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Light Forces Operation Hawaii

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

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(What about) Light Forces in Hawaii? Specifically, Haleakala, Gaia’s Heart Chakra, and Mauna Kea, which Ancient Hawaiians consider the bellybutton of Earth. If not, are there any plans for Light Forces to clean up the area soon?


Answer – The Light Forces Operation Hawaii – Part 1

At first, the LFs’ ground team did not plan the Hawaiian operation in their immediate plans. But unexpectedly the Higher Light Hierarchy very insistently asked the group to postpone everything and urgently fly to Hawaii. All tasks Lightwarriors received directly on the spot.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Map of Hawaii

Map of Hawaii

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

The first operation site was assigned to the Hindu Temple Kadavul on Kauai Island. It contains the largest solid quartz crystal on the planet, which weighs 317 kg and is 1 meter high. It is an Information Crystal with a record of the Akashic Planetary Chronicles.

The energy of the Temple was amazing. It was despite that inside the Crystal was a copy of the Illusion Information Crystal. The copy and the Crystal were the main targets of the first operation in Hawaii.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Kauai Island

Kauai Island

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

An important prequel is needed…

One of the problems that the Absolute and Co-Creators began to resolve is the rehabilitation and radical transformation of the Local Universe information field.

The existing structure of the information continuum had a zonal structuring of separate cells, info-clusters. Each had its core corresponding to a specific information domain. Usually, it was the Star’s Logos.

Local info-domains (containing data about their Star System), in turn, were synchronized with Galactic info-domains (storage of Galaxy information). And they, in turn, – with the Local Universe’s information field center in the Universal Logos, which contains all the details about it. The information field had a clear hierarchical structure.

Over time, the Logos that are info-domains, due to the constant Galactic wars, began to accumulate distortions. Archons also disrupted the operation of transit info-servers, from which information was read by higher-level info-domains and transmitted to the Local Universe’s Logos.

All that eventually distorted the entire information continuum of the Local Universe. In other words, no one could get information about its real state.

But that’s not the worst of it. The Black Archons, following the plan to seize power in the Local Universe, began to build a network of information pseudo-reality. It consisted of zones corresponding to the cores of local info-domains.

The Archons captured this local structure and created a second virtual core based on them. This virtual core began to replace and suppress the main info-core of the local info-domain. It also transmitted false data to space and to the higher-level information transit server, which the Black Archons uploaded into it.

According to their plan, this would lead to the information death of the Local Universe. The amount of false information in its info-continuum had to exceed the critical level. In this state, the evolution of living mind forms became impossible.

The info-field, in addition to storing evolutionary memory and experience (Akashic Records), also serves as a carrier and transmitter of evolutionarily important data. For example, Codes of Life, Cosmic cycles, Constants, etc. Without them, life is impossible in principle. Their distortion will lead to the degradation and extinction of all live beings.

It is as if the organism at the level of cells and DNA receives deliberately distorted evolutionary information, incorrect codes of cosmic cycles, etc. Or to point a ship on the wrong course to the reefs, on which, if it follows it, it is sure to break.

Similarly, this system worked to lead humanity astray from its true Spiritual Path to the Source. Shut out the Truth from it, replacing the true Spiritual Values with false and illusory ones.

If a person, as a result of spiritual self-improvement and following the path of the Heart, broke out of this illusory information Matrix, then he found the true life meaning and learned the Source. The Matrix lost its power and control over him.

But in the vast majority, unfortunately, it is the opposite. Many still live with the false ideals of materialism that have been cleverly imposed or substituted.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

On Earth, the illusory reality Matrix core was located on the Island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Initially, a man had access to the central information domain in the Local Universe’s Logos. This gave him full access to the unified information field where he was getting true info.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - The Island of Kauai

The Island of Kauai

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

The Black Archons destroyed this system. It was replaced by vertical information domains. As a result, mankind was disconnected from the single Info-field and connected to the local info-domain in the Earth’s Logos.

Plus, the Black Archons built their information relay on Kauai and tried to link humanity to it. Sometimes it worked. But most people are tied simultaneously to two space info-servers – the real one and the illusory Matrix. Only the Heart can tell what information is true.

Following the Co-Creators’ plan of the Local Universe transformation, the Higher Light Hierarchs have already received direct access to the Info-field core (the Central Info-domain). In the future, every life form will have the same opportunity.

For example, human cells will be linked to their info-domain, and not directly to the Universe’s Logos. But the human info-domain will already have access to the Local Universe central info-server.

The collective mind will go out through the provider – its collective consciousness. In other words, only those life forms that have an individual information domain will have direct access to the Local Universe’s central info-server. By this, the humanity Stars’ memory blocked by the Archons will be restored.

During the info-domains rehabilitation, the Light Forces identified all the Archon structure and were amazed at its coverage. The Black Hierarchs created their information field of the Local Universe inside the main one. They were preparing to absorb and replace it with theirs.

Among the victims were many of the contactees. The power of the Archons’ info system was so strong that it drowned out the frequencies of the natural information field.

The contactee began to hear different voices and accept channeling from the illusion Matrix, thinking that was reading it from a real information field, or receiving from Higher Light Forces. In reality, they were Black Archons who leaked the info they needed…

Before arriving in Hawaii, the LFs’ ground team and the Higher Light Hierarchs, cleared the Earth’s info-domain of alien data. The task was difficult. There was a huge amount of dirt. The work took about a week. The core of the planetary info-domain was crystallized, formatted, and rewritten without destructive programs or viruses.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Channeling


Light Forces Operation Hawaii

During the global reorganization of the Local Universe’s unified Info-field, the Higher Light Hierarchs removed from all levels the vast majority of the Black Archons’ info-domains. But not all. One of the main remained on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. The LFs’ ground team was sent to work with it.

In the crystal of the Kadavul Temple (which means God in Tamil), they spotted the Illusion Information Crystal’s copy. The latter was also on Kauai, out of reach. An energy and information channel was maintained between them. But the copy didn’t work. The quartz crystal almost drowned out its destructive effect. How it was possible?

The Kadavul quartz crystal, which is a sentient entity, was installed in a sacred place. In a distant era, here, on the Pacifide continent, was the Temple of Time. By the way, the Temple founder (he is already on the Higher Planes) and its current abbot are incarnations of the Pacifide’s Light Priests.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Pacifide Continent

Pacifide Continent

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

Initially, the quartz crystal contained a copy of the planetary evolution programs. The Higher Light Hierarchs uploaded it during the Lemuria epoch after the collapse of Pacifide. The crystal did not perform any other functions. But during the Third Atlantis, it fell into the Black priests’ hands (see – On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Q&A, Disclosure News,18 October 2020).

They failed to extract the program from it, but they wrote a false Earth’s history – the pseudo-Akashic Chronicles – into the crystal. It was necessary for Archon for creating their information field of the Local Universe.

Dark Hierarchs stuffed the mineral with destructive programs using a copy of the Illusion Information Crystal installed in it. It was part of a system that included 13 other crystals on the different places of the island of Kauai.

This info-structure, at the moment of X, had to be inserted into the Earth Heart to suppress and replace it under ignited informational chaos’ cover.

The Archons planned to use false Logos with distorted memory (Akashic Records) as a black hole to capture and absorb other info-fields and Logos. It was part of the plan to take over the Local Universe.

Despite the destructive stuffing, the Kadavul quartz crystal’s energy was pure and powerful. The Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy managed to keep their aspects in it.

With their help, the ground team removed all Archon’s programs from the Kadavul crystal. In parallel, the cleansing rays from the Earth’s core and the Higher Light Hierarchs were focused on it. The crystal was completely cleared. Only one program left in it – of the Earth’s evolution to the Source.

When the work was completed, the light in the Temple suddenly switched off – the electricity went out. After a couple of minutes, the diesel generator started working and the crystal illumination was restored. During this time, the Higher Light Hierarchs managed to reload his field.

Then they uploaded into the mineral the program of the future Unified Rhythm of the Universal Space Cycle. After that, the Kadavul Crystal core was linked to the Local Universe’s new Information field’s core.

In the end, the entire 13 crystals network that was part of the planetary illusory reality’s source was destroyed.

The site of the next LFs’ ground team operation was Hikinaakala Heiau. Since ancient times on the island of Kauai, it is the most revered sacred place, where the old Temple footing is still preserved.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Hikinaakala Heiau Ruins

Hikinaakala Heiau Ruins

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

Nearby, in the past, the Archons placed a Goo under one of the mountains. The ground team was assigned to retrieve it from its lair and hand over to the Karma Lords. The only way to get to Goo was via Hikinaakala Heiau.

Night-clad, the Lightwarriors crept into the territory of Heiau, crouching almost to the ground so that no one would notice them. They made their way to the Heiau’s altar. It was made in the form of a phallic dolmen with a flower necklace draped over it.

The energy in the Temple was terrible. This place took birth from the wives of the local tribes’ chiefs. After giving birth, the newborn was taken by the priests and killed, sacrificing to the “gods”. The blood of a decapitated infant dripped onto a phallic dolmen. During the ritual, a child’s life force was transferred to the Goo.

The team members felt all that very well when they were on the altar. A hologram appeared on the Subtle Plane with eerie scenes of blood pouring and the screams of babies being slaughtered.

In such an environment, Lightwarriors and the Higher Light Hierarchs began to extract Goo from the depths of the island of Kauai.

Through Heiau, Lightwarrior on the Subtle Plane penetrated the lair. First, they opened the altar’s Portal. Immediately from the bowels of Kauai, the necro-energy flooded. After waiting until it was completely out, they quickly entered and captured Goo.

During contact with it, the team leader was as doused with nitrogen – part of the Goo entered him. The Karma Lords had already taken it away, and Lightwarrior for about an hour was still recovering from a huge dose of necro-energy.

It was very hard. The bones were twisted, and the limbs were numb and stiff. But an hour later he was clean. The job was done. Kauai and Earth were freed from another dangerous Black entity.

Iao Needle in Iao Valley on the Island of Maui was the site of the next LFs’ operation.
Photo of Iao Needle in Iao Valley

In the IaoValley is the Iao Needle, a basalt spire, a sharp rock about 400 m high. According to the legend, the rock is named “Iao” because it was once exclaimed by Maui, one of the Hawaiian gods, who unsuccessfully sat on it.

This rock was the place where the ground team had to do the task. Before beginning, the Higher Light Hierarchs gave detailed info about Maui and the purpose of the operation.

In the Iao Needle field, the Solar Monad’s aspects were imprisoned. It was immediately felt by all the team members. Their bodies began to burn terribly as if they were under a hot sun.

Lightwarriors came close to the rock and began work. It was necessary to extract the Solar Monad’s aspect from the prison and place it in the group head’s Monad for sanitation.

Through this place, the Higher Light Hierarchs also pull into his Monad all the other Solar’s aspects on the Island of Maui. Except for one located in the Haleakala volcano.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Iao Needle in Iao Valley

Iao Needle in Iao Valley

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

The Lightwarrior’s task, apart from the sanitation, was to study what Maui did with the aspect? And, more importantly, – why?

All got a surprise. It turned out that inside the Solar Monad’s aspect, Maui inserted a core with a time contour, i.e., the Time energy. At the moment, the team didn’t know what for he needed it…

During the day the Lightwarrior’s Monad sanitized and crystallized all Solar’s aspects. Body temperature and blood pressure jumped… Heart rate and pulse were racing… But he was able to complete the operation successfully.

For the next task, the HigherLight Hierarchs sent a team to Kahanu Tropical Botanical Garden near the town of Hana on the Island of Maui. Piilanihale Heiau is located there.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Piilanihale Heiau

Piilanihale Heiau

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

From there, the group cleared the area of necro-energy. It was accumulated in ancient times during human sacrifice at this main Temple of the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Piilanihale Heiau, which is larger than three football fields, turned out to be an energetically very dirty place. Lightwarriors cleared it by the Absolute Light.

Later the LFs’ groups in other countries remotely completed the territory rehabilitation.

The next operation was held at Keahiakawelo ‘Garden of the Gods’, on Lanai Island.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Keahiakawelo Lanai - Garden of the Gods

Keahiakawelo Lanai – Garden of the Gods

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

The place was unpleasant. It was like a Martian landscape – piles of rocks against a background of red and sorrel rock. Lightwarriors immediately suspected the involvement of Mars in this place. And they were not mistaken…

Having found a suitable place to work on the highest point of the terrain, the team was amazed at what they saw. On an area no more than 2-3 km in diameter, stones are scattered everywhere, but in a specific mode.

All indications were that there had been a mountain before. But it was destroyed by a pinpoint super-strike that smashed it into small pieces.

The holographic images were shown to the team fully confirmed the assumption. Indeed, this place used to be a sacred mountain and one of the first Gaia’s Temples on Earth. But the Black Archons destroyed it along with the mountain with a powerful energy pulse.

By its impact, the Earth’s balance and its geo-spatial coordinates were disturbed. Into the Gaia’s Temple field the Archons inserted the Mars’ Logos aspect.

The question immediately arises: what was in this place initially, at the Earth’s creation? It turned out that here was the planet’s equilibrium nod (Planetary Stability Point). The Earth’s Logos core’s direct projection.

At creation, the Earth had a stable balance. If moved to a short distance, the planet automatically went back to its previous coordinates.

After the Archons space blow, the center of gravity was shifted. The Earth has entered into unstable equilibrium. Now if the planet is displaced by a small distance, it will continue its movement due to the forces acting on it.

The Archons so cunningly knocked down the Earth’s core that due to inertia and skewing of the center of gravity, the single continent of Pacifide was torn apart. Its fragments in the form of continents began to move away from each other, periodically and randomly colliding. After this fault, the Earth changed its position in orbit relative to the Sun.

If the Higher Light Hierarchy did not take any action, the Earth with a shifted center of gravity would fly far out of orbit.

To prevent it, the Light Forces began an artificial cyclical adjustment of the planetary core and its center of gravity. This was achieved by cyclic polarity reversals.

The Higher Light Hierarchy calculated the critical mass accumulation period. It was approximately 12,000 years. From this, the precession period of the Earth’s orbit was determined – the cyclic change of the poles and the Polar Star. It is through the Portal of the Polar Star in the North and South Pole in the South (currently absent) that the force correction and retention of the Earth in its orbit takes place.

Light Forces Operation Hawaii - Earth Axis Inclination

Earth Axis Inclination

Light Forces Operation Hawaii

But the shift in the equilibrium of the Earth’s core continues. It can only be slowed down. And as noted above, when it reaches a critical level, there is a reversal – correction of the center of gravity and alignment of the equilibrium point of the planet.

The projection of the Earth’s equilibrium nod was located on the territory of the former Pacifide after the split of the great continent. Today it is the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Why did the Archons insert the Mars Logos aspect into the Gaia Temple, the sacred Earth’s balance point?

It was done for Earth’s Logos capturing and subduing. The Archons wanted to create unified Logos under Mars’ control. But the Higher Light Hierarchy intervened in time and thwarted a sinister project.

But the price was very high. The Portal of the planet’s Equilibrium point was broken. Sometimes it had to do this. Otherwise, the Martian landscape in Keahiakawelo ‘Garden of the Gods’ on Lanai Island would be all over the Earth…

First, the Lightwarriors evacuated from Planetary Equilibrium Temple the Martian Logos aspect embedded by energy impact which destroyed the Sacred Mount. The team then synchronized the 3D Earth core with its 5D core. Now the planet’s position has become more stable.

The happy team got into the jeep and drove back. But halfway to the hotel, the Higher Light Hierarchs suddenly asked the group to return to the Garden of the Gods immediately. They decided to start restoring this place, which had been crippled by the prolonged influence of the Martian Logos.

Returning to the Garden of the Gods, the Lightwarriors entered the Temple’s Sanctum, where the Gaia’s aspect was, and then the Martian Logos aspect, and installed the Absolutized Life Matrix inside the Shrine.

After that, the Higher Light Hierarchs holographically showed the LFs’ ground team a symbolic picture: both 3D and 5D Earths stretched out their hands and shook them. This was the most touching moment of the entire operation on Lanai Island.


(To be continued)

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