modern vaccines are not so simple, not so unambiguous. But you, Lightworkers, are not on a wave of fear but a wave of serenity and Love, ask yourself: Does it do me any harm? CAN I NEUTRALIZE IT WITH MY LIGHT AND LOVE?

Or, can I live without the vaccine? What would I be better off doing? Get vaccinated and stay in this job? Or should I look for another job and not get vaccinated?

You know how to communicate very well with your Higher Self, with Mentors from the Higher Worlds. So why are so many of you so intensely drawn to the ridiculous news about vaccines, and thinking: is it true or not?

The truth is only that you receive from your Higher Self. It is already present in your Soul.

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Higher Self

Higher Self

Light Forces Vs Pandemics

So ask your Higher Self, and only then decide. But remain calm and harmonious at the same time. Do not cancel your plans for the sake of external disharmony.

Inner harmony will create the events you need. Inner purity and high vibrations will help you live with or without the vaccine.

Only make a decision based on the advice of your Higher Self. Accept it while remaining calm and wise.

Give birth together with your Higher Self, the Subtle support groups to harmonious events, and don’t follow the eventfulness that the Dark Forces skillfully create.

Even small islands of harmony create World Harmony. Each of you is the destiny of the world. And so your decisions are the decisions of the world. Do not doubt it in the slightest.

You are the Lighthouses, you are the Guides, you are the Creators. And Lighthouses are especially important when bad weather intensifies in the sea. But any bad weather is the birth of a new morning when the beautiful sun rises again. And this is truly so.”

Light Forces Vs Pandemics - Lighthouse


Light Forces Vs Pandemics

And in conclusion, the latest update of Earth relocation to 5D vibes orbit as of July 3rd, 2021 at 06:55 am CET.

“Straight ahead, we approach a fork in the course. The route is divided into 16 lanes, or more accurately, vibrations bands. The energy circuits are beginning to load. Everything is shrouded in plasma light.

The fork is the division of time-space plasma into 16 vibes bands. In them, human souls are distributed according to the level of consciousness – who lives in which one, stays there.

Into this vast, bright sparkling space is directed the general movement of the Earth. Everything is in good shape. The mood is filled with good and joyful anticipation. More news will follow.”

More by Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The “others” are ONLY conductors, or semiconductors, or resistors, or distorter of the Source’s Light. Nobody can store It in self, like in the box. In such cases, It stops running through, and that causes the recipient’s death. To survive, the main task of “others” IS TO SHARE IT as wide as possible, to pass on the candle lit by this Absolute Light. The 4th Local Universe is building EXCLUSIVELY by this Light…

Operation 4th Universe Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The transformation of Earth that we are witnessing is only a microscopic continuation of what is happening in our Local System. The Absolute closed its former, third, project, and now implements the fourth, free from duality, which It builds entirely on the basis and with the help of Light.

Magic – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Magic – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On a Subtle Plane, this fascinating magic is clearly visible. Energy flows come out of the Quasitron (a single system of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea’s power fields), pass through the red energy ERMA’s layer, which forms 5D matter, and move in a powerful streams to the South Pole.

Argorians Update 6 August 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 6 August 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians are constantly changing the working schemes of quantum flows directed to 3D Earth for its transformation. They adjust them taking into account many factors, including those described in the recent post (see – Hammering, Disclosure News, August 6, 2022). The goal is only one – to accelerate the transition of the planet and earthlings to 4D/5D.

Hammering – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Hammering – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Argorians are a civilization of the 25th dimension. They exist in energy bodies, but they can incarnate on the physical plane. Now, about 200 Argorians have embodied on 3D Earth. 25D is the connecting space of higher and lower dimensions, supplying them with energy and correcting their worlds. From them, Argorians recruit their space team.

Argorians Update 3 August 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 3 August 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

You have entered a state of temporary bipolar resonance activity. The frequency of Earth is actively rising due to the carried out planetary work. Temporary inconsistencies of internal and external perceptions are possible, because the speed of events and their understanding differ.

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