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Q&A With Lev

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How much work is left until the big transition? I see that the process has picked up speed. I feel it in my energy field and I also see it in the daily P1 reports here at DNI, Schumann resonance, etc.

Black Raven

on 24/10/2020 at 11:03 am

From 2021 and onward, how will humanity as a collective be living, interacting, and/or surviving?… Will there be an energetic shift where people feel the Positive, Peaceful, and Loving vibrations where they can then proceed more clearly to 4D-5D.


on 05/10/2020 at 1:56 pm

I also help people, every day I motivate them to love, patience, trust, discover themselves, enter their inner self, calm down, leave the matrix. And I’m barely drinking anymore.

For a few days, there has been less energy to live and function, you don’t want anything, the body is heavy. Maybe something is happening on some plan and we feel it…Sometimes there are such days, although very rarely that I go outside and admire the sky, I feel something incredible, I say every few moments: wow, but it’s awesome… Although everything looks like it did, I feel so called wow. I hope that all of this will really start to change soon.



on 16/08/2020 at 11:49 am

In my understanding, when we rise further from the 4D, our ability to manifest will also increase, is it right? I wonder, ability of the Light Forces to manifest and ours. What are the specific differences? Is it just the difference in vibration? Or, Is it the difference my consciousness?…There is a big difference between myself before & after knowing what we can do with higher vibration. I can see other world of mine after that.


m caly

on 25/10/2020 at 2:35 am

DNit Telegram Channel

Answers – Karma In The New World

According to the plan of the Absolute and the Co-Creators of our Local Universe, on the eve of the winter solstice on December 21, 2020, mankind’s accumulated virtual karma will be deactivated. It will be conducted starting from December 12, 2020.

What is it? What awaits each of us? How do we prepare for and run it?

Karma In The New World -  Winter Solstice December 21-22

Winter Solstice December 21-22

Karma In The New World

Disclosure News pays constant attention to this topic, regularly publishing new info. There is also, a lot of first-hand evidence. Comprising the Light Forces’, which conduct operations under the guidance of the Higher Light Hierarchy and receive the latest data from them.

As well as about karma.

Let’s remind: our karma is, first of all, a mechanism of reward and purification from our own mutation, from contamination of our causal and/or Monadic body. Secondly, it is a training program. Its purpose is to teach us reason, how to live properly according to the laws of the Source.

When we say “work off karma,” we understand the reasons that led to the karma’s formation, that is, our mutation, which reached a critical level. By removing them, we restore the ideal state of all parts of our multidimensional body.

We do this in two ways: through inner spiritual work or through unconscious processing. In the first case, karma is removed gently and painlessly. In the second – traumatically, through pain, illness, injury, and suffering. (see – New Bio And Energy Weapon, Part 2, Disclosure News, 15 August 2020).

If awareness does not occur, the training program launches again. Even if we have already worked out our karma.

By 2012, humanity’s karmic mutations had grown to such a critical level that they caused an explosion of entropy (chaos) in the Local Universe. To save it from self-destruction and to stop the spread of cancer, on December 21, 2012, the Absolute annihilated all accumulated humanity’s karma on the causal level with its powerful impulse.

Karma In The New World -  Map of Consciousness

Map of Consciousness

Karma In The New World

Causal karma, as an extremely dangerous biological matter, ceased to exist and kill the Local Universe.

Virtual karma has replaced it.

This is a program specially developed by the Karma Lords for causal bodies. The essence of it is that all karma that accreted up to December 21, 2012, did not disappear and did not zero. It was converted to a virtual format.

If our karma vessel was filled to 30%, it meant that our causal body mutated to 30%. That is, 1/3 of our causal shell did not let any Light or energy through to the lower bodies neither from our Monad nor from the Source.

What has the virtual karma program been doing so far?

It blocks the appropriate percentage of our causal body and switches on the processing programs. That is our traumas and diseases. So nothing has changed in this respect.

In the future, if we commit karma-forming acts, the virtual karma program will additionally block new parts of our causal body. And at the same time, activate the corresponding processing programs. If we manage to perform them, the blockages are removed.

In 2019, thanks to the Spiritual Feats of Guan Yin, was annihilated also amassed Monadic karma.

But the mechanism of virtual karma operates to this day. As noted above, the Creators plan to deactivate it for the winter solstice in 2020. What will replace it?

Karma In The New World - Guan Yin

Guan Yin

Karma In The New World

Brief digression…

Karma, in terms of the Matrix, is a mechanism for self-protection, self-preservation of the Local Universe. It is a form of immunity from accumulated critical distortions and mutations. If such a mechanism or its analog did not exist, we and our World would have died long ago. Different mind forms would have simply destroyed it.

The lower the level of the Local Universe, the tougher is the Matrix Immunity System. Such a mechanism is absent in areas of the Super Universe with highly developed mind forms. There, such protection is simply not needed.

What was the past Local Universe, i. e. the old Matrix?

Our Absolute now belongs to the Third Hierarchical Level. It passed to it only recently, having found his dipole (complement half). Previously, It did not have it. (see – Black Archons Matrix, Great Quantum Transition, Part 4, Disclosure News, 29 August 2020).

What Absolutes can create the Universes?

Theoretically, every except of the First Level, where the infant Absolutes stay. They are like our newborn babies.

Absolutes of High Hierarchies do not need the creation of the Universe, not interested. They have passed this stage, got all the experience available in this format. They are interested in more complex projects.

Our Absolute began to build the Local Universe like all the others belonging to the Second Level. To build, not to create.

What is the difference?

The Absolutes built their first Local Universe according to templates, like the Lego constructor. Here on Earth, one can create a site in different ways: either by using templates or write a program himself. In the first case it is construction, and in the second – creativity. That is, to create, one needs training, knowledge, experience, and skill.

For a simple, standard model, there are already ready-made templates of the Local Universes, with the specified parameters. For example, in which hypostases the Absolute will manifest Itself… how many force vectors are necessary… the Universe Equation formulas, etc. will be shown. It is for those who do not want to bother at all.

There are ready-made templates of higher-level Universes. On their basis, for example, is possible to independently adjust some basic constants, such as the ratio of constructive and destructive forces, entropy coefficient, etc.

There are even more advanced interactive Matrix templates. They permit innovations, to change constants during evolution, etc.

For our Absolute, the current Local Universe is not the first, but the third. It was built by an interactive template. This is the highest form of pattern design.

Third Level’s Absolutes do not use them. They create by their free fantasy.

Karma In The New World - Absolute of Our Local Universe

Absolute of Our Local Universe

Karma In The New World

The New Matrix will change our Local Universe. It is already changing. Obtaining the dipole, the Absolute no longer constructs but creates on the basis of experience gained and accumulated.

We are a transitional model from a template Universe to a creative one.

Template options all are similar like two drops of water. In the creatively developed, unique Universe, everything is new.

In the creative Universe, the Absolute is bound to direct, equal cooperation and collaboration with all mind forms, which are you and me.

So what is the analog of karma in the new Local Universe? How will it affect us?

August 31, 2020, will go down in the Earth’s and the Local Universe’s history as the last day of Monadic karma existence. This class of karma could be only in the higher mind forms, namely in Logos and Monads. We all owe this greatest epochal event, first of all, to the Goddess of Mercy Guan Yin.

It was preceded by the global work of many mind forms, which was called Universal Anti-Charmic Mobilization 2020. Its goal was the complete annihilation of the residual karma on the Earth and in the entire Local Universe.

A large group of Higher Beings, Higher Selfs incarnated on Earth, Lightwarriors, Lightworkers, and others responded to the call of Guan Yin and stretched out the remaining illiquid Monadic karma. Non-liquid karma is a type of negative substance, which due to objective circumstances can’t be annihilated by the source of its origin.

It was great joint work. Each participant took as much as they could to process the karma. The Light Forces’ ground teams also participated in this good cause.

What is replacing the current karma mechanism on Earth and in the Local Universe?

Karma will continue to serve as the Guardian and Defender, as the Immunity of the Local Universe from self-destruction and self-annihilation.

The New Matrix establishes personal responsibility for any distortion by vibes of the new, high-frequency field of the Local Universe. But the karma algorithm will be fundamentally different.

In the old Matrix even today, the vast majority of us processed the karma unconsciously, and thus through the trouble, illness, and trauma. The result, of course, was achieved, but the most important thing was not the awareness of the karma’s reasons. That is why, often after working out one karmic avalanche, we earned a new one, doing the next karmic acts.

Nobody explained anything. And if there were some people who tried to do it, most people simply did not believe. The result was a vicious circle and an extremely inefficient system of avalanche-like karma processing.

For the Higher Self, suffering, and death of the physical body was secondary. The main thing was to work off the karma. Often the Highest Self simply threw the entire volume of karma of the current embodiment from the causal to the lower bodies.

It was considered worked out because it was removed at that moment.

Karma In The New World -  Karma's Mechanism

Karma’s Mechanism

Karma In The New World

When a karmic avalanche descended, we received a serious, often life-incompatible disease, which resulted in the death of our physical body.

But some Higher Self did not care. The principle “Goal justifies means” worked hard, but effectively. And many of our Higher Self then did not feel our pain, what is felt by our body. This is how we were. (see – Light Forces Thai Operations, Part 2, Disclosure News, 20 August 2020).

Now the situation has changed. The Higher Self began to feel the reaction of our bodies to different degrees. Karmic avalanches have become less. But the essence has not changed.

In the New Local Universe, everything will be different. When an individual mind form commits any act, whether conscious or unconscious, which led to ANY distortion of harmony, integrity, luminosity, and vibration of the Local Universe, THE CULPRIT WILL HAVE TO ELIMINATE THIS DISTORTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND RETURN THE CONDITION THAT WAS BEFORE IT.

What is now understood by distortions that lead to karmic avalanches? What can it be in our 3D life?

It is such a sharp, rapid fall of vibrations, bodies’ luminosity that causes their deformation and collapse of the surrounding energy field. For example, due to the emotions of aggression, hatred, and accompanying acts. Even they may seem justified.

Of course, everything will be much more complicated and wiser. Special training programs will be applied to us so that we finally understand that this is not the way to act and think. That is why we will have a very difficult but interesting life, a transition period to the new system of karma education.

In September 2020, to study how the new karma mechanism will work in 4D and 5D, the High Light Hierarchy conducted an experiment on a group of volunteers. Among them were two heads of LFs’ ground team,

With the consent of their Higher Self, at the first stage, the Light Hierarchs introduced the doses of an artificial karmic substance into the Lightwarriors’ Monads. In the second stage, special mental imperatives programs were installed in them. They caused short-term explosions of low-frequency vibrations, such as anger, judgment, criticism, aggression.

The most interesting thing is that Lightwarriors did not know when these injections and downloads were made. It was done for maintaining experimental integrity.

Soon, the ground team heads began to notice that their behavior and emotions were not peculiar to them. They could lose their temper, react extremely destructively to insignificant nonsense, freaking out over small things…

They were amazed at themselves. But immediately began to correct the distortions made. Then, when everything was explained, everything fell into place.

How did the anti-karmic mechanism work under the test?

Karma In The New World -  Karma Boomerang

Karma Boomerang

Karma In The New World

It was activated when Lightwarriors did karma-forming acts, which were vibrational incompatible with the new, high-frequency field. Its vibes immediately dropped. In response, their Higher Self automatically sharply increased their vibrations, absorbed the distorted energy segment, and restored it.

At such moments, the Lightwarriors’ bodies began to burn… hearts vibrations jumped … weakness … unwillingness to live … It lasted as long as it took to refurbish the damaged part of the surrounding energy field.

As a result, the field’ luminosity was not only regained but also became brighter, with higher vibes than before. As they say, there was no happiness, but misfortune helped.

During the test, the Lightwarriors noticed other interesting things.

Whenever the vibes’ growth was due to the karma processing, immediately followed a hint, an indication on the physical plane that it is a working out of karma, and not something else.

Hints were in the form of minor micro-injuries: a finger cut or pricked … a scratch got … the leg pressed … the muscle stretched, and the similar stuff…

By the Lightwarriors’ take, the new system is wise and effective.

What should be the karma prevention in this regard?

It is simple and complicated at the same time, and…nothing new: to avoid karma-forming emotions, thoughts, and actions, which sharply decrease our vibrations.


Karma In The New World - Ramakrishna


Karma In The New World

Staying in Love is the best anti-karma shield and the norm of human existence in the new Local Universe. Love without pathos, moral teachings, notations, verbiage, and inner emptiness…

If we did lower the vibrations, restore them immediately. We all still have to learn how to live in the new environment, although for many there’s nothing new about it. For them, it was already a norm of life.

It depends only on us how we prepare for the deactivation of the accumulated virtual karma program scheduled for December 21, 2020. It is up to us to decide whether it will be consciously painless or unconsciously traumatic.

The following updating has recently been received through the Single Hierarchical Channel.

There will be no more Karma Lords. They will be replaced by a system with the AI program without feelings and emotions.

Karma will be formed not only for the damage caused to another mind form, as it used to be but for any degradation or distortion of the Local Universe’s energy field at any level. This is a fundamental innovation.

For the last weeks, we have noticed the descent to Earth of a new ether’s waves – the ultra-high-frequency Light plasma. These waves, divided into a series of microwaves, have a clear goal. They are programmed for deep cleansing of energies and information programs of the old Matrix.

Karma In The New World - Ether Waves

Ether Waves

Karma In The New World

Light waves in October 2020, like a centrifuge, compress the residual layers, bottom sediments of the 3D energy framework, and loaded apps.

These bottom energies proved to be the coarsest, heaviest, most difficult to remove. They fused so deeply with us, our earthly nature, with our reality that they literally burst out with meat. They are squeezed out of us together with our life energy, part of the Subtle Bodies…

The highly charged Light plasma coming from the Local Universe changes and transforms our physical body, as well as tests it. Our flesh, bones, blood, and soma manifestations move from low to a higher vibration.

Transformation can lead to disease because our body eliminates negative energy for absorbing the new positive energy. But most often it is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. Here is a generalized list of such symptoms.

With new ether energy waves coming in, we can find that we are on an emotional roller coaster ride, as we swing from feelings of anxiety, guilt and depression, to those of compassion, Love and joy.

In some of us, it could be accompanied by bouts of uncontrollable weeping. The tears are healing. They wash the bad memories from the cells of our body and bring us a fresh and clean space from which from we can grow and learn.

A new Light plasma freqs’ impact often generates unusual physiological activity as intense movement of energy releases the toxins in our body. Every block or pocket of stagnant energy has its physical counterpart in the form of a toxin.

The activation of our new vibes causes the our body to want to rid itself of the toxins that have attached themselves to the toxic thoughts and emotions that we carry from the experiences we have had in this lifetime, and also the negativity that we carry from our past lives.

The release of these toxins can cause gastrointestinal disturbances. It is often that we will feel sick with each release and may even rid ourselves of the toxins by vomiting or having diarrhea.

The nervous system can also be affected. We can feel sweating and having hot and cold flushes, similar symptoms to the flu, as the toxins are released.

Headaches too can arise especially when the 4D/5D energy comes to the area of the head and pushes through the blocks in the third eye and brow chakra. Pain and discomfort can arise anywhere in the body where the block is situated, especially along the chakra points along the spine.

Karma In The New World - Go Into Nature

Go Into Nature

Karma In The New World

Many doctors still regard this phenomenon as indicative of pathology because the signs are so easily confused with psychosis, mania, depression, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder.

Our ego is made up of defense mechanisms which are activated when the ether’s energy is in action. The ego’s energy is situated in the solar plexus chakra. When the waves move into this center, the ego’s structure begins to disintegrate. We can think that we would lose all sense of self with this disintegration.

The sickness that many of us feel is the poison which is released when the ego disintegrates. The ether’s wave in itself is not poisonous but the process that it takes us through can be toxic, as all the negative energy which is held within the ego is released into the system to be cleared. It is very important that this poison is cleared from our body.

How shall we run through it?

We are already at the end of the October’s wave. The new ones are expected on November 25, 26, 27, and December 24, 25, 26, 2020. (see – New Galactic Year, Space War, Q&A, Disclosure News, October 5, 2020).

The Absolute and the Co-Creators do the main thing in our stead but for us. We just need to get over it. Consciously, already knowing what exactly is happening.

We can help us in many ways. By fasting, cleanse the body, healthy lifestyle, meditation. Bring order and harmony in thoughts and emotions. Understand our karma roots. Drink more clean water. It is carrier of energy and it has the ability to cleanse not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental and spiritual.

Go out into nature and fresh air more often. Work on selves. Eradicate, banish from our heads any negativity. Stay in Love.

All this will clean us, softer, better, and deeper, from the most aggressive old Matrix substances.

Half of the solution to our problems is their honest awareness. Only then comes the understanding of what exactly we need to do.

Even in ancient times, they knew: Sow a feeling and reap a thought; Sow a thought and reap a deed; Sow a deed and reap a character; Sow a character and reap a destiny.

Previously, in 3D, this sequence was stretched in our lives for decades. Even on many incarnations. On the new 5D Earth, it will work much quicker and better.

Karma In The New World - Spiritual Inner Work

Spiritual Inner Work

Karma In The New World

The Transition Symptoms

  • Flu-Like Signs
  • Waves Of Nausea
  • Third Eye Pressure
  • Headache
  • Body Aches
  • Dizziness
  • Hard To Balance
  • Feeling Super Tired
  • Sleep Difficulty
  • Extreme Emotions/Sadness
  • Dull Headache
  • Dehydration
  • Back/Kidney Pains
  • Sinus Aches
  • Feeling Spaced Out And Disoriented
  • Missing Time
  • Vivid Dreams

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