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Light Forces Thai Operations Part 2

Light Forces Thai Operations

Part 2

Light Forces Thai Operations – Part 2 – By Lev.

Phangan Island

The next operation of the Light Forces’ ground team was Phangan Island. The mission had a planetary significance.

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Light Forces Thai Operations - Phangan Island

Phangan Island

Light Forces Thai Operations

First an important preamble…

In 2012, the Absolute Hierarchy of our Local Universe changed its plans. It canceled the “harvest” on Earth with a Flash scheduled for December 21 after completing the next 26 thousand years of rotation of the Solar System around Alcyone. Alcyone’s rotation around the Galactic Center (225-250-275 million years) also ended this year, which promised a rich “crop”.

But in 2012, the Hierarchy of Absolutes abandoned the “harvest”. Instead of the new “seeding” for the first time in the Super Universe history started another Quantum Transition program: the removal of Earth from 3D in the united eon 3D-4D-5D during the lifetime of current humanity, altering his genetics and frequency vibration.

The operation and preparations are carried out simultaneously. Therefore, plans are constantly being adjusted in search of the best solutions and scenarios for earthlings.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Alcyone


Light Forces Thai Operations

An important stage of preparation for the Quantum Transition was the elimination of accumulated negative energy (karma) of humanity. On December 21, 2012, with a powerful impulse, the Absolute annihilated all the karmic substance of the causal plane in our Local Universe. This karma was accumulated in the causal bodies.

But after 2012, there was another type of negative mutation – Monadic karma in Logos and Monads. At the levels above, karma, as an anomaly of reality, is absent. Only – on the causal and Monadic Planes.

Therefore, complete karmic liberation and Quantum Transition are unthinkable without eliminating this negativity and its consequences for the Earth Logos and the Monads of people.

It turned out to be more complicated than that.

DNit Telegram Channel

The karmic substance is highly vibrational. That is, it is more poisonous because the Monadic frequencies are an order of magnitude higher than the causal ones.

When the Monadic karma is dumped on the causal body, the proportions of its unarchiving are from 1:100 to 1:1000. That is, one volume of Monadic karma is revealed at the causal level a thousand times more.

Despite this, since 2012, the global purge, that is, the Higher Selves ridding themselves of Monadic karma, has begun. It was for the first time in our Local Universe and on Earth, so there was no clear plan, scheme, or timeline. Everything was entrusted to the Higher Selves.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Alcyone


Light Forces Thai Operations

Some took it very seriously, others – on the principle of “so-so”, and others completely ignored, hoping that someone else will clear them of karma.

The Higher Selves acted at their discretion when choosing the algorithm. Someone gradually and systematically annihilated the karma of the Monad, by raising vibrations. But at the same time, some parts burned and the lower bodies, people, failed. The weak-hearted simply couldn’t stand it.

Some Higher Selves didn’t care. Well, the physical host died, so what? The main thing for them was to get rid of their Monadic karma, that is, the karma of their Higher Selves, which they accumulated themselves.

Other Higher Selves used the karmic avalanche technology, simply dumping total accumulated volumes of Monadic karma down on the lower bodies. There it unfolded in the above-mentioned proportions and poisoned the causal, Subtle, and physical bodies, often killing them. After all, karma is considered fulfilled at the moment of the body liberation (in this case – the Monad) from it.

As a result, in 90% of cases, a person died – from a serious illness, injury incompatible with life, etc. It was convenient for the Higher Selves. With the help of the karmic avalanche, their causal bodies were quickly and completely cleansed, which previously could take dozens of incarnations.

But the person on whom karma was dumped could not annihilate it. For example, a volume of the negative substance of 100 units was dumped from the causal body, while the physical body could process only 5 units. Unable to withstand the load, it died. And at the same time, the entire amount of Higher Stlves karma was “written off”!

That is, the price of the question is simply the life of the physical body. Still the same die, so let it be useful, it doesn’t matter that much early and in agony. This was the logic of some Higher Selves. This is how they solved their problems – by suffering and killing their physical body of manifestation.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Guan Yin Temple Phangan


Light Forces Thai Operations

They did what they wanted, and they had every right to free will. The end justified the means. And it turned out that the Higher Self sinned, provoking a karmic mutation in its Monad and even in the Monad Core, and when working out its karma, the poor human body was in pain and suffering.

A while ago, the mother of the head of the Light Forces’ ground team experienced such a Monadic karmic avalanche. It was incredibly hard for her, but the Higher Self was systematically killing, and in the end, it killed her. Everything was happening in front of her son, but he could not do anything, although he tried his best to pull all the karma of his mom on himself.

The vast majority of Higher Selves are acting from a sense of duty, completely differently. They withdraw Monadic karma dosed, as on a drip. The toxic drops are partially annihilated at the causal level, partially at the Subtle level, and partially at the physical level. As a rule, nothing reaches the physical body of people at all.

The amount of karma that cannot be annihilated at a higher level usually seeps into the lower level. Therefore, the physical body gets only what could not be annealed in the Subtle bodies and higher.

With such a sparing regime, karma manifests itself in the form of some non-critical illness, or injury, or pain that quickly passes.

Why was Phangan island chosen as the site of the new LFs’ ground team operation?

First-about the reasons.

The island is made of quartz mixed with volcanic rock, which is the perfect superconductor and accumulator of the incredibly powerful energy of this Power Place.

This explains the many multi-dimensional Portals, the sacred abodes of the Nagas and Dracos, and the infrastructure of space civilizations. In some places, their density is such that there’s not an inch of room.

The location for the ground team’s task was given at the Guan Yin Temple on Phangan.

This Chinese Temple was built in 1992, thanks to one woman – Miss Malawian. One day she had a strange dream: a Chinese deity – Guan Yin – asked her to build a lighthouse on Phangan for fishermen who find it difficult to return to the island in the dark of night.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Guan Yin Temple Phangan

Guan Yin Temple, Phangan

Light Forces Thai Operations

The woman told about her dream to a familiar monk, who took her to the Phangan island, where she immediately recognized the place on the mountainside, shown to her in a dream. It was there that she decided to build the lighthouse.

Then the incredible happened. The news of the woman who had dreamed of Guan Yin and her plan to build a lighthouse on Phangan immediately spread throughout the country. Remember the collective Monad of Thais?

Donations poured in from everywhere. Money was collected so much that the woman, after consulting with a monk, decided to build a Chinese Temple in honor of the Goddess Guan Yin instead of the lighthouse.

Construction lasted two years. The Temple consists of three richly decorated buildings. Inside the main building is a magnificent statue of the Goddess of Mercy Guan Yin.

The persistence of Guan Yin in her request is explained by the great role of this Supreme Light Entity in the purification of the Earth Logos and human Monads from the karmic anomaly.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Guan Yin in Putoshan

Guan Yin in Putoshan

Light Forces Thai Operations

Many eons ago, the Goddess Guan Yin swore to the Creator that she would not leave the Earth UNTIL THE LAST PERSON INCARNATED ON EARTH (and located in the incarnation field of the planet) WAS FREED FROM KARMA.

As a result of her thousands of years of work and self-sacrifice, in 2012 the First Liberation from Karmic Captivity became possible – on the causal level. Of course, this was due to the direct Intervention of the Absolute. But it would not have been without the selfless Guan Yin work.

Therefore, the Absolute decided to help Guan Yin and expanded its powerful impulse to annihilate causal karma not only on the 3D Earth field but also on the entire Local Universe.

In addition to Guan Yin, other representatives of the Higher Light Hierarchy made a similar vow.

The 3D projection of these events marked the beginning of the creation of the Universal Mercy Crystal and the Temple of Karmic Mercy on the Subtle Plane. All ACTS OF SELF-SACRIFICE FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS, TAKING ON SOMEONE ELSE’s KARMA, DISEASES AND OTHER MISFORTUNES were placed in this energy storage.

This place is the Holy of Holies of our entire Local Universe. During the Cosmic Night, it was carefully hidden to prevent contamination by Black entities.

On the 3D plane, the place looked like an unremarkable, jungle-covered mountainside. But it was this flank of hill Guan Yin pointed out to miss Malawian through the dream channel when She asked her to build a lighthouse.

The Universal Mercy Crystal was placed under the Guan Yin Temple on Phangan. Where her statue is.

Only at the Temple did the LFs ground team understand why it was sent specifically to Phangan Island and exactly to this sacred place.

For the Light Forces’ ground team, Guan Yin was an old friend from an operation in 2010 on Putoshan Island in China.

For ten years the Higher Light Hierarchy and Guan Yin, who then headed the Karmic Rule of the Local Universe together with the Yang Bao Dipole, were preparing the LFs’ ground team for this work.

In 2010, the operation of the Light Forces’ ground team was conducted in the Planetary Abode of the Goddess of Mercy, the place where she performed her only incarnation on Earth. This is a cascade of 12 Power Places, the Guan Yin Altars, known as the Guan Yin Arc. Very important was the Gates of Hell destruction on Putoshan.

The Gates of Hell – a Portal through which the capture of human souls by the Black Archons was made. This Portal was sealed off by Guan Yin.
Her stay on the Putoshan Island, She was able to not only seal the Portal but also to transform it as Ascension Channel. Through it was evacuated out of Hell all men’s souls that the Light Forces could release from there.

For the new work with Guan Yin in 2020 in Her Secret Abode on Phangan Island, the LFs’ ground team was prepared for another ten years.

Having given an oath to the Creator, a karmic guarantee for all mankind, She came to Earth and left here a part of Her Heart, a part of the Core of Her Monad, creating it from Crystal of Karmic Mercy. Geographically, it was hidden next to the Universal Mercy Crystal on Phangan Island.

For hundreds of thousands of years, all excess human karma was collected in this Crystal and annihilated in it by a particle of Her Heart. Many times this has saved humanity from destruction due to exceeding the critical threshold of karmic crimes.

Of course, this caused Her great pain and suffering.

On December 21, 2012, the Absolute by its impulse destroyed causal karma in our Local Universe. It took for the Higher Self and human souls another eight years to annihilate the Monadic karma. Someone it passed earlier, someone later.


This meant that She could now restore the integrity of her Heart, the particles of which she had placed in the Crystal of Karmic Mercy. These particles kept Her on Earth, preventing Her from Ascending.

This was the main objective of the LFs’ ground team’s operation on Phangan Island.

Gathered together in the Temple, the team members created a group Ascension Channel, uniting their hearts, and on the highest vibration of Love and Light, they accepted the Crystal of Karmic Mercy passed to them by the Keepers and gave it to Guan Yin. She returned it to Her Heart, restoring its former integrity.

All this took place at the highest vibrations. Tears flowed freely from almost the entire team.

In the next instant, Guan Yin soared up. Its vibrations carried It first to the Pleroma, and from there it IMMEDIATELY WENT ON TO ASCEND TO THE ABSOLUTE.

Its Reverse Descent from the Absolute took place in a new quality. She is now officially the Mother of the World, on the Co-Creator. So the group was already tuning in to a new, transformed Guan Yin.

Another surprise was that after receiving the Crystal, She asked the team members to accept and place a new Crystal in the place of the former Crystal of Karmic Mercy – and again it is a piece of Guan Yin’s Heart. Only from now on it is not intended for the annihilation of karma, but only for transmitting to the Earth and humanity the vibrations of its Absolute Love and Light.

And as an afterword to the operation…

Annihilation of all remaining Monadic karma of humanity was carried out by the MONAD, THE HEART OF GUAN YIN through the Crystal of Karmic Mercy. This did not concern the rest of the Local Universe.

She repeated what Christ did during His Earthly mission – a feat. He acted quickly: during the flagellation and torment on the Cross, powerfully drawing in and burning all the karma of humanity at that time. Guan Yin had to stretch this process for thousands of years.

In both cases, two Higher Light Entities took the karma of humanity – monadic and causal – upon themselves. But this was locally, only in the field of the Earth.

In 2012, the Absolute intervened, and the effect was for the entire Local Universe.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Melchizedek


Light Forces Thai Operations

After the annihilation of the residual human Monadic karma by the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin, the Monads, and Higher Selves were NOT SPARED FROM KARMA. It was reclassified as VIRTUAL KARMA in a ratio of 1:1. That is, there is no de facto Monadic karma, but de jure it is. Therefore, the Higher Selves of people ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM ITS PROCESSING.

After Her unparalleled feat, Ascension to the Absolute and reverse manifestation, Guan Yin received the Status of the new MOTHER OF THE WORLD, A CO-CREATOR in the hierarchical structure of our Local Universe.

There were other important events. Instead of a Dipole with Yang Bao, Guan Yin entered a new Spiritual Dipole with Melchizedek. Now they will work together for the common good, and will not leave us, earthlings, helping us in further purification and transformation.

More by Lev

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Following the previous months, the energies of May, by their powerful vibes, will continue to sort people for different dimensions. We have remember that the planets, Sun, Stars, Constellations and their stelliums are not only emitters of own freqs, but act as repeaters and “colorers” of thousands and millions of the Greater Cosmos’ radiations unknown to us.

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Since the beginning of the year, and especially in recent weeks and days, the unprecedented pressure of cosmic energies increases. But amazingly, they kill some, help others to recover and bring incredible sensations, memories and discoveries. The following testimonies (kept from the first person), out of many thousands, prove it.

Rematch Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Rematch Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Many sources more than once described Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its hierarchy. Some portrayed it as an absolute Evil, as an interdimensional entity that is completely autonomous in its evolution, plans, decisions and actions.

Rematch – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Rematch – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 26 March 2024 at 01:30 LT, in Baltimore, a Dali container ship flying the Singapore flag hit the automobile bridge Francis Scott Key on the main route between New York and Washington.

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