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Israel Light Forces Ops

The Great Quantum Transition

Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.


Operation Temple Mount, Jerusalem

The main task of the Light Forces’ ground team operation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was to destroy the Matrix made by the Dark Hierarchs to create Black and Gray Entities on all levels – on the Earth and the Subtle Plane.

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Israel Light Forces Ops - Operation Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Operation Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Israel Light Forces Ops

The operation had a long history…

The main problem of the Black Archons was and still is the inability to create a viable human. To maintain their power on the planet, they need a Homo sapiens that exists by generating its life energy, and not parasitizing, as they do, on the vital power of others.

For hundreds of thousands of years, the Dark Hierarchs have been experimenting with the human genome. They changed their structure. Made animal and vegetable inserts into it. Blocked 10 of the 12 strands of DNA to cut it off the Source’s energy. Created a lot of hybrids. It will take a long time to list all gruesome experiments…

It was all in vain. Thousands of years of effort did not produce the desired results.

The Black Archons were infuriated that they could not do the most important thing – extract and completely subdue the Spark of the Creator, which He put into the human soul.

This is the same Spark that the Creator once breathed out into Space to use It to know Itself and Its Creations. A bright point of Light on which the experience of our journey through Time and Space in many dimensions is laid down layer by layer in the form of a hologram. Semi-transparent ball, shimmering with gold, emerald, and other shades of the rainbow…

The belief of the Dark Hierarchs that they will still succeed is striking.

The Black Archons produced their version of Homo sapiens. However, even with the Matrix of Perfect Creation, what they got was radically inferior to the Absolute’s version. Even a flawed copy, if the Creator breathed Its Particle into any human being, is perfect and surpasses the Black Hierarchs. They cannot establish complete authority over such a person.

Attempts continued. Having obtained the Primary Monadic Matrix of Adam, the Black Archons engaged in its vivisection. The Absolute created it androgynous, i.e. perfect and self-sufficient, as a Unity and Equal Manifestation of the Male and Female Principles.

Israel Light Forces Ops - Monad


Israel Light Forces Ops

Israel Light Forces Ops - Monad


Israel Light Forces Ops

By dividing the Adam Monad in two, the Archons hoped to steal the Creator’s Spark from it and gain Perfect Power. And it didn’t work out.

Then they repeated the operation with the female half, which had male aspects. This is how the Male and Female Monads emerged from it. But even in the split form, both parts continued to be close to Perfection in the sense that, thanks to the Creator, they were immortal and surpassed the Dark Hierarchs in their evolutionary level.

There was no limit to their anger. At their Grand Council, they decided to completely break both Monads. It was like trying to pull a piece out of a mechanical watch, and when it didn’t work, they started hitting it violently with a hammer to get something, even if it was already broken.

DNit Telegram Channel

Approximately the same thing was done with Monads. They were mutilated and torn to shreds. If Holistic Adam had 24 DNA strands, then after the separation they became 12 – for him and his female half. After her new vivisection, only 2 strands of DNA remained working. Out of 100% of the brain, 3-5% remain functioning. From the genetic structure – about 10%.

And yet the Higher Light Hierarchs managed to preserve the few human Monads that were created according to the Holistic Adam version. This is the so-called 108 Monadic Family.

The vast majority of human Monads and, as a result, earthlings currently living on the planet, are a version of Adam Counterfeit. Their Monads are not complete and self-sufficient, because they were created according to the Monadic Matrix that remained after the Black Archons took out all their impotent anger on it.

As a result of the titanic efforts of the Higher Light Hierarchy and the Lightworkers embodied on Earth, the prerequisites for the transformation of the Adam Counterfeit Matrix were created. The goal is to return it to its original perfection.

The Light Forces’ ground team participated in the preparation and conduct of this operation. The important thing was that the team leader was created on the model of Adam Counterfeit and is the bearer of this Monadic Matrix.

The splitting of the Adam Counterfeit Matrix was preceded by a unique Omen. When this Lightwarrior made his bed in the morning, the image of Elijah the Prophet, and the Sword appeared on the sheet.

It turned out that Elijah the Prophet was appointed by the Higher Light Hierarchy to lead the operation. The Sword meant that a fierce battle was coming because the Counterfeit Matrix was carefully guarded by the Dark Hierarchs and Black Archons. Many of them were destroyed during the battle in space for access to the Matrix.

Israel Light Forces Ops - Elijah The Prophet

Elijah The Prophet

Israel Light Forces Ops

This was a complex multi-pass operation that also involved clearing the Matrix of karma.

However, at the first stage, everything ended in complete failure. Adam Counterfeit’s split Matrix self-regenerated.

During a thorough analysis, the operation participants found the cause of the fiasco.

Having captured our planet and a significant part of the Local Universe during the Cosmic Night, the Higher Dark Hierarchs rebuilt them and humans in the likeness of the Higher Eons that is based on the principle of self-regulation and self-regeneration. These same principles are embedded in the 3D Matrix, an integral part of which is our Earth and the three-dimensional human body.

Therefore, when the matrix of Adam Counterfeit was split, the Black Eons immediately started its automatic restoration, like self-regeneration in the animal world. Similarly, the Matrix is constantly restores the Black Eons.

Israel Light Forces Ops - 2-12 Strand DNA

2-12 Strand DNA

Israel Light Forces Ops

Any cancer or COVID-19 has the same effect. They skillfully deceiving the body, shut down his immune system, and forced to devote almost all the resources of life. This happens because the body thinks that it is giving strength to heal its damaged part.

By the same principle, the Creation Matrix of the Higher Dark Hierarchy restored the Adam Counterfeit Matrix and continued to reanimate the Demonic anti-worlds. This is called the Nuclear-Phantom Self-Regeneration Effect.

The Absolute and the Higher Light Hierarchy could not stand by and watch the events described above. They developed a large-scale and comprehensive operation to eliminate this anomaly.

A special role was assigned to the ground team head. But first, he had to go through Monadic Armageddon. Throughout his life, and especially in recent years, the Higher Light Hierarchs have carried out numerous transformations with his Monad: from the Adam Counterfeit – in the version of Holistic Adam, then – in the Perfect Human. By the beginning of Armageddon, his Monad had been upgraded to the Born-in-Pleroma level.

The purpose of Armageddon – to test how stable the new status of the Monad is. If successful, prepare the team leader to participate in the operation.

The plan of the Absolute provides for the transformation of all defective Monads made on the Adam Counterfeit model. If the plan is realized, every human soul will be preserved and saved from destruction.

Would be saved even those who are now at the bottom of Karmic Reality which till now had no chance of salvation. As it became known on August 31, 2020, that goes for even Yaltabaoth and other High Dark Entities if they will be ready to return to the Light, as happened with the Co-Creator of our Local Universe (see Surface Ops of the Light Forces. Disclosure News, 12 August 2020).

For Armageddon in the Core of the team leader’s upgraded Monad will be installed the Adam Counterfeit Matrix. At the same time, the Karma Lords were ordered non-interference.

Then natural self-regulation would occur in the team leader’s Monad. As a result of fighting with each other, only one Matrix should remain. This would mean that from now on and forever Lightwarrior is a full member of the Pleroma Children Family. Either he could not stand the test, and his Monad is degraded again to the original flawed level.

In the latter case, all the painstaking work of the Higher Light Hierarchy would be wasted. The outcome of the Monadic Armageddon would determine whether the Lightwarrior would continue to participate in the planned operation.

Armageddon lasted a terrible three weeks. Lightwarrior was desperately fighting for his life after his Radiant Causal and Subtle Bodies were torn to pieces by the old Matrix.

But the Born-in-Pleroma has defended himself and suppressed Adam Counterfeit Matrix, completely erasing it, like an information virus, in the core of the Monad. So, Lightwarrior in the combat has proved worthy to be one of the Pleroma Children. And he demonstrated that this is available to every person, regardless of the version in which his Monad was created.

After winning the Monadic Armageddon, the team leader and his group were allowed to proceed to the next stage of the operation – splitting the Hell Crystal of the Dark Hierarchy Matrix and removing the Karmic Key of Creation from it.

Israel Light Forces Ops - Hell Crystal

Hell Crystal

Israel Light Forces Ops

The site of the operation was the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

A group of the most experienced Lightworkers who participated in other expeditions of the ground team was selected to take part in it.

Israel Light Forces Ops - Jerusalem
Israel Light Forces Ops - Old Mount

Jerusalem – Old Mount

Israel Light Forces Ops

Before the operation, they installed the Absolute Matrix of Foundations Unity in the Core of the upgraded Egypt Logos. This Logos played an important role in destroying the Hell Crystal. Later, during the flight to Israel, over the Sinai Peninsula from the plane the team synchronized with the Core of the New Egyptian Logos and tested their causal bodies’ cores acceleration to the state of Absolute Synthesis.

Simultaneously, the Lords of New Egypt, led by Serapis, speed up the Core of their Logos to the state of Absolute Light and ensured that such a high vibration was constantly maintained.

It was very difficult. The Lords entered the Core in groups, periodically replacing each other in shifts because the overload was very heavy even for them.

At the same time, a blocking sarcophagus in the form of a Ring of Light was built on a Subtle Plane around the Temple Mount.

Everything was going well until the unexpected happened.

As it turned out, this place was one of the strongholds of the defeated and deposed Dark Hierarchy on Earth, in which the last Black Archons were entrenched. They had nothing to lose, so they were ready for anything.

On the eve of the LFs’ operation, in the dead of night, they tried to break through the protective Ring of Light around the Temple Mount.

To do this, the Black remnants used the powers of 3D reality by combining three crystals: the Planetary Crystal of Components and Elemental still under their control, the Tibetan Crystal of Anti-Shambhala with the planetary Hell Crystal, which is located in the Cornerstone on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

To repel the attack, the Higher Light Hierarchy had to use all the forces involved in the operation to split the Hell Crystal. They took the brunt of the main blow.

At 3.33 am, the ground crew felt as if a cannon had been fired at them from close range. Their Radiant Bodies were blown to pieces. Even the vibrations of Perfect Light could not withstand the impact of such force.

This was followed by an attempt to break through the Ring of Light by the Black Archons. The attempt was blocked. The Higher Light Hierarchs did not retreat and covered the broken Ring of Light with themselves.

A lot of Lightwarriors were injured, including the head of the ground team. In the morning, a double wound appeared on his arm, as if from a snake bite or stigmata.

Having withstood the onslaught, the Higher Light Hierarchy launched a counter-offensive and, taking advantage of the moment, carried out the next part of the operation on the same night.

Israel Light Forces Ops - Serapis

Jerusalem – Old Mount

Israel Light Forces Ops

With the help of a Beams from the Hierarchy’s Light Crystal and the Core of the New Egyptian Logos, a powerful pinpoint strike was made at the center of the Hell Crystal stored under the Temple Mount’s Cornerstone. It was split, and up to 48% of its volume was immediately withdrawn for annihilation by Absolute Light in the New Egyptian Logos.

The substance of the planetary Hell Crystal was the most explosive combination of aspects of the Higher Black and Gray Hierarchs.

The counterattack of the Light Hierarchy not only destroyed a significant part of the Hell Crystal and disrupted its integrity. It also made it possible to eliminate the single Karmic Egregor of humanity and the generic egregors of the so-called First Branch of the human race, i.e., the family that goes from Yaltabaoth through Cain. The second first Branch is the Children of the True God, originating from the descendant of Adam and Eve – Seth.

It took the next two days to restore the Radiant Bodies that had been reduced to ragged frazzles by the Black blows. The third chakra was especially affected, where a huge gaping hole was formed in this Thin Body part.

The final stage of the operation took place on the Temple Mount.

A small digression about it and the Cornerstone…

The Temple Mount, a rectangular square surrounded by high walls, is located on the Eastern side of the Jerusalem Old City. In the middle, there is a religious building – the Dome of the Rock. It is believed that this is the even a-Shriya (Foundation Stone or Cornerstone), which in the Talmud and Torah says that the Lord began Creation with it.

This place is nothing more than a Planetary Hell Portal (the Hell Gates). This is not an allegory, for on the Subtle Plane within the Rock there was the Hell Crystal.

What was it like?

It is a concentrate of aspects of higher demonic beings, including such as Yaltabaoth, and Black Archons. Aspects of the former comprised the core of the Hell Crystal, while aspects of the others comprised its shell, the outer part.

The purpose of the Hell Crystal was multi-faceted. This is a projection of the Central Anti-Sun (Black Sun) of the Local Universe, and the projection of the Anti-Pleroma, and the Earth karmic center. All this together ensured its functioning as a nodal entry point to Earth for the new Monad carriers.

Israel Light Forces Ops - Black Sun

Black Sun

Israel Light Forces Ops

The Foundation Stone was a planetary karmic incarnation Portal. The mandatory karma of 12%, which under the pressure of the Dark Forces were imposed on any entities that incarnate on Earth, was concentrated there. The same Portal did not let many souls back home if their karma increased by at least 1% as a result of their earthly life.

The Adam Counterfeit Matrix was also stored here.

Every Light Entity that comes to Earth to incarnate and fulfill the highest mission in the human body passing through this Matrix, which is located in the core of the Hell Crystal. As a result, their causal bodies were reconfigured to the state of Counterfeit Adam and they immediately received the imposed 12% of karma into their casual bodies. And at the birth of the physical body, it already consisted of the substance of the Black Archons, because our Eon itself consists of it, and, accordingly, karma is already a priori entered into our DNA.

The task of each entity was to process the anchor karma, restore its causal body. This alone provided them with a way out of the Earth’s incarnation field.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of extraterrestrial higher entities could not cope with this and fell into the karmic captivity of 3D reality. They were forced to reincarnate again and again until they fulfilled these conditions. So the Wheel of Samsara spun.

But in Jerusalem, there is not only the Portal of Hell. There is also a Portal of Paradise created by Jesus Christ as a result of his Resurrection. The three days that he was “dead”, He spent in Hell, preparing the salvation of human souls.

Israel Light Forces Ops - Wheel of Samsara

Wheel of Samsara

Israel Light Forces Ops

If a person in his life accumulated in his causal body karma at the end of life has become more than at birth, it is a direct road to Hell – in the Black Archons zone. After getting there, with this soul, they do whatever they want. All the trials, punishments, and tortures described taking place there. And so – until the next incarnation.

If a person has processed karma during life, i.e. its volume in the causal body at the time of death has become less than at birth, he goes to Paradise. This is a zone of Light. Who is sent where, until recently, was decided on the Karmic Court.

After Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad did a great spiritual work to save souls from Hell. At the moment of his Ascension from the Cornerstone, He created and cut a temporary Channel of Ascension through which many doomed human souls were brought out and saved in the Light.

There is a special reality under the Temple Mount, similar to a concentration camp. What was done there resembles what happened in Hitler’s death camps. The thing is that Yaltabaoth and his Gray and Black Archons were created mortal and imperfect. They have learned to dump their karma on people and steal their life energy. To do this, many ways have been used, ranging from diseases, pedophilia, alcohol, drugs, and other addictions to banal mosquitoes.

The main karmic Portal of the Earth was the Hell Crystal on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It was through it that all the karmic traffic of the planet and humanity was carried out. It also ensured the functioning of the entire Karma system in the Local Universe, with the center in the Anti-Plerome and the Monad of its main Black Co-Creator.

In the death camp under the Temple Mount, the Black Archons and personally the Lord of Hell Yahweh (one of the three sons of Yaltabaoth) conducted experiments on the resurrection of dying Dark Hierarchs. For this purpose, the causal bodies’ cores of people who after death fell into this Hell were used.

Along with the karmic roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the blood-soaked Temple Mount, where can peace come from on the Earth? Without the elimination of karmic causes and the centuries-old religious intolerance of Arabs and Jews towards each other, there will never be peace here…

All this was taken into account before the final stage of the Light Forces’ operation.

Getting ready was made at the Wailing Wall. Then came the final part.

For its carrying out, which was synchronized to the seconds with the Higher Light Hierarchs, the ground team had to be on the Cornerstone.

But to get inside to it did not work. So the Lightwarriors decided to carry out the work outside, realizing later that they were being taken out of the epicenter of the meat grinder in this way.

The team members spread out in six corners of the octagonal Omar Mosque. The team leader fulfilled the main part of the work, standing at the grating of the Dome of the Rock, in the line of sight of the Cornerstone, which was about 30-33 meters away.

All the team members knew what to do. The scheme of work was repeatedly rehearsed earlier during daily training in Egypt. Everyone had to show maximum secrecy, because there were security agents everywhere, watching suspicious people.

Next to the entrance to the Omar Mosque, there is an amazing Face that appears black on the white marble that the entire Mosque is built of. The team immediately called this ominous spontaneous image the Face of the Devil.

This is the face of Yaltabaoth. And there are a lot of such faces inside the Mosque. In a Holy Place… For unknown reason, no one talks about it…

After everyone was placed in the corners of the Mosque, a secret sign was given to get ready.

At the command of Go!, the participants of the operation on the ground and the Subtle Plane formed by their vibrations a kind of tow truck crane. Then, through a single energy channel created from causal bodies, the remaining part of the Hell Crystal was torn from its place and put in the New Egyptian Logos, which radiated Absolute Light. In it, the Crystal fragments were annihilated.

At the same time the Ascended Light Hierarchs have taken out from the Cornerstone’s incarnation field all human soul blocked there. It was carried out using the Hierarchs’ Ladder, which was a living chain of Hierarchs. They took turns descending into Hell and evacuating the next group of souls.

After completing the main part of the operation, the Light Forces’ ground team leader began a personal task – to extract and destroy the causal primary Adam Counterfeit Matrix. Then replace it with a new Causal-Monadic Matrix version of Adam (or Perfect 3D Human).

For this, the Higher Light Hierarchs introduced the Adam Counterfeit Matrix into the Monad of the team leader. With the vibrations of Absolute Light, he annihilated it.

Thus, as a result of the joint grandiose work, the shell of the Hell Crystal, which corresponded to the common karma of humanity, was destroyed. From now on, it is COMPLETELY freed from the need to take on 12% of the anchor karma of the Black Archons when incarnating on Earth.

But there is still the Core of the Hell Crystal, in which the planetary karma of the Earth Logos is concentrated.

Work with the Core, one of the last strongholds of Earth’s karmic bonds, is yet to come. It is much more complex than the work of splitting its shell. This Black Core remains in the field of the Temple Mount, in an isolated state by the Higher Light Hierarchy without harming people.


(To be continued)

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