News Burst 20 Aprile 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 20 Aprile 2020

News Burst 20 Aprile 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 20 Aprile 2020

  • NASA has set May 27 for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule to launch astronauts from Florida, the first such launch from U.S. soil since the space shuttle program ended in 2011. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are scheduled for the “Demo 2” flight to the International Space Station. It will be the maiden crewed flight for the Crew Dragon capsule. Elon Musk’s SpaceX flew a successful demonstration flight to the space station in March 2019. The space station has been accessible to astronauts only through purchasing seats on Russian capsules launched from Kazakhstan for the last nine years. The Dragon capsule is to lift off atop SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket from Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.


  • Air Malta could leave 108 of its 134 pilots out of work after it failed to find common ground on salary compensations with the pilots’ union. The major Maltese airline had to ground its fleet in March and it’s truggling to keep up with the fallout of the crisis which could result in over €130 million (US$ 141 million) in damages for the company by the start of the summer season, Air Malta offered this month to grant pilots a minimum income of €1,200 ($1,300) monthly even if they are forced to stay at home in a move to keep all the staff on the books. However, the compensation can hardly be compared to an average salary, prompting local unions representing pilots to turn the offer down.


  • Forty-four Boko Haram terrorist suspects were found dead of apparent suicide in their prison cells in Chad, a public prosecutor said, as observers wonder whether they were murdered or had committed collective suicide. Autopsies carried out on four of the prisoners found that they had ingested poison, Youssof Tom, a high court prosecutor, said Saturday. The imprisoned suspects died on Thursday and Friday. It is unclear how the prisoners acquired the poison from inside the prison. Officials said the 44 were among a group of 58 suspects captured during a major army operation around Lake Chad launched by President Idriss Deby Itno early this month. Dubbed Operation “Anger of Boma,” 1,000 Boko Haram fighters were killed and dozens were taken prisoner during a 10-day counterterrorism operation, according to the Chadian army. “For the 14 other prisoners who escaped this atrocious death, the legal proceedings will continue,” Tom said.


  • As citizens enter their second weekend of lockdown, Turkey’s maritime denizens continue to enjoy a significant decrease in sea traffic in the country’s biggest city. Dolphins were seen by the Galata Bridge, just off the shores of Istanbul’s historic peninsula, where usually dozens of fishermen would be enjoying the beckoning spring weather.


  • On Monday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr, acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell, and other senior officials called on a federal judge to prevent the disclosure of files related to the role of the government of Saudi Arabia in the September 11 attacks. The officials told the judge in the civil case that the release of the files would endanger national security. The files are being sought by families of the 9/11 victims who have spent the last two decades attempting to uncover the truth about the attacks. The families filed a lawsuit in federal district court in New York in 2017 as part of their effort to uncover the role of the Saudi government. What is publicly known is that the alleged 9/11 hijackers had a relationship with Saudi government officials. As Pro Public reported, at the 2019 White House September 11 memorial, U.S. President Donald Trump promised the families he would help them uncover the truth about 9/11. The Trump Administration stated that the national security threat was so great that even sharing the reasoning behind the request for secrecy could cause harm.


  • On April 15 Russia conducted another test of its missile system designed to destroy a satellite in orbit around Earth, according to US Space Command. It is believed to be the 10th test of this anti-satellite, or ASAT, technology, but it’s unclear if the missile actually destroyed anything in space. April 16 A “Very big flaming object” was spotted spiraling through the sky in Cambridgeshire, UK this week – leaving onlookers dumbfounded.


  • President Trump said New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman should give back her Pulitzer Prize for her reports on Russia. “She won a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of Russia. But she was wrong on Russia. So was everyone else. They should all give back their Pulitzer Prizes.”


  • Nine people were killed by a landslide at an illegal gold mine in Sumatra, an Indonesian official said Sunday. The accident happened Saturday in South Solok in West Sumatra province when a group of 12 people were digging for gold at an abandoned mine. The area has several abandoned mines from the colonial era. The victims were local farmers digging the gold without proper equipment or protective gear.



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Strongest EQ in Europe M4.2 Crete, Greece
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Strongest EQ on the Planet 6.5 Japan
Deepest EQ M3.2 256 km Italy

Non c’è voluto molto perché i profondi terremoti del 17 aprile causassero la scossa superficiale, molto probabile, in Giappone, un forte M6.5 a 41 km di profondità ha colpito la costa tra Morioka e Sendai il 19 aprile alle 20:39 UTC

News Burst 20 April 2020 - M6.4 Japan

News Burst 20 Aprile 2020

News Burst 20 Aprile 2020 Bonus Img

Cervino Illuminato Aprile 2020

News Burst 20 Aprile 2020 - Cervino Illuminato Aprile 2020

News Burst 20 April 2020 Bonus VIDEO

Amici di Nettuno


Questo è il primo che abbiamo visto di questi amici di Nettuno. HODAGEES. Stanno esplorando e misurando le distanze tra oggetti e montagne per la propria ricerca. Sono molto consapevoli del caos sulla Terra e non scendono mai a terra.

Interagiscono con molte razze e sono attivi negli Incontri Galattici su altri pianeti. Per quanto improbabile sembra, il nostro sistema solare è pieno di vita, comprese le civiltà avanzate, non fisiche rispetto alla Terra 3D.

I polpi furono portati sulla Terra da Nettuno da una razza non rilevabile dalla tecnologia umana. Furono portati in una forma molto più piccola e crebbero in forme e dimensioni diverse. La razza di Nettuno sono HODAGEES. Non sembrano umani in alcun modo.

Volano in navi che sono grandi di forma rettangolare. L’interno a base d’acqua. Sono pacifici, hanno esplorato molte galassie. Non interagiscono con gli altri in più non sono tornati sulla Terra da milioni di anni. Sembrano Polpi ma camminano dritti su 2 zampe – 2 tentacoli come braccia.

News Burst 20 Aprile 2020 - Amici di Nettuno

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Nelle ultime 24 ore in Europa e Medio Oriente, la prima #OndaSismica parte dall'Iran con un M4 poi altro M4 tra Italia e Libia e Algeria e Azzorre. La seconda onda ha invece riempito i punti intermedi di quella precedente con M3. M5 nel Nord Atlantico next?#NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: Nelle ultime 24 ore in

#ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most iconic defenders of the #Amazon, condemned Brazilian President Jair #Bolsonaro on Saturday for blaming wildfires devastating the rainforest on indigenous people. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: #ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most

The STS #Sedov encounters no ice as it attempts the #NorthernSeaRoute. Magnificent giant sailing ship easily passes three #Arctic seas exactly 142 years after the famous #VegaExpedition was stuck in pack ice for 11 months. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: The STS #Sedov encounters no

"Welcome to the Sunday School Church,” the ad reads. #Iceland’s National Christian Church officials say they are attempting to attract more visitors by promoting a culture that ’embraces everyone'. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: "Welcome to the Sunday School

#Russia will start producing its #ExperimentalVaccine against COVID-19 for animals already next month, the head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) said.

Image for the Tweet beginning: #Russia will start producing its
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News Burst 5 Maggio 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 5 Maggio 2020 – Live Feed

Il Kenya, come almeno altri dieci stati africani, è anche interessato a utilizzare il trattamento “organico” introdotto dal governo del Madagascar per assistere i pazienti che hanno contratto il virus Covid-19.

News Burst 4 Maggio 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 4 Maggio 2020 – Live Feed

A causa del coronavirus, i negozi in tutto il Kerala in India sono chiusi da oltre un mese. Tuttavia, c’è stata una visita inaspettata in una gioielleria di Payyanur, nel distretto di Kannur, nel nord del Kerala, domenica. Il proprietario, Sajith, aveva aperto il suo negozio e tra le cose vecchie nel suo negozio, ha scoperto un pitone reticolato e 20 uova che aveva appena deposto. Sajith ha chiamato il dipartimento forestale dello stato, che ha salvato il serpente e le uova. Rimarrà sotto la loro protezione fino alla schiusa delle uova. Il serpente è lungo 3 metri e pesa 24 kg.

News Burst 30 Aprile 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 30 Aprile 2020 – Live Feed

Kabamur – Registrato ieri sera, questa è la settimana n. 2 della nave di Ikai visibile su Sedona. Volevo mostrare solo la differenza di base tra Venere (l’oggetto più luminoso nel cielo) e un’astronave pleiadiana. Ancora un video di bassa qualità telefonica, ma sto cercando modi migliori per registrare di notte.

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