Light Forces Operations In India - Part 2

Light Forces Operations In India

Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Operations In India – By Lev.

The site of the next operation of the Light Forces’ ground team in India was the high-altitude city of Darjeeling in the Himalayas (West Bengal).

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Light Forces Operations In India - Map of Darjeeling

Darjeeling Location

Light Forces Operations In India

On the Subtle Plane, there are several ethereal Temples of Shambhala where the Darjeeling Council of Twelve meets.

In the underground space under the city, located on an elongated hill, is the Darjeeling Ashram of Shambhala – the farthest Ashram.

The rays of some Himalayan mountain peaks are focused on the city. The main one associated with Darjeeling is Khanchendzonga in neighboring Nepal.

Light Forces Operations In India - Darjeeling


Light Forces Operations In India

The ethereal Temple of Light (Shambhala Temple) is located directly above the city. Lightwarriors felt his energy, especially at night. But the strongest it was at Tiger Hill. The Higher Light Hierarchs chose it as the point of operation.

For it, the Light Warriors have passed dense energy and information (fire) training, numerous checks and tests. On the night before the op, they were given the final physical transformation work, so powerful that they could barely get out of bed in the morning.

DNit Telegram Channel

Light Forces Operations In India - Khanchendzonga


Light Forces Operations In India

The team’s work on Tiger Hill consisted of several parts. First, they used Antahkarana to focus the energy of the Local Universe’s center on it.

Then, on the Subtle Plane, at the Higher Light Hierarchy’s instruction, the group created a new etheric Temple.

The Lightwarriors was allowed to name it a Temple of Faith and Service.

They linked its energy-information field with the Himalayan peaks Lhotse and Khanchendzonga, as well as with the Shambhala Crystal.

Light Forces Operations In India - Antahkarana


Light Forces Operations In India

Then the Temple of Faith and Service was activated. It has become a very important additional infrastructure of Shambhala, necessary for the Great Quantum Transition.

Light Forces Operations In India - Lhotse


Light Forces Operations In India

The ground team’s work was carried out under the Higher Light Hierarchy’s cover on the Subtle Plane.

Throughout the operation, there was a fierce battle against the Black Archons, who tried their best to hit the group. Its members were acutely felt it by their Thin Bodies.

On the physical Plane, the battle was accompanied by a strong thunderstorm and a hurricane-force wind. The apotheosis came in the evening when the sky over Darjeeling blazed with giant bolts of lightning. All the forces of Light were strained to the limit, including the ground crew.

Soon, the Light overcame the Darkness. The sky cleared and revealed a stunning view of the purest starry sky with Venus, Sirius, and Orion. An unearthly fragrance filled the air. The Lightwarriors’ souls experienced an amazing feeling…

Light Forces Operations In India - Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar

Light Forces Operations In India

Delhi was the site of the next operation. Qutab Minar, the oldest 72-meter tower, is located here. It serves as a deep-space communication antenna and a channel for energizing the Earth’s core.

Over time, Qutab Minar ceased to meet the requirements. The Higher Light Hierarchy assigned the ground team to upgrade this important object for the Local Universe so that it could withstand super-powerful cosmic energies.

Lightwarriors rebuilt the Thin-Material field structure of the tower. Now cosmic high-frequencies that go through Qutab Minar to the Earth’s Heart are assimilated by it without damage. If, for example, a tower is struck by lightning, its energy will be successively damped by several stoppings in the Qutab Minar.

The group also created additional channels that direct the Stars’ energy in the antenna’s line of sight through the tower to the Earth’s core. The Portal is now fully connected to the ever-growing energy and information exchange between our planet and the Local Universe.

Light Forces Operations In India - Mahaparinirvana Temple

Mahaparinirvana Temple

Light Forces Operations In India

For the next operation, a ground team was sent to the city of Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. This is one of the four main sacred places, a center of pilgrimage for Buddhists. The place of Gautama Buddha’s departure to Parinirvana.

Inside the Mahaparanirvana Temple located here is a golden sarcophagus in the shape of a Buddha lying on his right side. In this position, he died in 543 BC on the full moon in May (Vesak, according to the Indian calendar).

Lightwarriors analyzed this place and found that a segment of humanity’s illiquid karma is held in the sarcophagus field in the form of a Vessel with a Local Universe’s aspect. And it is located in the Buddha’s Monadic aspect.

This volume of karmic substance was prepared by the Buddha for annihilation. But he did not have time to do it in his lifetime. The karma he took to eliminate remained in his Monad’s aspect.

By the Higher Light Hierarchy’s plan and under the guidance of the Buddha’s Karma Lord, the ground team was instructed to remove karma and cleanse the Monadic aspect of the Buddha.

The work was carried out according to the instructions of the Buddha himself at the place of his death and departure to Nirvana, at the golden sarcophagus.

Light Forces Operations In India - Budha in Mahaparinirvana Temple

Buddha in Mahaparinirvana Temple

Light Forces Operations In India

Lightwarriors generated an impulse from the Local Universe’s Logos and passed it through the manifestation bodies of their Monads. Then it was directed to the Vessel with karma in the Buddha’s Monadic aspect.

The Vessel that the Buddha created as an annihilator of karma immediately started to work. Its radiant turbines spun in different directions, creating a vibration of Perfect Light. Its rays focused in the center of the reactor, where karma was burned and turned into Light.

Soon the entire volume of negativity was eliminated, although with a centuries-long delay. The aspect of the Buddha’s Monad was cleaned and transformed, after which the Lightwarriors ascended it to the Buddha’s Monad on a Subtle Plane.

The karma annihilator now works continuously. In automatic mode, it draws in and burns all negative energy from the surrounding space and people in its field.

For his time, the Buddha created an outstanding masterpiece for karma elimination. But today’s technology is much more advanced. They destroy any amount of karma almost instantly and without the enormous energy costs of the Local Universe’s Logos, required for the Buddha’s reactor. Now he and Guan Yin are actively working on improving it.

From the Mahaparanirvana Temple, the Lightwarriors moved to a new place of work near the Stupa built on the Buddha’s Cremation site. Here, the group leader decided to independently purge karma and sanitize in his Monad some of the blocked here Male Foundation (Yang) aspects.

Light Forces Operations In India - Buddha's Cremation Site

Buddha’s Cremation Site

Light Forces Operations In India

It was a lot of them. Lightwarrior felt very bad but finished the job. The rest of the day he had to lie in a hotel room in a grave condition…

But more difficult was the next task, for which the group arrived in Sarnath.

This suburb of Varanasi, located 10 km North of the city center, in Uttar Pradesh. It is the site of the Buddha’s First Sermon. There he made the First Turn of the Dharmachakra.

Light Forces Operations In India - Sarnath


Light Forces Operations In India

Dharmachakra is a Buddhist symbol of the Dharmas (laws of the cosmic Universe) and the Buddha’s teaching about the path to Enlightenment, liberation from karmic rebirths in Samsara. It is represented as a wheel with eight spokes.

The rim of the Dharma Wheel further signifies the ability to hold all of the teachings together by meditating and concentrating. The circular shape of the wheel symbolizes the perfection of Buddha’s teachings.

The hub in the center of the Dharma Wheel represents moral discipline. The three swirling shapes on the hub, often depicted in blue, yellow and red, symbolize Dharma, Buddha, and Sangha respectively. They are also known as the Three Treasures or Jewels.

A Dharma Wheel with four spokes symbolizes the Four Noble Truths. When the wheel has eight spokes, it represents the Eightfold Path and Buddhism. Ten spokes on a Dharma Wheel signifies the ten directions and twelve spokes symbolize the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination.

The Buddha turned the Wheel of Dharma three times. It means that he gave three large cycles of teachings that correspond to the various abilities of the students and show them the path to eternal happiness. From this time on, everyone who lives in the post-Buddha era has access to the methods by which full Enlightenment can be achieved.

Light Forces Operations In India - Dharmachakra Eight Spokes Meaning

Dharmachakra Eight Spokes Meaning

Light Forces Operations In India

Lightwarriors found there a finished and untouched Portal of Light created by the Buddha and his five disciples. 

In the powerful energy field of this Portal, the ground group’s leader was entrusted with another difficult task – clearing the karma of the natal-creational Matrix of the combined 5 and 6 Monadic streams.

What is it? Why it was a severe test for the Lightwarrior?

Brief explanation…

Souls on Earth are embodied not only individually, but also collectively, as part of Monadic streams. These threads are born with the help of natal-creation Matrices.

The purer and brighter are the Creators of human Monads, the purer is their creational Matrix. Some Monadic Families have a very high degree of purity. It is the standard in the Monads’ future evolution.

For example, if the coefficient of natal purity is 15%, this means that all Monads of a given Monadic family will have to maintain it at this level. If it increases, the Higher Self, which is part of the Monad’s Family collective mind, automatically triggers the karma elimination mechanisms.

In the course of evolution, the gap between the threshold of karmic purity and the cleansing activation has increased significantly. With the advent of Karma Lords, an individual approach is using for each person.

Today, forced cleaning of the causal body begins when it is affected by karma in an average of 25-35% (sometimes 40%), and for born in the Pleroma – 20-25%.

The Black Archons also created natal-creational Matrices. From them were born the 5th and 6th Monadic Families with a very high volume of karma. Such souls were incarnated mainly in Nepal, partly in Tibet and some parts of India, in the lower caste.

The ground team was amazed that their karma vessel was 80-90% full. That is, almost all of their causal body is affected by karma, and these people barely receive Perfect Light. It was amazing how they can remain human in such conditions.

Representatives of other Monadic streams, when filling the vessel of karma by 30-40%, inevitably have a karmic avalanche – traumas, serious illness, etc. And here karma is 90%, and they live as if nothing had happened if such a state can be called life.

Of course, these people are not to blame for being created like this, but this does not make the world better.

Light Forces Operations In India - Dhamek Stupa In Sarnath, Site Of The First Teaching Of The Buddha

Dhamek Stupa In Sarnath,
Site Of The First Teaching Of The Buddha

Light Forces Operations In India

The Light Forces have repeatedly tried to sanitize such natal-creational Matrices, personally incarnating in their environment. But it was only a partial cleansing.

The Higher Light Hierarchy decided to radically change the situation with 5-6 Monadic Families walking karma’s repositories. They become a serious threat to humanity’s existence, and the Creator’s Plan to completely purge the Local Universe of accumulated karma.

In Sarnath, the LFs’ ground team had to complete a key part of this Plan.

The Karma Lords and the Higher Light Hierarchs inserted a small fragment of the natal-creational Matrix of the combined 5-6 Monadic Streams into the Monad of the group leader. It was a kind of inoculation.

His Monad had to become familiar with it and annihilate it, then begin processing all the substance that made up this Matrix. And it consisted of fragments of field, causal, and Monadic DNA of the creators of these Streams, i.e. Black Archons. Plus a lot of extra karmic substance.

After the inserted fragment was transformed in Absolute Light, the Karma Lords divided the entire karma’s volume into several large segments and began to gradually introduce it into the Monad of the group head.

The uniqueness of the action was that everything was done in the current natal-creational Matrix. People born from it, i.e. 5-6 Monadic Families, continued to live.

How could this be?

It turned out that they received the right to life solely due to the karmic guarantee of the Buddha and Guan Yin. They introduced their Monads’ aspects into the Matrix and kept it clean from karma. After all, these Monadic Families were born with the highest karma from birth, plus they increased it in colossal volumes.

Aware of the work that was being prepared, the Buddha and Guan Yin drew their aspects from the natal-creational Matrix in advance.

Light Forces Operations In India - Guan Yin
Light Forces Operations In India - Dharmachakra Eight Spokes Meaning

Buddha and Guan Yin

Light Forces Operations In India

Their place was temporarily taken by the ground team leader and one of the Higher Light Hierarchs, with whom he previously worked together. They inlaid their Monads’ aspects into the 5-6 Monadic Families Matrix. It was carried out on the site of the First Sermon of the Buddha and the Dharma Wheel First Turn. Then, on the same spot with very powerful energy, they began to split and transform the Matrix.

From aspects of their Monads, the Lightwarrior and Hierarch created a new natal-creational pattern, copied from the Born in Pleroma Matrix, and installed it in the Temple of Light created by the Buddha at the Site of his First Sermon.

The evolutionary service of human Monads of the united 5-6 Monadic Streams was temporarily switched to this Matrix. Otherwise, they simply could not live.

Before transferring the Monads to the new Matrix, a large dose of karmic substance was merged into it, extracted, squeezed out of the previous one. The Lightwarrior and the Hierarch began processing the Black Archons’ karma, which was in the natal-creational Matrix during the 5-6 Monadic Families birth, and the additional karma brought into it later.

The karma accumulated by the Monads as a result of free choice was not touched. Soon, the Lightwarrior and the Hierarch dealt successfully with a task. The karma was erased and the 5-6 Monadic Streams were sanitized.

The ground team head did not have time to rest, as he had to do another important job. An experimental prototype of the new Local Universe’s Logos was loaded into his Monad. The burden was enormous. Lightwarrior had to endure it with great effort. The following night, inside its Monad, the Logos model was refined.

By the morning, after a heavy sleepless night, the team leader was no longer able to keep the prototype in him so it was decided to move it to the Local Universe’s Logos.

There, the Co-Creators immediately began testing and comprehensively studying the pattern in the real Pleroma environment, making appropriate conclusions and adjustments.

This was the end of the Sarnath operation. On the evening of the next day, the LFs’ ground team arrived in Amritsar.

In the morning, the Lightwarriors first went to Tarn Taran, one of the districts in the Majha region of Punjab, where a large burial ground of karmic substance of the 5-6 Monadic Families was discovered. The group annihilated it with Absolute Light.

Light Forces Operations In India - Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Light Forces Operations In India

After lunch, the team returned to Amritsar and went to the famous Golden Temple. There they found the Planetary Temple of Amrita, in the center of which, in a Lotus in the middle of a pond, were the Goddess Amrita’s Heart Aspects.

By the way, many people think that Amrita is the name of the Goddess of Life, who is the personification of the Universal Life Energy Source. Amrita is not a name, but a function.

And the Amrita function is served by Zoya, the female dipole of El Moria. So Amrita and Zoya are the same. In Amritsar, there was a projection of the once Unified Tree of Life, a Portal of the cosmic vital energy.

Amritsar was originally called the ancient lake, then the Temple complex, and later the city, which means “Amrita Lake”. That is the lake of the nectar, the Immortality elixir, or the Universal Life Energy.

This Temple, like many others, was captured by the Black Archons and used for their purposes. Two channels were connected to it, like power cables, which pumped out the vitality from there and fed with it the natal-creational Matrix of the united 5-6 Monadic Families.

On the eve of the planned operation, at night, the Lightwarriors evacuated on a Subtle Plane from the Golden Temple the Amrita-Zoya’s aspects, which was originally laid in it, and made its comprehensive cleaning and sanitation at all levels.

There was a lot of dirt and negativity, so the team members had a very hard time, and could only dream of sleep. It is no accident that the Golden Temple is the main Sikhs’ Shrine. They kept it as clean and bright as they could.

Light Forces Operations In India - Sikhs


Light Forces Operations In India

On their next visit to the Golden Temple, the Lightwarriors returned the cleansed Amrita’s aspect to its Sanctum. So, they restored the original infrastructure of the Temple and the Amrita Bowl Projection on it.

The same day, the team visited the Kali Temple (Durgiana Mandir Temple). They were lucky to get to the ceremony of serving the Goddess. During the service, the group leader noticed that a powerful mental zombie program was coming from somewhere.

Its source was in the field of the person who conducted the service. The vibrations were identical to Kali’s.

Light Forces Operations In India - Durgiana Mandir Temple, Amritsar

Durgiana Mandir Temple, Amritsar

Light Forces Operations In India

Analysis of the situation has shown that there are still a lot of people on Earth who have Kali’s aspects. With these person help, her aspects can be independently restored to the Temples from which they were removed. The Kali Temple in Amritsar is one of them. Inside there are also deities of Sita-Rama, Lakshmi-Narayana, and Radha-Krishna.

At the Kali Temple, the ground team was assigned to conduct the last operation in India: to remove the Black-magic aspects of demonic entities from all over the Earth.

The members of the group formed a collective temporary Monadic body with their energies and drew these aspects into it.

Then the Karma Lords made a selection. People who accepted these aspects voluntarily received their karmic punishment. Those whom aspects of the Black Archons were forcibly inserted, violating their free will, were released from both aspects and punishment. Instead, they were given aspects of Amrita-Zoya.

After that, all the collected Kali’s aspects were liquidated. The team leader pulled them into himself from the collective Monadic Body and destroyed with an intra-Monadic explosion.

With this, all the tasks assigned by the Higher Light Hierarchy to the ground team were completed.

But it was not possible to prepare calmly for departure from India. The night before the flight, in a hotel room, the team leader was violently attacked…

So the Lightwarriors’ next operations started. Now in Japan (see – Operation in Japan, parts 1-2, The Light Forces Ops, Disclosure News, October 6-7 2020).

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