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Isles Of Wight Stay The Course

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Gaia Portal Isles Of Wight Stay The Course For All Hue-Manity. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal March 30 2018 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

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Isles Of Wight Stay The Course For All Hue-Manity

If it wasn’t for the next sentence that talks about the Druid Regions we might think that Isles of White can be referred to the Islands of Light, areas that shine in the mist of the 3D density.

The Isle of White as a place, instead, is the last place for pagan religions in England, areas where the Druids were the spiritual guide, before being exterminated in the famous event of the island of Ynys Môn in Wales.

Difficult to interpret this sentence, both in one way or another. In the first case the route would be indicated by these islands or points of White Light, in the second case, Isles of White, the arrival on the Earth, both in the physical and the astral plane, of many beings of Light could bring the Druids back to indicate the path to the New Gaia.

Another possible interpretation:

The cosmic energies present in Great Britain and Ireland begin to move. The central group of Druids is made up of several hundred human beings who are beginning to awaken.

The Irish Merlin is preparing to emit a great planetary signal with his stick. This is an important signal that will awaken other Druids who will in turn issue their signal.

Various cosmoenergies will begin to become visible in the skies and on the ground including megaliths of living light.

In the hills of Caernarfon lies the primary energy that the Druids have deposited to open the Christic Fire of the Third Sun, the Etheric Gold of the third age of humanity, which is about to hatch out suddenly.

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Elements Of Brilliance Shine Upon The Druid Regions

The Druids are, according to many narratives, the derivation of the survivors of the fall of Atlantis, some of the survivors landed in southern England and over the years they founded Avalon, the same people, with the strength of the chants, built Stonehenge before capitulating due to internal struggles. Avalon was then dematerialized in the Earthly Terrestrial Plan and now exists only on the Astral Plane.

Avalon, Ynys Môn and surrounding areas are the Druid regions, they are currently quite dense, especially considering recent events, but the interpretation of this sentence probably tells us that in this area, due to the extreme density, a large force of Light is reverberated. It could probably also be referred to the action of Merlin, whose reincarnation seems to exist now in Ireland (Source Gabriel RL).

Spectres Of The Past Are Released

For many people, too many, the past still has an exaggerated relevance, we are constantly being asked to break away from the past, let go the old paradigms, the spectres more precisely. It does not seem to be simple but the situation in which we are forced to live is forcefully changing by the minute.

The change of reality towards an increase in vibrational frequency has however a strong impact and this involves the release of the specters of the past into more and more people. Living in the matrix created by the Archontic System it is very probable that the past, for many rising to a new awareness, can assume the appearance of a spectre, situations that try to drag us back the low densities in which we used to wallow.

The New Path Is Unveiled

The revelations about the manipulated reality in which we live are pushing more and more people to reflect on a large number of questions that until now have been kept dormant with football, sex and alcohol.

Inevitably now more and more people are forced to start thinking, to get information, to look for references. This can only lead them to discover the new paths on which we are traveling, to make them aware that the road to the new is the one which they are following, and that they have been unconsciously walking on for a long time.

For all those who were aware of their own path the fact that more and more people are on the path road does nothing but illuminate it further in a spiral of increased visibility and awareness.

The fact that the New Path is now unveiled to the many does not mean that all those who stop to think about it, even for a short time, choose to follow it. Free will is always respected, everyone will be able to start this journey towards the new, of course pausing to wait endlessly before doing what for many could be the first real choice of their lives will have consequences that in the long term will have to be healed, in one way or another.

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The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

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