Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Part 1

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1 – By Lev.


Operation in Chichen Itza

One of the most important operations of the Light Forces’ ground team was the destruction of the Black Archons’ infrastructure in Chichen Itza. From there, the DFs were going to seize power in the Local Universe and to eliminate its Co-Creators.

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Mexico Light Forces Ops - Kukulkan Temple in Chichen Itza

Kukulkan Temple in Chichen Itza

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

The core of the combat infrastructure was the Mayan pyramid system. With this complex turned into giant vibration cannon, the Dark Hierarchy planned to first deliver a fatal blow to the Local Universe’s Logos.

The moment for the attack was chosen the Logos reloading, i.e. pulling in the body of manifestation, and then deploying it in the Pleroma. This was to lead to a radical transformation of the Local Universe and the Logos itself.

The main danger for the Local Universe was that the moment of reloading is similar to the state of death, absence, or non-existence.

It was at this moment that the Archons intended to strike a fatal blow. Then they planned to use all their main galactic reserves – the AntiWorlds and AntiPleroma, the Crystal of Perfect Power and Abortion reality, Necroreality, and the black holes system, karmic and genetic bombs, karmic burial grounds, etc.

The Archons intended to concentrate all the gigantic power of this negative energy and funnel it in one general crushing blow to the Logos.

The Higher Dark Hierarchy did not doubt a success. They already controlled 66.6% of the Local Universe. It seemed easy to subdue the remaining 33.3%. Places in the new Black and Gray elite were already being distributed, and galaxies, constellations, and planets were divided…

The Lightwarriors’ ground team was instructed to disable a key part of the Archons’ vibration cannon.

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Maya Calendar

Maya Calendar

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

This Black HAARP was based on sacred places scattered throughout Yucatan and on the Reference Frequencies Repositories (Vibro-information formula) of a Single Cycle of the Local Universe’s Logos.

In the Local Universe, the Mayans are the guardians and controllers of the Time energy. In the past, they came to Earth to prepare it for the Great Quantum Transition.

With the onset of Cosmic Night and the invasion of the Archons, the Mayans, like other stellar civilizations, were forced to leave the planet.

The entire pyramid infrastructure they created was a receiving and transmitting space station. Its center is the main Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza, built on an ancient sacred point.

The infrastructure was tuned up to several Logos – of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, our Sun, and several planets. The energy source for the complex was the Earth’s core.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico - Chichen Itza Aerial

Maya Calendar

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

For some time, the system corrected the planetary Constants of the Earth, as well as other Logos of the Galaxy. It was an attempt to restore the lost perfection of our planet.

One of the original purposes of the Earth was to act as a Standard for Planetary Logos. And correct other Logos that have strayed from their evolutionary path.

During the Cosmic Night, the Archons took over the Mayan infrastructure. Incarnating in the guise of priests, they subdued the Mayans who decided to remain on Earth, began to pump the sacred places and pyramids with the negative energy of sacrifices.

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Mexico Light Forces Ops - Mayan Sacrifices

Mayan Sacrifices

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

The methods were very different. For example, a special cenote was built in Chichen Itza. There the girls, which were destined to become the brides of God of fertility, were thrown down in well.

Another rite was also common. A man was tied to a post. Then the priest cut the victim’s stomach and smeared the statues of deities with blood. The human body was painted blue, and white paint was applied to the heart area. In the resulting still-alive target, the Indians, performing a ritual dance, fired arrows from a bow.

Sometimes a person was placed on a sacrificial altar, his chest cut open and his heart was torn out. The priest threw the lifeless body from the altar, and other priests picked it up, stripped the skin, and put it on themselves…

The Archos’ galactic HAARP was imbued with this energy of victims’ grief and suffering, the malice and hatred of the Black priests. They created a whole pipeline of sacrifices, detailing the schedule of tortures and executions, their number, schedules, methods of killing people, etc.

All, like the Archons, were obsessed with power and the dream of world domination.

However, the main projectile of the Black HAARP was not negative energy. At the time of 11:11, he was supposed to shoot an information virus consisting of a destructive program Code at all the Local Universe Logos.

This Code was an AntiCycle program. Similar to an evolutionary program, but containing a virus, a false, dead-end goal. Its introduction into Logos and Monads would lead to their rapid self-destruction. A giant system of triggers in all the Galaxies and planets were targeted for recieving and activating the virus.

The DFs were planning to activate all systems simultaneously during the Great Quantum Transition and launch the AntiCode into the Local Universe’s Logos.

On Earth, this Code was placed by the priests at the key points of the Mayan transmitting space station.

The Archons also counted on Monadic AntiCode carriers. These were to be traitors from among the Higher Light Hierarchs who had direct access to the Local Universe’s Logos and the Pleroma.

This would not prevent a Logos reboot. But after the destruction of the Pleroma, Logos, Co-Creators, and Higher Light Hierarchs in their places the Black Archons would be revealed. This was the plan of the Great Substitution. A new Dark Local Universe would completely replace the current one.

The Light Forces’ ground team was tasked with neutralizing the Black HAARP and completely clearing the territory’s energy field.

The Mayans did not choose Yucatan for their infrastructure by accident. The proximity of the main pyramid of the Atlanteans, their Power Crystals, the Temple that was a part of the planetary Cell of Life structure, the epicenter of the fallen Chicxulub asteroid with its colossal energy…All this was carefully taken into account.

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Chicxulub Impact Event

Chicxulub Impact Event

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

To the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza, the ground team went through Cancun. They immediately felt the very heavy, dirty vibrations of this place and the toxic energy background of the surrounding area.

For two days, Lightwarriors stoically overcame minor energy assaults and attacks from a pack of local negative entities. There were a great many of them

In the same days, the Higher Light Hierarchy began to purge Yucatan of all small evil spirits leftover from the time of the first Maya. The ground team did not participate, but they felt it. Powerful vortices were accompanied by a hurricane with heavy rains.

The Temple of Kukulkan struck Lightwarriors of its powerful vibes. Due to the shape effect, it produced a whirlpool of Subtle energy, including time energy and its focused transfer to a point under the Pyramid. Strong vibrations were also felt around Chichen Itza.

The operation was to be carried out at the top of the Temple, the main focal point of a Black Vibration Cannon loaded with a capsule containing a destructive viral AntiCode. The entire complex was carefully mined by the Archons on a Subtle Plane.

Initially, the Kukulkan was assigned a key role in the correction of Planetary Time and the Earth’s Quantum Transition. By its new formula, the density of chronal resistance would be lower, and, accordingly, the Time energy would have less destructive effects on matter and biomaterial (the human body and other living beings)…

All the pyramids that are part of the infrastructure, the Archons are arranged very cleverly and linked with each other in the most complex way. Due to the multi-level scheme, its reliability and autonomy were ensured. At time X, even when disconnected from the Earth’s core, it could still complete its task.

Mine clearance was extremely difficult. Archons have built a lot of traps. On the Subtle Plane, all the elements of the pyramid system were connected by numerous mine extensions. Only one of them was real.

Before the start of the operation, the Light Forces assigned roles.

The Higher Light Hierarchs first created the same parallel scheme for unlinking the pyramids’ energy information chain. Then they put it on the main one, and both – the main and the false – were neutralized simultaneously.

The ground team head was instructed to take into his Monad for processing a crystal with a viral AntiCode that the Archons created.

Being on the top of the Temple Lightwarrior completely splintered and annihilated the crystal with the vibrations.

As a result, through joint actions, the Black HAARP ceased to exist.

After the operation at the Temple of Kukulkan, the ground team conducted a mass evacuation of non-ascended souls who remained there after the sacrifices. Unfortunately, there are still many such soul traps on Earth.

Later the energy sweep of all areas was continued by other Lightwarriors’ groups. On-site and remotely.

Operation in Chicxulub

The goal of the operation was a capsule brought to Earth by the Chicxulub asteroid 65 million years ago.

The fall of the asteroid, as it turned out, was part of the Black Archons’ plan to seize power in the Local Universe. But it was done, as always, cunningly and insidiously.

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Yucatan Chicxulub Crater

Yucatan Chicxulub Crater

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

At one time, the Earth was dominated by dinosaur life forms. Some of them were created by Black Archons and reptilian civilizations from different parts of the Galaxy.

These life forms have become the main population on the planet. Their extreme cruelty and aggressiveness brought colossal disharmony to the Local Universe. They also posed a serious threat to the Earth.

The Higher Light Hierarchy made a difficult, but the only right decision to destroy them. For the sake of saving the Earth and freeing the planet for Man.

The only quick way to get rid of them was a general extinction as a result of a planetary cataclysm. The asteroid sent was supposed to lead to the mass death of dinosaurs and the emergence of 90% of new, more harmonious life forms. In the end, this is what happened…

The Archons decided to use the Chicxulub asteroid for their purposes. With the help of Yaltabaoth, they inserted a capsule with New Life spores into the asteroid field for future settlement of the Dark Local Universe.

A Matrix was created. It contains a capsule with living cells and spores. Then all this was compressed by the Archons to a state close to the singularity, and embedded in the asteroid field.

When it hit and was destroyed, the Matrix was imprinted into the Earth’s body. But not activated.

At first, the Archons used Earth only to store the Matrix. After the creation of the Black HAARP, things took a new turn. They decided that a viral salvo on the Local Universe Logos to destroy it should be made from Earth…

Before the operation in the Chicxulub crater, the Higher Light Hierarchs tested stretching of the team Monad’s manifestation bodies to a volume that could accommodate the Matrix. The training continued all night. The desired result was achieved.

Before Lightwarriors did not have such experience. They were able to stretch the Monad’s expansion to infinity and compression to singularity. But this was done with the drawn-in bodies of manifestation, not the bodies of manifestation themselves.

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Dinosaur Aggression

Dinosaur Aggression

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

The next morning, in the epicenter of the Chicxulub crater, right at the point where the capsule was located below the surface, the group stood around the leaders, providing a peripheral vibrational field of Absolute Light.

Then the leaders stretched the Monadic bodies of manifestation. With the Higher Light Hierarchs help, they extracted the Matrix and placed it in their Monads.

After studying it briefly, the Lightwarriors destroyed the Matrix with a dipole intra-monadic explosion.

Operation in Palenque

From the first minutes of stay in Palenque, the ground team felt that they were in an extremely destructive and energetically dirty location.

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Palenque Temple of Inscriptions

Palenque Temple of Inscriptions

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

Palenque was a unique Power Place and sacred center, long before the Mayans. To this day, it has a functioning Portal. Originally, one of the planetary Flower of Life Temples was located here. Therefore, the Mayans decided to build here the main objects of their infrastructure.

Outside of Palenque, it is also known for a stone slab called Astronaut. The figure of a man manipulating the levers of something resembling a rocket.

This is not a rocket or an astronaut, but one of the Black Archons named Pakal (also known as Pacal, Pacal the Great).

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Palenque Tomb Lc

Palenque Tomb

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

Like other Black Archons, Pakal was obsessed with his immortality. His goal on Earth was to secure eternal life for himself.

For this on the sacred Living Cells Temple’s site, he built the Pyramid – Temple of Inscriptions, which became his tomb. After death, the body, placed in a sarcophagus, was laid on a stone slab, today known as the “Astronaut”.

There is a lot of controversy around it. The main assumption is that the drawing shows a spacecraft.

This is a drawing of a technological device. But not a spaceship, but an artificial immortality installation. It was created by Pakal himself. The drawing played the role of a mandala so that the mechanism could work correctly.

Pakal was the embodiment of the Dark Hierarchy Itzamna. He is a Sirian- Anunnaki hybrid of Adam. And he had very good reasons to come to the planet and settle in Palenque.

The nine-level pyramid – the Temple of Inscriptions – became the site of the Lightwarriors’ operation.

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Pacal


Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

The Higher Light Hierarchs holographically showed the team how it worked.
It was based on the principle of teleportation. That is, the instantaneous transfer of matter and energy from one point to another, located either in the same dimension or in different ones.

Pakal’s method of immortality multiplied his self-sufficient vital projections. In other words, they are self-resurrection Matrices.

Mexico Light Forces Ops - Pacal Astronaut

Pacal Astronaut

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

After death and burial, the subtle and causal bodies project a certain number of energy-information capsules with DNA information to different points of the space-time continuum before their disintegration.

After some time, but not earlier than 40 days, these capsules are pulled back to one point – the burial point. There, after a complex procedure, all thin bodies and the physical ones are restored.

The drawing on the tomb is a fragment of the immortality capsule’s control. Pakal, as from a cannon, shoots his vital projections, directing them to the right points of reality.

The Black Archon wanted to test his invention and show it to everyone so that when they saw it, they would recognize him as a new God. But after his death, the created network of vital projections was 90% destroyed. Perhaps by his enemies, and maybe by the friendlies.

The number and mass of projections were not enough to resurrect Pakal. When Lightwarriors visited the Temple of Inscriptions, they found only a slip – energy-traces or phantoms.

However, there are still two active projections. Each was a self-sufficient Matrix of self-resurrection.

One was in India, the other in Ethiopia, on the Cradle of Humanity Portal – the place where modern earthlings come from.

As a result of the work carried out in the Temple of Inscriptions, both the remaining vital projections of Pakal were destroyed. The negative field of the Pakal’s mummy, the current demonic Portal, was also eliminated.

The team didn’t find the unascended souls in Palenque. They were ascended earlier.

This was the end of the operation.

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