Joy And Great Awakening

Joy And Great Awakening

Joy And Great Awakening. Di Burn Notice.

Joy is the experience of pleasure.

Joy is contentment and adoration for the experience of being alive.

Clearly, 2020 has been a tough year to sustain a sense of joy.

However, joy is a powerful weapon we can deploy at this time.

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Let me unpack this idea.

Humanity finds itself in the middle of a grand shift into maturity.

This shift began years ago when we chose to pursue love and peace rather than destruction.

We hated war and we rejected the idea that our enemies were people from another country.

We understood that no one is above another.

We understood the value of life. We began to love the earth.

Joy And Great Awakening - Shift

Joy And Great Awakening

Fast forward to today…

We find ourselves facing powerful fears and emotions that were always going to be exposed during this shift.

Every day, we hear of a new crisis, civil unrest and community sadness.

We are also learning that authority figures and people of influence have turned a blind-eye to some very serious crimes.

All this stuff had come into the light.

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Joy And Great Awakening - Celebrate!

Joy And Great Awakening

Celebrate that we are here, witnessing the exposure of darkness.

Celebrate that we are alive for this great transition of consciousness.

Celebrate the unity that is emerging world-wide.

Celebrate as crimes against humanity are finally being prosecuted.

Celebrate our capacity to love.

Celebrate anything you want to.

We are created to be the expression of love and joy.

Negative emotions and fears are unpleasant, but they are responses to things, they are not our authentic expression.

The media narrative on earth right now seeks to put us into groups with clear labels.

This is causing great division, with everyone arguing about belief systems and fighting against these imposed labels.

This narrative is stealing our joy. Joy is stolen by this narrative because it allocates a false identity to each of us.

We are resisting this because we are awakening to our true identity – one with each other and with God.


Reconnecting with our inner child rekindles our joy and reminds us of who we are.

As a young child we had no beliefs, fears, concerns or sense of entitlement.

We were the expression of joy as we explored endless possibilities.

We cannot learn joy, we can only learn the mind-patterns that steal it away. [re-read]

All patterns of the mind are learned responses.

These elaborate ideas are the result of culture, training and media programming that define what is ‘normal’ and what we should expect from life.

These programs describe our failures and define how far away we are from where we could be!

They define our false identity through labels and distinctions.

This is a low frequency consciousness.

Proclivity and learned patterns of thinking have hijacked our attention, which is stealing away that child-like joy that we once embodied.


Joy And Great Awakening - Proclivity

Joy And Great Awakening

The joy-thief arrives a split-second after the now moment, bringing a thought or an accusation to distract us from the purity of who we are, now.

These thoughts, often backed by strong beliefs, lure us into the belief that mayhem and destruction is the only reality possible. Humbly,

I realised that I was the one giving permission for the joy-thief to steal stuff. I allowed this by engaging with these false narratives.

No longer! Focusing on the abundant joy we all embody will bring a powerful impetus to our collective awakening.

It does this by revealing that another reality is present.

It is always occurring, right now. Joy is our natural expression, before any external thought or memory arrives to lure us away.

True joy doesn’t respond to what’s going around us. Joy is not an emotion that comes and goes.

Joy is the expression of our true identity. Joy is the experience of pure love.

Joy is understanding that we are in relationship with all living things.

Joy is the awareness that we are involved in creation.

Joy brings light. Joy is magnetic.

It attracts people because it brings a feeling of abundance and celebration.

Joy celebrates life, however it unfolds.

Joy calls us to play.

Joy is a state of being. Joy is a sanctuary.

Joy has the power to end conflict and transform life.

The truth is that our joy can’t actually be stolen, but we are just distracted from feeling it.

Wherever we place our consciousness, creates that reality.

We can use this power to energise fear or energise joy.

Given the MSM is telling us to be scared, I’m looking to do the opposite, and be joyful.

Expressing joy at this time, ‘is’ the shift in consciousness.

Choosing joy removes the narrative away from the MSM.

It is an illogical path, but it is the only way.

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