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Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing

Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing

Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

By now, everyone who reads this valuable website understands that “ECC” refers to “Energy of Collective Consciousness“, and therefore, also realizes that human thoughts, words, feelings, and actions have material atomic frequencies and sub-atomic particles which are sent into the ethereal realms where they become spiritual atomic frequencies and sub-atomic particles which manifest as human experiences–either harmonious or disharmonious.

This is, of course, a relatively simple explanation without deep scientific language.

AdBolck vari ci uccidono 🙂

​Let us analyze a couple of key terms so that we can be clear about how we express ourselves as we move further into these amazing times.

As has been stated before, We Are The ECC! We should cease from referring to something that is not good as “negative” and something that is good as “positive” because “negative” and “positive” are two poles which we need in various aspects of earthly life.

Thus, we can say “harmonious” for the good and “disharmonious” for the undesirable or bad.

Like a musical rendition, it can be either a harmonious rhythm or a disharmonious noise.

SOURCE is always harmonious, and we must be in-tune with “IT”. Sometimes it may seem as if events in the cosmos (also called “multiverse“) are challenging such as when plasma waves (another name for coronal mass ejections) affect the Earth/Gaia and cause various weather patterns such as storms or tornadoes or hurricanes or even earthquakes.

These energetics can further cause the human (and animals too) physical vessel’s activations, mental states, and emotive responses to be heightened, especially during New Moons, Full Moons, Solstices, and Equinoxes.

Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing - Harmonious - Disharmonious

Harmonious Disharmonious

Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing

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At such times, Earth/Gaia receives potent electromagnetic currents of energy that activate its various spheres such as the ionosphere, stratosphere, atmosphere, noosphere, etc.

Solar winds push these energetic currents both into ( the inner magnetic field) and onto (the outer geomagnetic field) of the planet.

As these occurrences happen, our planet and entire galaxy, as has been previously explained, is continuing to move thru the Photon Belt and is receiving even further activations.

Multidimensional Earth

Leaving Human 3D Grid

​Is it any wonder that creation (people, animals, planet life, etc.) upon the planet are experiencing physical, mental, and emotional reactions?

This evolutionary, transformative, re-birthing time/space continuum is potent. We must employ many spiritual and natural therapies to remain calm and in reception of the SOURCE-orchestrated process.

A very simple technique to do when you become anxious over the current world situations such as the pandemic (which is the purging of disharmony that must be brought into the LIGHT for removal from the planet) is to take a deep slow inhalation to the count of 7 (symbolic of spiritual perfection); hold it for 5 counts (symbolizing change); and then slowly release it to the count of 10 (the Kabbalah letter “Yod” which represents that a “Cosmic Messenger” has entered) the human field.

YodThus, 7 plus 5 plus 10 equals the “Master Number” 22 which symbolizes the “Master Builder”.

The esoteric lesson here is “Building a Master Spirit, Mind, and Body Temple“.

On the inhalation, push out the abdomen and solar plexus, being sure to breathe deeply from the “tan tien” which is two inches below the navel.

On the exhalation, pull back on the same areas.

This is the ancient “Yogic Breath”. We are constantly breathing the Divine, and the Divine is constantly breathing thru us.

Of course, we must continue to eat well, drink enough water, exercise, and employ whatever rituals are involved in our individual paths such as prayer and meditation; however, everyone can take-in more of the Breath Of Source which is very relaxing and healing.

Remember, Earth/Gaia is breathing too. Have you ever had an experience that was frightening or shocking and you found yourself unconsciously taking a deep breath, holding it, and perhaps saying to yourself: “Oh my God!“? Think about this.

You breathed-in Divine energy, held onto it, and called upon the Divine. How powerful it is to Consciously call upon the Divine Breath daily to keep calm, peaceful, and healthy.

Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing - Amen RA

Amen RA

Keeping A High ECC For Planetary Peace And Healing

Breath is oxygen, and each molecule, cell, etc. receives it. In ancient Kemet (Egypt), breath was known as “KHU” which was believed came from “Amen RA” which translates as “Hidden Eternal Light“.

The hidden light was the DIVINE and one of “IT’s” symbols was “Aten” which translates as “Solar Disk”. Earth/Gaia was known as “GEB”.

When we breathe consciously, we calm down the parasympathetic nervous system. When we are calm, we can think more clearly and act responsibly.

Now–everyone reading this–take a deep breath. Now relax.

All is well because SOURCE LIGHT is breathing into our planet.

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