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Light Forces Thai Operations - Part 1 - Lev

Light Forces Thai Operations

Part 1

Light Forces Thai Operations – Part 1 – By Lev.

In mid-July 2020, a meeting of the expanded Council of the Absolute Hierarchy, the Gaia Absolutoverse, and the Earth Planetary Committee was held. It was in a new, updated composition, and made important decisions.

A new plan of joint action was approved to implement the Quantum Transition and fulfill the plan of the Absolute of our Local Universe. More details about this will be covered in the next posts.

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At the same meeting of the Earth’s Planetary Committee, the operations of the Light Forces ground team to destroy the Dark Forces energy structures in various regions of the planet were analyzed and highly evaluated.

Many ops can now be revealed. For example, operations that the LF conducted in Thailand from January 27 to February 17, 2020, on the Islands of Koh Samui and Phangan.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the sacred abode of the Naga civilization and all mankind. Here is a powerful Portal of Harmony and Unity Fundamentals, which energetically supports the vital functions of the planet.

In olden times, Nagas paid attention to it and began to use it for their purposes. This was done very carefully, without destructive interference in the Portal work. They used it as an incarnation incubator to create and embody the ancestors of the Thais – a nation created by the Nagas. The Thais, like the Khmer, are their offspring.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Koh Samui

Koh Samui (Samui Isand)

Light Forces Thai Operations

DNit Telegram Channel

The localization of the Thai incarnation matrix is a place on Koh Samui, known since as the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks. This is the Portal of the creation of all Thais. They have a single collective Monad and, accordingly, collective karma that is proportionally distributed among all. This is also the case with the Khmer in Cambodia.

As elsewhere, during the long human history, the territory of South-East Asia, which is traditionally the abode of the Nagas, was stratified by evolutionary processes. There was a time when only the Nagas ruled there, then their creations – the first Thais, then a number of extraterrestrial civilizations. But the most significant (apart from the Nagas and Thais) was the Lemurian race.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks

Koh Samui – Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks

Light Forces Thai Operations

Then Samui (which was not always an island) was invaded by reptilians. For them, the planetary Portal of Harmony and Unity Fundamentals was a gift of fate, and they actively exploited it. But, unlike the Nagas, they did this barbarously, deforming the Portal that regulates the distribution of the primary Male and Female Energies, which are critical for maintaining the energy of Gaia and the Earth Logos.

After gaining access to the Portal, the reptilians used it to create demonic entities. The priests of the black cults began to perform satanic rites there, using the sacred Primary Male and Female Energies, that is, Energies coming directly from their primary Source. The consequences were manifested in this sacred place until our time.

The Light Forces ground team was assigned to completely clean the Portal of Harmony and Unity Fundamentals from negative energy and restore its operation.

Together with the Higher Light Hierarchy and Gaia, an action plan was developed. But suddenly the Nagas intervened, came out to the Creators who make and approve decisions in such matters, with a request to allow them to restore the Portal.

Their arguments were valid. After all, the Nagas were responsible for what happened to the Portal. They did not stop the reptilians at the time, but simply evacuated the incarnation Thais Matrix and moved it to the safe location.

It didn’t save them.


In the evolution of Nagas intervened Yaldabaoth. Together with the former Highest Dark Hierarchy of our Local Universe, he created a huge enclave of Gray and Dark Eons which included our planet settled by the Dark Forces created Nagas, Dracos, and their hybrids Serpentodracos.

They took possession of the Earth and completely dominated it, although they have their abodes and systems in the Constellations of the Dragon and the Serpent.

The appearance of human civilizations on the planet forced the Nagas and Dracos to go to the inner Earth, establishing entire underground kingdoms there.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Yaldabaoth

Yaldabaoth (More on Yaldabaoth)

Light Forces Thai Operations

They did not accept this situation and decided to destroy humanity. But they did it not with their hands, but with the people themselves. They imposed a system of enslavement and self-destruction of people, which is still in effect.

Visible and invisible levers of power were handed over to the powerful elite, who, in turn, were controlled by the outer Gray civilizations, mainly reptilians. Everything on the planet belonged to them until the Higher Light Forces intervened to help humanity.

A series of events accelerated Light Forces operations to liberate the planet. Nakas and Dracos and the whole Dark Hierarchy on Earth lost its Creator and patron – Yaltabaoth. They saw numerous LFs ops to destroy Gray and Black entities, the transition to the Light Side of many Dark Hierarchs. The Higher Light Hierarchy decided to give the Nagas a chance to continue their evolution.

After all, initially, the Nagas were different. Several large clans constantly fought among themselves for power and spheres of influence. Although the prevailing forces among them were destructive, some Nagas groups were loyal to humanity. But there was a minority of them.

After 2012, the Higher Light Hierarchy gave the Nagas and Dracos a choice: to undergo a voluntary transformation to continue their evolution in the Unified Family of Light, or to be destroyed as a counter-evolutionary force.

They had to make their choices, both individually and as a whole. The need for such a solution split them into three camps: irreconcilable, wavering, and friendly.

As a result, after a series of warnings and given time to think things through, there are only two camps left. Those who remained irreconcilable were destroyed at the level of the Monads. Those who joined the Side of Light were able to continue their evolution. As for the Dracos, the situation is more complicated with them, but in the end, they will have to go through the same stages as the Nagas.

These were very dramatic events. The Higher Light Hierarchy showed the Nagas the true history of their origin. It was a shock to them. They never had any true or reliable information about themselves, and that at some point the Dark Forces started using them to take over our entire Local Universe. And one of the battlefields was humanity and Earth.

Back in 2013, a group of New Nagas contacted the Light Forces ground team and offered to cooperate. After receiving consent, the interaction was approved by the Higher Light Hierarchy Council.

The best known positive Naga is Mucalinda.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Naga Mucalinda

Naga Mucalinda

Light Forces Thai Operations

As stated by Mucalinda Sutta, immediately after his Enlightenment, the Buddha sat in meditation and enjoying the bliss of liberation. But unseasonably, the sky was covered with darkness, after which it began to rain heavily and a strong storm broke out, raging for seven days. Then the mighty serpent king Mucalinda came to the surface and protected with his hood the one who is the Refuge of Every Seeker. When the storm subsided and the clouds dispersed, the king of the serpents assumed his human form, bowed before the Buddha, and returned joyfully to his Palace.

It was with him that the Light Forces ground team first established a connection, or rather, he himself reached it. At first, both sides simply stayed in each other’s energy fields, synchronizing them. Team members immediately noticed that Mucalinda Golden aura, and drop-down hood, look like a cobra’s.

The other entity that was contacted was the Naga Queen. By the way, the King Cobra is her creation. She gave her name, but it can’t ever be repeated, because it sounds like a phonetic Abracadabra.

Several years were spent preparing for the first joint work, energy lapping and synchronization with the bioenergy of the LFs’ ground team Mucalinda, and the Naga Queen. It was a very difficult process. After all, humans with Nagas are not compatible at all, the difference is too great. For example, what is poison to humans is the substance of life to the Nagas and vice versa.

The first large-scale collaboration was in February 2016 in Angkor, Cambodia. The next was planned in Kashmir, and the third – near Kailas. Angkor, Kashmir, and Kailas are the three main planetary New Nagas centers. There are smaller abodes. Below them are the main underground cities of the New Nagas.



The territory of Angkor is an exact projection of the underground infrastructure of the Nagas, a copy of their Underground Kingdom, with the main Temples built under surface. In addition, the Indochina Nagas enclaves are linked with the abodes of the cosmic Nagas in the Draco Constellation.

If to look at Angkor from above, it is part of a map of the starry sky: the structure of the temple complex accurately reproduces the position of the stars of the Draco Constellation on the day of the vernal equinox in 10,500 BC. This map is a model of the precession of the Earth’s Axis, the cyclic rotation of the celestial North Pole around the heart of the Draco Constellation. The dragon is the secret guardian of the North Pole of the Ecliptic, through which the Axis of the World passes.


Light Forces Thai Operations - Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Light Forces Thai Operations

Today, the North Pole is the North Star, but this was not always the case, and in the III thousand BC the North Pole of the World was located where Alpha Draconis is located.

The precession of the Earth’s Axis causes a visible change in the position of stars with a period of 25,920 years, i.e. 1 degree is 72 years. In 10 500 BC, the lowest point of the trajectory was the Orion Constellation, and the highest – the Draco Constellation.

Since then, the precession process has turned the Celestial Pole by half a circle relative to the Ecliptic Pole, and today the Draco Constellation is near the lowest point, and Orion constellation is near the highest.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Draco Constellation

Draco Constellation

Light Forces Thai Operations

If to project a map of the starry sky of 10,500 BC on the Earth, it turns out that the city of Angkor Thom outlines the heart of the Draco Constellation.

The numerology of Angkor exactly matches the most important cosmic patterns:

  • Angkor is located 72 degrees East of the Giza pyramids.
  • There are 72 major temples and monuments in Angkor.
  • On both sides of the 5 bridges leading to the gate to Angkor Thom, there are parallel rows of huge sculptures-54 Devas and 54 Asuras. 108×5 = 540 statues x 48=25920 – precession cycle.
  • The Bayon Temple is surrounded by 54 massive stone towers, each carved with four giant faces of Lokesvara, oriented to the North, South, East,and West, making a total of 216 faces – (216/3=72).
  • The Central sanctuary of Phnom Bakheng is surrounded by 108 towers. In Hindu and Buddhist cosmologies, 108 is a sacred number, (the sum of 72 + 1/2 x72).
  • The number 72 is related to the precession of the Earth’s axis which causes a visible change in the position of stars with a period of 25920 years, that is, at a rate of 1 degree per 72 years.

In the temple of Angkor Wat, the Nagas’ idea of enslavement, dumping all negativity, including karmic negativity, on it, and, ultimately, destroying humanity by its hands is realized.

Angkor Wat is a Nagas software module, calibrated by the Stars of several Constellations, and implanted in the Earth’s body to control and manage the Logos of the Earth.

The entire Angkor configuration was linked to the Alpha Dragon Star Logos in 10500 BC. At the same time, the activation of the entire system took place, boarding the Earth to this Star. However, at that time it was Polar.

The Nagas wanted to bind Earth to the Alpha Dragon Star forever, not just during the corresponding precession cycle. The entire cosmic construction of Angkor on all levels, including the Subtle Plan, is a brilliant masterpiece of the highest devilish thought directed at Evil.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Lokesvara


Light Forces Thai Operations

Why did the Nagas want to put the evolutionary cycle of humanity in a vicious circle?

For the realization of the main goal – the destruction of humanity and the return of the Earth. They created a software-controlled bio module that, once implanted in the Earth’s body, could periodically connect to and control the planetary Logos.

The technology was simple: a microwave pulse was passed through this module, like Star Lightning, which acted as a stun gun.

The planetary Logos was paralyzed for a time, during which the Nagas activated their Angkor bio module, and when the Logos came to life, it was already under the program of external control. This introduction took place at the dawn of the vernal equinox in 10500 BC. This date exactly corresponds to the location of the Angkor Temples.

In early February 2016, during the first work, A group of Higher New Nagas Hierarchs handed over their Primary Monad to the members of the LF team (helped them place it in their Monads) for transportation to the Pleroma and transfer to the Creators. Which was done.

Other work was carried out on February 9, 2016, from the main tower of Angkor Wat.

The first part was related to the annihilation of Naga Poison. This was a serious problem for them, without solving which they did not get the right to evolve. They synthesized and accumulated an incredible amount of this poison, took it inside themselves as much as they could, and put the rest in special tanks.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Light Forces Thai Operations

The main storage facility for the most toxic Naga poison (Absolute Poison obtained from mixing with Amrita) was four underground reservoirs under Angkor Wat. In addition, through these portals, the Nagas (including those who lived in the Draco constellation) constantly dumped their karmic substance on the Earth. And that, in turn, was dumped on people.

However, the draining of the karmic substance was so intense that at some point the system failed and became clogged. By the time of the joint work in Angkor Wat, the entire underground structure of the poison storage and communication for the distribution of karmic poison (dumping further on people) was overflowing, poisoning everything around.

Almost immediately after the work began, an activating pulse code was sent out of space from some Logos, like lightning, into the Angkor matrix. But the New Nagas were on the alert. The attempt was immediately stopped before the impulse reached the target.

It turned out that an aspect of one of the Star Logos of the Draco Constellation was used for the attack. The Temple was programmed in such a way that when one tries to clear Angkor Wat, either activated the karmic drain or self-destruct the access system, which made it impossible to carry out any work.

The Logos aspect was immediately placed in a quarantine crystal, quickly created from the temporary Monadic bodies of the New Nagas and the LFs’ ground team members.

Then New Nagas began to drain the tanks of poison under Angkor Wat. Divided into four groups, they plunged into four containers of karmic poisons under the four towers of the Temple and began to literally drink, absorb it into themselves. After the tanks were completely drained (the process took several days) they processed the poison in themselves. It was a real feat on their part.

Another result of the work in Angkor Wat was the destruction of the connection of the Main Tower of the Temple with the Logos of the Alfa Star.

Banteay Srei Temple

The next operation was performed on February 10, 2016, at the Banteay Srei Temple.

The Temple is a system of multiple Portals like a mine. This is also a multichannel communication system of the surface and underground worlds. The Portal towers of the Temple also connect the space objects of the Nagas and their underground realms.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Banteay Srei Temple

Banteay Srei Temple

Light Forces Thai Operations

The main task in this Temple was to establish direct contact of the LFs’ ground team with the Naga Queen and exchange aspects with her, which was required for the most important work on February 11, 2016, in the Koch Ker Temple.

The Koh Ker pyramid was the repository of the matrix of the Absolute Poison of Nagas. Necro-energy and human life energy were required to maintain the necessary environment that would not only store the matrix but also use it. For this purpose, human sacrifices were constantly carried out here.

At the top of the pyramid, the initiations of irreconcilable Nagas were performed, during which they took a copy of the matrix of Absolute Poison and could produce it themselves. It was an absolute murder weapon. This procedure was also performed on the higher planes with the new Monads of the Higher Nagas. The Portal worked until very recently.

During the sacrifices, people were thrown from the top of the pyramid into a shaft, where they flew 9 meters in complete darkness. During this time, the energy of horror and fear of death increased many times. At the depth of the mine, the shaft narrowed sharply so that a person hit it and received a fatal or semi-fatal injury. If he fell to the bottom of the shaft still alive, he died of severe wounds in agony. The matrix was supported by this despair energy.

According to the unified plan of the Higher Light Hierarchy and New Nagas, on the Koch Ker pyramid, the LFs’ ground team was instructed to remove the matrix of the Absolute Poison. To do this, one of the team leaders combined his Monad with the monad of the Naga Queen in dipole synthesis. After that, the Naga Queen tore the matrix out of the Subtle material storage under the pyramid and placed it inside herself and the team leader. Then began the separation of the higher primary energies of Creation contained in this matrix-crystal.

It was hell. Hell for both. The fiery sterilizing vibrations of the Monadic synthesis soared to their highest pitch. The separation of the primordial energies of the Absolute Poison matrix lasted for several very difficult hours. After the two primary substances of Creation were separated, the matrix itself was destroyed.

After that, the Naga Queen was lifted up into the Pleroma. This meant that she was saved by the Creators, because after the heroic processing of the poisonous substance, she was on the verge of death, and it is unlikely that she would have survived.

The last work in 2016, the Light Forces ground team conducted with New Nagas at dawn on February 12 in the Angkor Wat Temple. It involved friendly space Nagas from Alpha Draconis. The Alpha Draconis aspect was implanted in the center of Angkor Wat to drain negative energy from it, which was immediately sterilized, and then the purified aspect was transported back to the mother Star Logos.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom

Light Forces Thai Operations

There was also determinacy and the transformation of whole Logos of this Star. It was carried out by the space Nagas and Dracos, who joined the Family of Light.

For an additional guarantee, a special screening vibration layer was created in the Temple, which serves as a framework, a foundation that separated the underground and surface complex of Angor Vata. The cosmic and terrestrial energies flow was partially preserved, which excluded the necrosis of reality in this place.

It was not possible to completely remove the Angkor bio module, since it is embedded in the Earth’s body so deeply that it has fused with it, and it is not yet possible to remove it without harm to the Earth.

Light Forces Thai Operations - Koh Ker Wat

Koh Ker Wat

Light Forces Thai Operations

And after all that, in February 2020 – a new collaboration of the Light Forces ground team with New Nagas on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.

Together, they cleared the negative Portal near the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks. Then an Absolute Matrix of Unity and Harmony Fundamentals was placed in the core of the Portal. Now the work of the Portal and the Planetary Temple has been restored in full, and the Temple itself has been updated according to the new Matrix of Unity and Harmony of the Yin-Yang principle.

And this was possible thanks to the direct cooperation of New Nagas, Absolute Hierarchy, and the Light Forces’ ground team.

(To be continued)

More by Lev

Great Martyress – Operation Stellar Network Part 5

Great Martyress – Operation Stellar Network Part 5

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Quantum Tsunami – New Galactic Ops Part 21

Quantum Tsunami – New Galactic Ops Part 21

On 6th June 2021, at 8.00 pm CET, an emergency occurred during the transportation of Earth on a new 5D vibrational orbit. Having overcome another internal barrier in this space (there are eight of them in total), the Siriusians’ ships fell into a funnel of super-powerful quantum flows.

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After the May 28, 2021 installation of the 5D Physical Reality Sphere around the Earth, the Galactic Committee reported on June 6 where the gradual and very cautious materialization of the programs brought by this sphere will begin. In the first stages, it concentrates on three areas that start at the same time. The programs concern not men but flora, fauna, and the mineral world which are easier to change than humans.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 9

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 9

This is a special period in the development of the Earth and the planetary system as a whole. We have begun the global transition to the 5D, and not everyone can make it. Some souls are unable to do so, they are taken away from our plan. The Sherpas of the Galactic Committee and friendly races help not only those who are ready but the entire civilization.

Gray Fog – Q&A With Lev – Great Quantum Transition

Gray Fog – Q&A With Lev – Great Quantum Transition

There are TWO realities. One is reflected 24/7 by mass media according to which humanity will die before our eyes if it is not urgently and universally vaccinated. Another reality confirms that mortality remains at the level of natural population decline due to chronic diseases and age.

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