The Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Part 2 - The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii. By Lev.

The site of the LFs’ ground team’s next Hawaiian operation was Molokai Island. There was a lot of dirty heiaus here. A significant part of their cleaning was carried out remotely by Lightwarriors from other countries.

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Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Molokai Island

Molokai Island 

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

Even when contacted from a great distance, Molokai literally killed with its heavy energy – boundless sadness, suffering, hopelessness, and meaninglessness of life, which shrouded this island in dark gray clouds.

Where did so much negativity accumulate on Molokai? Why was it so hard for the ground team to remove it?

For answers, one needs to go back to the not-so-distant past.

Since 1866, Molokai Island has been a reservation for lepers. During leprosy epidemics, sick people were brought here and abandoned to the whims of fate – to die. Many were delivered by force.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Molokai Island

Molokai Island

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

The disease on the island developed rapidly. Leprosy sores spread over the entire body and only at the end began to affect vital organs. So, the patient was forced to be alive during his rotting away.

The physical destruction was accompanied by mental and moral decay. It increased with terrifying rapidity. Incredible filth and lack of water … violence that broke out at the slightest false-color… aggravation of the basest instincts… sexual enslavement of women and children… alcoholism and drug addiction … widespread theft…

From the very beginning, no housing, hospitals, dispensaries, administrative institutions, or even cemeteries were provided for the unfortunate.

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When new lepers were brought in, they were immediately informed of the main law of this Hell: “There are no laws here.”

But there was a person who deliberately came to Molokai Hell to selflessly and wholeheartedly help those who have long forgotten what it is.

This person was the priest Damian, a monk from the Order of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (secular name – Joseph de Wester, a native of Belgium).

At the age of 33, he decided to devote his life to lepers, to alleviate the suffering of people on Leprosy Island.

He left for Molokai in 1873, taking with him only a prayer book and a crucifix.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Father Damian

Father Damian

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

For the first few weeks, he lived in the open, sleeping under a tree, eating on a flat rock. He lived in this world of rot. The most terrible thing was the persistent stench, and when patients came close to him, nausea and burning rose to his throat.

Already at the first sermon, he decided not to address them with the traditional words “My Brothers”, he simply said: “We, the lepers”. He was not concerned about the infection risk. He said that he fully trusted the Creator.

One day, when he was putting a bandage on leprosy sore that was particularly ugly, the leper said to him with concern: “Be careful, Holy Father, you may catch my disease.” “My son,” Damian replied,” if illness takes my body, God will give me another!”

At the table, he ate poi (flour soup with meat), dipping his hand in a common bowl with the lepers. He drank from the cups they gave him. He borrowed his pipe when he was asked. He played with children disfigured by Leprosy, who hung on him like bunches.

As soon as he arrived on the island, he immediately started building. He was his own loader, designer, architect, digger, bricklayer, carpenter, any other craftsman that was needed.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Father Damian with Lepre Victims

Father Damian with Lepre Victims

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

He built a small port for ships to dock… a road connecting the port to the village… two water pipes and small reservoirs… several warehouses and a store… a building for receiving new arrivals… two dispensaries… two orphanages… began construction of a hospital…

In 1889, father Damian realized that he was dying. Helping the sick, he learned to recognize unmistakably the signs of the near end. He was content to celebrate Easter in heaven. He died at the age of forty-nine, of which he spent sixteen years among lepers.

The Higher Light Hierarchy has chosen Father Damian for a difficult mission – to bring Light where absolute Darkness reigns. It was a heroic and selfless act of the Lightwarrior in the struggle with death, decay, and karma.

He entered into an unequal struggle and died of illness, that is, karma. He died to ease the karma and suffering of others – as the embodiment of Light and Mercy. For all Light Forces, Father Damian became a true example of selfless Service and Love for the neighbor.

During the operation on the island of Molokai, the LFs’ ground team, tuning in to Father Damian, felt the strongest vibrations of Love and Light.

As soon as Lightwarriors started working, they saw the cone of Light above the island and Father Damian on the Subtle Plan.

For several days, the ground team, and the Higher Light Hierarchs soften up with Absolute Fire all the accumulations of karmic and necrotic dirt, heiaus, burial grounds, ancient places of human sacrifice…

The work continued until the entire energy field of Molokai Island was completely cleared.

For the next operation, the ground team went to the highest mountain on Maui Island – the extinct volcano Haleakala. It translates as the House of the Sun.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Maui Island

Maui Island

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

The mountain’s name very accurately conveyed its original meaning. The only difference was that the House of the Sun was turned into a Prison of the Sun by the Black Archons.

At the time of the Earth’s single continent, this mountain was the Pacifide’s Temple of the Sun. Its Sanctum contained the Solar’s aspects.

It was on Haleakala that Maui, deified by the natives, set up a kind of laboratory. In it, he carried out experiments in introducing the time energy into the Solar’s aspects, to which he had direct access.

Why would he do that? What were his goals?

Maui wanted to create a higher-level artificial eon based on the Solar’s aspects, and then embed it in the planetary reality.

Fortunately, the Higher Light Hierarchs blocked the project in time. But the mutilated Solar aspects continued to be held in the Temple of the Sun on Mount Haleakala, as well as in the Iao Valley and other parts of Maui Island.

On Mount Haleakala top, Lightwarriors commenced a comprehensive cleaning of the place. Energetically, it was very dirty. In the past, numerous human sacrifices were made here. Later, ground teams from other countries joined the rehabilitation distantly.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Haleakala's Volcano

Haleakala’s Volcano

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

To release the Solar aspects, it was necessary to find their localization. The ground team found this point. It was a cairn five hundred meters away. It’s called Magnetic Peak. The peak is composed of volcanic rock with a high content of iron oxide, so it creates a strong magnetic anomaly.

It was in the field of this Magnetic Peak that the Prison of Sun was located. It contained distorted Solar aspects that were forcibly held in its field.

In the course of the work, Lightwarriors extracted all five of the imprisoned Solar aspects. The group leader then inserted them into his Monad for cleaning and restoration. It took all the next day. Despite heavy overloads, he successfully completed the work.

For a better understanding of the meaning of this operation, a short summary of why the Solar aspects were trapped and who Maui actually was.

Maui and his mother Hina (their terrestrial names) were former Solar Hierarchs. A long time ago, both, along with others, were sent to Earth to build a network of Solar Temples. The main was located in what is now Peru, on the Machu Picchu Mount top.

The Temples were powerful attractors and accumulators of positive energy. All the Hierarchs successfully completed the task. The Earth’s Solar Body was created. Its core was the Sun Monad’s aspect in Machu Picchu.

Subsequently, the Solar Body broke up. The Earth couldn’t hold it. Maui and its Hawaiian Temples played a significant role in this.

Hina and Maui liked the Earth so much that they wanted to stay on it longer to continue their experiments and research. The Solar Hierarchy’s Council gave them permission.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Goddess Hina

Goddess Hina

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

First, Maui and Hina worked in Pacifide, where they built a network of Solar Temples. In the Temples, they placed the Solar Monad’s aspects, of which both were then the Keepers.

Later, the Hierarchs decided to expand the experiments’ scale. They set out to create an ideal reality in the form of an artificial Sun-like eon.

After receiving permission, Maui and Hina transformed the existing Solar aspects into the cores of artificial eons-clusters of the new reality.

During the experiment, they introduced into the aspects’ cores the energy of time and space, various higher mandalas, etc. In the end, they managed to create a prototype of an artificial Solar eon.

But there were not enough Solar aspects to complete the experiment. Maui and Hina applied to the Solar Hierarchy’s Council for additional resources. But they received a categorical refusal. Why?

The Council already knew that the Black Archons and the Higher Dark Hierarchs were actively working on Maui and Hina. Their goal was: either to win them over or to paralyze their work.

Both were taught that they could be gods… That the Earth belongs only to them… that they do not need Higher Curators, because they are Curators themselves…

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Maui Lassoing the Sun

Maui Lassoing the Sun

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

At last, the vanity world-old game, which destroyed so many Light Entities (and human souls as well), worked. A drop sharpens a stone. At some point, their minds turned upside down and they betrayed the Solar Hierarchy.

Hina and Maui decided to continue the experiments off their own bat, as they thought. But both were already tightly and cunningly led by the Black Archons, who promised them Universe domination.

Very soon, the Higher Dark Hierarchy established its tough control not only over them but also over their experiments and Solar aspects.

Maui and Hina still lacked the Solar aspects to continue their work. They decided to take them by force, and they succeeded. After all, both were Solar Hierarchs. In mythology, capturing aspects of the Solar Monad is described as Lassoing the Sun.

The true Solar Hierarchs and the Co-Creators intervened. They quickly and very tightly blocked the experiment. The black Archons did not receive the formula for creating a Sun-like eon.

Hina and Maui had to leave Earth. But the Solar’s aspects with which they experimented remained blocked for many millennia in the nowadays Hawaiian mountains. These were the aspects that the ground team leader introduced into his Monad, successfully cleaned up and restored.

For the next operation, the Lightwarriors flew to the Island of Hawaii (or Big Island). The venue was Mauna Kea. This volcano is the highest on Earth, as well as the Hawaiian Archipelago’s highest point.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Big Island

Big Island

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

The main task of the group was the Earth’s vibrational acceleration or the birth of the planet’s Unified Energy Body.

What was the problem that had to be solved?

The Earth, like a person, has its chakras. As vibrational centers, they appeared after the collapse of the once single energy center. And it’s true both for the planet and for humans.

The analog of the separate chakras is space dimensions. They, in turn, appeared from the disintegration of the Pleroma projection or the old Local Universe’s Logos.

The level of vibrations of the chakral system (in Logos, and humans) is lower than the vibrations of a single and indivisible energy center. Even the total volume of all the combined chakras, for example, in a person is many times smaller than his body.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii


Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

Now the Source and the Local Universe’s New Logos are radiating ever higher frequencies. It is necessary for the Great Quantum Transition of the Earth and humanity to the next evolution level.

Our Earth is a unique planet. Currently, the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy are testing the best options, schemes, and ways of transformation that the entire Local Universe will follow.

The Earth’s vibrational acceleration and its chakral system’s transformation into a Single Energy Body is one of such directions.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Earth Chakras

Earth’s Chakras

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

The scheme is based on stretching and merging existing chakras into a single whole and raising its vibes. First, the chakras are combined with the preservation of differentiation or zoning. Then they are transformed into a 100% single energy center, at each point of which the vibration is the same.

The Light Forces’ ground team actively participated in this work. At the first stage, the Lightwarriors tuned 12 natural planetary chakras, and 12 artificial ones created by the Atlanteans and known as the 12 Atlantis’ Power Crystals.

All Earth’s 12 natural chakras were in an atrophied state. The Archons used them not for the planet energy supply, but for the Black and Gray eons fuelling.

In the second stage, the team worked with 12 artificial planetary chakras. Their vibes were raised with the Absolute Light Crystal use. Then Lightwarriors reformatted them and combined into a single energy system with a temporary center in a Temple on the top of one of the Sacred mountains.

From the same Temple, in the third stage, the transformation of the Earth’s artificial chakras made by the Atlanteans was held.

All the chakras were in a very dirty state. To clean them, the team members created Crystal on the Subtle Plan and superimposed it on all energy centers. Then this Crystal container was taken out together with all karmic substances which were in chakras.

Then Lightwarriors introduced in the Crystal the Antakarana and the Mandala of Absolute Light for burning off all karmic dirt. Then they placed each chakra in an octahedron, filling them with Light and Love and gradually expanding them.

For the next 12 days, the group raised the artificial chakras’ vibes daily with Absolute Light use. Gradually enlarging them so as not to damage, the team injected in chakras additional energy for healing and recovery.

To create the Single Energy Chakra Center, Lightwarriors performed a testing tie of all chakras, bringing them as close to each other as possible.

The test was successful. The irradiation of chakras with Pleromic Beam to raise vibrations continued. When the state of the energy centers improved, the Lightwarriors brought together the natural and artificial planetary chakras.

The contact was still unstable. But the prototype of the Earth’s Single Energy Body was formed. Riding the tide, the Higher Light Hierarchs integrated into the prototype all existing Power Places, Temples of Light, Pyramids, Dolmens, etc.

Despite the fact that the work was carried out very well, the stretched planetary chakras were not enough to cover the entire planet. Dead zones remained.

The Higher Light Hierarchs and the ground team solved this problem. They introduced their aspects into the planetary chakras, raising their vibrations. The LFs created new artificial energy centers (sub-chakras) and covered all dead zones with them. This created the conditions for a vibrational acceleration to revive the Earth’s Single Energy Body.

In fact, this was a continuation of another project of the Higher Light Hierarchy, which was carried out after the Pacifide was destroyed by the Archons. The disintegration of the Earth’s single continent tore apart the planet’s Light Body. It was broken up into 12 planetary chakras.

To stop further disintegration, which would lead to the Earth’s death, the Higher Light Hierarchy formed a special space team. It created an artificial planet’s Light Body, anchoring it to the Earth’s core.

This Light Body became an additional energy shell. It saved the planet from the wreck.

All of the above helps to better understand the meaning and global significance of the Lightwarriors’ penultimate operation in Hawaii.

Now, by joint action, the Higher Light Hierarchy and the ground team were proceeding to the Earth’s Single Energy Body’s restoration.

They carried it out at the top of Earth’s largest volcano, Mauna Kea on Hawaii Big Island.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

Previously, the Higher Light Hierarchs had done an ideal preparatory work there.

On a Subtle Plane, they transformed the mountain’s energy into a structured crystal.

In fact, Lightwarriors worked on the biggest Earth’s Crystal.

Its vibrations were very strong. By combining them with theirs, the Higher Light Hierarchy and the ground team restored the former Earth’s Single Energy Body. Now it is a planet’s Super-Chakra or a Head Energy Center.

So far, it has a zonal-rainbow character. That is, it is heterogeneous in vibes and differentiates by the colors of the rainbow spectrum. In places where there used to be cores of planetary chakras, Power Places, etc., the color is purple. Gradually, it passes into the lower colors in the spectrum, down to red.

Red parts in the Single Energy Body correspond to large cities and megapolis. In these red zones, the breaking is possible, and it may need additional support.

To prevent the breaks, the Lightwarriors used a Perfect Power Crystal to create a frequency belt that was stretched across all the red zones, connecting them with it. In parallel, they put in place a second support belt, which was stretched after the same pattern. This belt consists of the group members’ aspects that they have anchored to the red zones’ centers.

Working on Mauna Kea, the Co-Creators used a Pleromic Beam aimed at the Earth’s core to increase its vibrations. It also strengthened the revived Single Energy Body. It, in turn, supported the Earth’s Heart vibes.

All of this brought our planet one step closer to the Great Quantum Transition success. It was very important that representatives of Sirius, Pleiades, and Arcturus actively participated in the final of this operation. They conducted a frequency acceleration of 12 artificial planetary chakras – Atlantis’ Power Crystals.

The last Hawaiian’s operation was executed at the extinguished volcano on the Mauna Loa Island.

As the Lightwarriors were heading to the location indicated by the Higher Light Hierarchs, a powerful energy strike was delivered to the group. These were the extraterrestrial Black Archons who had their base here.

The Lightwarriors smashed an attack and, surrounding themselves with an impenetrable armor of Absolute Light, continued their way to the Mauna Loa’s silent volcano.

From Pleroma, the Ray of Rainbow fell on the Lightwarriors for preventing further Archons’ attacks. Its other edge marked the point of work on one of the nearby hills of solidified lava.

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii - Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa

Light Forces Ops In Hawaii

The group went to the indicated spot.

Here the ground team, the Mauna Loa Keepers, and the Higher Light Hierarchs anchored the projection of the Single Absolute-like eon.

This laid the foundation for construction on Hawaiian Mauna Loa Mountain, which is one of the largest energy crystals, the first Local Universe’s Temple of an Absolute-like Reality on Earth.

With this, the Light Forces’ ground team terminated all planned Hawaiian operations.

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