Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

The Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

The Great Quantum Transition


By Lev

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Have all the Greys been driven from Gaia in 2019? Also wondering when the rest of the Negative Entities will be removed…Thinking when 3D and 4D Earth split by Jan 31, 2021?


The Great Quantum Transition

The Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

The main goals of the Light Forces’ ground team operations in Sweden and Norway were the elimination of the Archon’s energy structures that feed negative entities on the physical and Subtle Planes, the destruction of the center for their hybridization and cloning, as well as the restoration of the former Higher Light Hierarchy’s infrastructure.

The first operation place was in Uddevalla, the Bohuslän province, famous for its ancient petroglyphs.

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Karlekskarta Bohuslan

Bohuslän Province Map

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

But on the way, the team was redirected to Uppsala to the Kings’ egregore’s localization. Today it is no longer vibrant, but the National egregore of Sweden is active.

The Kings’ egregore was originally associated with white and black magic. Therefore, the Higher Light Hierarchy decided to start the Swedish operation from Uppsala.

To the Lightwarriors surprise, the burial sites of the royals – the points of Kings’ egregore’s localization – were energetically clean.

There wasn’t even the necro background usual in such places despite the blood sacrifices in the past. Black, aggressive energy fueled the egregore, supported the ancient Sweden militancy.

But Uppsala burial mounds were a powerful necro Portals. On a Subtle Plane, the entire area looked like a dead territory burned by acid.

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To restore and revive it the LFs’ ground team used the powerful Cosmo-Energy Mandala Of The Transformed Reality. Regeneration was successful.

After Uppsala, the Lightwarriors continued their way to Uddevalla to the main operation spot near Tanumshede, Bohuslän. There was a more difficult and dangerous task to perform.

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Tanumshede Bohuslän

Tanumshede Bohuslän

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

First, the group was assigned to clear the territory of karma, but not terrestrial, but extraterrestrial. Its sources and carriers were the Black and Gray’s races in the Local Universe.

All team members received vaccination of extra-terrestrial karma in advance, which they were to come into contact with in Thanumshede.

For millions of years, Black and Gray’s civilizations actively used people and our planet to dump and bury their karma. Hybrids were actively created for this purpose.

The Archons forcibly interbred humans and aliens. This was done both on the physical and Subtle Planes, including the Monadic one.

However, on Earth, the hybrids of man, Black, and Gray’s entities obtained by such a gruesome mode quickly degenerated. The depth of their involution reached such a chasm that Yaltabaoth was forced to destroy all of them, and the evolution of humanity continued with Noah.

The Higher Black Hierarchy continued to create hybrids, but mostly populated other planets with them. Bohuslän province, more precisely the mountain in Vitlycke in Tanumshede was one of such hybridization centers. It was fueled by a necro-cemetery and a Power Place called the Labyrinth.

Here the Lightwarriors found one of the Planetary Flower of Life Temples. Now they understand a lot more. The Higher Light Hierarchy systematically conducted them through all the points where 12 similar Temples were created at the Earth’s birth – carriers of the Local Universe’s Life Cells.

All of them are linked to a single global network. Its center is on the Polynesian Moorea Island. There, the ground team also conducted an operation, which will be described later.

Lightwarriors restored many of them. In each Temple, they saw the same picture: the infrastructure was captured by the Archons and turned into demonic Portals. The Temple in Bohuslän is no exception. It was also controlled by the Dark Hierarchy and the Black Archons.

What they did in Bohuslän shocked the LFs’ ground team. The Temple was an active multi-purpose center where the Archons conducted:

  •  Hybridization and crossing of human DNA and Gray and Black civilizations representatives;
  •  Hybridization and interbreeding of people and negative entities at the level of causal bodies;
  •  Hybridization and interbreeding of Monads of earthlings, Black and Gray races;
  •  Capturing and splitting of human Monads;
  •  Creation and cultivation of new DNA demonic forms;
  •  Development and distribution of new biological and space viruses;
  •  Framing of new Monads based on the virus and blackbody principle;
  •  Cloning and replicating Black and Gray Monads;
  •  Division of Monads during human sacrifices;
Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Tanumshede Rock Carvings

Tanumshede Rock Carvings

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

The Archons also built one of their main Portals here. In it, as in the womb, they placed the Maternal Monad (the core of the Monadic Tree) of some space Black civilizations.

The Maternal Monad was activated and linked to the Gray’s and Black eons in the Local Universe. The energy sources were earthlings and the Flower of Life Temple located there.

All this had a strong negative impact on the Bohuslän residents. Archons used many of them on the Subtle Plane as genetic and Monadic material for experiments.

The Flower of Life Temple’s energy is Love vibration. But the Archons transformed it into insatiable sexual hunger and directed it at the local population to generate the vital force they needed.

The entire Bohuslan-Tanumshede area Archon turned into a sanctuary for Black and Grey’s hybrids.

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Tanumshede Petroglyphs

Tanumshede Petroglyphs

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

In fact, it was a terrestrial hotbed of space negative races in this Swedish province.

It is noteworthy that the Labyrinth (Power Place) is made in the form of a human brain. Images on some petroglyphs echo it. A woman with multiple fetuses in her womb… artificial insemination and cloning…insertion of male genetic material into an egg… a boat with people resembling a human chromosome, only with 27 codons… entities with horns on the edges of the boat… perhaps it was those who conducted savage experiments on people… round body with many suckling appendages, similar to the AIDS virus…

The entire system was fueled by the energy of living people, the Flower of Life Temple, and the nearby cemetery.

It was with gravesite that the Lightwarriors began to clear the necro-energy and renew the territory on a Subtle Plane.

In the Labyrinth’s Power Place, which the Archons transformed for their purposes, the ground team restored its natural energy exchange according to the scheme of the Earth’s core-the Local Universe’s center. The effect was similar to the eruption of a small volcano or removing the cork from a champagne bottle.

At the Flower of Life Temple on the top of the mountain in Vitlycke, the Lightwarriors carried out the final part of their work. The first thing they saw there were two stone mounds. The Higher Light Hierarchs holographically showed the team what was happening here.

Human sacrifices were performed on these mounds. They played the role of altars. From one was irradiating the 100% male energy, and from the other – the 100% female.

Most of the ritual sacrifices were voluntary. In subdued silence, the Lightwarriors watched as lines of men and women climbed to the top of the mountain at night with rocks in their hands. There they were killed and sacrificed. Then the stones they brought were piled up.

So, at the Flower of Life Temple place, the Archons created the Death Temple. The combined Temple’s and the sacrificed people’s energy was used for creating hybrids, demonic, viral, and other negative life forms.

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands Map

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

The team also found on the top, in a Subtle Plane, the Matrix of Harmony and Unity (the Yin-Yang Foundations).

As with the cleaning of other planetary Flower of Life Temples, Lightwarriors conducted here a carpet energy bombardment, eliminating all the negativity accumulated in this place. Then sterilized it with Absolute Light and restored it with a Transformed Reality Crystal.

Finally, the team reanimated the Flower of Life Temple and installed in it a projection of a new Life Cell from the Local Universe.

The Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway were the next operation site. This archipelago is one of the oldest on Earth. It is approximately 3 billion years old. The modern appearance was formed after the last ice age 10,000 years ago.

Before arriving at the destination Lightwarriors were covered by a powerful wave of negative energy. All the symptoms indicated that there was a source of a strong karmic and mental-informational pollution on the Islands. Where did it come from?

On the spot, everything became clear.

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Lofoten Islands Aerial

Lofoten Islands Aerial

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

It turned out that the Lofoten Islands are associated with many important and tragic events in Earth history. This territory was once part of Hyperborea, which became a field of fierce ground and space wars between the Light Forces and the Archons (see On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Disclosure News, 18 October 2020).

The current war in the Local Universe and the Solar System, which is a continuation of the past battles, is coming to an end. But today, the Dark Forces have no chance of winning. Neither using earthlings as human shields, nor hybrids, nor COVID-19, nor the global financial and economic disaster that they are still planning will help them.

After the former Black Co-Creator of a Local Universe passed on the Absolute’s Side and became Highest Light Hierarch (see – Ops Surface Of The Light Forces, Disclosure News, 12 August 2020), the desertion among the Archon and the Black races lords became wide-spreading. Even Yaltabaoth was invited to follow their example.

The Absolute and the Co-Creators were faced with the question of what to do with all of them.

There are more than a million different civilizations in the Local Universe. Light, Gray, and Black.

There are also a numerous hybrid races, including on the Earth. For example, Light with Gray… Light and Black (violent hybrids created in violation of the free will and choice of Light civilizations)… Gray with Black… Gray with Gray… Black with Black…

How much karma they have in the aggregate? Especially Black beings. When they were created, they had nothing but karma. Not a drop of Light.

On the other hand, GOD IS LOVE. Are these Black creations to blame for being born like this? But karma is karma. On 21.12 2020, it is planned to eliminate its remaining, virtual part (see Light Forces Thai Operations, Part 2, Disclosure News, 20 August 2020).

What to do with its carriers? The Higher Light Hierarchy is already working very closely with humanity and human hybrids. What to do with extraterrestrial Black civilizations? Destroy them with their karma? But such a step would not correspond to the main Asolute’s and our Local Universe’s postulate: GOD IS LOVE.

The Co-Creators, who now hold the Local Universe destiny in their hands, have taken the hardest and complicated path. They decided to save all mind forms regardless of the color and karma. But they have to be ready for processing their karma voluntarily and the complete transforming.

It is the only possible option for all the space negative races. The example of the former Black Co-Creator mentioned above confirms that any demonic creature that has been cleansed of karma, transformed, and acquired a Monad can be the Higher Light Hierarch.

This option is now officially offered to all Dark Forces on Earth and extraterrestrial civilizations. The Karma Lords and the Top Light Civilizations guaranteed the help and assistance in getting rid of karma and transformation.

Only a voluntary choice is required. It is extremely short: to be destroyed or to be cleansed and continue the evolution to the Source.

Extraterrestrial karmic civilizations reacted differently: from the full acceptance to the aggressive denial and bitterness.

Now, on the place, the LFs’ ground team understood where the wave of negativity had come from, and why the Co-Creators had sent them to the Lofoten Islands. It was from here, the former Hyperborea, the implementation of the Absolute’s historical decision began.

The Co-Creators used the group to create a temporary Monadic Logos here for the transfigured Black and Gray Monads and Causal Bodies. In the latter case, this applies to those mind forms that haven’t Monads, i.e. they belong to non-Monadic varieties.

The work’s scheme was traditional. The Higher Light Hierarchs separated segments from their Monads, combined them, and merged together. Then, from this energy cocoon, an independent integral structure was born.

Team members also participated, some remotely – from other regions and countries. The souls (causal bodies or Monads) of the “multicolored” mind forms who voluntarily agreed to lustration and karma zeroing will be sent to the new Logos.

The location of the next Lightwarriors’ operation was the neighborhood of Nusfjord. This is a quiet fishing hamlet that looks more like a museum than a village with less than a hundred people living in it. Cruise ships that once plied the local waters now avoid this small island.

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Nusfjord


Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

The Great Lofoten Mount once stood at the place of the ground team’s new work. In the past, the first Galactic Temple on Earth was there. Through this Temple, the aspect-exchange of the Earth and the Galactic Logos had been made.

It was a kind of registration and credentials exchange that all newborn planets go through. Not immediately, but after they are formed as Logos. This can be compared to a child getting a passport.

The aspect exchange of the Earth with the Galactic Logos or, in other words, its Galactic baptism and official acceptance into the Galactic Family of Light took place at this place.

The Earth became the conductor of the Ideal Galactic Ray and relayed it to other Local universe’s worlds. It served as a beacon of the Galactic Logos standard vibration.

Later, the Higher Light Hierarchs copied the Lofoten’s and Galactic Logos’ aspects and placed them in different planet’s parts. They set up the network of relay antennas, the Reference Vibration of the Galactic Logos which is the Milky Way’s Central Spiritual Sun.

The Keepers of this main Galactic Temple were from the Hyperborean Shambhala. They still supervise this place and closely watched the work of the ground team.

Back to history…

During one of the space wars, the Earth was dropped from its vibrational orbit in 5D to 3D (see – On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Disclosure News, 18 October 2020 ). On our three-dimensional planet first arrived the Yaltabaoth’s son Yahweh. With its help, the Archons took over almost all Light Places, including the Lofoten Galactic Infrastructure and the Galactic Logos aspect.

The Higher Dark Hierarchs installed their Monads’ aspects as a self-resurrection Matrices into the Galactic Logos aspect. On the Subtle Plane, they could not be detected. Only the blurred part was visible. Later Yaltabaoth also added his Monad’s aspect to it. So it turned out a rattling mixture.

There was a time when the Co-Creators planned to use the Galactic Logos aspect introduced into the Earth as a seed that would mature and germinate into a full-fledged Maternal aspect. To become Micro-Galactic Logos. Now the ground team was helping to get back to this project.

When they arrived at the worksite, instead of the Temple Mount, they saw only a deep crater and a pile of stones. What happened to it?

As the Supreme Black Hierarch inserted his self-resurrection Matrix into the powerful positive field of the Galactic Temple, a massive explosion broke out from the energy incompatibility. Nothing left of the mountain. This was the only way he could install his aspect.

With Co-Creators’ assistance, the ground team eliminated the Black infrastructure of the Lofoten Galactic Temple. They destroyed the Supreme Black Hierarch self-resurrection Matrix and the Yaltabaoth’s Monadic DNA aspect. The damaged Galactic Logos parts also had to be removed.

Several natal-creational Matrices of some cosmic Black civilizations were also discovered, which piggyback on this Power Place. That is, the Monads of extraterrestrial Black races existed at the expense of the Earth and human life force.

The LFs’ ground crew was always amazed at how much space stuff thrives on our planet, sucking away its vital energy.

The Lightwarriors then proceeded to restore the Galactic Logos aspect that had been defiled by the Archons. It took several days.

The reanimated aspect was collectively elevated to the Galactic Logos. There it rebooted and re-installed itself in the Lofoten Temple center.

So the Creation Shrine was reborn, the Perfect Galactic Temple on Earth. Now it again radiates the reference vibration of the Galactic Logos, as it did in the distant past. Lofoten Temple is connected to all the Earth’s mountains. Through it, the reference Galactic frequency fan-spreads throughout the planet, raising and cleansing its energy.

Throughout the LFs’ ground group’s work, it was closely watched on the Subtle Plane by the Galactic Hierarchs and old Temple Keepers from Hyperborea. By the way, one of them turned out to be a traitor. Once he went over to the Dark Side, and it was largely thanks to him that the Archons were able to capture the Shrine.

After finishing the Temple restoration, the Lightwarriors saw a miracle. An auric glow radiated from all sides of the nearby mountains. It even materialized on the physical plane. The radiant clouds suddenly burst into a bright iridescent rainbow.

When the team was about to leave the Temple, the Higher Light Hierarchs informed them that they decided to continue the experiment started billions of years ago to cultivate the Full-Scale Aspect of the Galactic Logos on Earth, which was described above.

The next day, the Lightwarriors set off for the penultimate point of the Norwegian operation. From there, the team headed for the Moskenstraumen whirlpool, one of the most dangerous in the world.

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway - Moskenstraumen Whirlpool

Moskenstraumen Whirlpool

Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway

As planned, the group moved the previously created Temporary Monadic Logos for the transformation of extraterrestrial Monads on the whirlpool’s Subtle Plane.

The Logos core consists of the dipole aspect of the Local Universe’s Co-Creators. The outer shell was made of the Higher Light Hierarchs’ and the two LFs’ team leaders Monads’ aspects.

This structure plays the role of the anti-karma device. For more than a day, it instantly cleansed the Monads and causal bodies of a large group of Black and Gray’s civilizations from natal and acquired karma.

A trial demonstration was very convincing. Now the device works at full capacity. It brings back to the Light more and more cosmic races that have accepted the Absolute’s terms to continue their evolution to the Source.

It was the main success of the joint operation in Norway of the Higher Light Hierarchy and its ground team.

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