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Light Forces Operation India - Part 1

Light Forces Operation India

Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Operation India. By Lev.

The goals of the Light Forces Ground Team’s operations in India, which were carried out in two large stages, were to restore and strengthen the infrastructure of the Higher Light Hierarchy in this country for the Great Quantum Transition, and to dismantle the Black Archons’ cosmic and ground legacy there.

Their aggressive reaction followed immediately. They tried, if not physically to destroy the group, but at least to disrupt its work.

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​When a passenger airliner with the Lightwarriors on board approached Delhi, Archons struck a double blow. One powerful distraction hoick was directed on a Subtle Plane against the Higher Light Hierarchs who were leading the ground team.

The second one was for the Indira Gandhi airport, the group’s arrival place. In a matter of minutes, the entire area was shrouded in such a thick fog that visibility dropped to zero.

The pilots continued to descend attempting an automatic landing, hoping that on the runway there would be enough visibility. However, the fog was so dense that even at the surface, nothing could be seen.

Light Forces Operation India - Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport

Light Forces Operation India

Archons put out of action navigation on-board electronics. It began to show that the plane was already on the ground, although the airliner remained in the air.

The pilots had to stop the descent. The Boeing, already near the ground, performed a sharp Go Around procedure. A few minutes later they emerged from the fog, and the surprise of the passengers was boundless. The sky and the entire territory were clear, and only the airport remained in the thickest fog.

The Higher Light Hierarchs immediately tried to clear the fog. In response, the Archons struck them again. On the Subtle Plane, a real battle of Light against Darkness broke out. The group felt it with all their chakras and Subtle Bodies.

All this time, the Boeing was circling over Delhi. An hour later, the pilots made a second landing attempt. But the fog did not melt, too powerful forces of Darkness opposed the Light that morning. The plane stopped descending again and gained altitude.

The Higher Light Hierarchs made the only correct decision: to retreat and regroup to recapture the airport later from the Black Hierarchs and allow the group to arrive at the beginning of the planned operations.

The airliner diverted to the alternate airport of Mumbai, where the Lightwarriors waited for the situation to improve. At 3 o’clock the next day, 12 hours late, they landed in Delhi airport.

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Light Forces Operation India - Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, Agra

Light Forces Operation India

The location of the first operation was Agra, 200 km from Delhi, in the Taj Mahal. This Mausoleum of Shahjahan and Mumtaj, who loved each other all their lives, is a Portal of Light (the only one on Earth during their lifetime). It is also a very powerful energy channel of Divine Love from the Source to the Earth.

Shahjahan and Mumtaj refused to go to higher dimensions on the path to the Creator. They remained on the Subtle Plane closest to the planet to continue serving people.

The Portal they created brought a lot of Light to our planet, helped the evolution and development of humanity’s spirituality. It is no accident that the Taj Mahal was not affected by earthquakes.

The Higher Light Hierarchy instructed the ground team to increase the capabilities of the Taj Mahal’s Portal. Work began immediately.

First Lightwarriors fully synchronized themselves with the Indian egregore. Then an additional channel from the Pleroma was linked to the Taj Mahal.

The third part, the most difficult, – the transformation of the Portal – was carried out jointly with the Higher Light Hierarchs. They added their aspects to the Taj Mahal’s Matrix. The energy and info channel was expanded and its frequency was significantly increased.

Lightwarriors have activated on the Subtle Plane a new receiving-transmitting antenna of the Mausoleum, which enlarged the Portal’s working area. The team then launched it on a new freqs. Thus the entire structure was connected to the Source’s additional radiation.

Light Forces Operation India - Shahjahan and Mumtaj

Shahjahan and Mumtaj

Light Forces Operation India

The Black Archons wanted to prevent this particular from happening. However, the transformation of the Taj Mahal took place. The Earth now receives the cosmic energies it needs from the Creator’s Heart and exchanges them through people. This thwarted many of the Dark Hierarchs ‘ plans and was another Light Forces’ victory.

The Archons did not accept failure. Their blow was not long in coming. On the way back to Delhi, they again tried to kill the Lightwarriors. Their bus was going at high speed. Shortly before the bridge over the Jumna River, where the road narrows, the Archons coldcocked the driver from the Subtle Plane.

At the very last moment, the Higher Light Hierarchs managed to bring him to his senses. He woke up, and to avoid a head-on collision with the bridge, sharply turned the steering wheel to the right. The bus lurched and hovered over the river on its left wheels, the right wheels in the air.

Passengers were thrown to the right side, now the left wheels were in the air. At the same time, the driver somehow maneuvered to avoid a head-on crash with oncoming traffic.

The Higher Light Hierarchs again intervened. They helped the driver to maneuver and not fall into the Jumna. When everyone calmed down, the bus continued on its way…

Light Forces Operation India - Bogmalo Map

Bogmalo Map

Light Forces Operation India

The site of the next operation was Bogmalo Beach, Goa. The energy of this world-famous resort was very dirty. It quietly and imperceptibly killed all living things in the area.

Its source in Bogmalo Beach was an open Hell Gate. In the time of Lemuria, there was a so-called Black Belt of karmic burial grounds. And even earlier, in Pacifide, there worked an antenna for Earth’s Deep Space Communications.

The configuration of Bogmalo Beach is very similar to a parabolic antenna. It was out of action for a long time, but the Lemurian’s negativity continued to poison all around.

By the Higher Light Hierarchy’s task, the ground team had to clear Bogmalo Beach of negativity, close the Hell Gate and restore the local Portal’s work.

The group did not have enough information. Dolphins came to their aid, which, like whales, are a space civilization that has long ago been settled on Earth. They showed the history of this place and everything fell into place.

Indeed, at the time of Lemuria’s dawn, there was an active Earth information Portal in what is now Bogmalo and Vasco da Gama. The antenna worked for receiving and transmitting intergalactic energy and information.

First, the Lightwarriors shut down the Hell Gate. Then they synchronized the energies of Venus, Canopus, and Sirius, which were in a line of sight, to three nearby Islands that were an integral part of the Portal’s antenna.

From the Islands, the energy was routed to the Earth’s core.

Light Forces Operation India - Vasco da Gama City, Goa

Vasco da Gama City, Goa

Light Forces Operation India

Light Forces Operation India - Dolphins Space Race

Dolphins Space Race

Light Forces Operation India

The third and final phase of the restoration and activation of the Bogmala Portal was carried out in collaboration with Dolphins and civilization from the planetary system of the Sytanex Star. Why with this cosmic race?

Here a prequel is needed. It also illustrates at which level the Light Forces’ ground teams operate today.

The LFs’ group first met the Sytanexeans during an intergalactic operation to save their Star from destruction. The development of events at that time was so dramatic and unexpected that it almost cost the Lightwarriors’ life.

It all started when the Earth received an SOS signal from a dying Star Sytanex. The Lightwarriors’ ground receiving device wasn’t set on this intergalactic frequency. It took time to switch to it and decode.

But even without it, the ground crew felt great anxiety and strong energy vibrations in their Subtle Bodies. They knew that something very bad had happened in our part of the Local Universe. It took a day and a night to decipher the message. In the morning, the results were got, studied, and formed the basis of the action plan.

Light Forces Operation India - Milky Way

Milky Way

Light Forces Operation India

The team also understood why they were selected as the address of cry for help. First, the Lightwarriors have already participated in some Galactic rescue operations. Second, among the team’s top Curators was a representative of this Star civilization. Later, he also participated in the rescue op at its crucial stage.

In the Local Universe, the Sytanex de facto is located in the Milky Way. But de jure it is a Star of double intergalactic subordination due to its Logos functions. The Sytanex is on the passing ahead bearing facet of the Crystal (Frame) of our Galaxy and connected with Sirius C and Earth’s Great Quantum Transition.

Around Sytanex there are seven planets. The Star is at the evolution stage, after which it turns into a red giant and absorbs the nearest planets. The civilization of one of them decided to save a life in this space system and wait for the Star’s shrink, which will allow the remaining planets to survive.

Such operations are not uncommon in space. They are being implemented quite successfully since enough experience has already been accumulated.

The Synatexeans did a great deal of preparatory work. They formed a Galactic team of their best representatives and sent them to different planets including Earth.

Of all the Sytanexians that came to our planet, only two survived. Like others, they were the keepers of very important codes. The mother civilization copied the Star’s Perfection Program and recorded it on its messengers’ light DNA, sending them as its storages throughout the Galaxy.

If something goes wrong with their Star, it will give a chance to restore it according to the program written on all codes’ carriers. The Sytanexeans knew that their Star was linked to the Earth’s Great Quantum Transition and that the Black Archons were trying to destroy Sytanex in the ongoing galactic war.

The Sytanex’s mission on the Earth failed. Once on our planet, its representatives soon forgot about their task and gradually degraded. They have become another victim of amnesia, programmed by the Black Archons’ 3D Matrix.

The messengers have lived here all their lives, remembering nothing and not understanding that the life of Sytanex and home planet depends on them. They aimlessly burned and spent the priceless Star’s energy, which was directed to their support and salvation.

The Sytanexians, like the Dogon, did not have a Personal Logos Matrix in the Earth Crystal, i.e., Earth registration. They existed only thanks to their Star Logos energies.

Soon, one of the two died. The Black Archons captured his Soul and placed it in secret custody. Fortunately, they didn’t know what was written on it. But suspected that the deceased was in some very important mission and tied with Sytanex.

Light Forces Operation India - Strike on the Star

Strike on the Star

Light Forces Operation India

Their war against it continued during which Archons delivered the new powerful energy strikes on the Star. In the end, its heart gave out. There was a core’s micro-explosion, which disrupted thermonuclear fusion in it.

The Higher Light Hierarchy has filled the ground team in other tragic details and offered to take part in the Sytanex and its messengers rescue.

First of all, it was needed to temporarily encapsulate the affected zone of the Star’s core on the Subtle Plane and shunt its energy flow. For this work, the ground team went to the Temple of Osiris they built in the nearest mountains.

Using its energy channel, Lightwarriors in their mental bodies reached Sytanex. Here they saw the real scale and severity of the problem.

Around the Star, there was already a group of the Galaxy’s Highest Hierarchs, who created a capsule of Light radiating from their Hearts around the Star’s Logos. The ground team was asked to add their heart energy, which they immediately did.

The Sytanex Light capsule’s support allowed to gain the time, and thoroughly prepare for the full Star’s resuscitation.

The second part of the operation the Lightwarriors carried out on Earth. For it, they go to the one sea capes. That territory is shared by the Galaxy and a huge number of aliens.

Not far from the shore, there is an underwater pyramid in the sea. Under its center is a hexagon crystal transmitting inter-galaxies energy and information flows.

On a Subtle Plane, the sea cape was a very complex engineering structure with a large number of lenses, mirrors, antennas for communication with deep space, reflectors, and so on.

From this complex energy field, the ground team began the most difficult part of the rescue operation. They had to get the program codes stored in the Sytanexeans’ light DNA and deliver it to their Star. There, by this Matrix, the Higher Light Hierarchs were ready to restore the Sytanex’s core.

The problem was that the second code carrier was not alive. Therefore, the group had to first extract his soul from the captivity of the Archons, then rewrite the codes on their Light Bodies and return along with the soul back to Sytanex.

Together with the Higher Light Hierarchs, an operation plan was drawn up and the roles of each were distributed. The Hierarchs took upon themselves to open the custody where the soul was held. Lightwarriors had to get inside, to find it and bring in a safe place.

The main difficulty was that they didn’t know who this person was. Sent from Synatex to the Earth, the ground team’s Curator once met him, but they didn’t recognize each other. The only hope was that the Curator would be able to find the soul by vibes through his Heart.

Light Forces Operation India - Soul In Custody

Soul In Custody

Light Forces Operation India

Lightwarriors fully understood the task’s importance.

They could not thwart the entire plan of the Higher Light Hierarchy. And at the same time, they realized that they could be easily destroyed by the Black Archons.

To not put the entire ground team at risk, it was decided to operate on a Subtle Plane by a small group of volunteers.

They were a little nervous but didn’t doubt their success.

Despite all precautions, the Archons found out about the operation. One of them came to Lightwarriors and offered to help in opening the soul’s secret custody, motivating it with a decision to go to the Light Side. A trap was already prepared for the group.

The team let it ride and prepared countermeasures together with the Higher Light Hierarchs.

At the appointed time, they arrived at the custody place. When it was opened, an enormous stream of Dark entities was poured out. They were immediately caught by the Higher Light Hierarchs and destroyed on the spot.

Taking advantage of the moment, the group, together with the Curator, entered the custody. The plan worked out. His heart quickly found a kindred soul through the vibrations.

Wasting no time, Lightwarriors quickly wrote the codes from the soul on their light DNA. Then they took the soul up and quickly left the place.

After returning home, they transmitted the written codes to the Higher Light Hierarchs, who immediately began to rebuild the Synatex’s core. The full recovery of the Star’s heart was completed within a week.

The operation succeeded, but Lightwarriors did not even know what surprises are waiting for them ahead.

After recovering from the super-heavy work, they decided to find out what happened to the Star’s core? Why it was almost collapsed?

It didn’t take long to find the answer. The Higher Light Hierarchs holographically showed the group how everything was.

It turned out that the impulse that almost destroyed the Sytanex’s core was sent from Earth. For a long time, Lightwarriors couldn’t believe and again checked it. There was no mistake.

Light Forces Operation India - HAARP Cosmic Impact

HAARP Cosmic Impact

Light Forces Operation India

Subsequent scans and information from the Hierarchy confirmed that the deadly pulse was generated by the HAARP beam weapon under Archons’ control.

With HAARP, Archons can create ionized plasma clouds and use them as a reflector of the outer atmosphere to destroy targets anywhere on the planet. This includes triggering earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

But its capabilities are much broader. Here is an incomplete list of them.

    • Fully destroy or damage systems of communication all over the world;
    • Put out of action all non-activated systems of communication;
    • Control weather over a country, state, and wide geographic regions;
    • By the beam of death to destroy any targets on huge distances;
    • Direct with a great precision invisible beam on separate persons, provoking cancer and the other dead sicknesses, and a victim does not suspect of harmful influence;
    • Immerse in sleep whole inhabited localities or lead population in a state of such emotional excitement that they will use violence to each other;
    • Direct beam of broadcasting directly to the brain of the people, so as they will think that they listen to the voice of God or somebody else who will be a presenter of such broadcasting.


Here is a list of other HAARP’s capabilities as Archons’ weapon:

    • Confusing lasers;
    • Aerosols making metal fragile;
    • Sound generators, so loud that this sound hurts unbearable pain;
    • Optical disks provoking nausea. Gases that do not kill but put the enemy out of action;
    • Blinding flashes;
    • Electro-magnetic pistols;
    • Ultrasound beams, so powerful that can destroy buildings and also inner organs of enemy’s soldiers;
    • Infrared transmitters, that can burn buildings;
    • Super pungent acids super caustics substances million times stronger than usual acids;
    • Soporific gases that can immerse in sleep whole armies;
    • Generators of infra low frequencies that can project voices in a person’s brain or destroy his immune system;
    • Laser beams from which eyeballs are bursting;
    • Wide spectrum of hallucinogens adding into the systems of drink water;
    • Isotropic radiators type of weapon which ejects laser beams, blinding people and optic devices;
    • Non-nuclear electromagnetic impulses, huge energy of which can explode ammunition depots and put electronics out of action.


All these technologies were developed under the guidance of the Archons. They still control them. And they also gave the order to use HAARP to strike the Synatex.

It was very similar to the blow that the Archons planned to inflict on the Pleroma and the Local Universe’s Logos from the territory of present-day Mexico. Then they scheduled to use the pyramids’ and Portals’ system as powerful vibration cannon (see the Light Forces Ops In Mexico. Part 1-2, Disclosure News, 26-27 September 2020).

The Higher Light Hierarchy stymied the Black HAARP. It did the same with the modern HAARP, blocking all Archons’ attempts to use it in the Local Universe. It was decided to leave its fate on Earth to earthlings…

Light Forces Operation India - Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach

Light Forces Operation India

Such was the background of the LFs’ ground team and Synatexeans interaction. Now it was Sinatexean’s turn to help the ground team in India, on the Bogmalo Beach. This time, to restore the Portal and the entire complex of deep space communications and intergalactic energy, and information exchange.

The Lightwarriors built channel Sytanex – Venus – Earth – Milky Way border. Then, the Sitanexeans through Venus sent probationary info flow.

Reflecting from the Earth’s core, it was redirected to the border of our Galaxy.

The test was successful. The Bogmalo information Portal was immediately launched at full capacity. It is currently operating in automatic mode, and the current monitoring of its infrastructure is carried out by the Dolphins.


Light Forces Operation India

(To be continued)

More by Lev

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