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Kryon The Trump Gabriel Raio Lunar

Kryon The Trump Gabriel Raio Lunar

Kryon The Trump Gabriel Raio Lunar

We recommend reading this message listening to this music, preferably a medium-high volume and reading aloud. You can feel wonderful vibrations of light into your body.

Greetings, my dears! I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service. Here we are again, my dear ones!

This will not be a long message, my dear ones, but I believe that what I am going to tell you will be enough for your souls at this time.

I want to talk about The Trump, The Trumps of the Soul. THE TRUMP. This is a good title for my today’s message. My message is for the fellow souls. It is a different message from my usual ones, but at the same time, not. I have spoken about this several times, with few words, but I want now to elaborate more. This is a good time. I know who’s here. I know who is reading this message.

Lightworker, are you there?

My dearest ones, all of you, when you reached this Planet, you were equipped with many tools. Most of them were developed throughout their many lives on this same Planet, and yes, this was before you were here.

Your souls are very wise specialists, my dear ones! And they did something lovely. They charmed themselves of their own multiple expressions.

They sent out specific signals. They had THE TRUMP. A particular TRUMP. Each of you had a plan setup before incarnating, some situation, a move that would have awakened from sleep. Something that give the “Ah-Ah!”. Something like a signal sent from the future to yourselves.

Kryon The Trump Gabriel Raio Lunar Spiral

Multiple Soul’s Expressions

The Trump

You know how it is. I’ve talked about this before. I already told you about the Time Capsules. I have already talk “about the buried boxes” that you would open and understand why they are there.

Here I am talking about something similar… Something that is more specific to your particular soul. All of you, as a guarantee, had programmed your souls with particular signs, which only your souls would understand.

Kryon Il Trionfo Gabriel Raio Lunar Soul

The Soul Trump

The Trump

Many still did not realize when was that they opened the Universal Boxes, these are available to all, though, at any moment. Thus, my dear ones, many have used another medium, a more particular medium. Their souls have a particular asset. Something of their own, something unique.

My dear ones, there are many ways for you to awaken, but one in particular, the Trump, chosen by most souls, is Love among souls, Love between similar souls, soul mates, divine complements, sister souls, fellow souls … I have an immense list, my dears, to linearize this. Do you understand what I mean?

My dear ones, you have seen the potentials. You knew the potentials before doing what you are doing on the Planet. You also knew the risks of not understanding and staying hidden from yourself for a long period of linear time.

But you, most of you, had a common idea… You thought: “My Time Capsule, my Trump, the soul will be the best connection with myself”. And now, you can call this soul as you wish… Programmer, Old Soul, Scheduled. And when you would have crossed your gaze you would awaken, and you would understand.

Many of you do not understand quickly, but they could avoid sensing the feeling of the radiation coming out of the “box”, your particular Time Capsule. You did it. You have done this, my dears…

For a long time, you have walked on this planet and believed to be alone. For many lives you have been alone, refraining from deeper relationships. For many lives, you have refrained from having a companion. You refrained from even giving your love to your blood family.

You were afraid. Your minds were afraid, because the forces that had dominated this planet for so long knew of The Trump. They knew what you had done. They knew what it means your awakening, so they found a way to draw you away from the possibilities of your awakening.

You have searched for The Trump in many lives. Let me tell you more. Here is a point you should note well: many of you have searched unconsciously for The Trump. You searched all eyes, but many of you also forgot that this Trump could be in yourselves.

Kryon Il Trionfo Gabriel Raio Lunar Soul's Mirror

Soul’s Mirror

The Trump

Have you looked in the mirror today, Lightworker?

It can be you. The Capsule can be yourself. My dear, how does it feel to find The Trump? Whether it’s in the mirror or in the expression of another soul? What do you feel, dear human being? Was it a watershed? Does it make you feel alive, full, confident of yourself? Because The Trump, my dear ones, is benevolent. TRUMP is not inquisitive. TRUMP is peaceful, TRUMP is not linear.

Dear human being, where is your Trump? Old soul, have you looked in the mirror today? Did you notice someone looking at you compassionately? Have you exchanged a glance with someone and felt something non-linear?

That’s enough for today. I am Kryon, and I am sure this information will help you. You know, I can be a TRUMP too.

And so it is.

The Strain in The Veil


Kani Kanuuu

Silver Army

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