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Light Cities - New Galactic Ops Part 5

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops Part 5

February 2021

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops Part 5 – By Lev.

There was a pause in the operation concerning reptiloids (see – DNI, New Galactic Ops, February 2021, Part 4, 23 February 2021). The Galactic Committee and the ground crew used it to complete another superimposed op.

It’s about building Light Cities in the Earth 3D/4D/5D common eon. To date, the team has built several such Cities.

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Light Cities - Light City
Light City

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


What is their purpose? What hopes do the Co-Creators and Galacom have for them? How is it done technically?

It is a new project of the Absolute’s Hierarchy to create Light Cities and anchors them on 3D Earth. The idea is not new. But what the ground group is doing today are fundamentally different from previous concepts of such Cities.

What’s the difference? What is the Light City in the classical sense?

It is a projection of a higher cluster (Mandala, Heavenly City, Island of Light, etc.) onto the 3D Earth. The first Light City is known as the Garden of Eden, which was a projection of 1/6 of Paradise, a cluster in 5D.

The new concept of Light Cities is based on fundamentally different principles. Namely, it is the creation of the unified Earth 3.9-5.99D as a single whole-fractal eon. Simultaneously, Light Cities are placed in all three dimensions – 3D, 4D, and 5D – in Gaia’s field.

For that, a Light City is taken (or already exists) on Earth 5D, projected onto the corresponding location in the Earth 4D field, and then onto our Earth 3D.

As a result, a new space object appears as an all-fractal three-tiered Light City. Nothing similar has ever done before, nor could it ever be.

The practical benefits are obvious:

    • The creation of technical conditions for the stabilization of a single Earth’s eon;
    • The mechanism for combining the 3D, 4D, and 5D Earth fields;
    • The highest vibrations of the 4D and 5D fields coming to the planet;
    • The direct projections to Earth from the 4D and 5D Light civilizations in other parts of the Local Universe.

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Light Cities - Fractal City
Fractal City

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


Till now, the Light Cities are created and anchored in hard-to-reach places for safety.

For described op, the Galacom chose one such spot – the lake in one of the southern mountainous regions. At the first stage, the ground team was tasked to anchor, to localize the already existing in the 5D Light City through the 4D field to the 3D Earth.

One of the cosmic Light races made direct contact with the group and clarified the operation’s details.

They are building their capital in the near-Earth 5D space. In the Local Universe, they are planning a whole network of branches mainly on the planets and dimensions where their representatives reside. Projections of the capital will be in 4D and on 3D Earth, in particular over the lake in question.

Then the work started.

Lightwarriors received two segments from Gaia for the Light Cities in 5D and 4D, erected fences around them on the Subtle Plane. Then they twice synchronized the two field segments.

After stabilizing them, the group members and their collective Logos filled the merging 4D/5D field with Light and Love energies. It dissolved the partition between the fields.

The team then began magnetizing, cementing the foundation to set the Light City’s Crystal at 4.95D, then lowering it to a more stable 4.5D mark.

For Crystal’s core creation, the group members singled out their Heart aspects. Their synthesis caused the self-illumination of the forming Crystal. It began to grow.

When the Crystal reached the required minimum size, its core was placed in the Logos of the group to mature. It was like a growing seed or a sprout in a greenhouse, or an embryo in an incubator.

Light Cities - Light City Crystal
Light City Crystal

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


Soon the fully formed Crystal was extracted from the Logos. Now it was up to the ground team to place it on the Subtle Plane above the lake indicated by Galacom.

On the appointed day, early in the morning, the group headed to the site of the operation, and by the scheduled hour gathered onshore. The op’s time and the scheme had been previously agreed upon with Galacom’s support team. Part of the Lightwarriors prepared to assist remotely.

A clairvoyant view of the site explained why Galacom chose this particular location for the new Light City. Here’s how one of the team members described what they saw on a Subtle Plane.

“The lake’s two Keepers came out – a gray-haired old man and a woman in white and blue robes. I greeted them and explained the meaning of our visit. They allowed us to examine the place.

The entire water glowed with a blue light. At the bottom of the lake, there is a small stone pyramid. At great depths below the lake is an energy rift in the form of a large rotating Light swastika of four arms. In the center is a huge transparent white-blue sparkling Crystal, emitting Life Energy.

The energies are benign. The mountains look like a lotus flower. The Crystal at the bottom also looks like a flower, shimmering with iridescent colors. A column of light rises from the lake and goes far into space. The lake’s Keepers said that this is the Portal of Communication with the cosmos. Representatives of space civilizations come to Earth through it.

I began to raise my vibration. I went to our group’s Logos and explained to it what I wanted to do. It didn’t mind and sent me straight to the Temple at the bottom of the lake. I called the Keepers, asked permission.

Finally, someone who looked like a big rock answered, ‘Just go…’ I went down to the lower levels of the Temple. I had to raise the vibration here, too, until the water Keeper responded.

She wrapped her arms around me, and we swirled in a kind of whirlwind dance. She was dissolving me into herself, and she was dissolving into me. We became a single one, rising to the stars. ‘That’s where my homeland is,’ she said. But the Earth was calling us back, and we lowered.

Something was happening in my body, some kind of slow boiling, especially in the throat chakra. The energies of the heart emerald and blue crystals were combining in me. A green and blue bright rainbow shone in the heart space, and somewhere out there in the distance, I could see ultramarine and purple domes.”

Light Cities - Temple Over The Lake
Temple Over The Lake

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


“Then I saw a ramp going down to the bottom. Then a transparent tunnel appeared across the lake, through which some sort of transport ran.

I began to raise my vibrations to rise above the third dimension. The bright, shining light of the blue-white Crystal cut into my eyes. Then the light dimmed, and I saw above the water a huge beautiful Temple with columns, in which the surface of the lake was the floor. Beneath it was several more levels of Temple.

It was all in the most sparkling shades of blue and white. There was a sense of movement in the Temple, but no one showed. I realized that all the water in the lake was alive, but I could not communicate with it. I saw a golden entity, which I felt was Our Lady.

The lake is a powerful Portal to Pleroma. It is very active, even at night. A Mandala was also visible at the bottom. A circle of golden-colored entities swirled around a pillar of energy from the lake. And at the top around it was the same circle, but of beings in shades of blue. And there was a flock of birds circling, recognizable as geese or swans.

The lake is the planetary Portal of Life, Amrita. It is her Temple. Two Crystals of Amrita and its substance are stored there. They are multidimensional polycrystals, i.e. they are present on the Subtle and physical planes. That is what causes the properties of the lake water, which is saturated with vita-plasma.”

The operation began. The ground team synchronized with the Lake’s Keepers and anchored the stretched segment of the 5D field in 4D.

Then they lowered it even further and wedged it into the 3D Earth’s field through the planet’s core. The work was energetically very heavy. The group felt like they were pulling a huge, heavy load.

The team leader’s feet were so embedded in the ground that he had to be pulled by the hands of the other op’s participants.

The operation was successful. An all-fractal crystalline Light City in a single 3D/4D/5D Gaia field was created. Its architecture seemed stable. And nothing foreboded any problems…

Light Cities - 3D/4D/5D Gaia's Field
3D/4D/5D Gaia’s Field

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


After receiving confirmation from Galacom that the job was done, the Lightwarriors returned to the hotel.

The catastrophe began to develop in the same evening, around 10 p.m. As it turned out later, it was triggered by unauthorized intrusion to the Light City field at the 4D level. It led to its destruction.

What happened?

It emerged that around 10 p.m., the 4D entities of a Black civilization had invaded the lake’s field. They detected the appearance of two Life Energy Crystals and an all-fractal Light City. So they wanted to take advantage of its strong vital force. They hacked into the field infrastructure at the 4D level and siphoned off all the energy for their good…

As a result, the structure of the Light City tilted. The reason was the energy imbalance caused by the interference. It was as if a newly built skyscraper suddenly seeled. The whole structure began to collapse.

At the same time, the collective Logos of the ground team, which was used as a connecting module for the Light City, was also warped and jammed. Because of the deformations, it was extinguished. Its core lost its capacity for internal Radiant fusion. It meant death.

There were also group errors that are inevitable when projecting something from 5D into 4D, and even more so in 3D. The Light City was projected in 3D at the maximum error factor. A little more and it would have turned into distortion. And it triggered the destruction of the entire structure.

That’s what happened.

The Blacks’ intrusion played the role of the last straw. As a result, the inaccuracies grew into critical distortions. Like one derailed wagon that pulled the entire train – the entire multidimensional structure of the Light City and the group Logos.

Critical situation was stopped that night. The Higher Light Hierarchs urgently intervened at the very last moment.

They simply blocked, stabilized the slant, and the avalanche-like destruction of the entire structure. In this skewed state, it froze.

Lightwarriors could recover from the shock only the next day. And immediately they had questions for the Higher Hierarchs. What is this civilization all about? How did Galacom allow this situation to happen? Where was the lake’s Kippers looking? Is it possible that everyone who is not lazy can get into the Light Hierarchy’s projects and break them?

Light Cities - Black Intruders
Black Intruders

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


Fearful of punishment, representatives of the Black Civilization quickly made contact with the group for an explanation. And here’s what was found out.

They did not expect such breakdown aftereffects and were ready to take immediate action to remedy the situation. But the Lightwarriors asked to hold off, for now, to sort things out.

Explaining the logic of their actions, Blacks holographically showed the group two pictures. First, kitchen. A child was alone in it. He saw candy on the top shelf of the cabinet. He pulled up a chair, climbed on top of the cabinet to get the candy. He couldn’t hold on and fell. Together with him, the cabinet fell. At this point, his parents walk in. Silent scene.

The second picture: a man is walking through a forest and sees a 500 euro bill on the ground, no one is around. He picks it up like nobody’s and takes it for himself…

These images explained everything. The Blacks did not deceive, as they spoke under karmic oath, i.e., only the truth. They were simply set up by the Archons, provoked by their actions. They were not intentional. But what for? There were more questions for the Higher Light Hierarchs.

But they suddenly cut off the communications with the Lightwarriors. It became clear that they would have to handle the situation on their own and at their responsibility.

The group held an emergency meeting to analyze the situation and chart a way out. Their priority was to save their collective Logos, which was in a state of clinical death. They had to act immediately.

Why did the ground team’s Logos demonstrate complete unpreparedness not only for a serious test but even for a small critical situation? Why did it happen?

Several reasons and factors led to this.

Radiant synthesis in the Logos core was supported by the Monads’ aspects of the leaders, curators, and other participants of the operation. But they had different degrees of development. Many were not ready to participate in the Logos core.

Light Cities - Radiant Synthesis
Radiant Synthesis

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


There are two main criteria for such participating. Namely, it is a complete absence of Monadic karma and active Radiant synthesis (self-luminescence, autogeneration of Monadic Light).

Some of the op’s participants had it, and some did not. As a result, some were supporting the Logos with their vital resources, while others were dragging it down, being ballast.

Common Logos always works for everyone. But it turned out that it was impossible to include ALL aspects of absolutely EVERYONE in its core. One can only use them in the extra-core body of the Logos.

Logos of the group was ready for the necessary work of anchoring the Light City and did it perfectly. However, when the load on it increased and there was an unplanned outflow of energy, it was unable to cope with it.

Its power dropped sharply, and the Radiant fusion completely died out. By analogy with a human, its heart stopped and it fell into a state of clinical death. And it was an emergency, a CATASTROPHE.

On the other hand, what happened was a crash test for Logos and the group. Of course, the Logos crash test should have been done earlier, but it was not done.

Light Cities - Group Logos
Group Logos

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


If the Logos structure had been different, with a strict differentiation between the participants in the core and the outer shell, it would not have happened.

Being in the Logos core is a privilege and a huge responsibility at the same time. Because those that are in the core at the critical moment will have to cover the Logos with self, giving it a part of their REPLENISHED Life Energy.

The emergency energy aid to the Logos was the group’s collective meditation on the top of the sacred pyramid-mountain, which was the first planetary Abode of Holy Mother.

Next, it was necessary to repeat the saturation of Logos with the Life Energy and to evacuate it from the lake field and place it in a temporary abode.

Another sacred mountain in the mountainous area north of the lake was chosen as the anchorage location.

On the day of this op, the weather was bad. And in the mountains, at an altitude of over 1,000 meters, it turned into a strong icy, piercing wind and thick hoar.

Fortunately, the group managed to get almost close to the worksite. But even the remaining meters were difficult.

As the Lightwarriors ascended the lower plateau of the sacred mountain, a thick fog enveloped it. It became clear that they would not be able to find the sought-for place, the Shambhala Temple, in zero visibility.

Therefore, the team decided to conduct the operation from the Power Place closest to the road – the Absolute Temple.

Light Cities - Absolute Temple
Absolute Temple

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


Before the 3:15 p.m. main opening time, the Lightwarriors released Logos from the Light City structure and moved into the Absolute Temple’s field.

Immediately afterward, the Light City had gone heavenward. It was like the balloon taking off when the ballast is untied from it.

That was what happened. The group Logos held it like a weight, and as soon as it was removed, the City of Light immediately skyrocketed in 4D/5D. At first, the team members even wanted to push it up, but that proved unnecessary.

At precisely 3:15 p.m. the Lightwarriors felt their energy, combined by joint meditation, reached the right level. It was the most powerful in the group’s experience. Never before had they felt such strong collective cohesion.

Next, they gave impulse from their Monads into the Logos core, thus making it eject all the team members’ aspects from it. Then they directed a new collective impulse into the core.

It made it shrink almost to a singularity and self-restart. That is, to condense completely, go through the zero-phase and again unfold the core and the body of the Logos.

Then the leaders of the operation, the Higher Light Hierarchs, inserted their dipole aspects into the core. The same did the ground team. Other aspects were introduced into the Logos body.

Logos has rebooted again. The intense firing of the intra-nuclear Radiant Fusion began. The Logos was lit up!

Meanwhile, the fog melted away, and the sacred peak opened in its full glory and majesty. The group immediately decided to move to another Power Place, the Worlds Crossroads Portal, to continue their work. Its name and multi-dimensional structure spoke for themselves.

Portal was at the eastern slope of the mountain, at the edge of the chasm. It took about fifteen minutes to get there. This place was even higher. It was completely open, so the wind was particularly piercing and icy.

Light Cities - Worlds Crossroads Portal
Worlds Crossroads Portal

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


It was where the team members pulled up and anchored the Logos. The field of this Portal became its temporary abode.

There they again intensified the Logos’ Radiant-Monadic synthesis.

Now its functionality was fully restored.

The new version was much better than the original due to all of its problems and shortcomings were removed. At the same time, the soul, consciousness, and individuality of the Logos were preserved.

In the final phase of the op, Galacom and the ground team returned to the created Light City repair and recovery.


Light Cities - Light City's Adamant Substance
Light City’s Adamant Substance

Light Cities – New Galactic Ops


For it, the group returned to the mountain lake. Shortly before they started, the Lightwarriors brought back to life the Light City’s Crystal. After the events described above, it was in a mothballed, frozen state.

Before the work, the group leaders placed the Crystal in them and unfroze it in their Subtle Bodies by Light and Love energies. A remote support group joined in operation.

Before the work, the group leaders placed the Crystal in them and unfroze it in their Subtle Bodies by Light and Love energies. A remote support group joined in operation.

The group placed the entire structure of Light City into their energy fields. And it began to unfold like a released compressed spring. After it fully manifested in them, they put it in the 3D/4D/5D’s field over the lake. Everything went perfectly.

The structure of the Light City was grounded, fixed on the 3D Earth’s core, and in the 5D.

That was not all.

First, the City of Light manifested itself as an adamantine ray. Then it unfolded to the size of a kimberlite pipe with diamonds. Its inner cavity began to fill with crystals, which multiplied, self-reproducing themselves. By morning, the entire field of the City was shining and filled with iridescent substance.

In this radiance, the Light City appeared as a pyramid with the top in 3D Earth and the base plane in 5D. From it is now possible to build up new floors in 6D, 7D and higher, up to Pleroma, the lower eons of the Absolute 14D. But it’s a matter for the future.

The main goal of this Galacom and the ground team operation was achieved. They anchored and stabilized the Light City’s manifestation fields from 5D to 13D. It was done by stretching the assembly point across all higher dimensions of the Gaia’s Absolutoverse.

Thus began the formation of a new energy field of the Earth in the range 3.9-13.0D through the fields of all the Light Cities and Islands of Light on the planet. This process continues.

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