Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA

Marte Piramidi e Giganti

Il Remote Viewing della CIA

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA

Marziani Giganti e Catastrofe Globale rivelate nei files della CIA

Negli anni ’70 e ’80 la CIA e altre agenzie governative sperimentarono il paranormale e uno dei loro obiettivi era la Visione a Distanza o Remote Viewing.

Conosciuta anche come viaggio chiaroveggente, questa capacità inspiegabile consente a chi la possiede di viaggiare al di fuori del corpo e percepire persone e luoghi attraverso la propria mente.

Uno dei programmi segreti meno segreto sul paranormale fu senz’altro il Progetto Stargate, una raccolta di strani esperimenti sulla visione a distanza. Uno di questi esperimenti è descritto in un documento di 8 pagine ora declassificato e disponibile online sul sito della CIA e trascritto in Inglese qui sotto.

Mars Exploration - May 22 1984 CIA Transcript Inglese

May 22, 1984

Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001900760001-9

Method of site acquisition:

Sealed envelope coupled with geographic coordinates.

The sealed envelope was given to the subject immediately prior to the interview. The envelope was not opened until after the interview. In the envelope was a 3 X 5 card with the following information:

The Planet Mars.
Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C.

Selected geographic coordinates, provided by the parties requesting the information, were verbally given to the subject during the interview.

TRANSCRIPT May 22, 1984

MON: (ROJ for 5/22 (May 22nd), time 10:09 AM.)*

MON: (Plus 10 minutes, ready to start.)*

All right now, using the information in the envelope we provided, exclusively focusing your attention now, using the information in the envelope, focus on:

40.89 degrees north
9.55 degrees west

SUB: ………I want to say it looks like ah….I don’t know, it sort of looks ….I kind of got an oblique view of a ah..pyramid or pyramid form. It’s very high, it’s kind of sitting in a… large depressed area.

MON: All right.

SUB: It’s yellowish, ah…okra colored.

MON: All right. Move in time to the time indicated in the envelope I’ve provided you and describe what’s

SUB: I’m tracking severe, severe clouds, more like dust storm,’s geologic problem. Seems to be like a ah…Just a minute, I’ve got to iron this out. It’s really weird.

MON: Just report your raw perceptions at this time, you’re still early in the session.

SUB: I’m looking at, at a..after effect of a major geologic problem.

MON: Okay, go back to the time before the geologic problem.

SUB: ………Um, total difference, it’s ah…before there’s no ah….ah I don’t know,…. oh hell, it’s like mountains of dirt-appear and then disappear when you go before. See ah…. large flat surfaces, very ah…smooth …. angles, walls, they’re really large though, I mean they’re megalithic, ah…

MON: All right. At this period in time now before the geologic activity, look around, in and around this area and see if you can find any activity.

SUB: ……I’m seeing ah….It’s like a perception of a shadow of people, very tall…thin, it’s only a shadow. It’s as if they were there and they’re not, not there anymore.

MON; Go back to a period of time where they are there.

SUB: …….. Um….. (mumble) It’s like I get a lot of static on a line and everything, it’s breaking up all the time, very fragmentary pieces.

MON: Just report the raw data, don’t try to put things together, just report the raw data.

SUB: I just keep seeing very large people. They appear thin and tall, but they’re very large. Ah…wearing
some kind of strange clothes.

MON: All right, now holding in this time period, holding in this time period, I want to move from your physical location in space to another physical location, but in this time period. Move now to:

46.45 north
353.22 east

46.45 north
353.22 east

SUB: ….Deep inside of a cavern, not a cavern, more like canyon. Um, I’m looking up, up the sides of a steep
wall that seem to go on forever. And there’s like ah… a structure with a…it’s like the wall of the canyon itself has been carved. Again I’m getting a very large structures, no…. ah….no intricacies, huge sections of smooth stone.

MON: Do the structures have insides and outsides?

SUB: …….Yes, they’re very, it’s like a rabbit warren, corners of rooms, they’re really huge, I don’t, feel like I’m standing in one it’s just really huge. Perception is that the ceiling is very high, walls very wide.

MON: (Real time plus 22 minutes.)* Yes that would be correct. All right, I’d like to move now to another location nearby. All right, move from this point in this time to:

45.86 north
354.1 east

45.86 north
354.1 east

SUB: They have a ah….appears to be the end of a very large road and there’s a …marker thing that’s very large, keep getting Washington Monument overlay, it’s like an…obelisk.

MON: All right. From this point then, let us move to another point. Move now to:

35.26 north
213.24 east

35.26 north
213.24 east

SUB: ………It’s like I’m in the middle of a ..huge circular basin …of the range mountains by almost all the way around, ..very ragged, ragged mountains, very tall. Basin’s very, very, very large. Scale seems to be off or something it’s just really big, everything’s big.

MON: I understand the problem just continue.

SUB: …..See just a right angle corner to something but that’s all, I don’t see anything else.

MON: Okay. Then let’s move into a little different place, very close. Move from the point you are now, in this time, to:

34.6 north
213.09 east

34.6 north
213.09 east

SUB: The cluster of squares up and down. Um….. it’s like you want to make them square anyway. They’re almost flush with the ground and it’s like they’re connected…. Something very white or reflects light.

MON: What’s your position of observation as you look at this thing that reflects light?

SUB: I’m amid ah…oblique left angle, sun is ah… sun is weird.

MON: Look back down at the ground now, and we’re going to move just a little bit from this place, just a little bit from this place.

34.57 north
212.22 east

Very close by. Now, move over now to:

34.57 north
212.22 east

SUB: It’s like I can just perceive ah…ah…like a radiating pattern of some kind. It’s like some really…ah…strange intersecting kind of roads that are dug into valleys, you know, where a road is just a little below the edge.

MON: Tell me about the shapes of these things.

SUB: ……They’re like real neat channels cut, they’re very deep, it’s like the road went down. ……..

MON: Okay. Now I have, I notice electrically you’re nulled out a little bit and I want you to stay deep and recapture your focus here.

SUB: It’s really tough, it’s seems like it’s just always very sporadic.

MON: I realize that, it’s very important that you maintain your focus. I have a movement exercise again for you and this is some considerable distance away, so holding the focus in time, remember the focus in time that you had before and moving now to:

15 degrees north
198 degrees east

Take some time and get back deep.

SUB: See the…….um, intersecting ah….whatever these are, are aqueduct type things…. these…. rounded bottom carved channels, like road beds. See ah …..see pointed tops of something on the horizon. Even the horizon looks funny and weird, it’s like ah…. different…. misty, like it’s really far away…. very vague.

MON: Okay. Another movement now to:

80 degrees south,
80 degrees south

64 degrees east,
64 degrees east

80 degrees south
64 degrees east.

SUB: See pyramids…. Can’t tell if it’s overlay or not ‘cause they’re different.

MON: Okay. Do these pyramids have insides and outsides?

SUB: …….Um-hum, got both, and they’re huge ….. It’s really, ah…it’s an interesting perception I’m getting.

MON: (I think that he’s losing his ability to move accurately, but he is attracted to things that are interesting, so we’re going to go with his own, we’re going to let him go ahead and explore what seems to be interesting to him rather than move on the targets indicated here.)*

SUB: It’s filtered from storms or something.

MON: Say that again, SUB.

SUB: They’re like shelters from storms.

MON: These structures you’re seeing?

SUB: Yes. They’re designed for that.

MON: All right. Go inside one of these and find some activity to tell me about. (Plus 37 minutes real time.) *

SUB: Different chambers,… but they’re almost stripped of any kind of…furnishings or anything, it’s like ah…strictly functional place for sleeping or that’s not a good word, hibernations, some form, I can’t, I get real raw inputs, storms, savage storm, and sleeping through storms.

MON: Tell me about the ones who sleep through the storms.

SUB: ……… Ah…very…tall again, very large… people, but they’re thin, they look thin because of their height and they dress like in, oh hell, it’s like a real light silk, but it’s not flowing type of clothing, it’s like cut to fit.

MON: Move close to one of them and ask them to tell you about themselves.

SUB: They’re ancient people. They’re ah..they’re dying, it’s past their time or age.

SUB: They’re very philosophic about it. They’re looking for ah…. a way to survive and they just can’t.

MON: (Plus 40 minutes, definite voltage reversal.)*

SUB: Can’t seem to get their way out, they can’t seem to find their way out,….so they’re hanging on while they look or wait for something to return or something coming with the answer………

MON: What is it they’re waiting for?

SUB: ……They’re ah…..evidently was a …..a group or a party of them that went to find ah…new place to live. It’s like I’m getting all kinds of overwhelming input of the…. corruption of their environment. It’s failing very rapidly and this group went somewhere, like a long way to find another place to live.

MON: What was the cause of the atmospheric disturbance or the environment disturbance?

SUB: …………… I see a picture of a, picture of like a, oh hell, it’s almost a warp in a, oh god, this is difficult. It’s like going, let’s see—

SUB: Oh, I get a globe ….. ah…it’s like a globe that goes through a comet’s tail or …. it’s through a river of something, but it’s all very cosmic. It’s like space pictures.

MON: All right, now before you leave this individual, ask him if there is any way that you, ask him if he knows who you are and is there any way you can help him in his present predicament?

SUB: ……………All I get is that they must just wait. Doesn’t know who I am. Think he perceives I’m a hallucination or something.

MON: Okay, when the others left, these people are waiting, when the others left, how did they go?

SUB: …. ……….Get an impression of ah …… Don’t know what the hell it is. It looks like the inside of a larger boat. Very rounded walls and shiny metal.

MON: Go along with them on their journey and find out where it is they go.

SUB: ……….Impression of a really crazy place with volcanos and gas pockets and strange plants, very volatile place, it’s very much like going from the frying pan into the fire. Difference is there seems to be a lot of vegetation where the other place did not have it. And different kind of storm.

MON: All right it’s time to come back now to the sound of my voice into present time to right now the 22nd of May 1984, the sound of my voice. Move now back to the room, back to the sound of my voice, back further now to the sound of my voice on the 22nd of May 1984.

NOTE: ()* Indicates monitor comment recorded but not heard by the subject.

Marte 1 Milione di Anni Fa

Il documento testimonia un esperimento accaduto nel 1984: una persona senza nome con capacità psichiche superiori fu portato in una località segreta e gli fu data una busta sigillata mentre veniva interrogato.

Gli fu chiesto di viaggiare indietro nel tempo e nel luogo scritto all’interno della busta. Il luogo era il Pianeta Marte ed il tempo di interesse era circa 1 milione di anni fa.

Ecco cosa il veggente dichiarò di aver visto:

Ho ricevuto la visuale obliqua di una forma piramidale, o piramide. E’ molto alta e situata in una grande area depressa. E’ giallastra, tipo ocra colorata…

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA Cydonia la Faccia

Cydonia la Faccia

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA

Questa descrizione, insieme alle coordinate contenute nella busta, corrispondeva alla zona denominata Cydonia, sede della famosa Faccia di Marte.

Gli intervistatori allora pressarono il veggente per fargli osservare quell’area al tempo di 1 milione di anni fa e quello che raccontò fu terribile:

Sto osservando grandi, grandi nubi, più simile a una tempesta di sabbia. E’ un problema geologico. Sto guardando l’effetto collaterale di un problema geologico.

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA Marte


Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA

Gli fu chiesto poi di tornare ancora più indietro nel tempo rispetto a quel cataclisma e descrivere quel che poteva vedere:

Oh, differenza totale… è come se le montagne di sporcizia siano sparite. Vedo grandi superfici piane, angoli molto lisci, pareti. Sono davvero grandi, direi che sono megalitiche…


Il paesaggio è come l’interno di una caverna simile a un canyon. Sto cercando i lati di una ripida parete che sembra non finire mai. E c’è una struttura con un… è come la parete del canyon stesso che è stata intagliata. Anche in questo caso vedo strutture molto grandi ed enormi sezioni di pietra liscia.

Ha poi descritto camere enormi con soffitti molto alti e pareti molto ampie. Ma l’aspetto più sorprendente è stata la risposta dell’intervistatore, come si legge nel documento: Si, il che sarebbe corretto !!!

Quindi la CIA già sapeva a quel tempo delle strutture aliene su Marte e voleva soltanto la conferma del veggente di qualcosa che già era stato scoperto.

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA Cydonia Colori

Cydonia a Colori

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA

L’intervistatore chiese se vedeva segni di attività intelligente e la risposta del veggente fece esplodere le loro menti:

Sto vedendo… è come una percezione d’ombra di persone molto molto alte, sottili, ma è solo un’ombra. E’ come se fossero lì e non ci siano più….

Sembrerebbe che 1 milione di anni fa gli antichi Marziani fossero già morti, lasciando dietro di loro un debole bagliore della loro presenza.

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA Piramide

Punta della Piramide?

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA

Allora gli intervistatori fecero spingere il veggente ancora più indietro nel tempo:

Continuo a vedere persone molto grandi. Mi appaiono alte e sottili, ma molto grandi e indossano una specie di strani vestiti… come una seta molto leggera, ma non come abbigliamento, più tagliata per adattarsi.


Sono persone antiche… stanno morendo… è passato il loro tempo o la loro età… sono alla ricerca di un modo per sopravvivere ma non lo trovano… alcuni sembrano dormire in un profondo letargo…


C’è un gruppo di loro che è andato a trovare un nuovo posto per vivere… il loro ambiente è mancato improvvisamente e un gruppo è partito per trovare un altro posto in cui vivere…

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA Statue Misteriose

Statue Misteriose

Marte Piramidi e Giganti Il Remote Viewing della CIA

Quindi, 1 milione di anni fa i Marziani avevano la tecnologia per spostarsi dal Pianeta e quindi erano molto civilizzati. Ma cosa ha causato la catastrofe marziana e quel posto per vivere, forse è la Terra?

Riguardo alla catastrofe il veggente racconta:

Vedo un globo… è come un globo che passa attraverso la coda di una cometa o attraverso un fiume o qualcosa del genere, ma è tutto molto cosmico… come immagini dallo spazio…

Poi descrive il luogo in cui i Marziani arrivarono come

un posto davvero folle con vulcani, sacche di gas e piante strane, vegetazione lussureggiante…

Se quel Pianeta fosse la Terra la nostra storia si intreccerebbe con quella di Marte e con una razza molto più antica e civilizzata, anche se l’Homo Sapiens non esisteva ancora 1 milione di anni fa.

La CIA ha speso milioni di dollari per questi esperimenti, per anni interi, perciò qualcosa di vero dovrebbe esserci, anche se non vogliono assolutamente dirlo pubblicamente e mai ce lo diranno, ma noi vi riportiamo fedelmente tutto quello che sta lentamente emergendo da 70 anni di segreti e omertà, forse finalmente siamo giunti al capolinea…

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