Isolation End - From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 16 - Lev

Isolation End

From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 16

The Great Quantum Transition

Isolation End – By Lev


The end of Archons 3D-AI-Totalitarian Matrix control and all evils. Matrix revolutions – Final… Yes, I believe we left 3D evil prison and the darkness forever. Yesterday, I saw the Holy Spirit of God and his divine energy of Love and creation entered the planet Earth and the divine souls of humanity. We and our Earth have connected already to Source. I could feel this beautiful Love and warmth radiating from my heart. I never forgot that feeling coming directly from our divine Source. Outside of Earth is a special shield that shines like diamond/crystals protecting divine Earth and divine souls of humanity from evil. Love to all on a journey to the heavenly region.

N. Lisa

11/08/2021 at 15:53

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What a relief to realize that there are others out there who are reliving similar body alignments and that it is normal and even expected. I also could not sleep well for almost a year and a half, but some reason for the last two weeks, I sleep very well, what a relief. I also do not feel the heat this summer when going outside to the Sun, even if the thermometer is showing 40C. I do not feel it to be that hot as it would be in the past. I do feel that it is warm outside, but not that hot as everybody else is complaining, and I feel that air is more dryer than in the past, at least here in Croatia. I also do smell different flowery scent without anyone around me who wear perfume, this and that strange absent of heat sensation is made me think that maybe, I somehow, sometimes sense a 5D Earth, both its worm and scent, maybe, I do not know? Love & Light to all creation.


11/08/2021 at 21:08

A lot of new visions in the sky especially between 2 AM – 3:30 AM when taking a picture of a star. What surprises me is the fact that I see flowers in the background, colorful, beautiful. While between 11 PM – 1 AM when I take a picture of a star, I would see many colorful bubbles, huge and medium and small sizes. Sometimes I also see what looks like piles of boxes. I intuitively know they all must be signs of the new Earth space… Very much similar to what I am now going through. The last I recorded was last night. I felt my body was being worked on again. This time around my chakra, at the base of my rib cage (left side). It’s pulsing pretty strong, with no pain. I watched closely and checked the right side. No, it’s only the left side. When I inhaled deeply the pulse was not that strong, when I exhaled it felt strong. Then I decided to breathe slowly but not so deep. Honestly, it felt good and fun. I found myself smile till I fell asleep. I sensed the presence of new beings, perhaps they’re my star soul family or friends because there was a feeling of “reunion”, unique familiarity, a feeling of being “at home” with loved ones.


11/08/2021 at 22:36

I hadn’t realized we were that close to begin seeing visible changes (a “switch” will turn on when our unified structure reaches 50%, and we are already at 45%). What I get is that God’s Source is finally able to enter into the density we were living in and let Light permeate everything. I have always seen the structure and harmony of the Great Creator in the natural world, so am not surprised that the new structure has a crystalline pattern that rolls out “like a flower.” So ironic that as we are squeezed and subjugated by the “controllers” in the old world. We are in reality embracing more of our Divinity and participating in a long-awaited transformation that will change everything.

Desert Flower

11/08/2021 at 13:07

Everybody is having a different type of re-balancing. Mine was after my NDE, 13 years ago. It started with my head only and lasted maybe about 2.5 years. The sensation was that some unseen hands were squeezing and massaging my scalp. I could feel every single strand of hair. Sometimes it would go on for 3 minutes. And other times for an hour. After that, for about 3+ years, I had to deal with the ringing in my ears. It was just a very uncomfortable sensation. Sometimes the ringing was such a high pitch, that for a few seconds, I would lose the hearing sensation at all. Then I had to go through the trembling, shaking process. The very first one occurred in 2012, at the Cobra conference in Laguna Beach, Cali, during the group meditation. I was shaking and trembling so violently, that the 2 people sitting on both sides felt it. But that was nothing with the rest I had to go through afterward. And those were captured on the videos of the seminars and workshops I was attending at the Conscious Life Expo in LA. As more people will go through these initiations, the LIGHT WILL PREVAIL the Darkness forever.

Hye Angels

12/08/2021 at 05:39

Meditating a few days ago, I felt as if my body was aligning within the spectrum of light and incorporating a new axis, but there was a sense of body movement, which did not occur in 3D, but that I felt was occurring. EVERYTHING WAS VERY PHYSICAL. I saw a spectrum of reflection of the white light in different tones, maybe two octaves of vibration, (that is what translated into my understanding), but the center of reflection of that light were whiter and golden tones, the body adjusted to assume the lighter center frequencies, abandoning others of stronger tones. That focusing on a new axis was in several bodies all aligned around that axis. As I felt my brain start to work more intensely than the previous cycle in the other hemisphere, it seemed as if my brain had turned 180 degrees, and the entire brain mass would have moved to another larger brain. With that new brain twist, there were tension frequencies needed up to now that were disintegrating and that belonged to 3D, I knew very clearly, while other frequencies of the higher spectrum were adjusted in place. There will be tensions that had remained in the previous time, where more effort was needed to work and create and vanished, they were no longer needed. Some of these frequencies maintained a strange order that was not as if it were the only order, charged with tension. Visions of lived events arrived and in the light of new reflection, many experiences had another aspect, and it seemed to me that all I had to do in the future is to maintain that body attitude so that in my presence others could find their alignment as well. I arrive with cha force the word fractal and understand the fractal aspect.

I saw people overwhelmed and felt that it was because of that lack of alignment, I understood that there is nothing to say, everything can be adjusted physically from the very feeling of proper alignment. Keeping in the presence of others that confidence and certainty in the axis itself, distributed serenity in all those who shared our energy fields. I saw people subject to strange pacts of the past who did not have the flexibility to allow themselves to be led in this new time, and whose bodies were not yet prepared or ready for such an event. For some reason, I saw the crop circle on the earth that was shared here just that day, in the writing and I seemed to understand with absolute clarity its message, which on the other hand I knew was unfolding for all humanity.

I have a reproduction of the Rosette stone in my house, and it was insistently shown in my mind, with the idea of the moment of opening new languages., and of course many of them are physicists, they lead us to a new reading of DNA. In summary, it costs more to write this, because we have to report it when in reality the whole experience was a consummation physical and a fit that I try to reproduce in the following meditations. After all, I sense that this adjustment of frequencies is beneficial and serene, despite the intensity of the show, and that to understand ( understand and integrate) each one should be put at the service of the community as a whole. Each one understands in a particular frequency language, and we all make a complex rune board through our behavior pattern. In summary, for me, it meant a lot of tranquility that the 3D mind did not participate at all in this change and that this occurred without any intention in the ways of acting so far, that the decompression of new patterns was something possible.

Virginia Fernández Prieto

12/08/2021 at 09:46

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Why does it seem for many that the fifth-dimensional scenario is only for the chosen few and that it won’t affect the rest of us?

Because they do not see that in the 3D Matrix there has been a separation into two equivalent processes. They are simultaneous and independent of each other.

Isolation End - 3D Matrix Splattered

3D Matrix Splattered

Isolation End

Not only are these processes independent, but they do not affect each other’s results, because they come from different forces in parallel. They originate from independent spatial realities.

What are these processes and their scenarios?

The one is the withering away of the old dense-material Matrix, the winding down of the third dimension reality, and the beginning of the active termination of all its currently existing programs.

For the dense world, the scenario is unfolding of the very high tension that we are all witnessing this year.

Isolation End - Conflicts Score Map

Conflicts Score Map

Isolation End

Exponentially increasing tensions are necessary to restructure everything that is no longer possible to live in.

It applies to all distortions – in politics, economics, finance, education, culture, the social order, the ownership of natural resources and energy sources, the choice of personal values, and the path of human development.

Events are only gaining momentum. And we will have to relive this difficult story in the nearest future.

Another process going on in parallel is the formation of a new Matrix, a Subtle one, the unfolding of higher dimensions, their tangible manifestation as a new scenario of life on Earth.

Isolation End - New Life Scenario

New Life Scenario

Isolation End

Before, on the planet, we were alone, only in a three-dimensional reality. We were boiling in our juices, in heavy low frequencies, with programs of control, suppression, and lawlessness.

The rest of the multidimensionality was under the Veil, somewhere out there, far away, in invisible space.

And the laws of the Universe were no guide for us.

Now the situation has changed at the highest level. We have a neighbor, a highly evolved fifth dimension, starting to manifest right here on the planet right this very minute.

The neighbor didn’t come alone, but with a support group. Ahead of them are the “light athletes” – the compromise buffer service of 4D.

And behind them come the “heavyweights” – spaces 6D and 7D. All go with their worlds and their laws. The planet is translated into a multi-dimensional and multi-level mode. With different inhabitants; with different kinds of habitat, nature, and weather; with friendly beneficial cooperation. Our isolation is over.

Isolation End - Isolation Is Over

Isolation Is Over

Isolation End

We will have to adjust to this second process as well because the entire program of life on Earth is dramatically changing. The physical environment and the spectrum of energies on the planet are unfolding under the new expanded multilayered program.

All living things are rebuilt naturally by feeding new quantum energies into the Earth. Our planet has already absorbed enough of these energies to start radiating Light outwards.

All of us are now between a hammer and anvil.

From above, from the Source – the hammer – the liquid crystalline Light is coming.

From below, the Earth’s matter, the anvil, is also keeping up. It actively emits counter energies vibrating at unprecedented super-speed of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

We are sandwiched between two forces interacting with each other, but with an important fundamental difference.

We used to be as if we were in an endless cycle of water (H2O), in a steamer. The image is not new but vividly demonstrates the cruel principle of Samsara.

We were heated from below, brought to a boil, split into compound opposing elements, like hydrogen and oxygen. But they didn’t take the lid off either,endlessly pushing each other against each other.

We were not allowed to change the density, for example from liquid to gaseous. We were not allowed to leave the “pot”. We were like molecules of water vapor, forced to return again and again to the specified prison space, to the trap of the former state, to the time loop.

Isolation End - Sandwiched

We Are Sandwiched

Isolation End

Now the situation has changed radically. The mechanism of free will and choice freedom started to work. Simultaneously with the increase in vibration (as the temperature of the water in the pot rose), the lid began to lift. Or rather, we raise it ourselves, now we can.

Event timelines are separated, and new Portals are opened for perception. Each of us is prepared for his situation, his environment, and the opportunity to experience his new states.

When our vibrations reach a tipping point in the frequency spectrum, when we move up the vibration scale to higher frequencies, at that moment the new System will activate our Light Body.

Isolation End - Increase In Vibration

Increase In Vibration

Isolation End

This is the key to the instant destruction of all remaining three-dimensional programs.This is the embedding of our destiny into the higher frequency space of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

This is a transition to a new round of development, which in a moment will change our future scenario plan.

This explains why so many of us have been so actively building up the crystalline structures of the Light Body over the past couple of months.


We are prepared for the removal of Veil and the quantum transition to another physical state. A true harvest is underway. Each reality gathers candidates by consonance with its frequencies.

We are closer than ever to the turning point in vibrations and the lifting of the Veil between the worlds. The Higher Light Hierarchs are warning us, “Be ready for your triumph!” The nearest dates of transition are given to us individually by each Curator and Higher Self.

Isolation End - We Are Crystalizing

We Are Crystalizing

Isolation End

The first transfer of people in 2021-22 was not planned to be done en masse, but in groups, by readiness, as they “boil”.

But now the Higher Light Hierarchy is reconsidering this plan. The situation on Earth has been elevated to the status of an Emergency, requiring close attention and intervention.

A change in the forces responsible for the alignment of further events towards the Light is preparing on the planet. The time is historic and crucial.

Isolation End - Towards The Light

Towards The Light

Isolation End

And what happens to those who don’t want to “boil over,” don’t want to raise their vibration?

Unfortunately, no one will be able to stay completely in the old world order. Reality will now break down very quickly.

We will see the beginning of tangible change within the next year. And then, after a total breakdown, the world will be built on completely different foundations.

Even if we hold the dense matter of the third dimension for a while, there will be no way to exist at the previous frequencies now.

Isolation End - Time To Choose Our Vibes

Time To Choose Our Vibes

Isolation End

People of the third dimension will have to give up the voluptuous habit of possessing another human being. They will have to adjust to higher evolutionary tasks.

More and more people understand it perfectly. Life will be completely changed. There is no going back to suppressing and oppressing others and controlling for one’s benefit.

A fairer and more human multidimensional structure is coming to our planet with determination. The change that has begun is irreversible.

Isolation End - Multidimensionality


Isolation End

Highly evolved consciousness will wash all false, low paradigms out of its way and put everything in its place. What should go away will fail.

Those who remain on the New Earth will be the living embodiment of the Divine Will and the Divine creation.

Altro da Lev

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The Final Countdown – From 3d To 4d And 5d – Lev

The Final Countdown – From 3d To 4d And 5d – Lev

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