Left-Leaning Stars Fade From View

Left-Leaning Stars Fade From View

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal Left-Leaning Stars Fade From View. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal July 1 2019 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

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Left-Leaning Stars Fade From View

Left-Leaning Stars Fade From View

Probably with this sentence Gaia Portal is telling to us of the political ideologies, largely the result of manipulation and mind control. The reference to the Left is probably relevant as it was believed that the left was the part that would bring truth and justice but it is being discovered that both the Left and the Right are just two masks for the same face, the Archon’s Deception.

We are in a period of transition, so there are still those who believe that the Right can rise again, nothing can be more wrong, this concept/belief is once again part of the manipulation and control of the thoughts.

When the Left-Leaning Stars have completely disappeared it will be the turn of those of the Right, if there would still be any, and at that point we will be in the midst of the Great Awakening, apparently not far away; it is certainly laborious to wake up the flock that still believes in right/left, but we will not have to wake them all, for some it will be impossible; but they will not be necessary, they can remain anchored to the old and continue with their choice to live a life suited to their density.

Left-Leaning Stars - Transparents Are Collected For The Light Path

Transparents Are Collected For The Light Path

Also in this sentence we could relate to the previous concept. Trasparents probably refers to those who let the interior shine through, those whose eyes are truly the mirror of the soul, not just in a way of saying.

The transparent could also be those who do not reflect the systems of beliefs currently in place, ideological, political, religious. They do not necessarily have to be already awakened, they could simply be in the phase of awakening, and therefore understand the reality of the facts.

In the light of this understanding, of raising awareness, these are those who could choose the Light, in a sense being “Collected”, and therefore help in achieving the Critical Mass of people on the planet who can handle the Shift and the Event.

Left-Leaning Stars - Stars Of Guidance Become The Mountain

Stars Of Guidance Become The Mountain

We will portray this sentence in a figurative way, referring to the two previous interpretations. Once the population has understood the manipulation and the mind control that has been perpetrated lately with the ideological and religious divisions, they will be directed on the path of the Light. It is an uphill path, especially at the beginning when it is necessary to throw the ballast that tries to pull us down towards the lower Vibrations, from here perhaps the word Mountain, au uphill path.

But the Mountain could also be figurative in the sense that this is seen from afar and this could be an interpretation, everyone is able to see a Mountain over yonder.

As far as the Stars Of Guidance are concerned, are those People, Light Beings, on the Planet that are strongly shining, of which has been discussed a lot in previous messages of Gaia Portal.

Left-Leaning Stars - Marches Of The Ancients Are Seen Again

Marches Of The Ancients Are Seen Again

We like to interpret this last sentence with the sightings of the Fleets of Light that now they barely manage to hide from the masses, even the most skeptical find themselves seeing inexplicable things that undermine their deep-rooted belief system.

As a reference to the Ancients, perhaps there is the fact that this cover-up is quite recent, dating back to the post-war period, in ancient times these sightings were simply shared; they were certainly manipulated by religion but their existence was a matter of course. Being manipulated by religious beliefs, however, it became possible that a part of the population that refused religion would relate these “apparitions” to the fantasy, the usual technique still used today.

Now however, thanks also to the changed situation described in the previous interpretations, there is no longer a religious, political, ideological or NASA cover-up that holds, the myriad of ships of the Fleet of Light is there to be seen, it will not be today and perhaps not even tomorrow but we are close to Full Disclosure which will precede, in a few years, the First Contact.

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